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How to make money from Snapchat (everything you need in one place)


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Although getting rich quick is a dream of many, this is no longer impossible. Many influencers on social media have already reached this, and recently the profit from Snapchat has emerged as a golden opportunity for many creative young people to reach their financial goals.

At the same time, Snapchat was keeping their faith by developing its platform in order to guarantee them the potential gains.

Snapchat Basics

Since you started looking for profit from Snapchat, this means that you have a background on the platform, even if it was little, but at the same time it can be said that Snapchat is somewhat different from other social media platforms.

Therefore, we will initially provide an explanation of its basic system by explaining its own vocabulary in order to make a profit through it at a steady pace:

a) Chat: 

Although chat is intuitively a set of messages exchanged between friends or groups, Snapchat chat differs from its theory in other applications, because it is automatically deleted when it is read or its specified expiration.

b) Stories:

 As with this option in the rest of the applications, stories are automatically erased after 24 hours.

c) Live Stories:

 These are the stories that others put in and the system deletes them, as in your stories.

d) Lenses: 

This is how amazing effects are added through augmented reality to users' personal photos, and then they can be sent to friends or shared on stories, where the images appear as if they were animations through which you can change the image and even the tone of the voice.

e) Filters:

 Filters are effects that are added to images as well, but they are fixed and do not move.

f) Snap Map: 

Through this map, you can see friends in their locations in the form of Bitmoji.

j) Snapchat Spotlight:

 It is Snapchat's main way of making money, it was launched in 2020 and it is somewhat similar to Facebook Reels and TikTok.

It can receive the best videos submitted by users, and in return they can get profits in excess of hundreds of dollars per day, depending on the number of video views and other factors that are not announced.

How is the subscription option added on Snapchat?

Public subscription to Snap allows them to receive notifications of new content from influencers, as is the case on YouTube, but this option does not exist by default due to the strict policy that Snapchat puts on this option.

To activate this option you do not need to pay but you need to achieve the following:

Create original lenses: This happens by heading to Lens Studio, and starting to create the required lenses.

Provide valuable content: Before creating your profile as a content creator you should constantly post good and engaging content, and once you reach that you can create your public profile and then provide it with the option to subscribe.

How to Create a Public Profile on Snapchat

Old users of this app know that it was limited to chats, stories, and sharing photos and videos with friends only.

But at the present time, Snapchat has developed and added many options that allow users to share what they have to the public, and this is precisely what qualified it to be a suitable platform for profit.

In order to do this you need to create a public profile, and here's how to do it:

Log in to the application and then open the profile or story icon that you find at the top of the page.

Look for the Add to Snap Map option in the Spotlight & Snap Map or “Stories” menu, depending on your device and app updates.

Here you have to choose “Create a public profile”.

A page will appear showing you many of the features with this option, click on continue.

Click START to continue.

The next page shows you what looks like a disclaimer, and at the end you have the option to cancel or create, click on Create to create the public profile.

Then you will go to the settings screen, where you can see that there is my public profile in the section for public profiles.

Go to it and click Edit to put your highlights, and that's how your public profile is created.

What are trending topics on Snapchat?

The most important step here is to create content that will make you famous and attract potential followers, and in this regard, we show that the most popular areas on this platform are:

Vital content: 

Many of the stories on Snapchat are about dynamic content such as snowboarding, because such skills are displayed in short shots and are well received by the audience.

Educational content:

 This type of content is very effective, but it cannot be longer than 60 seconds, so try to provide information as quick and useful as possible, such as quick tips.

Entertaining content: 

Funny clips are very popular everywhere, and this makes it easy for them to spread quickly, and while working on it keep in mind that you are not only competing with the influencers around you, but you are working to attract the attention of the audience in various ways.

Memes and trends: 

Thanks to the fact that entertainment content is popular with many, creating and trading memes and trends is a good factor to attract more views.

To stay updated with all of these trends, follow the Snapchatter Insights section of Snapchat.

Snapchat earnings platform

For your videos to go viral on the app is amazing, Spotlight on Snapchat is working on that, because the more you view your “Snaps”, the more chance you have of earning from Snapchat even within a day.

This platform works on the same idea as TikTok, which is a better idea when compared to using a specific site on SnapMap, because having just one video that has a viral spread will save you thousands of dollars.

In order to take your first steps on this platform, you must meet the following conditions:

  • Create vertical video with audio.
  • The video length is up to 60 seconds.
  • You should get a topic that can be put as a hashtag.
  • Make sure to address the public at the age of 13.
  • Beware of sending promotional snaps.

Unlike TikTok, spotlight does not have a public comments section, and users' files remain private as long as they do not adjust the settings to make their profile public, ensuring that they maintain their privacy even as their videos are spread.

Now you don't need much to start using this platform:

Just create awesome and unique content.

Then choose "Send To".

Then choose "Spotlight".

How does Snapchat choose Spotlight users?

The app recommends to users the videos that they are likely to like, because they are relevant to the topics they have followed before.

Snapchat's algorithms in choosing tradable snaps depend on a number of factors, including the number of times:

watching video.

Skip the video.

Share or like the video.

This means that you need a good number of views in order for Spotlight to start recommending your video to other users.

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Ways to make money from Snapchat for individuals

The question in general is: To get a good profit, how do I benefit from Snapchat? In addition to the spotlight platform mentioned above, there are many ways to make a profit.

Now it seems that you are seriously considering making Snapchat an effective working tool, so there are many ways and the most famous of them are:

1. Make money from affiliate marketing

In the footsteps of Instagram, Snapchat provides good opportunities to get pre-set fees by promoting products by users with a large audience base, this happens by allowing brands to reach your audience and then offer offers and ads in exchange for a commission.

As with bloggers and publishers on websites; Snapchat can be used for the same purpose, and what is distinguished here is that this platform does not impose restrictions on such practices as in Tik Tok, where you can include referral links in any publication you provide.

However, success in this task needs careful consideration when choosing products that are suitable for this type of audience from the younger age groups.

Here are some tips to get started with successful affiliate marketing on Snapchat:

What works well here is to offer simple products that are less expensive, because often young people in this age group do not have a source of work that guarantees them a large flow of money.

Try to pay attention to increasing the number of followers which guarantees you a greater chance of making money.

Good content that you provide is what keeps your followers engaged, so don't waste all your time on ads at the expense of creating engaging content.

Among the most important products that you can rely on here are the products of Amazon, and other websites that are widely known and known to the public.

Another good idea is to use paid ads on your posts, where you can invest a small amount to get more visibility of the Snaps you post.

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2. Create Snapchat Ads for Businesses

As is the case on other social media platforms, you can use your Snapchat account to promote corporate ads.

You are now on a platform that receives 249 million daily active users, over 75% of these users are millennials and above, which means you have great opportunities to promote ads.

To you, reaching potential customers may seem easy, but it is different for business owners or those users who do not have enough knowledge of the platform as well as how to manage successful ads.

Marketing on Snapchat has its own nature that differs from other platforms such as Facebook. If you are one of the active users and you have a category of the target audience, you can get offers for companies that want to market their products and services.

It is worth noting that advertisements here take many forms, as follows:

Group advertisements include promotion of a series of products.

Commercials that are up to three minutes long.

Promote with artistic filters and effects.

The use of lenses where interaction with augmented reality occurs.

Advertising through single image or video ads.

Ads across the story are often a series of ads.

Through these means, you can promote more than one purpose, as follows:

  • Increase app installs.
  • Selling a product via an e-commerce website.
  • Attract clicks to any type of website.
  • Increase traffic to a local company page.

To start making money from this method, you need to communicate with companies interested in reaching the audience, and if you are one of the active influencers, the companies themselves will search for you, and then try to reach your audience to present advertising campaigns.

3. Share advertising revenue

In early 2022, Snapchat allowed some users to share revenue as a result of displaying some ads while the Stories they shared were running.

But in fact, this program is still in its experimental stages so that it has not been announced when it will be available to the regular content creator, because this program is only available to the most prominent users who are called Snap Stars.

In order not to mix things up, it is worth noting that Snap Stars are not necessarily users who have received a gold star in the profile, as this star comes through account verification, and is not a sign that you are one of the most prominent influencers on the platform.

It is worth noting that so far no published data has been shown showing the percentage of revenue that is shared, but by looking at YouTube as a reference point, the content creator gets 55% of advertising revenue.

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For Business Owners: How To Make Money From Snapchat?

The previous methods were useful for users who want to profit from Snapchat. But what about companies and business owners? How can they exploit the Snapchat platform to make a profit?

If you are one of those, here are some opportunities that can help you:

1. Promote your products and services through Snapchat content

As in the case of personal accounts; Snapchat allows the creation of business accounts, so if you want to create paid ads, it will benefit you to create a business profile in addition to the personal profile as with other users.

The next step is to create interesting content about products and services by quickly explaining the features and benefits.

2. Create paid Snapchat campaigns for your customers

While talking about make money from Snapchat for individuals, we explained how users can get profits from displaying corporate ads, but now we are looking at the opposite side, which is profit for business owners.

Brand owners use paid ads to get greater product visibility, and to get more engagement you need to be creative in choosing one of the appropriate Snapchat ad formats for your business, in order to get users to interact with you in unique ways.

Notably, users interact more with lenses and filters when used creatively so that the content is not like stereotypical ads.

3. Using Snapchat Lens Studio

This software enables influencers to create lenses that provide amazing experiences even for small businesses, through the capabilities of augmented reality.

But in fact, it may take some time and effort to get to know the capabilities of Lens Studio, and you may come up with something really effective after going through a number of trials and errors.

4. Advantage of Geofilters

Geofilters are geofilters, which only allow users in the specified area to access it.

There are two different types of geofilters:

Create geofilters for free, which is a good option for famous cities and landmarks, and these filters need to be approved by Snapchat.

Paid geofilters, with which you can attract audiences close to your workplace to use the filters you've created.

The cost of advertising is determined based on the size of the area in which you need to post the ad, as well as the length of time the ad appears.

How to increase the number of followers on Snapchat and thus profits?

If you have enough creative ideas, this is the place for you to start earning from Snapchat, and in the process try not to forget that most of your work is with millennials and beyond.

If you want to attract more followers, follow the following tips to increase followers and thus increase views and profits:

1) Do not neglect the role of other social media like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter to share your account through invites and add more friends.

2) Create creative images and videos to present to the audience in an attractive way, and you can rely on Canva software to make the appropriate adjustments.

3) Make sure to follow the influencers on Snapchat and most likely they will also follow you.

4) When creating marketing content on any platform, be sure to include your profile Snapcode on posts and articles.

5) Don't overdo the stories, but it's a good idea to put 20 consecutive stories a day.

6) While working in affiliate marketing, you can get a discount code or coupon that you offer to your audience as a way of great offers.

7) Add friends of friends, influencers and famous people to the list of the audience you want to add.

8) You can engage with other members on any other means of communication to exchange interactions, follow up and help grow.

9) Make your Snapcode public on all of your accounts, so that people from other platforms can easily follow you.

10) Try to communicate with influential users through messages, and ask them to share your name or talk about you in their Snaps, and of course curiosity will lead these followers to visit your account.

Questions and answers about making money on Snapchat

Now in order to complete your knowledge of everything related to profit from Snapchat, you must read the following questions so that it is a clear picture of the scene better:

1. Does Snapchat pay for views?

Snapchat is not like other platforms, so it pays neither for views nor for regular posts, unless you post a featured video on the Spotlight platform that can open the door to a massive cash flow if your video views reach millions of views.

2. Do Snapchat users participate in the advertising revenue that appears on their content?

For most users, it is not possible to participate in advertising revenue, but this method was only implemented with a selection of the most important influencers at the beginning of 2022.

3. How much money do you make from Snapchat?

The spotlight platform pays more than a million dollars daily to users, although we do not know exactly how much money each user makes, but looking at the elite of influencers, we will find from them who get 100 thousand dollars in just a few days.

But if you decide to work in affiliate marketing, for example, it is likely that every 1,000 subscribers will give you an opportunity to get an amount estimated between 10 to 100 dollars.

You can achieve this by providing engaging content on a regular basis with a view to serving young age groups.

4. Does Snapchat pay you for filters?

The closest answer is no, but you can create unique filters and lenses to promote companies and make money from the company itself, not from Snapchat.

5. How many followers must be on Snapchat to make a profit?

In order to start making profit from Snapchat, you need 100 followers or more in order to qualify for the content creator account, it does not stop there, but you need thousands of followers to start getting a regular profit because the payment to influencers is based on the number of their followers.

6. How many followers do I have on Snap and I will be with subscriptions?

In fact, we cannot say for sure, but in general you can get this feature for free if you are not required to pay to activate this feature, but you can activate it only by creating original lenses and providing interesting content.

Finally, once you get the minimum number of followers, you will easily be able to promote the growth of the audience due to the many features that the application offers, and then profit from Snapchat in a profitable way.



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