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How to Decide on a Blog Idea (How to Choose a Niche)

How to define a blog idea (Define Niche) or how to choose a profitable niche is very important for everyone who is thinking of starting a new blog, what will my blog be? Which major should I choose? Can I make profits through this specialization? Are there ways and tools that enable me to put my idea to practical test?

Unfortunately there are some bloggers who directly choose the unsuitable Niche, after doing little or no research, or as an imitation of a successful blog idea, which explains why there are so many who start and after a little while they can't continue and end up stopping.

From here stems the importance of doing research and paying attention to everything related to determining the idea of ​​an electronic blog, so the smartest idea is to choose the field of your blog intelligently and on the right basis, and this is what we will explain in this article.

What are the points we are going to cover in this article:

Explain the reasons why it is important to choose your blog's domain carefully.

What are the steps that you should follow to determine the idea of ​​an electronic blog that suits you personally?

How you can put your blog idea to the test.

Why you should decide how to monetize your blog before you start creating it.

All the information and resources you need to be able to create a professional blog.

Important tips and recommendations for you after creating your blog for success.

Why do you need to select your blog's niche?

In fact, the reasons why you should choose your blog's niche are very clear, for example:

1- It is very difficult to increase visitors to your blog, and optimize it for search engines when you publish articles on different topics. There may be a number of different sites that do this, but they do it within a general framework that is appropriate to their capabilities and plan, and you probably won't be able to compete with them at least with a new blog.

2- Targeting a wide audience is something that may not benefit you, and in particular it may attract visitors who are not interested in your blog’s content by mistake. For example, if you choose a broad field such as the clothing industry … your blog may reach visitors who are interested in certain points that you do not fully cover.

In this case, when visitors browse your blog, they will not find the appropriate content for them. This may negatively affect your blog in many factors, the most important of which is the bounce rate.

3- Choosing a specialization for your blog will help you target a specific audience, and thus accurately determine the topics that you can write about, this will also avoid you wasting time writing articles or topics that no one is looking for and your blog will not receive visits through it.

4- Specialized blogs enjoy a higher level of trust from users, and this is because a blog specialized in a specific field appears in the user's eyes as an expert who deals with one thing intensively and covers all its aspects.

This is, of course, completely different from the sites that talk about anything and everything, they deal with general and superficial points, and do not go into depth in any of the areas you talk about.

5- Specialized blogs have a greater chance of making good profits. If we compare two blogs, for example, with the same number of visitors, but one of them talks about everything (sports, health news, etc.), while the other talks only about diet recipes.

Here the specialized blog can achieve a higher level of profits, because the visitor here has a higher value, as he is a targeted visitor for a specific type of business and products.

Specialized blogs also have a lot of options for ways to profit from websites, and one of these methods is affiliate marketing and profit by renting advertising banners.

 How to create a site to evaluate products and how to make money from it

Now let's examine the steps you can take to learn how to define your blog idea:

Steps to defining an idea for a blog

In this part, I will put in front of you the key to defining your blog idea in clear and simple steps. Of course, the result you will get may be different from the result that anyone else will get, because the steps I will present here are a way to help you discover the blog idea that suits you. Personally.

But of course we will talk about how to practically test the final idea, which everyone can apply to see how feasible the ideas are.

 Steps to determine the niche for your blog:

1- Review your interests

This may be something you've already done, but if you haven't, make a list of the topics that interest you most, and that you know about.

Adding content to your blog is not always easy, and at some point you may find it difficult to find suitable content for your blog. If you specialize in a field that you are not interested in, the likelihood that you will give up and quit the field will increase exponentially - especially if this is your first blog.

In this regard, I will give you two articles below to help you get a fresh spring of article ideas:

How to Get New Article Ideas (12 Ways to Collect Ideas)

Of course, here we do not mean that you need to find a niche that you know everything about, but what we are talking about here is the minimum level of interest, and by researching and learning, you will be able to gain greater knowledge in the field in which you will specialize your blog.

Here are some questions to help you identify your interests:

How do you prefer to spend your free time?

What hobby would you like to dedicate more time to?

What books do you read frequently?

What topics do you like to know more?

Are you affiliated with a particular club or organization that is interested in a field?

 2- Of the topics that interest you, which ones do you enjoy doing?

You may be interested in a particular subject but you do not enjoy doing it (if you find it difficult to understand this sentence you can be guided by the situation of school students, they are interested in their field of study, but most of the time they do not enjoy it).

Therefore, the field of your blog should be a topic that interests you, and at the same time you have a passion for it, and you love to write about it, conduct research about it, and see everything new in it.

This will make it easier for you to search for new content to add to your blog, and also make the search process a lot more interesting since you are looking for a niche that you are already interested in.

You may find that you are interested in and listen at the same time in more than one topic, and each of these topics is a field of its own, so what should be done? Don't worry answer in the next step.

3- Which areas of your interest would you be able to provide benefit to other people?

Perhaps through the previous step, you were able to reduce the number of topics that you will choose one of them to be the topic of your blog, now let's try to reduce the number again.

And that is by searching for a topic that you think can be useful to a large number of people, for example, there are those who take it upon themselves to spread health awareness of a disease or correct misconceptions about a field.

There are those who want to provide detailed reviews of electronic devices to help people who are interested in buying them make the decision to buy or not, and there are those who move to the higher level, such as providing solutions to problems facing a certain category of people in a field.

Now after going through the previous three steps, you will find that you have one or perhaps two ideas, and here comes the most important step that must be relied upon mainly, which is to conduct research on your blog idea to make sure that it has a demand and an audience or not.

Profitable Website Ideas

4- Put your blog idea to the practical test

This step is like a joker paper in the steps of defining a blog idea, in which you have to put the idea you selected under the lens of a practical and scientific test.

All the previous steps depended primarily on you, but this step depends on the reality of the market, so you have to give it enough importance, and these are the most important points that will enable you to know the feasibility of your blog idea:

1- Use keyword research tools

There are many tools that enable you to know the search rate for any keyword that you enter in these tools, and among these tools, the most important of which is the Google Keyword plan tool, through which you can enter the most important words that express the field of your blog to know if someone is searching for these words.

Of course, the higher the search rate... the more this is an indication that there is a large audience interested in what you will offer on your blog.

To learn more about keywords and how to measure their search rate, visit the article in the link below:

Everything you need to know about keywords

2- Search on social media

Social media is a very important indicator for understanding the needs of the audience, and what they are interested in. By searching the large social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, you can access pages and groups that talk about the topic you intend to choose for your blog.

Of course, whenever there are many large groups and pages talking about your blog topic, this means that there is a large potential audience that is interested in what you will present in your blog.

3- Search for blogs in the same field

There is no field but there are blogs that talk about it, your job here is to do a search on the Internet, and access to the most famous and most important blogs that talk about the topic you intend to specialize in.

Study these blogs and try to know the size of their audience, and their level of success, as it serves as a clear practical compass for you to measure the amount of success that you can reach.

Now that you have an audience that is interested in what your blog will offer… comes another very important step before you actually start creating the blog.

5- Decide how to earn money from your blog

This is the last step before starting to create a blog, and it is a very important step, despite the fact that many people ignore it. In fact, determining the method of profit from the blog is a very important element in determining the way the blog works and design, and the nature of the content that will be published in this blog.

For example, here are some facts about it:

There are custom templates for blogs that use profit from Google Adsense.

Blogs that earn from Affiliate should have more depth and density than blogs that earn from AdSense.

Blogs that earn from Adsense must have a large number of articles to attract more visitors to make a good profit.

There are a lot of criteria and conditions that you must abide by when profiting from large advertising companies such as Google Adsense.

To make a good profit from Adsense, you must get a large number of visitors, and this, by extension, must choose a strong web hosting that accommodates this volume of visitors.

Ways to make money from websites (explanation of the most important 8 ways 2022)

In the next part of the article, we will discuss a set of important tips and recommendations that you must follow after creating your blog, in order to help you build a successful blog that you can profit from:

Important tips and recommendations for every new blog owner

1- Find your competitors

Having competition is not necessarily a bad thing, it may already appear to you that you have found a profitable niche, but you need to do a thorough analysis of the competing sites, create a spreadsheet and start recording all the competing sites that you can find.

By recording competitor data, you can know the competitive opportunities available to you to distinguish between them, and by studying competitors, you can find more keywords that you need to write topics about.

It is worth noting here that we are not talking about studying competitors in order to imitate them or steal ideas from them, but we are talking about studying competitors as a way to expand horizons, integrate ideas and discover new ways of creativity and excellence.

2- Add a lot of high-value content continuously

Of course, by adding content, we do not mean that you add several articles and the matter is over, but we mean adding a large number of articles on a daily basis, and also continuing to do so without stopping.

No matter that this is useful for optimizing your blog for search engines, but it also gives more professionalism and distinction to your blog.

Imagine the following two examples:

First example: A visitor found your blog by chance, and found that it specializes in an important field for him, he decided to follow it, but found that the blog contains a few articles, he read the existing articles, then left the blog, and did not think to add it to his list of favorites.

Conclusion: When a visitor finds a lot of articles on your blog, the more likely he will stay in the blog, and with it the more likely the blog will be added to his favorites list.

The visitor, of course, will not read all the articles on your blog at the same time, but he will take a general idea of ​​the specialization and the suitability of the blog to his taste and ideas, and therefore decide to add the blog and visit it daily.

Second example: A visitor started visiting your blog on a daily basis, but found that the last article you wrote was a month ago, the first thing he will think of is that you stopped writing on the blog.

Thus, he will stop visiting the blog and you will lose him at least for a long time. Note that trying to urge him to return to visit your blog again… Although it is possible, but it is difficult and expensive, and you may need to rely on other means and tools such as email marketing.

Conclusion: I think you now understand that constantly adding new content to your blog is essential to maintaining its visitors and bringing in new visitors.

Also, keeping up with events is a distinctive element in some fields such as the technical, news and economic fields… These fields change dramatically, and the new news of the day becomes obsolete after a few days, and the first to write one new news may bring you a huge number of visitors greater than the visitors to your blog fully.

 11 traits that your blog must have in order to achieve success

3- Work on marketing the blog to increase the rate of visits

Now that you have added new and diverse content to your blog, updated it regularly and are already getting traffic, what's the next step?

If you ask any small or large blogger what they would like for their blog, the answer will be the same for everyone:

Increasing the number of visitors, and this is very logical and natural, because increasing the number of visitors means greater success and greater opportunities to make profits from advertisements or from affiliate marketing offers, or even getting full sponsorship of the entire blog in exchange for writing specific content,

Therefore, no blog owner is satisfied with the number of visitors to his blog, no matter how large, he always hopes to increase them, and the increase can be reached through several sources, but the most important and least expensive of these sources remain:

1- Optimize your blog for search engines (search engine optimization)

Search engines are the most important source of visitors at all, and website and blogger owners seek visitors from search engines (the most famous of which is Google, of course) because of the benefits of the blog.

Any blog owner wishes to see his blog on the Google search results page at an advanced level, because this increases the number of targeted visitors to his blog, which means that the blog will spread and reach its desired audience easily.

Always configure your blog to be compatible with search engines, by following the guidelines for this area and the safe strategies preferred by Google such as:

Target keywords related to your niche, focus on the internal configuration of your blog for search engines as well as external configuration, rely on internal and external links from strong sites and blogs, and publish reliable content suitable for your blog niche.

In this regard, I strongly advise you to read the comprehensive guide to SEO, which consists of 9 integrated and wonderful lessons, and this is the link:

Search Engine Optimization SEO (Comprehensive SEO Guide)

2- Social media marketing

Social media sites are the easiest semi-free way to get visitors to your blog (you can always rely on paid ads for social media platforms, but this is an approach that we don't recommend starting with).

The power of social media is its ability to reach a large number of people for free and with great effectiveness.

Initially, you should add the ability to share your blog topics on social media platforms, it also helps you to have your blog on these means in the form of a page or account, and to share the updates that you add to your blog on these means on an ongoing basis.

In this way, you attract visitors from social media to your blog, these are targeted visitors and their quality is often very high, because the content of your blog attracted them enough to make them move from Twitter or Facebook, for example, to your blog to see the content you shared on these means.

3- Youtube

Do you have a YouTube channel? Excellent use it to promote your blog and send visitors to it.

You do not need to be a specialized visual content maker, you can make a simple YouTube channel whose mission is to provide appropriate visual content to customize your blog with simple capabilities.

Despite the simplicity of the idea, it is successful. If your blog is interested in the technical field, for example, you can make a video explaining how to install a complex program on Windows.

You will not need more than a simple program to capture your computer screen, this is a diversification in the way you present the content that your blog specializes in, which is useful for topics that are difficult to explain through a readable text.

In the description of the video you added on YouTube, add a link to your blog, whether the link is for the home page or a topic related to the content of the video itself. .

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4- Continuous analysis of your blog’s performance (Is your blog’s success regressing or advancing)

Now that you have done all the previous points, it is time for evaluation and analysis. Through a site analysis tool such as Google Analytics… measure the development of your blog over the three months since it was created and officially launched to your target audience.

And ask yourself these questions:

  • Is the success of my blog developing or regressing?
  • What are the reasons for development or decline?
  • Is there a solution to maintain and increase development or to prevent decline?

There is, of course, a third case other than development or decline, which is stability, but I see that stability in itself is a decline, because the general situation that any blog is supposed to reach is success and development, so that its presence on the Internet continues for a long time.

Well I answered these questions, and based on checking visitor counts, bounce rate, etc., I came to one of two conclusions: What is the solution?

Read on to find out what to do with each result:

First, how do you handle the rollback?

The matter is often clear, there is a source of visitors that you neglected, you did not care about the speed of your blog, you put many ads on your blog, you stopped writing for some time, all of these factors may cause you to lose a large number of visitors.

And the relationship between these factors and the loss of visitors is a direct relationship, meaning that the longer your blog has been suffering from the problem of slow loading, for example, the more visitors you lose … and so on.

Start working on solving and improving these aspects. If you encounter difficulty in this process, you can always consult a friend in the field or a specialist, even if this is for a fee. This is an investment and what you spend today if done smartly, you will reap double it tomorrow.

 Top 4 Ways to Create a Professional Blog

Second: How do you maintain the rate of progress

Have you reviewed your blog traffic stats and found them rising? I find that your blog is getting more and more successful… Excellent, keep doing what you're doing.

And start looking for new ways to reach new visitors and keep existing visitors, whether by offering featured content or updating existing content.

Most of the means of success often depend on repeating what you have done and found it suitable for your blog, innovation and renewal are required of course, but within limits and without giving up the methods that led you to current success.


In this article, we explained how to define the idea of ​​a blog in an easy way and with organized practical steps… You might think that the owners of large websites used different methods, and this is of course possible.

But if any of these steps differ, you will find that the main focus in how to determine the idea of ​​​​a blog is often the conversion of ordinary interests to a blog specialization.

As for the other points that we touched upon in this article, such as visitor sources and blog performance evaluation, they are points that it is difficult to find a blog owner to disagree on, because its first and last goal is to increase the number of visitors (which is popular with everyone).



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