Thursday, November 24, 2022 site to easily rent your property in Amman site to easily rent your property in Amman

Hagzy.Com is one of the leading websites in the field of real estate rental at the level of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, whether apartments for rent in Amman, villas, or studios.

It is considered the first and ideal destination for landlords to add their advertisements about their properties that they wish to offer for rent, and manage them electronically, by placing the exact details of the advertisement in terms of the type of property, whether it is apartments for rent, villas, or studios, the area of ​​​​the property, on any floor, and specifying the region and neighborhood, And whether it is furnished or unloaded.

It also enables the advertiser lessor to add a picture of the property and a 3D video, which saves him a lot of effort in responding to the inquiries of those looking for apartments for rent.

On the other hand my reservation is considered. com is the ideal destination for property seekers, whether apartments for rent, villas, or studios, as it provides more than twenty data points that make it easier for real estate seekers to make the right decision about the property.

This is done by providing comprehensive and comprehensive information about the desired property, and taking advantage of photos and videos that save him a lot of effort and time if his search was on the ground.

The site provides special sections for the areas in which the property is located, and the tenant only has to specify the area in which he wishes to live, to start browsing ads options, such as the capital, Amman, Jabal Al-Weibdeh, Jabal Amman, Deir Ghbar, Dabouq, the Seventh Circle, Um Uthaina, Abdoun, And Shmeisani.

Advantages of Hagzy.Com website

To protect the rights of both the landlord and the tenant, my reservation site has been adopted. com to use the site's own self-learning algorithm to enable the lessor to check the tenant's data, and ensure its correctness, to overcome any obstacles in leasing.

The site also adopted, for the benefit of the tenant, the feature of collecting real estate information, whether apartments for rent, villas, or studios supported by artificial intelligence, to ensure accurate verification of the property, and to facilitate the search process for it, instead of the search for a property requiring weeks or months, with my reservation. com The search process shrank to several hours.

Hagzy.Com services are not limited. Com to landlords and renters inside Jordan, as expatriates and expatriates can rent the real estate they want to live in for the duration of their stay in Jordan through My, either by browsing the official website on the Internet, or downloading the official application from the App Store and Google Play.

All the user has to choose is the residence area, date of arrival, duration of stay, and price, to begin his search journey, whether for apartments for rent in Jordan, villas, or studios in accordance with his desires.

It saves my reservation. The website is in both Arabic and English, as well as the possibility of contacting the customer service center for further inquiries or complaints.

The site provides a phone number at the top of the official page of the site in a clear and easy way. This number can be used by contacting a customer service employee to inform him about the property that the expatriate or expatriate wants to rent with all its details.

In this case, the employee searches on behalf of the user and provides him with the results that correspond to his request. It is worth noting that this feature is available to users despite the ease of using the site even for those who do not have any experience with the Internet.

The interface of the site is designed in a professional, easy and simple way, and it relies on sequential steps to add ads, or select options to search for real estate.

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How to use Hagzy.Com

Anyone can benefit from the services of my booking site. Com, provided that he is 18 years or older, in addition to adhering to the terms of use of the site in terms of the accuracy and correctness of the information.

The site is not responsible for any error in the data of the landlord or the tenant, and both of them must ensure that the phone number they use to register on the site is correct, because communication with the site is through it.

It is worth noting here that the site is only intended for renting real estate, such as apartments for rent, villas, or studios, as it specializes in this field only, and does not accept advertisements for goods and services other than real estate, and the site management has the right to deactivate any subscriber who violates these conditions, or publishes advertisements Violating morals and public morals.

The landlord can take advantage of the free service to publish his ads provided by For more views and to distinguish the landlord's advertisement, he can register on the site for a monthly subscription according to the category in which he subscribes, whether silver or gold.

The entry into force of the contract is from the date of subscription, and it is possible to subscribe through direct communication with the customer service employee at 00962-79-8882727 and agreeing with them on the subscription category and the electronic payment mechanism, so that the customer finds Hagzy.Com employees fully ready to serve him, facilitate his use of the site, and cooperate with him in his interest.



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