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What is SEO (a simple guide for beginners 2022)

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The term SEO in English - may be a bit confusing for beginners in the world of e-marketing or managing websites of all kinds.

Since the word SEO is found in almost everything, whether you want to publish an article, put a specific product in your online store, or want to put an image on social media sometimes.

As long as there are search engines such as Google, YouTube or even Facebook, there is a need to know how to deal with them in order to top the search results, and this method of dealing is what we call SEO, which is an abbreviation of the term (Search Engine Optimization).

So, what exactly is SEO, and why is it so important to any business owner or project, regardless of the field in which he works and the platform he relies on.

Optimization means to improve or make good use of something in order to get the best results from it (I'm sure you've heard this word before if you studied anything practical like engineering, pharmacy or logistics).

If you want to understand everything you will need in dealing with different search engines, and if you are interested in SEO because you want to get visits to your website or online store… then you are in the right place.

In this article, you will find a satisfactory answer to the question “What is SEO” and everything related to it, and you will also find some important information about search engines, which will help you in your professional work of any kind.

You will also learn about many aspects of SEO, which professionals in this field and e-marketing specialists rely on.

A simple experiment to understand SEO and its importance

There are a lot of search engines in various online platforms, for example Seo7u, if you go up to the top you will find a white rectangle with “Search here” written inside.

If you enter any word, for example, “YouTube” in this rectangle, and press the search sign, you will find many articles that will talk about YouTube.

This is a simple example of search engines and on the other hand there is the giant of search engines in the world.

This giant is Google, in which if you type the word YouTube, you will see more than 15 billion results.

Here, if you ask yourself while searching, “Do the words change a little, the search results will change?” Another question is “On what basis were the search results arranged?” “You are right, and to answer you, let's do the next experiment.

Open New Tab in your browser, go back to Seo7u's simple search engine and type the word "YouTube" into the search, this time checking the order of the results.

Repeat the experiment again, but this time type in the search engine “YouTube” - by increasing the thousand and the lamb - you will notice that the order of results has changed from the first time, even in the first results.

Now repeat the same experience, but with the Google search engine, you will find that there is no difference in the first results except in the tenth result, and of course there are millions of other results on Google.

During your experience on Seo7u, you search our site, and all the results, no matter how large, are limited, and for us, the order of the results will not differ somewhat - remember this point because we will return to it later.

As for the Google search engine, which is the window of many people on the Internet, the ranking of results is very important, and I would not be lying if I told you it is a matter of life or death for many companies and sites.

Do not You Believe Me? Let me ask you then, when was the last time you looked at search results on the second or third page of Google while searching for anything?

There is a popular saying among SEO professionals: “If you want to hide something… put it on the second page of Google search results… no one will find it.”

Now you have simply understood some information about SEO and its importance, and in the next point we will move on to the definition of SEO, in which I will answer your second question “On what basis are search results arranged?” “ In a simplified way.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a term invented by marketers, and it refers to these letters (SEO), which in turn stands for Search Engine Optimization, which means the process of optimizing and adjusting content to appear in the first search results, in order to obtain the largest amount of free visitors.

For example, web pages are optimized and tuned in certain ways so that they appear in the first results of Google search, and thus the site gets traffic (free visits from Google).

Videos are also set in a certain way so that they appear in the first search results on YouTube, and by the way, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world after Google search.

To make the picture clearer to you…let’s go back to the example of the simple search we did on the Seo7u website. If you look closely at the search results in which we wrote “YouTube”, you will find that there is almost a page for the results.

If you look at the titles of all the results, you will find that they contain the word YouTube in the title all the way to the end of the page, and after that the results do not contain the word YouTube in the title.

But the word YouTube you will find mentioned in the content of the article itself… This means that if we want to make any article in the first results of the search word “YouTube” on Seo7u, we have to put the same word in the title.

This is what is meant by the word content control, to make it follow certain rules, which agree with the terms of search engines, in order to top the first results.

This is what is meant by the SEO process, or adjusting and preparing the content in a certain way, I think that the idea has become very clear to you now with this simple example, and that you have become aware of what SEO is in a practical way. Read on to know more details.

What are search engines

We cannot talk about SEO in detail without mentioning the search engines, as they are the core of the topic and everything that is done in the SEO process of adjusting and improving is according to the rules of each search engine.

A search engine is a program that is used to search a specific database to find the results that fit the user's request. There are many types of search engines and databases.

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As we mentioned earlier for the Seo7u search example, this is a very simple search engine (no more than a set of very simple code), which searches the site's database of articles.

This is in contrast to the famous Google search engine, which has a giant database, which is increasing in size at every moment. Most of the safe pages and sites on the Internet are counted and recorded (what is known as Indexing) in the Google database, even social media publications.

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Types of search engines

There are countless types of search engines, and to be honest with you, there is no specific classification for them, especially for the average user who just wants to search for information.

Search engines depend on the databases that are searched, and how powerful they are in extracting information and understanding the user's purpose of searching and the characteristics they give him.

To continue the previous experiment we were doing, I remember the number of results I found when I entered the word “YouTube” in the search box of Seo7u.

Do you know if you search and enter the word “YouTube”, after deleting the letter “u” so that the word is wrong, you will find only one result, and now I do the same with Google.

If you remember from the previous experience that the number of search results was more than 15 billion results, if you entered the word “YouTube”, try to enter it the wrong way “YouTube”, you will find that the number of results is reduced to about 100 million.

Despite this, you will find that the first 20 results are almost unchanged, as Google knows what you want, because it has a strong database and has advanced capabilities based on artificial intelligence, which enables it to know the purpose of the search, unlike the simple engine found in websites such as seo7u.

Therefore, when you think about search engines, you have to think about the databases themselves. The larger the database, the larger and more accurate the factors on which these engines depend.

The most important features of the Google search engine

No one in the world denies the power and control of Google's search engine on the search engine market. According to the Search Engine Journal, Google controls approximately 70% of this market.

And the famous Statista website published in the latest stats for the year 2019 for the use of Google on desktop devices, that it crossed the 90% barrier in most times of the year.

And the image below from one of the other sources, which shows Google's dominance of the search engine market in the whole world, tells us about the same numbers.

Search Engine Global market share

All this is due to the advantages of Google, as it enables you to search in an advanced manner, for example, you can search for anything according to a certain period of time, or the quality of specific results (such as PDF files) and other results.

You can also search for results that contain certain words, whether in the page title (URL), or in the page content itself, or you can search a specific site such as Facebook or others.

Google is also characterized by its great speed and accuracy of its results, as it searches and lists all new sites and pages on the web very quickly and periodically, until it has almost completely monopolized the market due to the size of its databases.

This monopoly made technology pioneers worry, because Google can manipulate the results if it wants, it can tell the user what he wants, and this has already happened on some occasions, especially those related to politics.

This is the power of search engines and databases, which makes many users and website owners indispensable for what they offer.

There are a lot of possibilities that Google offers you, and so that this article is not long, you can learn about the secrets of searching on Google through the following article.

Secrets of Google Search (How to Get Exactly What You Want)

The most important factors that Google depends on in ranking search results (Ranking Factors)

Most of the interests of those who search for the word “what is SEO” are related to site management and ways to get traffic from Google, and why not, and he owns approximately 70% of the market size as I mentioned.

If you can reach the first search results, you can get free traffic to your site, and then earn money through Adsense, affiliate marketing, or sell products and services, and achieve your goals.

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Although Google has not authorized this, there are almost 200 factors that it relies on to rank search results, and this was confirmed by Brian Dean, one of the most famous SEO experts in the world.

Each of these factors has its own weight, as there are factors that are much more important than others, so let me mention to you the most important of those factors that Google relies on in ranking search results, which is a cornerstone of understanding what is SEO.

Content quality: 

This is the most important factor. The size of the content, images, the nature of the words used, and the format of the content itself is the most important factor in the search results. That is why there is a very important part of the SEO process called On-page SEO

Responsiveness of the site to mobile phones: Almost more than 60% of people's traffic on the Internet is via the phone, so the site must be responsive, look good on phones and easy to navigate.

Site speed:

 The more slowly the site loads, whether on the phone or on the desktop, the more this negatively affects the experience of using those who search on Google, we are in the age of speed, so your site should be as fast as possible so that Google makes it to the top of the search results

The strength of the site and its relationship to the topic: 

The site must be specialized or have strength and influence (Authority, as Google says itself), for example, suppose that someone is looking for medical information.

Do you think that websites for famous medical journals and websites that are run by professionals are equated with websites that are not run by experts, or that talk about the topic casually?

The more the site is specialized, and talks about the topic being searched for in more than one angle, the more the first search results will appear


It is the number of links that the site gets from other sites, for example, I mentioned in this article to the Search Engine journal, and this is a backlink. It leads the search results.

Of course, there are other important factors, but the above factors are what tell Google whether your site or page deserves to be in the first search results or not.

If you want to know how to make your articles or content that you provide top search results step by step, then you should follow the guide below, which contains 9 separate lessons that will take you from the beginning to professionalism.

Search Engine Optimization SEO (Comprehensive SEO Guide)

Types of Seo

There are many types of SEO that many who work in the field of e-marketing should be interested in, and of course this depends on the goals and the type of field in which each marketer, site manager or company works.

That is why I will show you the most important types of SEO that you should consider in order to benefit from them in your work, namely:

Content Pages SEO: 

This is the type we mentioned in the previous point.

Image SEO:

 You can search in Google for images only, so you can see on what basis the images that appear in the first results are chosen, this is what this type of SEO represents.

E-Commerce SEO:

 This type of SEO is related to sites that sell goods and products, which people constantly search for in search engines, and it is the most requested type of SEO, and it requires experience and knowledge because the profits of those stores depend heavily on it.

Local Business SEO:

 Do you have a restaurant, shop or company, and you want people to find you easily on the maps and lead the search results, then you should pay close attention to this type of SEO, which is relatively easy compared to some of the previous types.

Video SEO:

 How videos top search results on YouTube, and how videos top some search results on Google, all of these are things that you can answer through this type of SEO.

Seo of famous sites:

 This type of SEO is specific to famous sites such as Amazon, so how do you make your products or content that you provide top search results on those sites, this is what is meant by this type of SEO.

Now what is SEO is clear in front of you, you have learned about the meaning of SEO and its types and the factors that should be concerned with every person keen to exploit this giant marketing channel, and get traffic for his site or the service he provides almost free of charge.

I also referred in this article to the sources that were published here on the Seo7u site that make you move to practical implementation and exploitation of SEO in your work or site.

As for the rest of the SEO types, if you are interested in a particular type to use in your work or to profit from the Internet in general, and you want us to publish more information and details about it, just tell us in the comments.

Do not forget to share this article with anyone you think needs to know what SEO is, its benefits and how it works, and wait for everything new from us in the world of digital marketing and making profits from the Internet.

There are many topics and information that we publish constantly, so be sure not to miss any information from them, as you may make huge profits from them.



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