Sunday, November 6, 2022

OpenSooq is the largest buying and selling site in the UAE


The opensooq is not only considered the largest site for buying and selling in the UAE, but it can be said that the opensooq is the first advertising platform in the Arab world with millions of visits, and the number of views of its ads exceeds the limit of one billion per month.

The founding of OpenSooq dates back to 2008, and the company's organizers succeeded in developing the platform year after year and working to provide distinguished services to millions of people wishing to obtain a unique online shopping experience throughout the Arab world.

The opensooq allows the possibility of buying and selling smoothly and easily, and all that comes to mind of goods, goods and services.

What are the most important sections of the opensooq?

1. Cars and Vehicles

This section can be considered as the largest virtual car market on the Internet without exaggeration, as it not only contains offers of cars for sale in the UAE at special prices, but also provides you with all the car supplies you need such as spare parts and accessories.

It also provides you with many distinguished services, perhaps the most prominent of which is the service of identifying fair prices for used cars, and the Carfax service, which provides you with a set of valuable information on used cars, such as the number of their previous owners, accidents and the number of maintenance times.

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2. Real estate for sale or rent

Both the properties for sale and properties for rent sections contain a wide range of special offers on apartments and villas for sale or for rent across the Emirates.

Thus, if you are looking for apartments for rent in Dubai, Sharjah or Abu Dhabi, a quick visit to OpenSooq will help you find your application, not only that, but also that OpenSooq provides you with a real estate calculator that helps you to know whether it is buying an apartment or looking for Other for leasing is the most suitable option for you.

3. Home and Garden

It is the department for all modern home needs, so if you are looking for used or new furniture, or looking for textiles for the family or living room furniture, OpenSooq provides you with all this at great prices.

4. Appliances and electronics

This section contains a distinguished group of offers on all kinds of electrical appliances that you need at home, such as televisions, washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners.

It also contains special offers for office electrical appliances such as computers, laptops, printers and scanners.

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5. Services

This section contains a wide range of distinguished services that are provided by specialists such as electrical appliances maintenance services, car maintenance services, travel ticket reservation services, construction and contracting services, furniture moving services, advertising services and many other services.

6. Jobs and job seekers

If you are looking for work in the United Arab Emirates or any other Arab country, the Jobs and Job Seekers sections are the best option for you.

Where the jobs section contains a group of vacancies and divided by specialization, such as marketing jobs, accounting jobs, and engineering jobs.

Whereas, through the job seekers section, you can place an advertisement that includes the job that suits you to be seen by different companies, and in the event that a company wants to hire you, it can communicate with you through the available methods of communication on the opensooq platform.

7. Education or training

This section contains special offers for private lessons for students in different stages of education, as well as offers for training courses in various fields such as graphics and photoshop.

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What are the advantages of shopping through OpenSooq?

1. Save time and effort

OpenSooq helps you save the time and effort needed to visit traditional stores, as you can visit the first advertising platform at any time that suits you, browse ads and make deals that suit you.

2. Provides a lot of alternatives

Unlike traditional markets and shops, the open market contains not a few alternatives to the commodity you are looking for, to the point that you may be confused about which one to choose.

3. Provide advice

The opensooq not only provides you with thousands of distinguished goods and services, but also helps you choose the best for you without paying large sums of money. For example, if you are looking for Land Cruiser cars for sale in the UAE, the open market provides you with the ability to know the average prices Model.

4. Ease of use

OpenSooq provides you with many ways to get all of its distinguished services, where you can get its services via the computer by typing the name of the platform in your Internet browser.

You can also get these services via your smartphone by downloading the OpenSooq application from the Google Play Store or the Apple Store.



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