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Best Google Chrome Extensions (Give You Great Features)


Google Chrome extensions are one of the most important and wonderful features of the Google Chrome browser, and although there are many other Internet browsers that have extensions, the Google Chrome extension store (Chrome Web Store) is the most important and richest, which has extensions that will really change your idea completely About the capabilities and features that you can get through an Internet browser.

A short time ago, I posted in Seo7u a very important topic about the secrets of searching in Google .Today, as a continuation of Seo7u's efforts to improve the visitor's experience in using the Internet, and to help them make better use of it,

I'm going to go over the Google Chrome extensions.

In this article, you will learn about a set of tools (Google Chrome extensions) that will save you a lot of time and effort, and will open new horizons in front of you in how to use the Google Chrome browser in a more useful and productive way, and will make browsing the Internet for you an easier, useful and enjoyable process as well.

Do not expect to find in this article just a list of the best Google Chrome extensions, but you will find an explanation of what these extensions are and how they work. Completely delete it from your browser.

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What are google chrome extensions?

 Google Chrome extensions: They are small programs added to the Google Chrome browser, with the purpose of modifying and adapting the functions of the browser, in order to be more convenient and useful for each user according to his own needs.

Through these small programs, you can add more features and functions to the original browser, and perform new tasks as well.

In order to understand the Google Chrome extensions more deeply, you should pay attention to the following example:

Google Chrome as a program dedicated to browsing the Internet looks like a car that contains the capabilities and basic functional features, which are moving from one place to another, the presence of a steering wheel to control the lane, the presence of headlights with night lights, a control unit for speed levels…etc.

But as you are looking forward to more luxury, ease of use and saving time, you may purchase a GPS device to install in your car as a guide to reach anywhere, and you may purchase a specialized camera to install it in the back of the car to avoid a collision while backtracking…etc.

Yes, these features may come mainly with modern cars, but you can buy them independently and combine them with almost any car.

The Google Chrome Internet browser is also like this, as it provides you with a set of main features, the most important of which are, visiting any web page on the Internet, the ability to save the address of any web page you visited before to access it again, the ability to open more than one tab, and more than one window, the ability to access history Usage...etc.

But as you are looking for more features and capabilities to save time and facilitate use, you may be looking for a way through which you can get an instant translation of any word that you specify on a web page, instead of copying and pasting it into a program or a site, and you may want with a click of a button to get links to all pages Open the web now, to easily access it later, or from another device, and you may want to shorten a link with the click of a button directly in the browser.

These features, like hundreds of other features, can be easily obtained through Google Chrome extensions, which are perfectly integrated with the browser, appearing as part of the main browser features.

It is worth noting that most of the Google Chrome extensions have been programmed by sites and companies that provide certain services and tools.

Now it's time for you to get acquainted with a selected list of the most important and best Google Chrome extensions.

16 best extensions for google chrome

Before I start putting extensions here, I would like to point out that there are many, many extensions for Google Chrome, which suit a lot of users' needs.

Some of these extensions are intended for a specific category of users, and some are general and suitable for most Google Chrome users.

So you do not have to add any addition that you think offers something special, but only add the additions that you really need according to your personal use.

Do not worry, after reviewing the list of the best Google Chrome extensions, I will explain the Chrome store, and I will teach you how to choose your own extensions according to your needs.

1- Google Translate

A great addition to all of us, through it you can get an instant translation of any word you select, and you can also get a translation of any web page into any language you want. This add-on is based on the Google Translate service.

After installing the extension on your browser, click on the extension icon in your browser, and a rectangle for instant translation will appear.

In the rectangle you will find a link to translate the web page, also at the bottom you will find a small link to adjust the extension.

Through it, you can set your primary language, and adjust the appearance of the translation of the word as soon as you select it on any web page. To activate this, choose the second option “Immediately Display popup”, then click Save.

2- Grammarly for Chrome

I have put for you above the link to the official Grammarly website for the addition, through which you can adjust the extension through the green Add to chrome button on the left. You will first have to create an account, but in very easy steps, which will enable you to take advantage of all the free features completely.

Grammarly is a great add-on for correcting spelling and grammatical errors in the English language. Once you add this extension to the Google Chrome browser and activate it, it will put a red line under each text with any spelling or grammatical errors, and it will tell you the correct word to use. Through this add-on, you will be able to write in English in a professional and error-free manner.

3- Evernote Web Clipper

This add-on enables you to save everything in one place, you can take a screenshot of any web page that contains something important to you.

With it, you can save entire articles, or save web pages with all their links and text.

You can also write notes in it and all of this can be accessed from your Evernote account. You can also download its mobile app so that you can access everything through your mobile phone.

4- Honey

A great addition for online shopping enthusiasts, this add-on will search on your behalf for any discount coupon for any product you want to purchase, and activate it in the purchase process.

You can also select specific products on the Amazon website, and this add-on will notify you when there is a discount on these products.

5- LastPass: Free Password Manager

This add-on enables you to save and manage all your login data. You can save the login details of your social media accounts, your email and anything else.

You can access this data from any other device you want.

Only with the password of this extension, you can control all the passwords of all the sites that you use.

6- Google Input Tools

A great add-on for typing in more than 90 different languages, this tool gives you a keyboard for many languages ​​of the world, you can type in your primary language, and this add-on will instantly translate into the language of your choice.

You have to configure the extension first and choose the languages ​​in which you want to write.

And when you click on the add icon, choose the language you want to write in, and when you start writing, an simultaneous translation will be done for the chosen language.

7- Save to Pocket

An addition that enables you to save articles and read them whenever you want and from any device you have, and the great thing here is that you can read saved articles even if you are not connected to the Internet.

With this tool, you can increase or decrease the font of the saved articles as you like, and you can change the background color of the article as well.

8- Pop up blocker

Do you feel annoyed when you visit some websites and you get pop-ups containing ads or website notifications?

Here is this extension that will prevent any popup from appearing to you when browsing any websites. Say goodbye to annoying popups.

9- Block Site

From my point of view, this add-on is one of the most important and best additions for those who use the computer to complete practical tasks. This tool enables you to block the use of certain websites.

Through this tool, you can block social media sites, for example, on working days and times, so that you can focus on your work without being distracted.

This extension also enables you to block porn sites from appearing in the Google Chrome browser, and you can also block many sites according to the keywords you choose.

Any site that you find useful and important to you can be set to convert to it when you try to access a site that you have blocked through the extension.

10- Awesome Screenshot


This add-on enables you to take a screenshot of the screen in various ways, including a screenshot of a portion that you can select, a screenshot of an entire web page, or the visible portion of a web page. There are many options to modify the image, such as writing on it, selecting a part of it, etc.

You can also make a 30-second screen recording, and you can upload the video to YouTube or Google Drive directly.

11- Google Mail Checker

An extension that shortens more time for Gmail email users, this extension shows you unopened messages, and when you get a new message, a notification will appear for you in the place of the extension, and you can click on the extension to open the inbox in one click.

12- Google Publisher Toolbar

A great addition that Google offers to publishers in Google Adsense, this tool enables you to get a report for each advertisement that appears in front of you on your site. Giving you the ability to block this advertisement from appearing on your site, and the ability to view the advertisement page.

This tool also allows you to get a report from your Google Analytics account for each page of your site.

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13- Magic Actions for YouTube

This add-on is for YouTube fans, through which a lot of features and options are added that greatly improve usage.

There are really many features in this add-on, for example, choosing to play all videos in HD quality, changing the YouTube background, cinematic display feature, and many other possibilities that you can discover by simply adding the extension to your Google Chrome browser.

14- OneTab

If you are someone who opens a lot of windows while browsing the Internet in Google Chrome like me, then this extension is just right for you. This extension enables you to shorten all open tabs in Google Chrome to a single tab with a list of all open links, with one click.

This provides a lot of download speed and then the speed of surfing the Internet, you can with a click of a button restore open links either one by one, or all at once.

15- Google Keep Chrome Extension

A great addition provided by Google to facilitate the use of its wonderful service, Google keep. This extension works offline, and through it you can save an image from the web directly to your google keep account, and you can also save a link to a web page with writing notes as you want, and you can also select specific text parts of a web page and save it as a note in your account.

16- Bitly | Unleash the power of the link

A great choice for everyone who wants a professional URL shortening service available through their browser. Through this extension, you can shorten any link to any web page with a single click!

A great and indispensable addition for marketers and active account holders on social media.

I won't make the list any longer, and now I'll teach you how to access the Chrome Web Store, how to search for it and choose the extensions you want according to your own needs, and how to install or delete them if you like.


Google Chrome extensions are really very important tools, they will actually make using Google Chrome more fun and easy for you.

Choose what you need from these extensions, and do not include an extension just because you like it, because some extensions may reduce the speed of the browser.

Choose from the top-rated add-ons, which there are a lot of users using. This indicates that it is good.

Now to start adding what you want from Google Chrome extensions, and enjoy more ease and features in using your favorite browser.



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