Everything you need to know about Google
  Who of us does not know Google, who of us does not use Google search engines at least once a day, who of us does not have a Smart Phone wi...
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Ideas for writing articles (12 ways to gather fresh ideas for your articles)
  Often times you may have to write 5 or 6 articles per week, especially when you are related to writing on more than one site and blog, so ...
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What are Algorithms, their types and how to learn them
 There are a lot of buzzwords that are always used in technical and computing circles, such as: Machine Learning, Data Science or Algorithm...
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Google Alerts: The Magic Wand for Every Marketer and Content Writer
  I didn't know much about Google Alerts before, but after reading about it and using it, I didn't know how I could have worked with...
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What is Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its practical applications (simplified explanation)
Language has been the basis of human communication for thousands of years, and any development that follows it is a milestone in the history...
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Top Data Science Applications (Endless Incredible Uses)
  Data science is one of the most exciting fields of our modern age, and its applications and uses are almost endless, as we will see data s...
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What is Data Science (The Most Exciting Major)
 Perhaps you are reading this article because of its interesting title; “Data science is the most exciting specialty in the world.” But, dea...
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Top 4 ways to create a professional blog in 2022
  This is a comprehensive guide to learn how to create a blog in all the ways you can count on at this time. In this guide you will learn ab...
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What is the dark web, the story of its emergence, and the truth of its content
 The Dark Web is a part of the Web that is located in the dark and is completely isolated, that is, it can only be accessed through special ...
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Installing Windows 11 on Old Devices (How to Prepare Your Device for Windows 11)
  If you are interested in the field of technology, of course, you have noticed the hype that resulted from the release of Windows 11 this m...
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