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14 strategies for writing article titles you can't ignore


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If you are into blogging, you definitely want your articles to be read by as many of your audience as possible.

But what if people don't click on the links to your articles, because their titles are unattractive to them.

There are two news, one bad and one good:

The bad news: Your articles won't open, no matter how good they are, as long as their titles aren't attractive enough.

The good news is that you will learn today, how to formulate attractive article titles, after reading this article and applying its strategies, the rate of opening and reading your articles will double.

Today you will learn about the most powerful global strategies for writing article titles that cannot be ignored.

What is the importance of writing attractive article titles?

The title of your article or topic is the first, and in many cases, the only thing that your target visitors see, so it is more important than getting visitors to your topics or articles in the first place.

The title of the article is what turns those who browse your topics to a reader.

Here is this fact according to the latest statistics in the world of marketing:

About 8 users out of 10 will read your article title (meaning who will see your ad or who will be shown your articles).

Only 2 of the 8 users will read the rest of the article.

Hence the importance and impact of your article titles on your success as a blogger in attracting the largest number of potential visitors.

One of the most important habits that you must follow when writing a professional article is to first start writing the title.

but why?

Because article titles are a promise to the user that he will get something specific when he reads the entire article, or as a notice or description of what the article will contain.

Therefore, by writing the title or promise first, you are thus setting the description or goal for the subject of your article, and then the subject of your article comes out consistent and fulfilling the promise that you put in the title.

When the user is informed of the topic, he finds what he expected to get by reading the title first, and thus he becomes confident in you as a blogger in the future.

One of the important points that you must follow when writing article titles, is to write a title compatible with the keywords covered by the topic of your site.

You should do a search on the wonderful Google Keyword Planner service.

Through it, you will know which of the keywords that have the most searches each month that are related to your topic, and then put them in the title of your article.

And since you will write the title first and stick to it when writing the topic itself, you will then come up with a topic at the highest level of efficiency in terms of configuration in search engines.

The Most Successful Strategies for Writing Irresistible Article Titles

1- “How can you…” strategy.

This strategy is the most popular and best strategy, it is suitable for article titles that aim to benefit the user in learning a specific thing.

The Internet user wants a direct and obvious benefit from reading the article.

Therefore, according to statistics, the most shared articles on social networking sites are articles of this type.

Everyone wants to learn more and get information about how they do something, and they also want to share this useful information with their friends.


How can you write professional content for social media?

2- clear interest strategy

Make the title of your article express a clear and direct benefit in an easy and simple way

There are thousands of titles that talk about certain benefits that can be obtained by reading the article.

Therefore, you will find that many Internet users are more attracted to articles, which deal with great benefit that can be obtained with little effort.

Example: Best CPA Companies and How to Easily Register and Accept them

3- Accuracy in writing the title

The Internet user is more attracted to well-defined things.

Do not follow generality in writing the titles of your articles, but be specific in the interest that the user will get when reading the article.


Lose 5 kg of weight every week and without exercise.

4- Multi-benefit strategy

Write a title that showcases more than one benefit your article provides to readers.


“In 10 days your son will learn to brush his teeth and get dressed by himself.”

5- Personal achievement strategy

Oftentimes, talking about personal accomplishments in the headlines of articles comes with a great result

Do not tell the user in the article title how he does a certain thing, but rather tell him how you did a certain thing and actually succeeded in it.


“How did I increase my muscle mass in my body by 20% in two months?”

6- The “Does” question strategy

When you ask the user in the address for:

Does he know a certain thing? This gives him a great curiosity to read more, as his answer is often “No. I don't know".


“Do you know why there are people who have not yet found a suitable life partner?”

7- Multi-method strategy to get the desired result

Many times people see that they are unable to obtain certain benefits in their traditional ways, or other times people see that they have more freedom when they have many choices.

So when you tell them that you will give them a benefit that can be accomplished in several ways in the title of your article, this is a very important pull factor that makes them click on the title to read more.


Five different ways to make your skin smoother in two weeks with natural ingredients.

8- The strategy of completing the necessary tasks in life while maximizing the benefit

There are many normal tasks in our lives as human beings, which are frequently the responsibilities of our lives.

In this strategy, tell the people in the title of your article: How they are performing the tasks required in their lives with benefit.


Get your new car and save thousands of dollars.

Write about your interest that you love and earn money from the Internet through it.

9- Why question strategy?

One of the most common questions on anyone's mind is why.

Our inquisitive instinct forces us all the time to know the causes of things.

We want to know the reasons for success and the reasons for failure, We want to know why we behave a certain way, or why others behave a certain way towards us.

Questions that begin with why are irresistible, because they arouse curiosity more than others.

If you can use the question why in the title of your article in an attractive way and in the right context, you will find results that you never imagined.


Why haven't you been able to lose weight yet?

Why can't you get the desired result from the recipes you try?

Why are there charming people whose charms can't be resisted?

What do you think of this style of article titles? It might be worth a try.

10- Secrets Reveal Strategy

A password in and of itself is an attractive word that no one can resist.

We all want to know the secrets, the secrets of recipes, the secrets of creating wealth, the secrets of success...etc

In this strategy, we will formulate the article title through the word “password”.


The secret that will make you lose 2 kilograms of the rumen area in two weeks.

The secret that makes movie stars always shining.

11- Who else wants strategy?

Man by nature loves to have the advantages that others have already obtained, and that is more than the advantages that many people do not have.

We humans do not want others to be distinguished by us, and as soon as we know that someone has obtained something, we enthusiastically begin to emulate him in this advantage.

Drafting the titles of your articles in a way who also wants to send an indirect message to readers:

There are a lot of people who got this feature in the way that we will explain, and now we are offering you also to get the same feature.

This strategy will work magic, as it makes readers trust what they will read once they see this title.


Who else wants to get rid of sagging belly in one month?

Who else wants to learn php?

12- Strategy “This is how it will help ………….. in order for them to ………….

In this way of writing an article title… you are directing your article title to people who really want to help complete certain tasks in their lives.

In it, you tell a certain group of people that you will offer them the appropriate way to solve the problem they are experiencing.

The thing I really like about this method, is that it gives a subtle message that this method is a unique, appropriate and effective way to solve the problem that some people are facing.


This is the perfect way for new moms to get their baby to sleep early.

This is the unique way for a young man on boats to make a girl fall in love with him.

This is the appropriate way for low-income people to get additional income.

13- Strategy This is the quick way to solve a problem………

This method is more suitable for articles that talk about solving a problem that readers may face, in which you communicate easy, direct and quick information to the reader to solve a problem that is also clear and specific.


Here is a quick way to get rid of neck pain.

A quick way to deal with everyday problems that you constantly face.

14- Strategy All you need to know about

In this way, you will tell the reader, in the title of your article, that you have collected all the important information that he should know on a particular topic.

This method makes the reader consider this topic to be a reliable reference on this matter.


All you need to know about the crisis between Russia and Turkey.

All you need to know about building muscle in the body.

All you need to know about electronic payment.

Follow our tips in this article and try the strategies mentioned here and you will be totally amazed at the result.

You will get double visitors to your articles as a minimum.

Success in writing a strong title for the article, starts from a real understanding of the correct and universally followed foundations.

At the end of this topic, I want to tell you something very important:

Observe honesty in the content of the subject itself in order to fulfill the promise that you promised in the title.

If you want to learn the strategies of writing an attractive title, in order to deceive your visitors to get more visits, then you are the only loser.

These strategies only work for people who really provide value in their topic, and want to learn how to write an attractive title for their topic.

Remember that whoever you deceive once, you cannot deceive him again.

You also share with us your own strategies for writing article titles.



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