9 concepts that you must understand well in order to make money from the Internet

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 Perhaps this article is one of the most important things you read about making money from the Internet… I am not saying that because I am writing these lines for you now and I just want you to read my words.

I say this because the concepts that you will learn here about make money from the Internet have taken many people for long periods of time to know and then assimilate ... and the longer a person delays in that, the lower his chances of profit from the Internet will decrease.

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So if you:

I tried before in one of the ways to make money from the Internet and did not achieve any results.

You think that your skills or experience are not enough to make money from the Internet.

You were deceived by a course or video on YouTube with a flimsy idea of ​​make money from the Internet.

You cannot bring visitors to your blog or social media account.

Don't know how to sell any product online.

Your profits are very little from the Internet for your effort.

You need to know the following 9 concepts of making money from the Internet, some of these concepts are specific and have a clear definition, and others may be somewhat general.

But all these concepts are necessary to profit from the Internet, and if you do and understand them well, you will shorten the way for yourself, and you will succeed in what many failed in, and you will reach your goal and thus change your life for the better.

That is why I want you to read every word in this article very carefully, and to pay attention to the practical examples that I will give you and the sources that I will refer to… Agreed?!

The 9 most important concepts that you must understand well to make money from the Internet

1. Niche

This is the problem of the problems facing many who wish to profit from the Internet, so I want you to understand this concept well and overcome this trap that many beginners fall into.

Let me give you a practical example. Suppose you want to create a website on smartphones. Look carefully at the following ideas:

Create a website for all smart phones and accessories.

Create a website about iPhone (IOS) smartphones and accessories.

Create a website about the iPhone 11 only and its accessories.

The above ideas are examples of Niche which can be analyzed as follows:

The first site represents a large and public domain, which is what we usually call the term niche.

The second site represents a specialized part of a large niche which is called (Sub-Niche).

The third site is a very small and specialized part of the previous one, which is called (Micro-Niche).

You can apply the previous example to a lot of areas and ideas either; YouTube channels, social media accounts, freelance fields, e-commerce and others.

The general rule says that the more specialized the niche, the better your success rate will be because the competition will be less, but of course it depends on the size of the market you are targeting.

For example, if you work in the field of design, I do not think that your specialization in logo design in the Arab market will be appropriate, especially if you are a beginner, but when you gain experience and clients you can.

This is in contrast to the foreign market for the same field, in which in order to be able to compete and gain experience, you have to specialize not only in designing logos, but perhaps in a specific field such as designing logos for restaurants or small shops … and so on.

Because of this search for specialization, a new term appeared called the Nano-Nich

I remember in the example of the sites I mentioned earlier, what if I made a site that targets only the iPhone wireless headphones… You see how the specialization became narrow and targeted, this is what is called the Nano-Niche.

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How to determine the niche

There are two methods for defining niches in general:

niche people

niche products and services

Niche products and services is what we talked about in the example of mobile sites, here you choose the field that you will be interested in based on a particular product or service and not anything else.

As for the people’s niche, it is different. Here you choose the field based on a specific audience or category, and you talk about several topics you care about, for example:

A YouTube channel for high school students (tips for studying - choosing universities - tips for organizing time - and others).

A website for girls (learning to cook - marriage advice - clothes and fashion - and others).

Marketing affiliate offers targeting young graduates (such as marketing educational courses, or marketing job sites…etc).

Here, too, you can specialize more or define a problem. Let's continue on the example of a site that addresses girls. Instead of targeting all girls and addressing all their problems, you can:

Addressing newlywed girls only.

Addressing newlywed girls in their first pregnancy.

Thus, niche people appear in the areas of making money from the Internet by making digital content, you target a specific group and try to help them with all or most of the problems they face.

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How to choose the right niche for you

After you well understood the types of niches and their classifications, you certainly now want to choose a specific niche to work with, this step is the most important in making money from the Internet.

2. Targeting

One of the most important concepts that many people overlook in the world of profit from the Internet is targeting, and here it is not only intended to target a specific group that you are addressing or promoting.

Rather, ignore people who don't want your products in this category to be promoted, and choose people who interact with similar services.

Let me simplify for you further with the following rules and examples:

Do not promote to all people.

Don't try to impress all the people in your target group because then you are wasting your time and effort.

Let's say you're promoting girls' clothes… Don't just search Facebook groups dedicated to clothes, but Facebook groups dedicated to food and girls' gatherings everywhere.

The last example shows you to search for your target audience, wherever they are, to open your eyes more to the market.

Targeting is a common word in the digital advertising industry.

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3. The CTA

The CTA is an abbreviation for Call To Action, which means the goal of the content or message you provide to people. This concept is very important in almost all areas of profit from the Internet.

You have to ask people to do a certain thing when you talk to them on the Internet in order to earn money, for example:

1- The owner of the YouTube channel asks you to click on the like sign so that the interaction with the content increases, so the views increase, and he earns more ads.

2- The article you are currently reading, at the end of it, I will ask you to share it with your friends, and when you do, the number of visits and therefore profits will increase.

3- The ad you see, whether on Facebook or Instagram, asks you for a specific order (contact us - buy now - visit our profile - and so on).

Many beginners overlook this, especially those who work in the field of commission marketing and freelance work. You must ask people for a specific and specific thing that serves your goal.

You may think that it is simple and easy, but the opposite is true, this is very important and I want you to understand it well and focus on it in what you do on the Internet.

You have to ask from people, you have to tell people exactly what you want from them… In order to help you decide what exactly you need to ask you have to understand the following concept.

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4. Buyer's Journey

Anyone who buys anything online often goes through the following stages in turn:

Awareness stage: Here the person is in the stage of searching for the problem or goal he seeks in general.

Realization stage: Here the person accurately sets his goal or is fully aware that he is suffering from a particular problem and is looking for solutions to it.

Decision-making stage: Here the person compares and compares the best possible solutions to his problem and then chooses one of them.

Suppose you feel that your weight is not ideal, you will start asking around you or searching on the Internet about the ideal weight for you according to your height… You are here in the awareness stage.

After you realize that you have a problem that you are overweight… you will start asking and searching for the best ways to lose weight (diet - natural products - medicines - exercise - regulate eating) and others.

You will start balancing these solutions and try to choose what suits your personality and your social, health, and material conditions as well… You are here in the realization stage.

After you have settled on a certain method, let's say, for example, slimming products such as the famous slimming tea, you will start searching and comparing the best types of slimming tea.

And after you have settled on a specific product, you will carry out the purchase process… you are here in the decision-making stage.

Why am I telling you all this?

If you ask this question, it means that I am walking with you on the right path, and that if you understand this concept, you will achieve exceptional results for profit from the Internet.

I want you to think about the previous example of slimming, and imagine that you are the person who sells slimming tea… Who do you think will respond to you… The person in the stage of awareness, awareness, or decision-making?

Let me ask you another question… Do you think you would promote anyone in these three phases the same way?… Of course the answer is no.

This is what I want you to understand well, for example:

In the first stage

Perhaps you give people some advice about the ideal weight and compare to them the advantages and disadvantages of the most famous methods of slimming... Then you mention to them natural products and slimming tea as an example (whether through an advertisement, an example or a video).

In the second stage

Address people by focusing only on natural products and their slimming benefits, and remember your tea as a good solution.

In the third stage

You address people by giving them a discount on your tea to help them decide.

In fact, many people who do not follow the correct method of promotion fail, because they address the target audience in the wrong way… Be the one who addresses them in a correct manner in order to achieve profits.

You must know the stage that the person you are addressing is going through... in order to give him advice, content or advertising that pushes him to the next stage until he reaches the last stage.

This concept applies to all areas of profit from the Internet, even the field of self-employment, especially if you are the one looking for clients… Always look for people who know they have a problem and are looking for a solution… Be that solution.

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5. Pricing

I want you to look at this post on our Facebook account that we recently launched in order to better communicate with our followers… By the way, I advise you to follow us on it:


Did you get the idea? This is one of the different pricing methods that help increase sales and profits, and that's not all.

You must know very well:

When and how to use the word for free .

When you use price to promote, it is not the cheapest that will achieve better results.

To know the value of what you offer and appreciate it well.

The last point is very important, especially for those who work in the field of freelancer. In the beginning, you can work for free or for less than what you deserve in order to gain experience and be a good Portfolio.

And after you do that, you have to raise the price, so you must understand well the concept of pricing, and look at the various products and services in the market and the quality of what you offer in order to make a place for yourself.

6. Conversion Rate

Conversion rate is one of the most important metrics that are relied upon in determining the effectiveness of anything you do on the Internet, whether for profit or for the purpose of obtaining some data and information.

For example, if you promote a specific product through a YouTube video, and 1000 people watch this video, and then only 10 people buy the product you were promoting, this means that the conversion rate here is only 1%… and so on in various fields.

There are a lot of mistakes that many marketers make when measuring conversion rate, so we have made a separate guide explaining this concept to you, how you can calculate it and how not to be fooled by high or low conversion rates.

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7. Content is king

A phrase you may have heard a lot while looking for e-marketing strategies, this concept is one of the most important things you must believe in in order to make a profit from the Internet.

The lines you are reading now are proof of this, the seo7u site you are on now has not become one of the leading sites in the field of profit from the Internet, digital marketing and entrepreneurship only because of the content.

Anything you offer online:

An advertisement to promote a specific product.

Content Marketing Exploit Email.

channel on youtube.

Podcast program.

Creating content for social media.

Promote your services in freelancer platforms.

All this and more depends on the quality… from the form of the content to the information you provide to the way it is presented in an appropriate, simple and specific way at one time.

This is one of the most important factors of success on the Internet, which, despite its simplicity and clarity, is ignored by many... Some people think that any bad post will achieve results.

That any advertisement on Facebook will bring profits... And after they find that there is no use in what they are doing, they blame the Internet and everyone in it and that it is impossible... Instead of blaming themselves.

That is why I hope that you are not one of those people and that you constantly improve and develop yourself and the content you provide.

8. Utility is the root of profit

Man is by nature a selfish being who seeks his interest first... That is why you must think about what you will offer to others in order to gain from him, you must convince him that he will get a greater benefit than the return that he will pay.

You should focus on this point, regardless of the field in which you work, give the visitor, customer or customer more than he needs, think about how to satisfy him and impress him with interest, information, products and prices… then you will achieve excellent results.

One of the most famous examples of this concept is profit from commission marketing. Most of those who want to start in this field think about:

How will he receive the profits?

How to get affiliate links.

How and where will put these links.

And other questions, and all this before he even thinks about the audience itself...before he thinks about the quality of the content or the benefit it will provide to people...before he answers important questions such as:

What will make people trust you and buy from the products and services you recommend to them?

What is the benefit to people from listening to you?

Why do people listen to you in particular and not others?

Think about the audience first and the interest they will derive from cooperating with you before you think about yourself and your problems... Only then will you win and achieve what you want.

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9. You can make money from the Internet by using any skill

There are those who profit from the Internet because of animal waste… Yes, animal waste they use in the manufacture of some accessories and achieve excellent results.

This is just one of the examples that I want to show that any skill, experience, or information that you can use to make profit from the Internet is if you know how to present it in the right way.

Of course, there are areas of profit more than others in general, but you have to look for what suits you and suits your personal skills and experience in order to profit from the Internet.

Don't run after any new idea or way to earn just because you watched a video about it... Find your skill, capabilities and what you can offer.

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Perhaps what you read here is different from others in other sources, perhaps you were disappointed that there is no magic wand to wave and make thousands of dollars from the Internet.

Or maybe you have discovered some facts that were missing from you and that you have found the right path that you should follow... and this is what I hope and wish.

And finally… Do you remember the CTA I mentioned earlier and that I will tell you about it at the end of the article, in fact I did that before??.

Do you remember the Instagram post that I put for you and asked you to follow us on it, this was the first and most important CTA?, but perhaps you also share the article with those who you think will benefit from it.

I wish you good luck and see you soon!

Mahmoud Ashour
By : Mahmoud Ashour
Mahmoud ashour

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