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Money from the Internet without capital (Explain 6 ways in detail)

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Money from the Internet without capital is one of the topics that many young people are looking for in recent times, and because you are one of those young people who are looking for this term specifically, this means that you are aware of the concept of making money from the Internet, and you know that it is like any work that may need in Some cases of capital, but you are nevertheless here specifically in order to search for ways to make money from the Internet without capital!

In fact, fortunately, there are already ways to profit from the Internet without capital, and they are completely legitimate and legal, and anyone who has a computer connected to the Internet can start with them, and can actually make good profits through which they do not need any other work.

In this article, I share with you 6 different ways in which you can generate money through the Internet without capital, and each of the methods I will present contains many sub-methods.

Therefore, you can consider the six ways as sectors or paths through which you can make money from the Internet without capital through many, many different scenarios, and I am sure that at least one of them will be completely suitable for you and your specific circumstances.

Now let's get started

1. Create a free blog and earn money from it

In this way to make money from the Internet without capital, you will create a free blog, publish articles in this blog, and then attract visitors to it and make money through it.

Who can make money from creating a free blog?

Anyone who has knowledge and passion about a topic or a field, this method will be suitable for him. For example, if you have a passion and love for the field of programming, and you constantly read about it, and you try to learn it, here you will have material that you can share with others who have a passion and love for programming.

Of course, how to write an article for a website requires more than just knowledge about a topic. Web articles have a special nature and are different from a random narration of any topic. But all this you can learn by following famous bloggers in your field.

And of course you can read about writing professional articles, and how they are properly formatted and structured.

What is the way to create a free blog at no cost?

In fact, there are many tools that enable you to create a free blog with ease, and without incurring any costs. The most important of these tools are:

Create a free blog from Blogger

Create a free blog with WordPress

There are other tools, of course, but the two above are the most popular and the best, and if you only want one option, I recommend the first option (Blogger), because Blogger is the only free blog that Google Adsense allows to place its ads on.

How can make money from a free blog?

There are many ways to earn from blogging, the most important of which are:

Make money from Google Adsense

(by subscribing to the company, which will provide you with ads placed in the blog, and make money from each click on these ads).

Make money from commission marketing:

 (by finding products or services related to the content of the blog and sharing the readers’ purchase links, and when you buy through your links, you get a commission).

There are other ways, but we will suffice with the two that have been indicated.

What are the organized practical steps that can be followed to create a blog and profit from it?

1. Define an area ( niche ) around which your blog content revolves

There are a lot of models of Arabic sites and blogs that write about everything and anything, but I do not recommend here to follow this method, because with a free blog you will not be able to compete in everything.

The best way here and the fastest in results is by specializing in a specific field, or a subspecialty of a specific field. There are many areas that you can blog about, such as creating a blog about recipes, blogging about programming, or even about pets.

The important thing here is that you have:

Passion and curiosity about the area in which your blog will specialize.

Accumulated knowledge and constantly working to develop it.

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2. Create a blog from a technical point of view

By having a free Google account, you can easily create a free blog on Blogger. Just choose the name of the blog and its sublink, choose one of the featured blogger templates, and start customizing the template in line with the goal of your blog.

It is worth noting that there are many educational resources on the Internet and on YouTube, through which you can get explanations for anything you want about Blogger and how to deal with it.

3. Continuously feed your blog with new content

Content is king; A short and old sentence, but true, and in it lies the secret of success in blogging, and here are in simple points the most important factors that make your blog content royal content:

Deep content with new and different details.

Content that offers real value to the reader.

SEO-friendly content.

Unique and not copied or translated content.

Content resulting from an understanding and accumulated knowledge of the topics you are talking about.

4. Start generating revenue from your blog

This point has been discussed above, and here I only recommend that you not focus too much on the idea of ​​profit from the blog at the beginning, but save all your energy, effort, thinking and time for the development of the blog, and work to constantly provide it with new content.

Once the blog begins to attract thousands of visitors, you will find that the ways to profit from it have opened before you, and you only need to take the path that suits you most to profit from it.

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2. Work as a freelancer and provide paid services to entrepreneurs

In this way to make money from the Internet without capital, you will take advantage of your skills or even learn a new skill, and provide services to others motivated by relying on this skill.

Example: You have skills in the field of digital marketing, specifically in social media marketing, and there is a new restaurant owner looking for a marketer to manage his restaurant pages on social media.

Here, the two of you agree on specific tasks that you carry out in managing the social media in return for a monthly or weekly amount of money, or according to the achievement.

This field of making money from the Internet without capital is called the field of freelancing, and it is a large and expansive field with many paths, details and sub-disciplines.

It is mainly based on the idea of ​​contracting or irregular employment. You can do something and I am looking for a freelancer to do this thing for me, an agreement is reached between us, so you implement the required and I pay you according to our agreement.

What tasks can I provide as services (freelance areas)?

First, you must understand that the idea of ​​freelancing is a big and old idea, and it is older than the existence of the Internet, so any skilled person on the ground (air conditioning technician, construction worker, carpenter, technician repairing electrical appliances) is working in the field of freelancing.

But here we mean the free online work in particular, and related to the new fields that are accomplished remotely, or via the Internet.

Here are the main areas of freelancing online:

1. The field of programming: 

It is all about designing and developing websites, mobile applications, computer programs, and developing electronic systems. This field is one of the largest, most in demand, and most branched.

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2. The field of graphic design:

 which is related to the visual world, including designs for images, logos, infographics, advertisements, and anything else. Also, this domain contains a lot of sub-domains.

3. The field of video industry:

 It is very similar to the field of graphic design, but it is linked to the world of video in terms of preparation, photography, montage, preparation of introductions and music…etc.

4. The field of writing and translation: 

It is everything related to the tasks that are based on writing texts, such as writing articles, stories or website content, as well as translating from any and into any language.

There are many other areas of freelancing, but I will limit myself to the four mentioned above.

Note: If you do not have any skill or knowledge of any of the areas of freelancing, it is okay you can always learn, and you will find learning resources on the Internet in tons.

How do I get clients to provide my services and get money?

There are many well-known ways in the field of self-employment, which freelancers follow to get a job, the most important of which are:

1. Freelance sites: 

They are intermediary platforms that provide a forum for freelancers who want to carry out tasks (entrepreneurs), they provide the ability to create an account for freelancers to showcase their skills, and they provide search tools for entrepreneurs to choose from these freelancers.

2. Linkedin: 

It is a social media platform like Facebook, but it is a professional platform that was created specifically for communication for the practical and functional side.

So there you'll find entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs looking for your skills, and you'll find fellow designers, programmers, content writers, and translators as well.

In addition to the two methods above, you will also find special groups on Facebook specialized in your field, through which you can communicate with potential clients. You can also search online for your potential clients and communicate with them directly through e-mail.

What are the steps that I can follow to enter the field of freelancing in an organized and practical way?

1. Select the field that is right for you: 

What are the things that you like doing, have special skills, or have knowledge and information about? What are the skills that people close to you often mention as your advantages?

If you are already working in a real-world job, there are always shortcuts to converting your business from the ground to a freelance job.

 For example, if you are an accountant, you can provide accounting services and advice to entrepreneurs in a freelance way.

2. Learn and Develop Yourself:

 The great thing about freelancing is that learning resources are available to everyone, and many of them are free. If you can save 3 hours a day for a period of 3 to 6 months to learn a field, you will definitely reach a point where you can get a job in it.

Here's a simplified learning plan:

Follow the most popular blogs in the subject you want to learn, and read at least two articles every day (it will not take more than half an hour).

Follow the most famous YouTube channels in your specialty, and watch one video, the duration of which ranges from a quarter to half an hour.

Devote one hour a day to study professional courses in the field you want to learn.

Take one hour to apply what you've learned during the day.

3. Apply what you learn first:

 You can apply what you learn through special projects for you, or you can volunteer with an organization for free. The important thing here is that practical application cannot be neglected, because harvesting information is one thing and experience is another.

4. Set up your accounts as a freelancer: 

Your accounts here include your accounts on social networking sites, and on freelance platforms, and you can create a private blog or a simple website to express you as a professional freelancer.

5. Start entering the market:

 After doing the previous four steps correctly and perfectly, you can enter the freelance market to search for your first job as a freelancer.

6. Never despair:

 I will not promise you that the free labor market will open its arms for you from the first attempt, but I promise you that your determination will build you a place in this world, and do not forget to continue to learn and hone your skills.

Finally, if you think that this method of profit from the Internet without capital is the right way for you, then let me tell you that there is a very valuable gift from Seo7u waiting for you, which is an integrated text course on freelancing, which consists of 9 lessons that will take you from zero to entering freelance work. And profit from it, here's the link:

Freelance guide (everything you need to get into this field)

And now, come with me, let's move on to the third way to profit from the Internet without capital

3. Money from the Internet without capital through social media

Social media means the internet for many internet users.

The first thing anyone does when owning a smartphone is to create accounts on social media platforms. This is in fact creating profitable opportunities that have no limits and no ceiling for millions around the world.

In our method, you will be one of the smart ones who does not settle for the role of consuming content on social, but you will be a content maker, with hundreds of thousands of followers who will bring you excellent profits every month.

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How does the method of making money from social media work?

The idea of ​​making money from the Internet in general is based on the possibility of reaching a large number of users, and thus marketing something to these users and obtaining a profit through them.

And this is exactly what happens in making money from social media, you create content on social media, attract followers, and then you can pass any marketing message to them, and generate profit in a certain way according to your own strategy.

The content here may be:

Text content: 

by writing short articles that explain an idea or present information.

Visual content: 

either a photo or a long video, or a short video.

Example 1: Sarah is a girl in her late twenties. She is passionate about the kitchen world, and she constantly tries many recipes so that she becomes an expert in the world of cooking.

She creates an account on Tik Tok and starts sharing her recipes, and because she offers something unique, she attracts hundreds of thousands of followers and millions of views, and starts making profits.

Example 2: Adam is a young man who loves the world of technology and specifically loves the world of hardware. He always has a passion to know the best technical equipment in the market, and to know its prices and features. If you want to buy a graphics card for your computer, the best guide you can use is Adam, who you follow on Facebook.

From time to time, Adam shares his affiliate links for products that his followers want. On the one hand, he helps followers to choose the best products at the best prices, and on the other hand, he earns a commission on every purchase made through him. He earns from social media through commission marketing.

What are the ways in which I can make money from social media?

In general, we can categorize the methods of making money from social media into the following:

A) make money from social media directly: 

Here, the social media platform is the one that will pay you money directly, and mostly this will be by displaying ads on the content you publish.

A good example of this method is making money from YouTube by making videos, participating in the YouTube Partner Program, and making money by displaying ads on the video.

Yes, YouTube is one of the social media platforms!

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b) make money from social media indirectly: 

Here in a nutshell, you will use your followers on social media to market something and make money through a third party (such as affiliate companies, marketing a brand, or even selling your own product).

It is worth noting that any way to profit from the Internet can fall under this classification, and here are the most important ways to make money from social media indirectly:

  • E-Commerce
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Providing advice
  • Selling courses
  • Contracting and marketing for brands

The bottom line here:

 you have the audience that you can direct to achieve profits in your favor in any way possible, but of course the method must be legitimate, legal and not deceptive... that is if you want to succeed in the long run.

What are the practical steps that I can follow to make money from social media?

1. Determine the field of content that you want to attract followers through:

 This point depends on your success greatly, so if you want my advice, you should choose a field that you have a real passion for, and you have knowledge that you always strive to develop.

2. Select the platform or platforms on which you will work: 

Each social media platform has its own nature, and therefore special content that suits it, but with some simple modifications, you can use the same content on more than one platform.

3. Decide on the type of content you want to publish:

 There is no dispute that video is the most successful type of content at the moment, but it all depends on the nature of the platforms that you will work through, also using different types of content will be good for the audience who always wants change and does not like stereotypes.

4. Determine the method of making money that you want to use: 

If you want to work professionally, you should put your profit strategy in mind from the beginning, this will enable you to choose the appropriate type of content and the tone that will address your audience through it.

In any case, you can always change your profitability strategy or rely on more than one way to make money from social media.

5. Start reaping profits, but beware of the traps:

 continuing to succeed is more difficult than succeeding, so you must always work with effort, continuity and consistency, and deal seriously with your work, which you can rely on as a primary source of income in your life, and you can even make a fortune through it.

Here are some traps that you should watch out for on your way to working as a social media influencer:

A) The end of ideas:

 We have all noticed the emergence of a lot of quick successes on social media, which are followed by a complete disappearance, and this is often due to the lack of a long-term plan for content ideas.

B) Drifting behind profit at the expense of credibility:

 One of the ways to make money from the famous social media is to create marketing content for brands. For example, if you specialize in cooking, you will probably find restaurants that communicate with you to make a video to try the food offered by this restaurant in order to market it to your audience.

Here you have to choose your customers carefully, and never settle for marketing something that affects your credibility with your audience in order to earn some quick money, you are in this act destroying your business.

C) Productivity versus knowledge growth: 

This problem occurs when the social influencer is interested in producing more content at the expense of preparing for this content, so the content begins to provide less value and has repetition of ideas, and here the followers start looking for another, more innovative source.

4. Building an online project in partnership with a venture capitalist

You are looking for ideas to make money from the Internet without capital, but you have an idea for an online project that needs capital. What is the work my friend? Would you give up on your idea? Or will you look for a partner who will provide you with capital and implement your idea?

Before we begin to explain this idea; Let me stress that it does not suit everyone, and more precisely, it suits a very small group of those who will read the article.

On the other hand, this idea is not an easy idea to implement, but rather it contains a great difficulty in finding the right partner first, and then convincing this partner of the project… We are here talking about finding someone who is willing to pay money almost in the unknown.

But in fact, the issue is worth it, because it will not only provide you with an excellent monthly income to live a decent life like the previous methods, but it may completely change your life and make you one of the entrepreneurs who own millions of dollars in projects!

What types of projects can I build online?

Anything you can imagine you can do. But of course, this thing must be required of a good segment of the public, and there should be a clear plan to profit from it.

This may include:

a) a website that offers a certain type of content or services (such as a blog that offers content, or a website that offers a service).

b) A smartphone application that helps users do something or make their lives easier in some way (such as a time management application, nutrition management, or even a new social media application).

b) An online store that sells tangible products or digital products (it sells various products such as Ebay, Amazon, or even small and specialized in a certain type of product).

C) A project that provides a service on the ground but is managed and dealt with through an application.

Of course, you do not have to start in this way to make money from the Internet without capital to create a huge project such as Facebook, but you can start with a very simple idea, and work on developing and growing it, or even keep it small and grow within limits, but it is profitable for you and the owner of the capital.

What qualifications do I need to build an online business?

This is a difficult question to answer, but in general let me assure that the qualifications you possess will have the greatest role in persuading the owner of the capital, and then in the success of the project.

Among the qualifications that you can rely on to build an online project:

A) Programming: 

If you have professional programming skills, which enables you, for example, to build an application at a high level of quality and efficiency, here is your chance to convince the owner of the capital to implement the idea of ​​the application that you will propose.

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b) Digital Marketing:

 Digital marketing is an essential pillar for the success of any online project, so if you have a strong skill and experience in the field of digital marketing, you will have a great opportunity.

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C) Online project management: 

If you have previous practical skills and experience in the field of online project management and how to launch them, this will give you a competitive advantage with venture capitalists.

Of course, the strength of the idea itself, its innovation, creativity, feasibility, the size of the market it is targeting, and its chances of success are all taken into consideration.

But having an idea only without a practical vision and a contribution to that application will not greatly enhance your position among the owners of capital and financiers.

How do I get to the owners of capital and financiers?

There are two paths through which you can reach someone who has money to pitch your project to them, and they are:

A) Personal acquaintances and private circles:

 This path is very relative, unprofessional and varies from person to person, but there are a lot of startups that have been launched with the money of family, family and friends.

Think about your own circle of relationships and acquaintances, and make a list of all the people you think might have the cash and have the minimum qualifications to understand your idea.

B) Institutions, banks, online finance companies, and financed businessmen:

 There are many institutions, banks, and online finance companies that you can search for and access to present your idea and obtain financing through them.

In this regard, let me share with you a special article that deals with the methods of financing startups in detail.

Note: You must have a clear written plan about your project, how to start it, the steps to implement it, and how you can succeed in it. The more accurate, detailed, and more feasible the plan, the greater your chance.

5. Make money from selling digital products

In this way to make money from the Internet without capital, you will make a digital product and sell it through the Internet. This digital product could be a book, a course, or even a WordPress template.

This method is similar to the idea of ​​freelancing, but instead of renting your skills to clients through freelancing, here you will build an asset based on your skills, and sell it to clients without any additional work.

What products can I sell online?

There are many types of digital products that you can create once and sell thousands of times through the Internet, and the most popular forms of these products are:


Choose one of the topics that you are very interested in and have a lot of accumulated knowledge about, do extensive research to refine and develop your knowledge and then start writing the book, and offer it for sale on a book selling platform such as Amazon.

Courses, seminars and seminars:

 The idea of ​​creating an online course may seem very difficult to many, but you can start a simple course with a simple $10, for example (imagine that you have sold it a thousand times).

There are also seminars and discussion panels that you can do live through one of the specialized programs such as Zoom, and you can do them weekly with a symbolic subscription of $5, for example.

WordPress themes: 

If you are good at programming, and you have experience about developing WordPress, you can easily make your own WordPress theme and start selling it to those interested in creating websites or blogs on the Internet.

Programs, applications and websites:

 For example, you can make a special accounting program and sell it to shop owners, or you can make simple specialized applications to serve a specific category of the public and start selling them.

There are many, many other ideas for digital products, which you can learn about and how to make money from them in detail through the article What are digital products (types - how to profit from them).

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Where can I sell digital products?

There are two main paths to selling digital products:

1. Selling directly through you: 

This you can do through your own relationships and your own marketing channels (such as your accounts on social media).

2. Selling through specialized platforms: 

There are electronic platforms that specialize in selling every type of digital product, for example:

Of course there are more and more other platforms that you can search for depending on your type of digital product.

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6. Make money from the Internet without capital by launching a podcast

Podcasts are one of the types of content that has risen a lot in recent times, and it has become the favorite content of hundreds of millions of users around the world, for example:  podcasts are consumed in a crazy way.

If you have a passion and interest in a particular topic, and you always talk in front of your friends about this topic tactfully and in neat sentences, then this method of profit from the Internet without capital is completely suitable for you.

What can you provide from the content in your podcast?

In a word, anything you have knowledge and passion about can make for a successful podcast, but let's tell you some of the types of content that are getting more listens.

  • Self development podcast.
  • Business and Entrepreneurship Podcast.
  • Podcast discussing social issues.
  • Psychological counseling podcast.
  • Stories podcast.

What are the ways to earn from podcasts?

There are many ways to earn from podcasts, and here are the most famous ones:

Receiving donations from followers: 

This is one of the most popular ways to profit from podcasts, and it is done by placing a donate button through PayPal or Patreon.

Make paid episodes: 

You can make your podcast a free podcast, but you can make private episodes that can only be accessed by subscribing to a paid account.

Marketing for Businesses and Brands: A podcast is similar to a radio broadcast, and this broadcast can include advertisements for brand owners.

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What practical steps can I follow to start a successful podcast?

1. Choose a specific field to talk about in your podcast: 

Of course you know what I will say at this point, yes choose a field in which you have a passion and have accumulated knowledge about it.

2. Choose a specific way to present your podcast: 

There are many methods and strategies that you can rely on in presenting your podcast, the most important of which are:

Interviews podcast: In each episode, you interview a celebrity in the field you are talking about.

Individual podcast: In which you individually talk about the topics that will be covered in the episodes.

Discussions podcast: in which you use a partner in the podcast, and your episodes are an exchange of discussion between you.

3. Choose the platform or platforms on which you will host the podcast.

The most important of these platforms are:

4. Preparation of equipment and tools: 

With regard to tools, they are summarized in a smart phone, and a microphone is suitable for recording sound clearly, and with regard to tools, you will need a montage program specialized in audio.

There are many editing programs that you can rely on, and many of them are completely free.

5. Start recording and producing content:

 Here you can publish episodes on Google Podcasts or Apple Podcasts, or both, and there are other platforms on which you can show your podcast.


Money from the Internet without capital is an opportunity available to everyone, and because of the diversity of its methods, you will find one that suits you, or you can make some effort in learning and training to qualify yourself for one of these methods.

But remember that Money from the Internet without capital will require you to double the effort and time, because here you will depend on your effort and time in every step you will take.

But of course, if you have some financial surplus, you can speed up the steps, for example, you can rely on a freelancer to make a montage for your podcast instead of doing the same.

In the end, my friend, I wish you all the best and I hope this article was worth your precious time.



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