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Ideas for writing articles (12 ways to gather fresh ideas for your articles)


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Often times you may have to write 5 or 6 articles per week, especially when you are related to writing on more than one site and blog, so you always need ideas to write new articles, but as a writer you may go through some times when you lose your inspiration to write and lose your ability to pay attention to what Around you ideas!

There are many ways to get ideas for writing new articles constantly, if you pay close attention, as Mustafa Mahmoud said, “There is nothing new under the sun. Modern inventions are nothing but a group of old ideas, but they have been linked in a modern way.”

Therefore, all new ideas are nothing but the merging of several old ideas in a new and innovative way.

Several months ago, I was working under severe pressure as I needed to write an article on a daily basis, and of course every new article needs a new idea, and this prompted me to follow many ways to get ideas for writing new and creative articles, which comforted me a lot and brought me back to my passion for writing again.

If you are looking for how to write the article from the ground up, you should return to the article with the link below:

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12 ways to get ideas for writing new articles constantly

1. Read deeply

Try to read more and more, as this is the most important way to get ideas for new articles in the areas you are interested in writing about. Try to combine reading with all these different means:

A/ newspapers and magazines

Daily newspapers and magazines will provide you with a huge amount of ideas, which you may combine in one article with your wonderful style of blogging.

B/ Google Trends

Google Trends is one of the best ways to get the most popular news and events that interest your readers the most. You can also find out the keywords related to the topic you want to write about, and select the most popular keywords in articles and other blogs.

C/ social media platforms

Following these platforms is a great way to get more and more article ideas related to your topic, try entering those groups on Facebook as well as twitter and Pinterest.

Try to follow up on questions and unique content that are constantly posted on it that may suit your interests, and thus you will get many article ideas that you can write about.

You can also take a peek at the content you have shared on your personal page on a social networking site, and then extract any idea you like and turn it into an article in your unique style.

d/ blogging

As for me, I browse blogs on a daily basis, I usually read 9 articles and maybe more, in the areas that I am interested in writing about, this is the easiest way that will enable you to gain more information about your topic.

E/ books

Let's agree that there is not a single writer who does not like to read books, so how do you call yourself a reader and at the same time complain that your thoughts are depleted? Reading books is a vast river of multiple ideas in various fields and different cultures and opinions.

In it, you will find countless ideas that involuntarily attract you to write about them, so if you have stopped writing, which we call (writer’s block), this is a warning sign that you have moved away from the beach of surfing books a lot, do not miss the opportunity and sail to it now.

2. Use the 5 Questions Rule


There is a nice way that one of the featured content writers on Facebook came up with to create the largest amount of article writing ideas in just seconds:

When you are interested in writing the main idea, ask a set of questions, which may be asked by interested readers, in this way you will be able to create many other ready-made ideas in the fastest time from one main idea.

For example, if I specify the main idea that I will write about, let it be “Google”, I will get 5 other ideas from it, through the questions that were referred to before:

What can we learn from Google's success?

Where is Google's headquarters and where are its offices around the world?

Why should you learn the secrets of searching in Google?

When should you use another search engine instead of Google?

How can you earn from Google?

It is worth noting that in each question you can extract more than one idea, and thus you will get many, many ideas.

3. Solve a problem

Try to answer some of the questions people ask, which may express a problem they encounter in one aspect of their lives, through those famous sites dedicated to this, such as my sites (Quora and wikiHow), where you will be able to see many questions that fit your field of expertise.

You can also choose any of them that you have experience with and answer it in your next article.

You can also see the answers on these sites and use them to build your article, but be careful because not all the answers given are correct!

4. Express another point of view

If you do a simple search through Google on a topic, and it is the new Libra currency that Facebook wants to launch soon, you will find that most of the articles deal with the topic in terms of being news, with some articles that talk about the repercussions and fears of that and the participating companies.

But why don't you write about the contribution of this to more free circulation of money for everyone, or any other idea outside that expresses another point of view.

This is a very effective way to get ideas for writing articles, if you can use them smartly!

5. Use a variety of methods

Try to constantly renew your blogging method and try new methods such as:

Tell a personal experience: How did you manage to become a professional SEO in just 4 months?

Write someone's success story: the success story of the giant Alibaba and shocking facts about it.

Make a list of your top resources or tips: Working on the Internet (31 Different Ways to Get Started).

Make a comparison: the difference between how you write an article for a website and how you write an article for a newspaper.

6. Pay close attention

There are many everyday situations that you encounter, which may give you ideas for writing new articles if you pay close attention to them.

Like being on public transportation or workplaces, university, attending a theater show or football match, hiking in a park, meeting a friend, watching a movie. All of these situations where you can extract ideas for writing great articles.

7. Quote

Of course, you enjoy a lot when you read a beautiful quote that inspires you, so you should write it in your diary so that you do not forget it or save it so that it remains in the memory, but have you not tried to create an idea to write an article from this quote?

I believe from my personal experience that one of the most powerful ways to get ideas for writing new articles: is by building ideas around celebrity quotes and sayings.

Why don't you try it now?

8. Culture or travel

Have you ever traveled to other countries and learned about new cultures that impressed or surprised you? Do you have friends of different nationalities with different customs and traditions than the ones you grew up with but that impress you? Did you like the civilizations of the countries you visited, such as the Iraqi civilization or others?

If your answer is yes and you are among those who love to travel and learn more cultures, you can tell your experience in one of the countries or what you know about one of the other cultures and peoples in an article in which you express the experience and what fascinated you in it.

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9. Indispensable tools

Among those tools is the Hubspot generator, which allows you to generate more than 100 ideas when you type one or more keywords, and the other tool is Answer the public, which shows you the most questions asked by users via Google to search for your keywords.

In addition, you can use a dual tool like Portent which you can use to generate ideas related to your topic, and at the same time help you choose attractive article titles, or what we call “viral titles”.

10. Find out the reason for the block

Try to look for those reasons that caused you to lack the skill of inspiration in writing, look around you well, lose your personal life, as it is the biggest factor that can affect your mood all the time.

Lose your relationship with family and friends. If you are not well, try to reconcile the situation in order to enjoy the calm and appropriate atmosphere in which you regain your ability to produce new article ideas.

11. Avoid comparison

When you are interested in browsing the blogs of your favorite writers, pay close attention, because you are about to involve yourself in comparing the style and the strength of the content and ideas that the articles revolve around, which makes the situation worse and reduces your appreciation for the level of your writing and even puts you in the box of imitation.

It is nice to read by great writers and authors, and they add to you a lot of advice and experiences of previous experiences, so when you start reading, remember that you are reading for learning and insight, not to put yourself in the framework of comparison, for each method of producing ideas for his articles, and you undoubtedly have your own unique style.

There are many tips in order to get new article ideas, but the most important of them is that you need to change your writing habits, try to write in a different place this time during transportation, in work spaces that provide a suitable atmosphere for writers and freelancers known as (space co- working).

I also advise you to stay away, even a little from your phone or personal computer, in order to get out of the routine, and be able to get ideas for writing non-traditional articles. Go out to one of the balconies and spend a few minutes in the fresh air.

Agree with your friend to go out together to one of the nearby cafes, listen to quiet music, or watch a new movie. The important thing is to separate some time from the daily world of writing so that your spirit can regain its activity again, and you regain your creative writing skill so that your readers do not miss you so much… It is time Temporary break time now.

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