Sunday, September 11, 2022

How to get the highest return from freelancing (12 tips from professionals)


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Recently, many young people have turned to the field of freelancing via the Internet instead of traditional jobs in institutions, due to the flexibility, freedom and independence that freelancing provides.

But if you are a beginner in the field of online work, you may find it difficult to increase the percentage of profits from your new freelance, which is what all freelancers faced at the beginning of their career.

If you have already started your online business for a while, you are definitely wondering how to make the highest return from freelancing, as no one wants to stay at the starting point or beyond.

Which prompted us at seo7u to write this article to show you the ways and directions you can take to achieve the highest possible profit rate from your freelance business.

This article becomes a collection of the most important ideas and ways to help you increase your income by a large percentage, whether you are a beginner in the field of freelancing or you are already an independent employee.

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Friday, August 19, 2022

What is the difference between Content Writing and Copywriting (7 Different Differences)

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 I remember very well the confusion of many years ago when I was still groping in writing and didn't know anything about anything - now I know a few things about some things - and I wanted to understand the difference between Content Writing and Copywriting.

I was frustrated at the time and almost left the entire field, because when I tried to search I did not find a clear answer and did not understand the difference between the two terms, but fortunately I continued and did not leave the field, otherwise of course I would not have written this article now.

For a long time I did not know the exact difference between them, but after several projects I was able to accurately understand the difference between them, so I will save this period for you, and tell you in this article the seven differences that you should know between Content Writing and Copywriting.

what are you waiting for? Start reading right away.

The difference between Content Writing and Copywriting

You'll find these two terms content writing and copywriting often found on the Internet and are often associated with freelancing, digital marketing, and content marketing.

You might think at first that they are the same or a little alike, but that is not true. Yes, they are the same in that they are two types of writing, but other than that they are very different.

I will now present 7 points that will show you the difference between Content Writing and Copywriting:

The first difference: Purpose

Content writing and copywriting are different in terms of their goals.

Copywriting is always about persuasion, you are trying to convince the customer to take the next step, to buy your product or sign up for your service or something else.

While Content Writing focuses more on education, influence, entertainment and other purposes, for example in this article I provide all the information about the difference between Content Writing and Copywriting, so the article is a form of content writing.

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The second difference: the length of the content

The second difference between Content Writing and Copywriting is that the content in Content Writing is usually a bit long, while in Copywriting the content is very short, concise, and intense.

This is normal due to the great difference in their purpose and form, as we will discuss in the next point of the differences.

The third difference: the content form

You will find that the content forms of Content Writing are a bit long, such as: articles, e-books, podcasts, YouTube clips...etc.

While copywriting content forms are short like search engine ads, SMS messages, landing pages content, social media ads...etc.

Fourth difference: Strategy

The fourth and very big difference between Content Writing and Copywriting is the strategy for each of them throughout the marketing process.

The strategy of using Content Writing is often a bit long-term, as content writing creates and promotes branding in addition to communicating with customers and creating a close relationship between them and the brand.

Whereas, copywriting focuses on quick results in getting sales and new subscribers.

As soon as the advertising process stops, the flow of sales and subscribers stops, just as it happens with social media ads, while Content Writing is similar - and it is related - to SEO in that its results take time to appear, but it is also more sustainable.

Fifth difference: SEO

There is a big difference between the two fields in the use of search engine optimization, while in copywriting the use of SEO is in addition, and the distinguished copywriters are the ones who are good at exploiting SEO.

However, the use of SEO is necessary in Content Writing and without it you will fail to achieve the growth and spread that you hope for, so you usually find that content writers are more knowledgeable, experienced and skilled in SEO.

Sixth difference: Direction

 Direction is very used in all creative fields and has several meanings depending on the intended field, but when we talk about writing, direction means the direction of speech in the text.

And you'll notice when reading the Copies or cutting the marketing ads that the text is one-direction, as it focuses only on persuading you to buy in the end, that is, it takes you in one direction, which is the purchase.

While in content writing, you will find that the text with Multi-Direction is as if you are having a random and complex conversation with a friend of yours, and you will see this in the content forms of Content Writing such as articles, books, etc.

Seventh Team: Goal

The final difference between Content Writing and Copywriting is the goal, which I believe after reading the article you will be able to discover for yourself.

The goal of Content Writing is to gain engagement and exposure, gain the trust and loyalty of potential customers and make them loyal to your brand.

While the main and only goal of copywriting is to be able to generate sales and subscriptions for your brand and thus increase profits.

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The difference between a Content Writer and a Copywriter?

I think after reaching this point, you will be able to differentiate well between a content writer and a copywriter, and know the specific role of each.

The Content Writer is responsible for long-term brand content, publishing various forms of content that educate and entertain visitors and readers through a long-term strategy.

Whereas, a copywriter is responsible for conversions, converting visitors into leads and leads into buyers and sales through a short-term strategy.

Also, a copywriting writer writes the content of the promotional landing pages, or the content of the main pages of sites that sell services or products.

Every business needs both all the time, so you find that they work in tandem with each other in companies and organizations.

Working in the fields of Content Writing and Copywriting

I am always asked which is better to work in Content Writing or in Copywriting, and my response is always “It depends on you.”

Yes, you are the only one who can determine this. Do you like to search for information, arrange it and condense it in social media posts, articles or video scripts? Or do you love persuading people to buy a product through your writing?

It depends on your personality and mentality and the things that appeal to you.

As for choosing in terms of material and which is more profitable, copywriting is usually more profitable because it is directly responsible for making profits.

But if you can develop yourself and develop your skills, then as a content writer you can make more income than the average copywriting.

I would advise you in general not to focus and choose only on the basis of money and income, but more according to what you like, because if you excel and excel in your field, the money will come to you sooner or later.

Frequently asked questions about the difference between Content Writing and Copywriting

1. What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the long-term process of promoting a brand by providing content - usually long - aimed at educating and entertaining followers.

It is usually part of a long-term strategy to create close relationships between the customer and the brand through several forms of content.

2. What is Copywriting?

Copywriting or copywriting is simply the process of writing advertisements in various forms in order to convince customers to buy products or services.

Or even working to convert visitors who enter your site or see your ads into potential customers who may buy from you in the future.

3. What is the difference between Content Writing and Copywriting?

 Content writing and copywriting are two fields that are slightly similar, but differ in their essence depending on:



 Content Form.





To know these differences and differences in detail, review the article.

4. What is the difference between a Content Writer and a Copywriter?

The content writer is responsible for promoting the brand through the forms of content he writes, which influence visitors through education or entertainment.

As for the copywriter, he is responsible for bringing money to the business, he is responsible for persuading customers to buy the service or product or converting visitors into potential customers.

5. Which field is more profitable, Content Writing or Copywriting?

Although copywriting is usually the most profitable field, people in it earn more than the average content writer.

However, this is not a rule, as a content writer can earn many times more than these writers, it depends on the skills and your ability to benefit the business you work for.

My advice to you is to focus more on developing your skills, understanding and excel in your field than thinking about which field is more profitable.

6. Do I work in the field of content writing or in the field of copywriting?

It depends on your inclinations and your attraction to either field, your passion for writing, your mentality and your personality will largely determine the answer to this question.

In general, if you love learning and passing on the knowledge you gain to others, you will usually be more inclined towards Content Writing.

If you are more inclined to try to persuade others to buy products and services, you may be more inclined to work in the field of copywriting.

7. How do I determine if I will succeed as a Content Writer or as a Copywriter?

Neither you nor I can answer this question, the only way to know if you will succeed as a content writer or copywriter is to get started in one of the two areas and give it a try.

Today, you can enroll in a training program for a company or volunteer at a site or organization, or you can even write and ask your friends and family what they think.


It is very important to know the difference between Content Writing and Copywriting, as although they look alike, they are very different.

In this article, I focused on the seven differences between the two domains in terms of purpose, content length, content format, strategy, SEO, direction and goal.

I hope the article has been useful to you and helped you decide which one is the right field for you, and if you have any questions, I encourage you to ask them in the comments below.

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Monday, June 27, 2022

How to register on Upwork and withdraw your earnings ? Step-by-step guide with screenshots


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We talked in our previous article; What is Upwork? About the nature of the site's work, and we got to know the available work areas on the site and its most important features as one of the most important freelance sites.

Today, as we continue to talk about Upwork; We will explain the steps for registering on Upwork as a freelancer, and the details of creating your profile in a professional manner.

Also, how to get your first job on the site, and we will explain the steps to withdraw your money from the Upwork site, so this article is a continuation of the previous article, and the two together represent a comprehensive guide about this wonderful platform.

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

What is Upwork, how does it work, and what are its features and fields of work?

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 The world has changed a lot in the past few months... Perhaps you have been laid off from your job or your monthly salary has been reduced due to the economic crisis that the world is going through as a result of the Corona virus.

In general, many people are looking for another source of income or an additional source of income, and among the trends to raise income or to create new job opportunities is freelancing or remote work.

And it is a term that has spread widely in the last five years, as it does not require you to have a specific time or place to start, and there are many freelance sites that are a link between the freelancer and the client, including the Upwork site that we will talk about today.

In this article, you will learn about Upwork as one of the first freelance platforms that comes to mind when talking about freelancing sites.

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Monday, June 20, 2022

Tips for every beginner Freelancer (will make a difference in your path to success)

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 This is the ninth and final lesson of the online freelance guide, in which we will cover some of the most important tips and recommendations for every beginner Freelancer.

These tips will help you greatly to avoid many of the problems that you may encounter in your work, and will also help you focus on what is most important on your way as a freelancer.

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

The most common problems of freelance and how to deal with and overcome them


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This is the eighth lesson of the freelance guide, in which we will address the most important problems facing those who work in the freelance method, especially beginners, and how these problems can be dealt with and overcome.

There is no doubt that freelancing is one of the most enjoyable types of work, especially if you choose one of the fields of freelancing that is suitable for you and your capabilities, but in fact there is no work without problems, and of course there are problems facing a freelancer, especially at the beginning of his work.

In this article, we will review together the most important and most famous problems that you will face in the field of freelance, in order to be aware of the nature of work, and be expected and ready to face these problems.

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

What are Freelance Platforms and Top 7 Trusted Platforms 2022


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This is the seventh lesson of the freelancing guide, in which we will talk about freelancing platforms comprehensively. We will talk about what freelance platforms are, how they work, and their own important points, and we will discuss a list of the best.

If you did not see the previous freelance guide lessons, you can access them through the following links:

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Friday, June 17, 2022

What is a Portfolio and How to Have a Professional Portfolio

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This is the sixth lesson of the online freelance guide, in which we will discuss the definition of a portfolio and how to set up a professional portfolio.

After you have identified the fields of freelance and determined what is the most appropriate field for you and knew the most important skills that must be available in every Freelancer and got to know the tools for freelance, it remains for you to prepare your distinctive business models “portfolio” and know how to present them to attract customers and start your journey in freelance.
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Thursday, June 16, 2022

The most important and best freelance tools for every successful freelancer


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This is the fifth lesson of the online freelancing guide, in which we will talk about freelancing tools. Yes, tools are a very important element for every business, and success depends greatly on them, but in the world of freelance, tools are of special importance.

In fact, freelancing on the Internet is mainly based on tools, and it can only be accomplished by having the right tools. The intelligent Freelancer knows very well what tools he needs and knows how to use them.

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Essential Skills Every Freelancer Needs (Very Essential to Your Success)


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This is the fourth lesson of the freelance guide, in which we will address the most important basic skills that every Freelancer must possess.

Although each field of freelancer needs some special skills, there are a set of basic skills that must be available in Freelancer, which mainly contribute to its success and help it achieve more profits.

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Saturday, June 11, 2022

How to start freelancing (practical steps with detailed explanation)

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 This is the third lesson of the freelancer guide, in which we will address, in detailed steps, the answer to the question “How do I start a freelancer?”

In the first lesson, we discussed what freelancer is, its advantages and challenges, and in the second lesson, we discussed the most important, most sought-after and profitable areas of freelancer.

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Friday, June 10, 2022

Top Freelance Fields (and Resources to Learn Each)

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 This is the second lesson of the comprehensive freelancer guide, in which we will talk about the areas of freelancer. We mentioned in the previous lesson that freelancer extends to almost all fields.

But there are areas that are really in great demand compared to others, in addition to being related to the Internet and modern technology in a more relevant way.

So, although we always encourage you to choose the field according to your passion and interest, here we will review the most important areas of freelancer, and also through which you can make more money.

This lesson is for those who want to know the most important areas of freelancer, and have the ability to learn something new to improve their lives as a freelancer.

The most important and most popular freelance fields in demand

1. Programming fields

The world of programming is the world of magic, creativity and innovation, through which ideas can be transformed into innovative models and projects, and it is one of the most profitable freelance fields for its owner.


The demand for programmers has witnessed a significant growth in recent times, and in our Arab region there is an increasing demand for programmers, due to the growth and prosperity of the world of web and smart phone applications.

For those who have no idea what programming is from the ground up, programming in its simple definition is a science and technology through which platforms, programs, applications and interfaces can be manufactured in order to solve a problem, display data, or complete certain tasks.

The programming process is done by building files that contain smart codes to determine the shape and characteristics of the project. Programming has multiple languages, and each language is used in specific disciplines.

Programming is an enormous field and contains many sub-disciplines, and specialized programming languages, but since we are talking about freelancing here, we can limit programming specializations to 4 sub-fields, which are the most important and in demand in freelancing:

Website development (the programming through which the features, features and functions of websites can be built).

Smart phone application development (the programming through which a smart phone application can be built).

Development of smart phone games (games in their simple definition are applications, and they can be included under the field of mobile applications, but due to the prosperity of this field, there is a great demand for specialists in developing smart phone games, and then it can be classified as a standalone field).

Computer software development (programming through which computer programs can be built, including commercial software used to manage sales and inventory).

We can also classify programming disciplines according to the programming languages ​​used, and in fact in this case the classification will become more accurate and professional.

Here is a small list of the most important programming languages ​​in demand in the labor market:

HTML (It is the main programming language used in web pages for formatting the appearance of text and images. Some do not classify it as a programming language, because it is the basic structure, which must be found in any website.)

PHP (is an open source programming language for creating dynamic web pages that work with databases.)

Java (is a programming language with many general uses, and is the primary language used in Android applications.)

Swift (Apple's open source programming language is the primary language used in IOS and OS X applications.)

Python (An advanced programming language used for many special and advanced purposes, such as managing the content of scientific and technological institutions, is used by Google, YouTube and NASA.)

JavaScript (It is a special programming language where its operations are run inside the user's browser and on his computer, through preset commands from its developer, used to develop video games.)

C++ (Used to develop computer programs.)

SQL (It is a programming language for managing content in databases.)

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2. Web Design & App Design

The field of designing web interfaces, software and applications

This is one of the most important fields of freelancer, and it works hand in Make money from programming through YouTube (everything you need to know) with the previous one. When you look at any website or application, you will find that it has a distinctive interface of images, colors, fonts...etc. This interface, including everything that is visible to the user, is the responsibility of the designer.

In order not to feel a bit distracted, let me simply explain to you the difference between a web designer and a web programmer as an example:

Web designer: He does everything that is visible to the user, including colors, division of spaces, selection of used fonts, images and their sizes...etc.

Web programmer: does the programming that makes the site perform certain tasks and features when the user interacts with it in a certain way.

Example: When someone presses the like button on one of your photos on Facebook, here the programming is responsible for receiving a notification for you, and the shape of the notification icon and the red color that shows the notification is for the design.

3. The field of graphic design

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This saying is 100 percent true, and that's where the importance of graphic designs stems from. In the digital world we live in today, the image has become a very important element, and with it the graphic designer has become one of the very important freelancers.

There are also many specializations in the field of graphic design, including logo design, three-dimensional designs, infographics...etc.

A graphic designer needs both artistic and creative skills to produce quality designs to satisfy the job. Graphic design is one of the areas of self-employment of a special nature, because it is subject to standards of beauty and taste, and the ability to show and clarify ideas in a way Creative to achieve the desired goal.

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4. The field of writing

The field of writing is one of the areas of freelancer that has witnessed a great boom in recent times, due to the boom and growth of websites and their great spread, on the other hand, the electronic press played a major role in the growth of the field of writing in a freelance manner.

Freelancer in the field of writing requires an educated and creative person who loves to read and is always in the know and always striving for knowledge.

Writing also includes many sub-disciplines, including:

Article writing

Writing ads

technical writing



Convert videos to text

It is also possible to classify the field of writing according to the field or specialization that is being written about. In the field of freelancer, there are specialists in medical writing, technology, health and beauty, politics or literature...etc.

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5. The field of translation

Translation is one of the oldest and most popular areas of freelancer, and translation is one of the areas that maintains a good level of demand in the whole world.

The translation specializations here depend on the language from which it is translated and the language into which it is translated. It also depends on the subject of the translation. There are translators in the medical field, and others in the technical field...etc.

Despite the emergence of many programs and services specialized in the completion of translation automatically, human translation has a special nature and cannot be dispensed with, because it depends on understanding the idea and taking into account the differences between cultures…etc.

It may seem that translation is an important task that requires only converting text from one language to another, but it requires a lot of effort, because a professional translator must be professionally acquainted with two languages ​​and the culture of each language as well.

6. Digital Marketing field

Digital marketing is one of the wonderful fields of freelancing that has witnessed great prosperity in the past few years, and it continues to thrive and grow, as it is one of the areas that is expected to continue to thrive and grow in the future, due to the increased awareness of commercial entities of the importance of marketing through the Internet.

In fact, there is no business that has weight on the ground now unless it has digital marketing channels, and this in turn has created a huge amount of opportunities for independent digital marketers.

Of course, there are many sub-disciplines of digital marketing and here is a list of the most important ones:

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing)

Market Research

Email Marketing

data analysis


Search Engine Marketing

Content Marketing

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7. Video Editing

It specializes in everything related to editing and creating videos. The field of videos is one of the very important areas of freelancer, especially after the large increase in video viewers on YouTube and Facebook.

There are thousands of videos posted daily on YouTube and Facebook, and behind these videos there is a need for freelance video editors.

Editing and creating videos is one of the areas of freelance work that requires more effort and focus until the work is completed with perfection and quality.

Of course, the field of editing and creating videos is divided into many sub-fields, just like the rest of the other fields, such as:

Script writing

video editing

video intro design

Voice commentary

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8. Data Entry field

Data entry is one of the old freelance fields, which still has a good demand, but the competition for it from freelancers is great, because it is one of the easy freelance fields, which anyone with some simple skills can do.

Simply the employer will send some scattered data, which you have to organize according to the plan that the employer sets.

Example: The business owner sends a set of invoice images, from which you have to extract data and put it in a program such as Excel, and then come up to the business owner with an organized set of data that he can use in a way that is beneficial to him.

Of course, this is a simple example, but this field of freelancer is like other, it contains details and specializations, and a special and flexible nature as well.

9. The field of photography

Photography is one of the ancient fields of freelancing, which has become very popular with the advent of the Internet. Photography also has many specialties. There are independent photographers who specialize in photographing buildings and facilities, and there are those who specialize in photographing nature, and those who specialize in photographing food...etc.

It is worth noting that photography is one of the areas that need creative skills, and it is one of the areas that pay well if you manage to become a professional and famous photographer.

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Important points and tips for freelancer

1. Here we recommend choosing the field of freelancer based on passion and interest in the first place, yes, there are areas that generate better profit, and there are areas that have been Those are more in demand than others.

But what is the point of specializing in one of the areas of freelancer that has a demand, but you cannot provide something of value in it and therefore you cannot succeed in it.

To be more realistic, we can say that you should have minimal interest in the field you want to specialize in.

2. There are many professions that develop over time until the idea of ​​self-employment becomes possible, and now it is possible to have a freelance journalist or freelance scriptwriter.

You will also be surprised if you know that in the developed world there are Free Lancers doctors (in some medical specialties).

Therefore, you have to broaden your horizons, and look beyond the areas of self-employment that were discussed in this article, as the opportunities and areas of freelancer are many and very numerous.

3. Each field of freelancer contains many, many sub-disciplines, in this regard you have to be careful in deciding the degree of specialization you want to work with.

Rare majors have the risk of not having enough customers, but they do have the chance that there aren't many competitors for you, and popular and easy majors have a huge demand, but there are a huge number of competitors too.

To solve this dilemma, you have to follow the labor market, and have more relationships that enable you to seize opportunities.

4. The fields of freelancer are constantly and constantly changing. There are areas of demand for them that decrease due to the development of the ability of modern programs and technology to accomplish their tasks, and there are new areas that constantly appear as a result of intellectual and technological change, and the entry of new systems for companies and projects.

Here are the links to all the freelance guide tutorials:

What is the freelancer

The most important fields of freelancer

How to start your way to freelancing

Basic skills every FreeLancer needs

The most important and best freelance tools

What is a Portfolio and How to Prepare a Professional Portfolio

Best freelancing platforms

The most common problems in freelancer

Tips for every beginner Freelancer


What is freelancer (everything you need to know in detail and simplified)

what is freelancing,freelancer,freelance,what is freelancer,what is freelancing?,what is freelance writing,freelance jobs,how to freelance,freelance work,what is freelance,how to start freelance writing,freelance writing,how to become a freelancer,freelancer for beginners,what is the easiest freelance job,what is the meaning of freelancer,how to start freelance business,is freelance writing for me?,what is the definition of freelancer,fiverr freelance

 This is the first lesson from the lessons of the Freelancer guide, in which we will talk about what is self-employment, on what basis it is based, and some other aspects of the idea and field of freelancer, through which you will have a clear and comprehensive answer to the question “What is Freelancer?”

In the midst of the rampant unemployment, the lack of job opportunities, and the desire of young people to search for any job, even if it does not suit their passion or ambitions, freelacer emerges from the darkness as a solution that satisfies all parties.

Here we will talk about what is freelancer? And what are its specifications? And how can you avoid the title of unemployed with the least resources? Here is the beginning of a series of many episodes that teach you more about freelancer from beginning to professionalism.

Note: This article is just a link in a series of comprehensive articles about Freelancer, and you will find the links to the rest of the articles at the bottom of the page, which are arranged sequentially to take you from the stage of ignorance in this field completely to the stage of actually starting freelancing, and making money through it.

What is the freelancer?

Freelancing, a term that has spread like wildfire in recent years, is one of the types of work that is completely new to many, and its idea is a product of the 21st century, closely related to the Internet.


In self-employment, anyone who possesses a skill, ability, or even knowledge about a specific thing, can employ this skill or ability by providing services or tasks to others in exchange for money.

Self-employment provides freedom for both service providers and applicants alike, in which the business owner or company requests specific and clear tasks from a particular person at a specific time in return for a certain financial return.

The provider of tasks or services also does his work freely, because he basically chooses the field he wants to work in, and also has the freedom to carry out the tasks on the schedule he wants, in addition to the possibility of completing more tasks to achieve more profits.

Self-employment in its current concept depends heavily on modern Internet and communication technology, the Internet here represents the means of meeting between the business owner and the Freelancer.

The Internet is also the means used to initiate discussion, negotiation and reach agreement, but it is also the means to achieve the task and deliver it to the business owner, and in the end it also provides many options for payment and receipt of money.

It is worth noting that the Internet is not only a means to facilitate self-employment, but it is a reason for the creation, prosperity and growth of self-employment opportunities for many.

Behind all this tremendous growth in the world of the Internet and technology in general, which is bubbling up every day; There are designers, developers, marketers, writers, translators, and others who work as a freelancer. This is in addition to the huge opportunities created as a result of the growth of the online marketing trend.

Through this, we conclude that the Internet is a means to support and facilitate self-employment, and it is also a reason for the creation and growth of self-employment.

Note: Although the idea of ​​self-employment is linked to the Internet, in fact, the idea of ​​self-employment is older than the Internet. Every task that is agreed upon between an employer and a skilled person in exchange for money and outside the career framework is a form of self-employment.

An illustration of the idea of ​​freelancer in its simplest form

To illustrate the idea of ​​freelancer in an easy way, let's take this simple example: Sarah is a twenty-year-old girl studying at the Faculty of Commerce, but she is fond of Photoshop, loves designs, and is always working on creating new ideas for an image that she creates, or images that she edits.

On the other hand, Adam is a young man in his twenties as well. He is fond of the world of comics, and he has a Facebook page with 500,000 active members who are interested in what he offers.

Adam's page specializes in comics about teenage girls, and this brought him some advertisers who own make-up products, who pay him from time to time to promote their products.

Adam makes some profit from his page, so he decided to invest part of this profit in creating professional image designs to grow his page and attract more followers, and then bring in more advertisers to achieve more profits.

By chance, Sarah is on Adam's friends list, and because Sarah often shares her designs with her friends, Adam found her a suitable designer. He contacted her and asked her to make 3 designs every week for a set amount of money, and thus Sarah became one of the freelance workers as a photo designer.


This is a primitive microcosm of the idea of ​​self-employment, but in fact self-employment contains a lot of details, ideas and aspects, which we will actually talk about all of in this guide through its nine lessons.

Now we will move on to a set of important points related to self-employment, which will work together to answer the question of what is self-employment in a more professional and clear manner.

Important points for Freelancer

1. There are two types of freelancer in terms of full-time

First: Freelance work on a permanent basis, in which the Free Lancer is fully dedicated to freelancer, and does not work in any other jobs.

Here, the freelancer or freelancer depends mainly on freelance work to achieve material income.

The second: Part-time work, in which the Free Lancer works partly alongside another job, or alongside a study.

We conclude from this point that self-employment is highly flexible, and anyone can start it, even if they only have 3 hours per day, and want to invest this time to generate a side income.

2. There are platforms specialized in the field of freelancer

As a result of the growth and expansion of the circle of self-employment, many platforms specialized in self-employment have emerged, which play the role of mediator between service providers and applicants.

It provides a professional and organized link between service providers and their requesters, and it guarantees the right of both parties, because it operates in a clear and explicit system and terms that both parties must abide by.

3. Freelancer extends to almost all aspects of business

Although the idea of ​​freelancer in is manifested in its clearest forms in the digital fields, which are related to modern technology such as image design, video editing, website design and development, and online marketing services…

However, freelancer is not limited to these areas, so it is not surprising to find an accountant, engineer, lawyer or photographer working as a Free Lancer.

Simply freelancer is: a person owns a skill and provides it financially, and another person needs this skill... The two parties agree to carry out the required task. The freelancer performs the required, gets the money, and moves to another client who needs his skills.

4. In the field of freelancer, the payment is mostly in exchange for achievement, not in exchange for time

One of the obvious differences between the concept of a job versus the concept of freelancer is that a job pays you to work continuously for a certain number of hours.

As for freelancer, the financial benefit is basically the product of achievement. For example, the image designer earns money according to the number of images he has completed, whether it is completed in a day, in a month, or in an hour.

But be aware: when we talk about freelance pricing, there are some freelancers who price their work according to the number of hours spent performing the task, and this is a system that some freelance platforms follow as well.

But the difference between freelancer and career work here; In the job, the work is according to specific dates and continuously, while in freelancer, the working hours consumed in completing the task are just a way to calculate the cost of work.

5. In freelancing, the Internet is necessary but not imperative

We mentioned that the Internet is the seed of prosperity in the world of self-employment, as it is the means of communication between the freelancer and the business owner, and the means to complete and deliver tasks and receive and receive money as well.

But what if Sarah met Adam by chance at a birthday party for a mutual friend, and they agreed to work, and she sent him designs through a flash memory every week, and received her financial dues directly by hand.

Can we not call this work also freelancer?

Of course, we can say that this is also free work despite the absence of the Internet as a party to the equation, but from a practical and realistic point of view; The Internet is an almost indispensable arm in the field of freelancer, especially in its most sophisticated and extensive forms.

This is in addition to creating more opportunities for freelancer, as mentioned above.

Information and statistics about freelancer

The source for the statistics mentioned below, and the image above is the Upwork website for freelance work:

1. The number of freelancers in the United States of America alone in 2017 reached 57 million.

2. According to the growth rate estimates; In 2020, the proportion of self-employed workers will be about 43% of the total workforce in the United States.

3. Self-employment contributed about $1.4 trillion to the US economy in 2017.

4. It has been proven that those who work in the field of self-employment are more able to face career changes in the future, as statistics indicate that 55% of Freelancers have participated in the last six months in a study to develop their skills, compared to only 30% of non-Freelancers.

5. According to the opinion poll of those who work in the field of self-employment; About 71% of them admitted that online job opportunities have increased by 5% between 2016 and 2017.

Although the statistics above are American statistics, self-employment in the Arab region has also witnessed a great boom recently. Yes, we do not have accurate statistics to monitor this growth.

But there are many indicators that give us an idea of ​​the extent of this development, including:

1. Freelancer, which is the most famous freelance site, has witnessed a great development and growth in recent times. It is now ranked globally, according to Alexa, which ranks sites in terms of popularity.

2. There is a significant growth of global groups and pages that include freelance communities.

3. Because self-employment is closely related to technology and its spread, not to the nature of societies. Therefore, growth in self-employment in developed countries will necessarily be followed by growth in self-employment in all countries of the world.

4. To realize the extent of growth and development in the free labor market, you only have to follow what is happening around you in terms of growth in the number of Internet sites, applications, and technology-based projects.

5. There is a huge community of freelancers out there on LinkedIn, and it's growing like crazy.

As a Seo7u site manager and a good follower of the online world around me, I know very well that the freelance market is growing and booming like no other before.

The main advantages of freelancing

1. You are always free

Freedom of choice is one of the great features of freelancing. From the beginning, you are free to choose the field you love and see yourself as creative and innovative, and you are free to choose the projects that you find that you can complete better.


You are free to organize your day as you wish, and you are free to increase your financial return by working longer, or working more efficiently.

Of course, in freelancer, you can work at the time you want, and from the place you want, all you need to start your work is to press the button to turn on your computer or laptop.

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2. You will get rid of a lot of time wasters

Because of the nature of freelancer that you can accomplish from your home and your own room, there is a huge savings in a lot of wasted times in moving from home to work and back, or preparing to go to work.

If you live in a large and densely populated city like Cairo, you will understand the importance of this feature very well. All this time wasted in getting to work, you can invest it in completing your freelance work while you are at home.

3. You have the opportunity for creativity and innovation

Compared to the traditional job, which is governed by a lot of restrictions, regulations and rigid rules, freelancing is characterized by flexibility and the opportunity to be implemented in many innovative ways. Freelancing is the way that allows you to implement your own ideas and unleash your creativity.

The world of freelancer, by its nature, provides great creative and innovative opportunities for those who work in it. For example, if you work as a logo designer, here you can talk with the customer to understand his point of view and his perception of the logo he wants, and then you can unleash your creativity to design a logo in your own way and thought.

4. There is no financial ceiling governing you

In the field of freelancer, there is always a chance of making more money compared to the job. Fortunately, getting more work is not the only way to achieve higher financial returns in self-employment, there is always an opportunity to achieve more through mastery and professionalism in completing tasks.

As long as you are a professional in your field, and can carry out tasks in an innovative way, there are always clients willing to pay more for your work… This is a very important point for your success in self-employment without having to burn at work in order to achieve a higher income.

5. You have the flexibility to move from field to field

in the traditional career field; There are always hurdles and limitations that make it necessary to continue working in areas that you absolutely do not like.

As for freelancer, there is a great degree of flexibility, as you can overnight start in new areas as long as you possess the skills required in these areas, you can also in self-employment finish your work in record time, in order to change the field or even to take a long vacation as you wish .

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6. You won't need a lot of resources to get started

All you need to work as a freelancer is your own computer or laptop with internet access, and a bank account for the money to be sent to you, meaning you will need some limited resources that almost everyone has.

But of course, depending on your specialty, you will need some other tools to help you complete your tasks, for example, in the case of your work in the field of design, you will need image design programs.

In any case, there is a separate lesson where we talk about the most important tools of freelancing.

Disadvantages of freelancing

You can also call it the difficulties of freelancer or even the challenges of self-employment (which I personally prefer). In any case, you should be well aware that all options in life are not without some challenges or flaws that you have to accept, and deal with them wisely and consciously.

1. Absolute freedom

I discussed above this point as an advantage of freelancer, but in fact absolute freedom represents one of the disadvantages or challenges of freelancer.

Although I am not a freelancer, but I work the same way as freelancers, I run Seo7u from home, I work when I want and the way I want, and in fact this is one of the big challenges in my working life.


Working from home creates confusion for you and those around you between work, personal life or family obligations. The freedom to choose the time of work also contributes greatly to procrastination and wasting time.

2. Get a job

Although the freelancer market is very thriving, and is able to absorb more freelancers, it is a very competitive market, and getting work in it is challenging, especially for beginners.

The free labor market is also considered a chaotic market to a large extent, where until now there are no clear laws to regulate it, and it is crowded with cheap labor due to economic conditions… This makes the matter more complicated for you, especially if you are a beginner.

Remember, my friend, this is a challenge, not a hindrance, and you can handle this challenge like thousands of freelancers who are making excellent income through freelance work.

I will suffice with these two points, because we mentioned a full lesson in the freelance guide about the most common problems in freelancer and how to deal with them.

Now, my friend, we have finished the first lesson, and you can move on to the next lesson in our comprehensive guide to freelancer, which will be about the most important areas of freelancer.

Don't be lazy and move on to the next lesson now.

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