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Opensooq is the best website for buying and selling in Iraq


Opensooq is the best website for buying and selling in Iraq

Opensooq is an advertising platform that was established to provide the Arab user with a unique online shopping experience through classified ads for everything that comes to mind. Recent years have witnessed many developments in Opensooq, where a platform was created for each Arab country to serve its residents.

Work has also been done to add thousands and thousands of goods and services to make the Opensooq platform the first and best choice for those looking for goods or services of the highest quality and best prices.

It is worth noting that in addition to the website, a smart application is available to facilitate buying and selling operations for users.

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What are the advantages of shopping through OpenSooq?

1. Multiple ways to use

You can access the Opensooq platform via a computer by typing the site name in your internet browser, and you can also obtain all services by downloading the Opensooq application on your Android or iOS smartphone.

2. Shopping around the clock

If you need to buy a new phone or some clothes, you have to set aside time during the day to visit a store during its working hours, which you can avoid with OpenSooq.

Where you can do the shopping process during the morning or after midnight, as you do not need more than visiting the site at the time you prefer and searching for the required commodity and then contacting the seller to complete the deal.

3. Special Offers

The open market contains many special offers, such as selling the commodity at a lower price than its counterpart in traditional stores or other shopping sites.

4. Ease of selection

All Opensooq ads contain a detailed description of the goods and pictures that show them accurately, which helps you evaluate the item accurately and decide whether it is suitable for you, or check other ads for the same item.

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5. Help with decision making

Opensooq does not consider its users as customers only, but as success partners, which is why Opensooq provides assistance in selecting and purchasing some commodities.

For example, if you are looking for cars for sale, OpenSooq provides you with a service to know the prices of all used cars.

If you are looking for a property, OpenSooq provides you with a real estate calculator feature that helps you determine whether buying or renting a property is the most appropriate option for you.

6. Countless goods and services

Opensooq can be considered as the largest virtual market in the Arab world without exaggeration, as it contains clothes, smart phones, electrical appliances, and many services such as maintenance services, employment services, and many others, and therefore no matter what you are looking for, make sure it is available on Opensooq.

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How to get the best deal on opensooq

Select the product or service you are looking for, then browse its section, or search for it using the opensooq search box.

Browse the latest advertisements for this good or service.

If you find the required item, you can contact the advertiser via phone calls, instant messages, or comments.

Follow OpenSooq tips such as not transferring any money in advance, and meeting the seller in a public place.

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In the event that you purchase a commodity such as a used car, it is preferable to take a specialized technician to assess its condition accurately.



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