What is passion? How do you define your passion in life?

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Recently, an idea has spread that most of the youth of the current generation have gathered, which is to “change the field of work” or what is known as “Career Shifting”, so you find, for example, who has completed his studies in the field of medicine or engineering, while he is practicing another profession related to art, marketing or e-commerce or other different fields of work.

And when you ask these people about the reason for this change, you will find that most of them met on one principle, which is that they did not find themselves in this field despite the years of study they spent in it.

While the field that they turned to practice, is the field that brings them satisfaction and psychological comfort, and it is the field that each of them can give all his energy to happily, and through it they achieve more successes, and employ their creativity that helps them develop it.

But when you look at it more closely, you will find that the main and even basic motive behind this career transformation is passion, that word that motivates a person with his feelings, energies and focus, and directs him towards what achieves psychological stability in the field of work, and even in life in general.

What is passion, how can you find your passion in life and how passion for something makes you achieve exceptional goals… all of this you will learn about through this article.

What is passion?

If we search for the meaning of passion, we will find that the meaning of the word passion is intense love for something, as for the idiomatic meaning of passion is that you have a certain skill, loving it, and you always feel happy and satisfied with yourself when you achieve in it or through it an achievement, even if it is simple .

A passionate person is one who knows about himself the following points:

Certain principles or values ​​in his life make him feel the importance of his presence in life when they are applied.

The strengths of his character are shown in the skills he masters well.

His interests that bring him happiness and satisfaction with himself.

Whoever can know these three treasures about himself, and use them intelligently in a way that allows his creative energies to come to light, is the person who can achieve his goals in life, to satisfy his passions and interests, and maintain and even increase his successes.

For example, a person who is passionate about the world of photography... you will find that he always reads and learns about the science and art of photography, and you will always find him thinking and trying different ways of photography... and the result will be exceptional works compared to someone who has taken photography as a profession and who earns a living through it.

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How do I know my passion?

Passion is to love and master a certain skill naturally, and you find yourself expending all your energies and efforts while you are satisfied with yourself without getting bored, and even spending hours and you do not feel the time.

How do you define your passion? And how can this passion be directed to serve your working life?

The answer is as follows:

1. Search within yourself for the principle that when you achieve it, you feel the value of your presence in life, and then you feel that you have already achieved an achievement, and we mean here by the principle the feeling that a person seeks to obtain by achieving a certain achievement.

For example, when you believe in the value or principle of creativity, then you will find that you have a constant passion for everything that achieves this principle for you, such as drawing, writing, and other various creative activities as much as you have a hobby in it.

So you have to search within yourself for the value that always makes you feel your presence in life if you seek to achieve it, and then it will help you reach your passion.

2. Know well the strengths of your personality, and by strengths we do not mean personal qualities, but practical qualities that help you in marketing yourself. When you attend a personal interview for work, you will always find this frequent question… What are your strengths and weaknesses?

The goal of this question is, of course, not to identify your personality or qualities, but so that the questioner knows whether the points you possess and are good at will help in developing the work or not.

For example, if you have the skill of organization, time management and good planning, even for a day of travel or a picnic, this point is considered one of the most important personal strengths, which is always useful in any field, success always comes with planning and organization.

3. Know your interests, even if these interests are not ordinary, or do not resemble the interests of those around you, and you can find out by focusing on the area that attracts your attention permanently, which is always interested in his news, and everything that is new about him.

Perhaps this interest is what opens a door for you to make a profit and find the passion that everyone is looking for, and thus you can easily and successfully achieve your goals.

These three points are what helps you find the passion for which you were created, which is one of the most important tools that help in success in life, whether professional or personal.

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Why should a person believe in his passion and achieve it?

When a person believes that he is not a failure, but he just did not find his passion in the position or field in which he was placed, he can turn this false failure into success, and here comes the role of passion, as it is the main driver that guides you to the path of success.

And if you strive in the path of your passion, you will get many advantages in your life, the most important of which are:

You will always find yourself energetic and rarely bored.

You will find yourself looking for everything new, and therefore you will be open to more than one culture and different opinions.

Your social circle will always be on the increase.

You are always chasing success and excellence.

What is the difference between a person who is passionate and another who works without passion?

You can find a really successful person in his place, but he does not feel this success, and another successful and distinguished person in his place and feel this success, employs him and develops himself until he reaches greater success and continues to the top of brilliance.

And this is the difference between the two, who is passionate about what he does and loves what he does, and who works only for the sake of work or in order to earn a living. Here the difference appears, which is the passion for what we do. Passion, as we mentioned, helps in advancing success and reaching it for continuity, not just reaching success.

Helen Keeler is an example of success with passion and self-fulfillment

In order for you to reach the importance of passion in a detailed way, you must get acquainted with models who succeeded despite the difficulties they encountered in their lives.

And helped them in this understanding of themselves, and their access to the passion that brings them the value of existence in life.

We present to you the story of the writer and activist “Helen Keeler”, the woman who lost the most important senses that man needs to practice his daily life, sight, hearing and speech, and that is a baby girl who has not yet reached the age of two years.

But nevertheless, her father took care of her and insisted on looking for someone who could teach her in any way, and Helen's love and constant passion for learning everything new helped him, until she was able to communicate with the outside world by writing and creativity and with the help of her family and teacher "Sullivan", and many people who secured With her and her passion.

Keeler's passion for learning was not limited to learning about life, but she decided to use this passion to help people with special circumstances, who have lost sight, hearing, speech, or any disability that made life more difficult for them than the average person.

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History mentions Helen's many achievements, which were helped by her passion and love of learning:

She obtained a Bachelor of Arts and learned more than one language, including Latin, French, German and Greek.

Passion for learning earned her a PhD in Philosophy from Harvard University.

Helen Keeler has written about 18 books, which have been translated into more than fifty languages.

With her many articles, she contributed to solving many problems facing European women regarding their political and social rights.

She participated in laying the foundation stone for the “Helen Keeler International” association, which is concerned with two important areas, namely combating malnutrition and treating the disadvantages of blindness.

Her efforts to help the blind and her constant communication with those responsible resulted in the invention of what are known as talking books, which help the blind to read and thus facilitate the process of learning and education.

Time magazine ranked her among the 100 most influential people of the twentieth century.

Passion is the rudder that drives your career ship to success

After we got to know the meaning of passion, and how a person can define and recognize his passion, and the advantages of finding my own passion, we come here to a very important point, which is how to use this passion to achieve brilliance and success in practical life.

The fast life that we live now requires each of us to move in the direction of work so as to guarantee himself a life that keeps pace with the rapid changes and fluctuations that we are exposed to every day, in addition to self-realization and the love of what works, and to reach this, we offer you these tips that may help you in employing your passion.

Focus on your passion, which is close to real in the sense of an interest or skill that can be converted into a business.

Always look for everything new in the passion that you occupy, for example, if you are passionate about writing, always find out about everything new about writing and the ways of creativity in it, and the different ways of writing.

Always sign up for courses that develop this passion and help develop it, and always make it your goal to search for course content that guides your passion for a profitable business.

Always make your ideas in a creative and innovative way, and always follow the way of thinking outside the box, and do not resort to ordinary ideas, but rather make them distinctive ideas, and this always comes by looking at everything new, reading and researching what brings you passion.

If your passion is a specific hobby and it has become a source of income for you, then you must always be punctuality, good planning and time management, as you are now the one who leads your ship and directs it with your passion to success and brilliance, then you have to take responsibility.

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In the end, you must be a good listener for yourself, and always devote time to dialogue between you and yourself, so that you are always aware of what brings you passion and thus success in both professional and personal life.

And keep being always surrounded by sources of positive energy and creative inspiration which will surely lead you not only to success but to shine and continue in this success.

Mahmoud Ashour
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