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Opensooq is the best website for buying and selling in Iraq


Opensooq is the best website for buying and selling in Iraq

Opensooq is an advertising platform that was established to provide the Arab user with a unique online shopping experience through classified ads for everything that comes to mind. Recent years have witnessed many developments in Opensooq, where a platform was created for each Arab country to serve its residents.

Work has also been done to add thousands and thousands of goods and services to make the Opensooq platform the first and best choice for those looking for goods or services of the highest quality and best prices.

It is worth noting that in addition to the website, a smart application is available to facilitate buying and selling operations for users.

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What are the advantages of shopping through OpenSooq?

1. Multiple ways to use

You can access the Opensooq platform via a computer by typing the site name in your internet browser, and you can also obtain all services by downloading the Opensooq application on your Android or iOS smartphone.

2. Shopping around the clock

If you need to buy a new phone or some clothes, you have to set aside time during the day to visit a store during its working hours, which you can avoid with OpenSooq.

Where you can do the shopping process during the morning or after midnight, as you do not need more than visiting the site at the time you prefer and searching for the required commodity and then contacting the seller to complete the deal.

3. Special Offers

The open market contains many special offers, such as selling the commodity at a lower price than its counterpart in traditional stores or other shopping sites.

4. Ease of selection

All Opensooq ads contain a detailed description of the goods and pictures that show them accurately, which helps you evaluate the item accurately and decide whether it is suitable for you, or check other ads for the same item.

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5. Help with decision making

Opensooq does not consider its users as customers only, but as success partners, which is why Opensooq provides assistance in selecting and purchasing some commodities.

For example, if you are looking for cars for sale, OpenSooq provides you with a service to know the prices of all used cars.

If you are looking for a property, OpenSooq provides you with a real estate calculator feature that helps you determine whether buying or renting a property is the most appropriate option for you.

6. Countless goods and services

Opensooq can be considered as the largest virtual market in the Arab world without exaggeration, as it contains clothes, smart phones, electrical appliances, and many services such as maintenance services, employment services, and many others, and therefore no matter what you are looking for, make sure it is available on Opensooq.

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How to get the best deal on opensooq

Select the product or service you are looking for, then browse its section, or search for it using the opensooq search box.

Browse the latest advertisements for this good or service.

If you find the required item, you can contact the advertiser via phone calls, instant messages, or comments.

Follow OpenSooq tips such as not transferring any money in advance, and meeting the seller in a public place.

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In the event that you purchase a commodity such as a used car, it is preferable to take a specialized technician to assess its condition accurately.


Thursday, November 24, 2022 site to easily rent your property in Amman site to easily rent your property in Amman

Hagzy.Com is one of the leading websites in the field of real estate rental at the level of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, whether apartments for rent in Amman, villas, or studios.

It is considered the first and ideal destination for landlords to add their advertisements about their properties that they wish to offer for rent, and manage them electronically, by placing the exact details of the advertisement in terms of the type of property, whether it is apartments for rent, villas, or studios, the area of ​​​​the property, on any floor, and specifying the region and neighborhood, And whether it is furnished or unloaded.

It also enables the advertiser lessor to add a picture of the property and a 3D video, which saves him a lot of effort in responding to the inquiries of those looking for apartments for rent.

On the other hand my reservation is considered. com is the ideal destination for property seekers, whether apartments for rent, villas, or studios, as it provides more than twenty data points that make it easier for real estate seekers to make the right decision about the property.

This is done by providing comprehensive and comprehensive information about the desired property, and taking advantage of photos and videos that save him a lot of effort and time if his search was on the ground.

The site provides special sections for the areas in which the property is located, and the tenant only has to specify the area in which he wishes to live, to start browsing ads options, such as the capital, Amman, Jabal Al-Weibdeh, Jabal Amman, Deir Ghbar, Dabouq, the Seventh Circle, Um Uthaina, Abdoun, And Shmeisani.

Advantages of Hagzy.Com website

To protect the rights of both the landlord and the tenant, my reservation site has been adopted. com to use the site's own self-learning algorithm to enable the lessor to check the tenant's data, and ensure its correctness, to overcome any obstacles in leasing.

The site also adopted, for the benefit of the tenant, the feature of collecting real estate information, whether apartments for rent, villas, or studios supported by artificial intelligence, to ensure accurate verification of the property, and to facilitate the search process for it, instead of the search for a property requiring weeks or months, with my reservation. com The search process shrank to several hours.

Hagzy.Com services are not limited. Com to landlords and renters inside Jordan, as expatriates and expatriates can rent the real estate they want to live in for the duration of their stay in Jordan through My, either by browsing the official website on the Internet, or downloading the official application from the App Store and Google Play.

All the user has to choose is the residence area, date of arrival, duration of stay, and price, to begin his search journey, whether for apartments for rent in Jordan, villas, or studios in accordance with his desires.

It saves my reservation. The website is in both Arabic and English, as well as the possibility of contacting the customer service center for further inquiries or complaints.

The site provides a phone number at the top of the official page of the site in a clear and easy way. This number can be used by contacting a customer service employee to inform him about the property that the expatriate or expatriate wants to rent with all its details.

In this case, the employee searches on behalf of the user and provides him with the results that correspond to his request. It is worth noting that this feature is available to users despite the ease of using the site even for those who do not have any experience with the Internet.

The interface of the site is designed in a professional, easy and simple way, and it relies on sequential steps to add ads, or select options to search for real estate.

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How to use Hagzy.Com

Anyone can benefit from the services of my booking site. Com, provided that he is 18 years or older, in addition to adhering to the terms of use of the site in terms of the accuracy and correctness of the information.

The site is not responsible for any error in the data of the landlord or the tenant, and both of them must ensure that the phone number they use to register on the site is correct, because communication with the site is through it.

It is worth noting here that the site is only intended for renting real estate, such as apartments for rent, villas, or studios, as it specializes in this field only, and does not accept advertisements for goods and services other than real estate, and the site management has the right to deactivate any subscriber who violates these conditions, or publishes advertisements Violating morals and public morals.

The landlord can take advantage of the free service to publish his ads provided by For more views and to distinguish the landlord's advertisement, he can register on the site for a monthly subscription according to the category in which he subscribes, whether silver or gold.

The entry into force of the contract is from the date of subscription, and it is possible to subscribe through direct communication with the customer service employee at 00962-79-8882727 and agreeing with them on the subscription category and the electronic payment mechanism, so that the customer finds Hagzy.Com employees fully ready to serve him, facilitate his use of the site, and cooperate with him in his interest.


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The best ways to invest in Saudi Arabia (to double your money easily)

The best ways to invest in Saudi Arabia (to double your money easily)
The best ways to invest in Saudi Arabia (to double your money easily)

Investing in Saudi Arabia has become easier recently due to the facilities provided by the country’s government in this field. For example, the Ministry of Investment in Saudi Arabia provides a set of facilities and solutions to investors, such as addressing operating problems and providing legal advice…

In this article, we explain to you all the information you need to know about investing in Saudi Arabia, and we will share with you a group of the most important and best ways to invest in Saudi Arabia that generate abundant profits.

First: What do you need to start investing in Saudi Arabia?

1. Determine the duration of your investment

Investing in long-term projects is different from its counterpart in short-term projects. Accordingly, you need to determine the period of time during which you expect to achieve profits, as this will help you to determine other important factors such as the field of your investment and the method of its implementation.

Determining the period is also related to determining your investment rate. Will you invest in a field continuously, or do you aim to invest an amount available to you only once? There are investment methods that suit each specific rate, and the profit rate varies with the periodicity of investment.

2. Gaining experience in the field of investment

Your economic expertise will help you face market fluctuations and help you seize investment opportunities. Investment experts have a high ability to manage the risks and crises that may affect their investments and get out of them with the least possible losses.

However, having investment experience in Saudi Arabia or any other country is not necessary to enter this field. Lack of experience should be an indicator for you to invest in areas with less risk and a lower rate of risk.

For example, investing in stocks is excellent, but its management must be done with a certain level of study. On the other hand, investing in gold is considered one of the safest investments at the present time, because its rates of decline are not equal to those in stocks.

In the simplest sense, your investment experience directs you to the best investment method that suits you.

Finally, experience in the field of investment can be gained through two basic methods:

Theoretical experience of extensive access to economic news, whether in general or specific to a specific investment method.

Practical experience gained through actual investment.

We recommend acquiring extensive theoretical experience before actually investing in any investment method in Saudi Arabia. As for actual experience, it is closely related to the investment method itself.

Gaining experience in investing in a particular investment method differs from practicing this method mainly for the purpose of investing. The first must be done with simple amounts and a stable rate for the purpose of learning only, while the second aims to achieve profits or income within a certain period of time.

Finally, acquiring special experience in a particular investment method will not help much when practicing other methods, but its presence will not harm.

3. Determine your investment amount

The first step in investing is determining the amount you will allocate for it. Determining the amount of investment helps to determine the field of investment itself, and instead of exhausting yourself in studying investment in different ways, you can focus on the method that suits the amount available to you.

4. Determine your investment goal

In general, every investor has his own goals that he hopes will be achieved by the investment method he relies on.

Some invest their money by offering to preserve its value, and this is a common reason now with the high price of the dollar compared to the prices of other currencies. Some invest with the aim of providing additional income, and others aim to invest their money with the aim of increasing it and other goals.

Objectives vary, as well as the appropriate investment methods. Make a comparison between investment methods in Saudi Arabia, and determine which of them suits your current investment goal or your future goals.

5. Study the method in which you will invest and the state of its market

The previous points should have helped you decide which investment methods in Saudi Arabia suit you, and now it is time to study them. Studying the investment details in any of the investment methods in Saudi Arabia will not take long.

You will need to know the party through which you will invest, such as banks or companies, and the details of dealing with this party. Studying the market for the method on the other hand is something that may take some time and effort to fully understand its details.

Studying the market informs you of the feasibility of this method in achieving profits, the level of risk in it, and the best practices suitable for it.

You need to study the market of the medium in which you will invest over a period of six months to a year. Examine this period and note the changes that occurred on it, the rate of its profits, and the reasons for any increase or decrease in profits.

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Second: The best ways to invest in Saudi Arabia

1. Investment Banking

The banking investment in Saudi Arabia includes several investment methods that banks provide to their clients, which may include:

investment funds


a) investment funds

Investment funds are investment vessels that collect the capital of some investors and manage them according to specific strategies. Investment funds have managers who manage them in a way that aims to achieve appropriate profits for investors in the first place.

The advantage of investment funds is that their risks are relatively low and their ability to generate profits for investors is subject to the skills of their managers. These funds provide investment advantages that no single investor can obtain without investing huge sums.

Funds usually contain securities and shares that are carefully managed with the aim of providing the highest possible profit rate and the lowest rate of losses and risks.

Each bank has a group of investment funds it manages and displays their growth information and details to the public.

Visit the bank you deal with and inquire about the investment funds available to it for a more comprehensive look at the performance of each of them. Do not make your decision immediately, but after reviewing the performance reports, especially those that show the performance of these funds during the current and previous year.

The reports will show you the investment funds available with the bank and the performance of each of them in terms of profits and losses. It is preferable to review the reports of investment funds in Saudi Arabia that are in more than one bank so that you can choose the right fund for you.

Mutual funds are a relatively low-risk method that is recommended for beginners in the investment field in Saudi Arabia.

b) deposits

A deposit is an amount of money that the investor deposits in the bank for a specific period in exchange for obtaining a return from it. The duration of the deposit is determined according to the bank’s terms and according to the agreement between him and the depositor. There are usually two types of deposits, one long-term and the other short-term.

Short-term deposits often range from one year to three years, and sometimes less in some banks. As for long-term deposits, their duration may reach ten years. In general, the duration of deposits varies from one bank to another and from one deposit to another.

Deposits contain less risk than investment funds, and their profits are guaranteed. If you want to invest an amount for a medium or long period of time, and you do not want to burden yourself with economic or investment details, then deposits are the right investment method for you.

As for information about deposits, it can be found in detail through the bank or banks that you deal with. Make a comparison between the deposits available from the same bank, and then go to compare the deposits offered by all banks in general in terms of duration and profits.

Important note: There is an important difference between deposits and funds with regard to recovering the value of any of them. Usually, you can recover the value of your investment in investment funds in specific periods (sometimes a specific day every month) after completing the management of these funds by organizing their accounts, of course.

As for the refund of deposit values, it will be after the period that was agreed upon during its creation, and you can only recover it after the expiration of this period.

2. Investing in stocks

Stocks are shares of corporate values ​​that are offered by the latter in their own market called the stock market. Owning shares means owning a share in the ownership of the company. Shareholders have the right to sell them at any time convenient for them, but this is done according to certain controls and conditions.

As an ordinary person, you cannot invest in the stock market yourself, but rather it must be done through one of the brokerage companies in your country.

The performance of brokerage or brokerage firms in Saudi Arabia is monitored by the relevant government agencies to ensure that investment operations in them are conducted in a fair manner.

Investing in stocks is not difficult, but it requires a lot of study, and we do not recommend doing it without communicating with a financial advisor. In a previous article, we explained the steps for investing in stocks in detail, and what you need to determine before starting it … We recommend that you review this article.

Investing in stocks contains a high rate of risk compared to other means of investment, however, by investing in this field, you can achieve huge profits by arming yourself with some caution during its implementation and relying on the advice of financial experts from time to time.

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3. Investing in bonds

A bond is a security that proves the debt of its issuer (a government agency or a private company) to the owner of this security. Like stocks, bonds are one of the securities used by companies and governments to increase their financing sources... The difference here is the obligation to pay.

The issuer of the bond, whoever it is, is obligated to pay its value (in addition to a predetermined percentage of profits) to the bondholders or investors. This does not happen mainly in the case of stocks.

The risks of investing in bonds are limited, as are the profits, but they are guaranteed at the same time, like stocks. Government agencies monitor the details of bonds in Saudi Arabia on a daily basis, and present this information to the public in an understandable and easy-to-understand manner.

Finally, in addition to investing in bonds, sukuk is one of the best and safest ways to invest in Saudi Arabia.

The difference between bonds and sukuk is that the latter are securities that are compatible with Islamic law. Government agencies issue sukuk with the aim of collecting money for development projects, and the owner of the sukuk is considered a partial owner of the asset in which he invested.

As for the bonds, it is considered a paper of proof for the loans that the continuator provided to the companies and their issuers. The bond holder has the right to recover his money only with the percentage of profit, and he is not considered an owner of a part of these companies, entities or assets that used the bonds to purchase them.

If you are looking for a low-risk investment with guaranteed profits, then investing in bonds or sukuk is the perfect solution for you.

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4. Investing in gold

Investing in gold in general is one of the widely known investment methods in Saudi Arabia. Gold prices are generally rising globally, and therefore buying gold is an excellent idea for a short or medium term investment.

Also, due to the instability of the global economy at the present time, it is possible to invest in gold and make profits within a short period of time. Gold prices rise and fall every period, but for known reasons and at expected times.

This method is followed by some expert investors in the field of buying gold, despite its relatively high risk rate. Some investors buy gold when its price is low and sell it when it is high. This is done at a very fast pace and after extensive study.

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As for investing in gold safely, it can be applied in two basic ways:

Buying gold and keeping it without selling it (useful in the field of investment in order to preserve the value of money).

Buying gold and then selling it after a medium or long period of time.

Although the two methods are considered two different methods in their appearance, in the end they lead to the same result. Holding gold without selling it for the purpose of preserving the value of money is done for a period of time that may not be specified at the beginning, but in the end this gold will be sold.

Selling here may be an investment goal or with the aim of recovering the money that was paid to buy gold in addition to making profits.

As for buying and selling gold after a medium or long period of time, it depends on the rise that gold is currently witnessing in the world.

Here, selling is often with the aim of exploiting the rise in gold and making a profit through it, and then reinvesting again in it for a larger amount. The second method is relied upon by most investors in the field of investing in gold.

There are several ways through which you can invest in gold in Saudi Arabia, such as:

Buying gold from shops and then selling it to other shops or parties.

Buying gold from entities and companies specialized in selling gold to investors.

Buying gold and selling it to stores, to people, or to any party is and still is a matter that is universally recognized as the most popular way to invest in gold, but recently companies specialized in the field of investing in gold have begun to appear that provide better and safer investment opportunities in this field.

These companies provide certain sizes of gold bars for purchase in different and varied weights. When the investor buys gold from these companies, he has the possibility to sell it later to the same company after a period, with a profit margin according to the price of gold at the time of sale.

In general, investing in this field is easy and has few risks. It also allows you to invest in a tangible and understandable asset without entering into economic or financial complications.

To invest in gold, you need to determine the duration and amount of your investment, then see the rate of increase and decrease in gold prices during the current year.

5. Investing in real estate

Real estate is considered a long-term investment through which guaranteed profits can be achieved. While the value of money decreases and the price of gold decreases, we can assert that real estate is an asset whose price increases at a high rate every period.

This increase is present in all countries of the world, but in Saudi Arabia, its percentage is remarkably large.

There are two important factors that make the idea of ​​investing in real estate in Saudi Arabia a profitable one:

The state's interest in reconstruction and construction in general.

The presence of a distinctive economic climate for companies.

The interest of the Government of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the field of construction has contributed to a significant increase in the activity of this field. Increasing activity means building real estate at a greater rate and the subsequent existence of investment opportunities in this field, whether through construction, sale or purchase and sale.

The existence of a good economic climate that drives companies and investors to buy, trade and build real estate, and the presence of a diverse number of real estate increases investment opportunities and provides diversified cost opportunities, which encourages individuals to invest in this field with any amounts available to them.

Ways to invest in real estate include some of the following:

Building real estate on land you own and then selling it.

Contribute to building real estate and then profit from selling it.

Buying real estate land only and profit from selling it.

Buying real estate and then selling it after a while.

Buy a share of the property and then sell it.

Each of the previous methods differs from the other in its cost and profit rate. Building entire properties is the largest possible investment in this field in terms of cost and profit at the same time.

Contributing to the construction of real estate and then profiting from selling it is a process that requires some study, but its cost is less than the entire construction.

A share in real estate means a small part of the value of the property, for example if you have a house whose owner decided to sell it, a group of individuals can buy it for the purpose of investment and divide it into a certain number of shares, each share equals a part of its value.

The owner of the share is considered the owner of what is equal to it in the property, but dealing here is by value or by the percentage of the share in exchange for the total value of the property. If you own ten shares out of the total one hundred shares that represent the value of the property, then you own 10 percent of its value.

Real estate shares are very similar to stock shares, but without the element of risk and price fluctuation. There are two forms of profit from selling real estate shares, through selling a single share and trading it between individuals, or selling the entire property.

Selling the stock without waiting for the entire property to be sold is a method followed by some investors who want to end their investment in a property.

Investing in real estate depends on increasing the rate of its value, which is generally known, but its details differ from one property to another. The difference in details mainly affects the value of the property.

The price of two properties that are identical to each other may differ because one of them faces a public street or even a store. Familiarity with the details of the difference and the price can be known through research and asking the real estate sellers themselves, which is a method followed by many investors.

Some investors in the field of real estate do everything themselves in this field. They search for real estate, monitor their prices, request information about them, buy and sell, and so on. Despite the profitability of this method, it is cumbersome and requires some experience.

Fortunately, there is another option that you can rely on in investing in real estate, which is relying on real estate investment companies. These companies relieve you of the burden of searching for the right property for you and act as an intermediary between you and the seller.

If you are a beginner in the field of real estate investment in Saudi Arabia, we advise you to rely on one of the companies working in this field.

Finally, real estate investment is one of the ways to invest in Saudi Arabia, which enjoys stability and low risk.

6. Investing in establishing a private project or partnering in its establishment

Instead of relying on an entity or buying an asset, why not invest in your own project, whether in whole or in part? This way of investing in Saudi Arabia is preferred by people who are attracted to the field of entrepreneurship.

The amount that you have allocated for investment in Saudi Arabia is the decisive factor in choosing the project and the percentage of your investment in it. Also, the idea of ​​​​investing through the establishment of a project is characterized by high flexibility in terms of

The amount of investment and the nature of the partnership.

You may have a project idea that you would like to create, so you invest your money in it. Perhaps you have a friend who wants to establish his own project and wants you as a partner in it... The forms of investment in this field are many and varied. Of course, the more knowledge you have in the field of the project, the better.

Saudi Arabia is rich in opportunities for establishing projects, whether small or large. All you have to do is choose a project idea that suits your budget. Check out our article that presents successful project ideas in Saudi Arabia if you are looking for a project idea to invest in.

Whatever the source of your idea or investment method and size, you must document and write down everything legally to preserve your rights and profits.

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7. Investing in financing a project

In a similar way to establishing a private project, financing projects as a profitable investment method in Saudi Arabia, you can search for a project in a field that is looking for an angel investor and play this role.

An angel investor finances projects in exchange for shares in their ownership. Most startups are looking for an angel investor to finance their projects.

Currently, investing in application development and technology in general is a popular way to invest in the Saudi economy. The projects that belong to this field receive a lot of support and facilities in accordance with the desire of the Saudi government to pay attention and revitalize this field.

Project financing requires a lot of study and review of the feasibility study for several projects and the comparison between them. Do not forget that it is considered a long-term investment and it is true that it may generate huge profits for the investors, but it still contains a high risk rate.


In this article, we tried to introduce you to the best ways to invest in Saudi Arabia. Of course, the current investment climate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia encourages investment in the previous fields and many other fields.

Do you have other ways to invest in Saudi Arabia? Share these methods with us in the comments.


Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Earn money with survey sites that pay via PayPal

Earn money with survey sites that pay via PayPal
Earn money with survey sites that pay via PayPal

Profitable online survey sites are one of the best ways in which you can make money from the Internet, as it does not require anything, whether experience, capital, or otherwise.

This method relies on obtaining general information that helps large companies improve their performance by sending paid surveys.

For customers. In this article, we will learn about how to make money from the Internet through online surveys, how to deal with online survey sites and how to withdraw profits from them.

We will also provide a list of the best online survey sites that you can make money through online surveys.

Opinion polls are a means of collecting information and reactions to a specific product or service, so that through this information it is possible to measure the results, improve the level, or build a strategic plan for a specific product or service.

surveys for money paypal and get gift cards

These questionnaires are a means of "market survey" as marketers know it.

For example, if a certain company advertises one of its products in three media outlets, which are television, the Internet, and newspapers, and the company wants to know which of these means was more influential in terms of creating awareness of the company's brand and attracting new customers, here the company may rely on conducting a customer survey that enables Through it, the extent of the impact of each method used is known, and through questionnaires, a lot of information can be known after careful analysis.

In order for companies to encourage customers to respond to their survey process, they provide paid surveys, Such as surveys for money, and then provide these surveys on one or several paid survey sites, and all the user has to do is register on these sites and then answer the surveys You receive it, after which the return is added to your balance on the site.

This method is one of the best ways to achieve passive income without effort, and if you reach the minimum payment for each site, you can withdraw your profits using the appropriate method for you.

We will now learn about the best survey sites for money that you can register in and work on in order to make money from the Internet without capital and experience.

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Wednesday, November 9, 2022

What is 3D printing and what do you need to get started with


What is 3D printing and what do you need to get started with

You may have heard the term 3D printing or 3D printing while watching a video clip of a field. Yes, this is true. One field, not a field. This is due to the fact that the 3D printer has become used in a huge number of different fields.

Personally, I watched videos in which this technology was used to print models, toys, prosthetic limbs, and much more. This technology has often puzzled me; How does it work and what materials are used in it? Can individuals own a 3D printer?

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Monday, November 7, 2022

OpenSooq is the best website for buying and selling in Bahrain

OpenSooq is known as the most important site specialized in the field of classified ads, as it has managed from its first appearance to this day to achieve wide popularity in the Middle East and North Africa, and in more than 19 Arab countries, including Bahrain.

This is because it is the first platform through which to sell and buy various services, products, and new and used goods without any effort and in record time.

Perhaps the most prominent feature of this site is that it categorizes all the products and services offered within a group of main sections and sub-tabs, so that it can be accessed easily and at any time.

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Sunday, November 6, 2022

OpenSooq is the largest buying and selling site in the UAE


The opensooq is not only considered the largest site for buying and selling in the UAE, but it can be said that the opensooq is the first advertising platform in the Arab world with millions of visits, and the number of views of its ads exceeds the limit of one billion per month.

The founding of OpenSooq dates back to 2008, and the company's organizers succeeded in developing the platform year after year and working to provide distinguished services to millions of people wishing to obtain a unique online shopping experience throughout the Arab world.

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Best Google Chrome Extensions (Give You Great Features)


Google Chrome extensions are one of the most important and wonderful features of the Google Chrome browser, and although there are many other Internet browsers that have extensions, the Google Chrome extension store (Chrome Web Store) is the most important and richest, which has extensions that will really change your idea completely About the capabilities and features that you can get through an Internet browser.

A short time ago, I posted in Seo7u a very important topic about the secrets of searching in Google .Today, as a continuation of Seo7u's efforts to improve the visitor's experience in using the Internet, and to help them make better use of it,

I'm going to go over the Google Chrome extensions.

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The World's Most Valuable Companies (Top 10 Giants 2022 List)


Big, huge things have always been impressive and wondering in souls, whatever they are. If you see a huge building, a giant machine, or even a large person, a lot of questions arise within you.

You may ask how - how this machine was made - or you may ask why - why this building was built so big - and other questions.

This is the case for entrepreneurs, professional employees and those interested in financial culture in general, they are always looking for the largest companies in the world in all fields to learn and improve themselves, their skills, work environments and production to achieve better results.

This is the most important purpose of the search for the largest and best institutions and specialists in each field, and this is what we started with this continuous series of talk about the best and largest companies in the world in various fields.

If you are interested in entrepreneurship, management skills, technology, research and development, then you are in the right place. This is our main concern at Seo7u, and here you will find information and facts that will benefit you, God willing, in your practical and scientific life.

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What is Information Technology? Definition and Examples

 As long as you are here looking for what is IT and what are its specialties… This indicates that you want to have a place in the world of technology that affects our current reality and shapes the future.

This is something that makes me feel very happy, and at the same time makes me keen to provide the best possible information and resources to answer all the questions that are on your mind about the field of IT and its various specializations.

And not only that, what is more important than your knowledge of the different areas of IT is knowing how you can learn any discipline that interests you from the best available resources.

So you can use this knowledge to:

  • Get a good job.
  • Earn money from the freelancing market.
  • Build your own business and become an entrepreneur.
  • Improving and developing your current project through some different IT areas.

Let me tell you briefly what you'll come up with after reading the entirety of this guide:

  • You will know exactly what IT is in a simple way.
  • You will get a good idea of ​​the importance of Information Technology (IT) in our practical life.
  • You will get to know the different areas of IT (the most popular disciplines), and avoid the common mistake that many people make about it.
  • You will learn the most important skills that any person working in the field of IT (skills that companies look for) should have.
  • You will learn about the most important sources (platforms - courses - institutions) to learn and master any IT specialty you want.
  • How to search for opportunities or jobs in the field of IT.
  • How to reach the best IT specialists around the world to carry out the tasks you need (part for business owners).
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Wednesday, November 2, 2022

What is data analysis and its huge opportunities and how to start with it 2022


when we make a decision; Whether it will affect us in the short or long term, a recurring daily decision or a fateful decision, it is based on thinking about what we went through before, and what results we will get based on the implementation of this decision in the future.

This process is an analysis of our past and an attempt to predict our future, and making decisions based on this analysis and prediction, and this is the essence of the process of analyzing data in a simple way.

Successful companies in the world depend on the analysis of the data of their customers and users continuously for several years, by sorting their consumption data by scientists and data analysts to arrive at patterns of their behavior, through which they can improve products and services and increase sales.

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big data architect, "distributed data processing engineer", and tech lead

I think that during the past three years you have heard about big data a lot, you turn on the TV and you find the announcer talking about big data, you hold your phone and you browse Facebook and you read a lot of news about big data, you want to relax and you search for something fun on YouTube to find that there are dozens of clips about big data !

I also found a lot of searching for:

  • big data architect, distributed data processing engineer, and tech lead.
  • big data engineer vs data engineer salary.
  • lead data engineer roles and responsibilities.
  • data warehouse engineer roles and responsibilities.
  • big data definition.

Well the time has come when you will come face to face with big data, but this time on Seo7u.

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