The fastest ways to profit from the Internet (real ways to earn fast)

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 Ways to profit from the Internet are increasing day by day, and in fact, the idea of ​​getting income from the Internet has become much easier than before. Whatever your financial capabilities or the level of your technical knowledge, you can easily achieve a stable income from the Internet.

There are methods that require some effort and study, such as affiliate marketing and content industry, which are excellent methods and provide huge profits, although some may look for the fastest ways to profit from the Internet that require less effort, and are even easier to implement.

There are ways that you can make a profit on the same day that you started relying on them, and we are not talking here about fake or cumbersome profit methods such as watching ads to collect a few cents every 100 days, but rather real ways through which hundreds of dollars can be easily achieved.

In this article, we provide you with a detailed review of a variety of the fastest and easiest ways to profit from the Internet:

1. Software testing

We know that the name of this method of profit from the Internet may give the impression that it needs some technical knowledge, and this is true, but not as you think.

In general, there are two types of application and website testing:

a) Automated software testing

This test aims to review the functionality of applications and websites by relying on a specific program that is designed for this purpose.

The program tests all the functions of the application or the site sequentially and in a manner similar to the use of the real user to discover errors. The program relies on scripts or scripts that have many different instances of the ways users interact with the site or application.

This is a simple explanation of the process of testing applications and sites automatically without going into great technical details, you need to complete several training courses and knowledge of one of the programming languages ​​to be able to choose sites and applications in this way.

This method of testing is more difficult than the next method, but it is more profitable than it.

b) Manual software testing

This is the easiest test and it's our focus on making money online by testing apps and websites. All you need to test websites and apps with this method is strong observation, concentration and some blogging and recording skills.

Testing websites and electronic applications according to this method aims to measure the extent to which they are free from design and use problems.

In this way, you will act as the normal user who uses this site or application according to the purpose for which it was designed, you will have to record any errors or problems you encounter while using this application or site.

These errors may include:

Problems related to the design of the external website or application (login page or main interface).

Problems with the design of the application or the site internally, such as a misplaced button or a color that is not present in a page frame.

Problems with the basic functionality of the site or application (not working or working incorrectly).

Problems with the functionality of an additional app or site feature, such as a feature not working or working incorrectly.

After you discover one of these errors, you will have to register it on the site you are working on. Each site has certain conditions in the registration method, and there may also be certain conditions related to the test, such as that you test the application or site on a particular operating system.

Finally, there may be certain conditions for calculating or considering this problem an error that needs to be resolved. The site may require that the error appears to you several times to be recorded as a persistent error, and not a problem related to your phone or computer that you used to perform this test.

Do not worry about blogging or testing terms, because these sites explain them in detail before allowing you to test, and these sites will also clarify the appropriate registration form on the basis of which your earnings will be approved and added to your account.

Of course, profits differ from one site to another and from one test to another, and sometimes between errors and some of them. Design errors generate less profits than errors of use problems and malfunctions of application properties.

As for what you will need to profit from the Internet by testing sites and applications, you will not need more than:

Android smart phone.

A computer running Windows 10 (some sites require older systems such as 7 or 8, but this is currently rare).

A variety of browsers (Chrome, Firefox and Safari) on both the previous computers or one of them, depending on the request of the site.

Most of the sites that offer the possibility of profit through this method rely on the previous requirements in most of their testing.

The most important sites from which you can profit by manually testing sites and applications:




Tester Work


Previous sites may require success in one of the simple tests to join them, do not worry the tests are easy and you will be trained on them before taking them, this method is in very high demand, and your mastery of it may turn you into a professional tester.

Finally, if you want to go deeper in this field, you can easily develop yourself, learn some technical skills, and move to the first method of testing applications automatically.

Testing applications automatically may seem difficult to you, however, your mastery of manual testing will help you a lot while studying to master it.

2. Selling products on online stores

The number of individuals who rely on buying from online stores is constantly increasing and this is an excellent opportunity to profit from the Internet, in general, selling products on the Internet is one of the fastest ways to profit from the Internet.

A few years ago, realizing the idea of ​​selling online was difficult to complete without owning or creating an online store. Now it's easier than ever to realize this idea, due to the variety of platforms and ways you can sell products online.

The most important platforms or ways in which you can sell products on the Internet:

Online stores (registering as a seller on Amazon, Noon, or others).

Selling on social media platforms such as Facebook or Instagram.

Selling through communication programs such as Telegram and WhatsApp.

There are other platforms and ways through which you can sell products online, such as creating an online store. Despite that, we only mentioned the previous methods, because you will not need a lot of time to start selling through them, and it is also faster in terms of making and receiving profits.

For example, you can add your products on the Facebook store, sell and even make profits during the same day.

If you are interested in knowing more information about the most important methods of selling on the Internet, you can view our article on this field.

Finally, regarding the profit from selling products, the matter is simple. You can sell any product as long as it matches the specifications of the sites and platforms you work on, and you can buy products at a wholesale price and sell them or sell products that you make yourself, such as handicrafts.

Some people sell some of their possessions that you don't use or don't need to earn some money. Deciding what products you will sell online will not pose any obstacle to you as all goods and products have their own audience.

After selecting the products, you need to select the method of receiving profits, and it varies of course according to the method through which you will sell, try to choose a method of receiving profits that is flexible and has simple fees.

3. Sell photos

Similar to selling products on online stores, you can sell photos on several sites on the Internet and profit from them. Of course, the photos must be your own and preferably photos that you took yourself.

You don't need more than a smart mobile phone with a camera that can take acceptable photos. Of course, for the photographic process itself; He likes to have some skills in taking pictures and a creative vision for selecting and photographing scenery.

There are two ways to get to know the nature of the images that these sites like and can make a guaranteed profit:

The first method: to look at the images that the site offers for sale, and note their quality and nature, and try to learn from them and improve your visual skills.

The second way: is by registering for a training course to teach photography, whether it is live or through one of the self-learning platforms, on platforms such as Udemy, a large number of training courses in this field.

These are some of the courses on Udemy that will help you master photography professionally:

Learn Photography: A Simple System for Photography Starters

Learn Photographic Exposure Best Practices

Introductory Photography Course

Landscape Photography Tips: simple solutions for beginners

Also on YouTube there are countless photography learning channels that will transform you from a beginner photographer to a professional within several hours, such as:

The Art of Photography


Thomas Heaton

The most important sites through which you can profit from selling photos:

Adobe Stock




4. List your vacant room or house for rent with Airbnb

This method is one of the fastest ways to profit from the Internet, and it may suit those who have an empty room or housing and would like to make profits through it quickly.

At first you may wonder why I offer an empty room or house for rent through this site instead of relying on the normal methods? Well, the answer is easy. Airbnb enables you to rent out your room or apartment in a very flexible way.

The room or dwelling that you want to offer for rent may not be available permanently, but is available for a week or less, this period is very difficult to take advantage of with normal rental methods.

On Airbnb, everything has a price. The average renter might not care about the features of your home as much as an Airbnb renter, having a room near a grocery store or providing a fast internet connection that Airbnb sees as features that increase their rent.

Finally, Airbnb has the advantage that you can offer one room for rent and even one bed. This feature makes the possibility of making profits high and easy, as you can take advantage of any vacant place you have and make profits through it.

Registering on Airbnb is very easy, and listing your room or apartment is quick and easy. The site enables you to add the place you want to offer for rent by answering several questions within 10 steps that do not take more than 5 minutes to complete them all.

5. audio transcription

Do you have an ear that can distinguish sounds and letter exits well? Excellent, you can use it to work in the field of audio transcription and profit from it, this field is one of the fastest ways to profit from the Internet.

There are a large number of sites through which you can transcribe audio files and convert them into written files. This method is the least demanding of resources, as you do not need more than one device for listening and writing, and your mobile phone will be more than enough to complete these two tasks.

You may need to learn some basics of writing and formatting for programs such as Microsoft Word or Google Docs but this is easy, with some searching on the Internet you will be able to easily learn the basics of handling and using both programs.

Also, you may not need to learn to use any programs, as some audio transcription sites provide a special space for writing and transcribing on it. Of course, how to deal with this space is explained by the site clearly before you start using it.

Finally, it is preferable to be familiar with English and some other languages. English is the most popular language in the field of transliteration, and also because it is the language of dealing with these sites.

As for other languages, although the demand for it is not as great as the demand for English in the field of transliteration, it is agreed upon in terms of the profits that can be made from it.

The most important sites from which you can profit from audio transcription:




6. Commentary and voice recording

Your precise vocalizations and resonant voice can be used to make hundreds of dollars. Some sites are looking for people who can speak certain languages ​​fluently to record audio ads, or perform tasks related to the field of voiceover.

Of course you may need to own a separate microphone. Don't worry you can count on any cheap mic; Provided that it displays your voice clearly, and has external sound isolation, you can easily find a microphone with these specifications for less than $10.

The advantage of this method is that it suits everyone, because all languages ​​have a request from audio commentary sites, in other words if you only speak Arabic (but fluently) you will be able to work in this field easily and make hundreds of dollars in a short time.

The most important sites through which you can profit from the field of commentary and audio recording:



7. Proofreading

Do you know a language? Well it's time to take advantage of this proficiency and profit through it online, there are a good number of sites through which you can work as a proofreader for articles that are published on the sites or even some documents and papers.

Unfortunately, most of the reliable proofreading sites have not yet opened the door for users from the Middle East to join, however, you can profit through the proofreading field through the following sites:

Upwork website.

Create a page to sell proofreading services on Facebook.

8. Online tutoring

Some people create training courses (courses) and then add them on sites such as Udemy and profit from selling them, and although this method is considered a guaranteed method of profit from the Internet, we cannot classify it among the fastest ways to profit from the Internet.

Creating the course requires significant time and effort, other than preparing the practical material. In it, you will put in little effort in operations such as shooting and editing, and you will have to do various other tasks to create a high-quality course that can be sold and profitable.

You will also have to market this course in several ways and on a different number of platforms and sites. Marketing is what will attract users and without it you will not be able to profit from selling the courses.

As for working as a private teacher on one of the specialized websites, it does not require all of the above effort to make profits through it. You do not need more than registering on one of the specialized websites, adding the languages ​​and materials you know, and then starting to teach at the appropriate times for you.

In terms of earnings, most tutoring sites allow you to set your wages to be between 15 to 25 dollars per hour, meaning that you can earn hundreds of dollars spending a few hours teaching per week.

Now you may be wondering what you are going to teach, and do you have enough knowledge or experience of it and that is the best of it. Most of the sites allow you to teach in dozens of different fields, and we are not just talking here about famous fields such as languages ​​and sciences or just study subjects.

There is more than one private tutoring site that allows you to teach hobbies and arts in addition to scientific subjects and languages. You can also, in the least circumstances, teach your mother tongue or any other language you are fluent in.

The methods of registering for private tutoring sites are easy and do not contain any complications. You will need to add your correct ID and a personal photo. Some sites require a simple introductory video recording, but it is a semi-routine procedure that is easy to implement.

The tools that you will need to profit from the field of tutoring online are a computer, a microphone, a camera and an Internet connection. You do not need to buy an expensive microphone or a professional camera at the beginning of your work in this field

Your mobile phone camera can be temporarily relied upon by using some software that converts it into a webcam and connects it to your computer.

Some programs that do this role efficiently:





For a microphone, a medium quality microphone will do (see Method 6).

Finally, for the Internet connection, it is preferable to be stable rather than fast. Stability is an essential factor for completing video calls on tutoring sites on the Internet in an acceptable and uninterrupted manner.

The most important sites from which you can profit by tutoring online:

Preply (Teaching a variety of languages ​​and fields).


Important note: Some of the previous profit methods can be completed outside the mentioned sites with each method. Commentary and audio services, even private teaching, can be provided through social media platforms such as Facebook or freelance platforms.

In fact, this method is followed by many people to make a quick net profit from these means without deducting any fees. Also note that most of the sites through which you can make a quick profit from the Internet have conditions that may not suit some.

Some sites impose a certain rate of profit on you or cut certain amounts from your profits, not to mention that you may be obligated to use a certain method to receive your profits, this method may not be suitable for your country or charge a high fee for its use.

If you want to know more information about how to make money from Facebook, see our guide on this topic.


In this article, we have tried to collect the fastest ways to profit from the Internet and explain them in detail. Most of the previous methods rely on millions of people around the world to easily collect hundreds of dollars in a short time, and you can easily join them.

The level of ease in most of the previous methods also makes it one of the easiest ways to profit from the secured Internet, this is due to its reliance on real skills, and not on the actions of anyone who can do them such as clicking on ads or browsing them.

Do you have other ways to profit from the Internet quickly? Share it with us in the comments.

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