Friday, September 30, 2022

The 8 best ways to bring free traffic and visits to your site in 2022

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How do I get free traffic??? How do I promote my affiliate offers??? How do I get visits to my site to earn from Adsense? I don't have money to use ads, how can I get traffic for my Shopify store???

If you are one of those who ask these questions… you are in the right place, in this guide you will learn about the most effective ways to get free and targeted traffic to your site from the best sources.

There are many ways to make money from the Internet, and perhaps the best of these methods are affiliate marketing, dropshipping and Adsense arbitrage, only one of them may bring you more than $1,000 per month.

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Thursday, September 29, 2022

14 strategies for writing article titles you can't ignore


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If you are into blogging, you definitely want your articles to be read by as many of your audience as possible.

But what if people don't click on the links to your articles, because their titles are unattractive to them.

There are two news, one bad and one good:

The bad news: Your articles won't open, no matter how good they are, as long as their titles aren't attractive enough.

The good news is that you will learn today, how to formulate attractive article titles, after reading this article and applying its strategies, the rate of opening and reading your articles will double.

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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Everything you need to know about Google


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Who of us does not know Google, who of us does not use Google search engines at least once a day, who of us does not have a Smart Phone with a Google product installed, or the company's operating system.

In this article, we will delve deeper into this giant, which has become an integral part of our daily lives, and we will sail together in the world of Google and learn about some secrets that many do not know, let's start…

Google's creation

There is no doubt that Google is one of the most important inventions related to Internet technology, and indeed one of the most important human inventions in the modern era. One Google product, Search Engine, processes approximately 4,000 searches per second, 3.5 billion searches per day, and 1.2 trillion searches per year. In fact, the Google search engine processes about 70% of the searches that are made on the Internet, it is the first stop for all web users around the world.

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Monday, September 26, 2022

What is SEO (a simple guide for beginners 2022)

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The term SEO in English - may be a bit confusing for beginners in the world of e-marketing or managing websites of all kinds.

Since the word SEO is found in almost everything, whether you want to publish an article, put a specific product in your online store, or want to put an image on social media sometimes.

As long as there are search engines such as Google, YouTube or even Facebook, there is a need to know how to deal with them in order to top the search results, and this method of dealing is what we call SEO, which is an abbreviation of the term (Search Engine Optimization).

So, what exactly is SEO, and why is it so important to any business owner or project, regardless of the field in which he works and the platform he relies on.

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Ways to earn from Google (explained 14 different ways 2022)


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Google is one of the largest technology companies in the world, and this strength is not only that it operates in more than 200 countries and has hundreds of thousands of employees.

Rather, it is that many people think that the famous red, blue, green and yellow Google word means the Internet itself.

That is why if you are thinking to earn from the Internet and making money, you should think about earn from Google. Why not? Google offers many tools and services to users around the world.

Google owns the most used Google Chrome browser in the world, and it also owns the two largest search engines in the world, Google and YouTube.

It suffices to know that these giant search engines depend on most of the inhabitants of the globe ... and for this particular reason there are great opportunities for profit from Google.

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Ideas for writing articles (12 ways to gather fresh ideas for your articles)


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Often times you may have to write 5 or 6 articles per week, especially when you are related to writing on more than one site and blog, so you always need ideas to write new articles, but as a writer you may go through some times when you lose your inspiration to write and lose your ability to pay attention to what Around you ideas!

There are many ways to get ideas for writing new articles constantly, if you pay close attention, as Mustafa Mahmoud said, “There is nothing new under the sun. Modern inventions are nothing but a group of old ideas, but they have been linked in a modern way.”

Therefore, all new ideas are nothing but the merging of several old ideas in a new and innovative way.

Several months ago, I was working under severe pressure as I needed to write an article on a daily basis, and of course every new article needs a new idea, and this prompted me to follow many ways to get ideas for writing new and creative articles, which comforted me a lot and brought me back to my passion for writing again.

If you are looking for how to write the article from the ground up, you should return to the article with the link below:

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Thursday, September 22, 2022

What are Algorithms, their types and how to learn them

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 There are a lot of buzzwords that are always used in technical and computing circles, such as: Machine Learning, Data Science or Algorithms, and the latter is what we will talk about today.

Algorithms are one of the basics of Computer Science that programmers and computer engineers study during their academic studies or self-learning, a term that no professional, not even the average person, can overlook.

These algorithms have become an indispensable part of our lives, for example, we often hear now about social media algorithms that process the content we publish on our accounts, or search engine algorithms that show and rank search results.

In this article, we will provide you, dear reader, with everything you need to know about algorithms, starting with their definition, history, types and how they work, and we will list the most important and best international courses that enable you to learn algorithms.

What are Algorithms

Algorithms are a set of obvious steps that are applied in order to reach a conclusion or solve a problem. Simple definition isn't it?

This definition may seem to you too simple, but on the contrary it is not at all, this is the definition agreed upon by specialists and academics.

Algorithms can be simplified or likened to eating recipes, in which you will convert the materials in your possession through a set of steps into the meal you are going to eat.

This is the definition of algorithms, no matter how easy or complex they are, whether they are related to trading, financial markets, used in hospitals and treatment, or even used to steer up rockets into space.

For some details on this matter, the algorithms consist of:

The problem or question is described in a mathematical way that a computer can understand.

A mathematical formula or set of obvious steps for dealing with a case.

A method for entering problem data to apply the formula or steps to it.

Executing these steps or formula accurately and smoothly.

Obtaining the required output from the input or data previously entered.

We will talk shortly about how algorithms work using a simple and easy example that shows us how they work.

In general, algorithms are the magic way that made our lives so easy, they save a lot of time, effort and money, and they are more effective and accurate than the human factor and tens and hundreds of times faster.

History of Algorithms

Arab scientists are the first to reach the form that we know now.

The word algorithm or algorithms comes from the name of the Arab scientist Muhammad ibn Musa al-Khwarizmi; He was one of the most brilliant Arab scientists in the field of mathematics, in addition to his contributions to many other sciences, such as astronomy, geography, and others.

Al-Khwarizmi is the father of algebra and he is the founder of it as we know it today, which is why algorithms are called algorithms because they depend heavily on it in their work.

And you can watch this great short clip of why algorithms are called that from the BBC:

After this strong Arab beginning, the West translated this knowledge, developed it and absorbed it into their civilization and their scientific achievements later.

For example, in the nineteenth century, Ada Lovelace discovered that algorithms could be implemented by machines, and thus opened the door to the algorithms we use today.

In the twentieth century, the genius scientist Alan Turing applied its concept through the Turing machine, which actually made the machine using an algorithm in the real world, thus opening the door to computing and artificial intelligence that we know today.

How do algorithms work?

The way the algorithms work is very easy, no matter how different any algorithm is from its counterpart, it is Inputs that some calculations or steps are performed on until getting the required Outputs.

To simplify the way algorithms work, let's think about the algorithm by which we choose the clothes we wear, and how we explain to a young child how to choose the clothes to wear based on them.

In the beginning, the Inputs will be the factors that we rely on in choosing these clothes, such as: the temperature in numbers or the summer / winter season, in addition to the occasion and its nature, and the time in which he will go out.

With these inputs we will process the clothes we have, and then we will choose the most suitable clothes we can wear.

In general, there are dozens and hundreds of factors that you can take into account other than those, such as the possibility of rain, the nature of the activity you will be doing, and the clothes that the people you meet are wearing.

The greater the number of these inputs, the greater the complexity of the algorithm, and thus the accuracy of its results and being more intelligent and efficient in performing its task.

After obtaining all the required inputs, here will come the role of the processing or the steps used, which are known in the algorithms as Computation.

At first, you will exclude clothes that are not suitable for this activity or events that you will attend, and then you will exclude clothes that do not fit the current weather or climate.

Thus after a long process of eliminations based on your input, you will be left with fewer options to wear.

You will then have to try to find the greatest harmony between these clothes in order to have a suitable suit for you to go out with.

Eventually after you get to this suit this will be called Outputs, which is the final output we wanted to get from the start.

This is a simple algorithm, and if we want to talk about smarter algorithms, such as those for machine learning or Deep Learning or Natural Language Processing (NLP) , we will increase the complexity a bit.

Your algorithm will feed a lot of data and information as input, such as: your past experiences choosing clothes or how you feel about these clothes during previous times you have worn them, and you can also include the experiences of others.

With this large amount of data, the algorithm will be able to be more efficient, and be very smart to make the best suit to wear.

types of algorithms

There are so many types of algorithms that are used every moment around us, but we can say that there are 7 types that are the most important for algorithms:

1. Recursive Algorithms: 

Algorithms that invoke and repeat themselves until the problem is solved and the final result is reached.

2. Dynamic programming algorithms:

 These algorithms are quite complex, and are used to solve more complex problems, and are often used in complex matters, such as studying DNA in biology.

3. Randomized Algorithms:

 Algorithms that use random results and values.

4. Backtracking Algorithms: 

These algorithms solve large and complex problems by dividing them and trying to solve them repeatedly until the correct results are reached, so that the problem is solved backwards.

5. Greedy Algorithms:

 These algorithms work by thinking about the best move or action in the short term without thinking about the consequences of that choice later.

6. Divide and conquer Algorithms: 

These algorithms first break the problem or data into smaller parts, then solve it and then assemble it.

7. Brute Force Algorithms:

 This algorithm is one of the simplest algorithms ever, as it does the experiment. For example, if you want to find the 4-digit password of a user, you will try the 9999 possibilities until you reach the correct password.

In general, although there are hundreds and thousands of algorithms that are difficult or impossible for any programmer to learn all of them, there are some algorithms that are widely used, such as:

 Search Algorithms:

 These algorithms are widely used, and involve several algorithms, and are generally used as the name suggests in searching for a specific value or thing among the data.

It contains many types, such as: Linear Search, Binary Search, Exponential Search, Jump Search, and others.

 Sorting Algorithms: 

Algorithms that are used to arrange or rearrange data and values ​​in lists or arrays, and they are among the well-known algorithms such as the end, and they have many types.


 This algorithm is used to quickly find the shortest path or distance between two points.

 Bell Man Ford Algorithm:

 An algorithm used to find the shortest line between two points, especially in graphs with negative side weights.

The importance of learning algorithms

In the world of programming and computing, a specialist cannot fail to learn Algorithms, as they are the foundation upon which all modern technologies and inventions are based.

As you know, the computer only speaks the language of zero and one, but through the many steps and complex algorithms we can make it perform a surgery or fly a plane alone.

Algorithms save us a lot of time, so instead of wasting hours and even days on a task, algorithms can do the same task in a few minutes, especially with the development of computers.

It also saves money and effort, by using it we can automate the tasks we do, and make it take care of routine things so that we can use this time to deal with creative or more important matters.

One of the characteristics of algorithms is that they are limited and deterministic, as they eventually solve the problem or reach the desired result correctly, otherwise it is not defined as an algorithm, and thus we guarantee its extreme effectiveness.

And at this time algorithms are witnessing a lot of interest by technologists and computer scientists, there are whole disciplines related to the analysis, improvement and invention of algorithms.

Best courses for learning algorithms

Fortunately, finding a source for learning algorithms is very easy, despite the difficulty and complexity of the topic itself, and this is because there are many people and sources that explain this topic in all languages ​​and ways.

You will find many books, courses, and YouTube lists that explain this important topic.

Among the best courses that I recommend to you are:

1. Introduction to Algorithms by MIT on YouTube

This course is well known. Like most MIT computer science and programming courses, this course is one of the most popular starting stations for amateurs to learn algorithms. The course, which dates back to 2011 and contains 47 lectures, has received more than 4 and a half million views.

I also strongly advise you to purchase the Introduction to Algorithms course reference to review it while studying this course or even alongside any other course.

2. Intro to Data Structures and Algorithms course offered by Google on the Udacity platform

This free and short course on Udacity has gained a lot of popularity lately and has been hailed as one of the best starting points for beginners, especially since it only takes 4 weeks and teaches algorithms using Python.

3. Algorithms Specialization on Coursera

This 4-course specialization on Coursera offered by Stanford University is one of the most popular stops for anyone who wants to learn algorithms.

At the end of the article, it must be emphasized that algorithms have completely changed the shape of our lives, and made us live in this amazing technical progress, and therefore they receive a lot of attention from professionals and computer scientists because of what they can offer us.


Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Google Alerts: The Magic Wand for Every Marketer and Content Writer


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I didn't know much about Google Alerts before, but after reading about it and using it, I didn't know how I could have worked without it.

Google Alerts is one of the very powerful and useful tools in e-marketing and content writing, as you can use it in dozens of ways to help you with your work.

In this article, I will introduce you to this free tool from Google, explain how it works, and how it can help you with many of your tasks.

What are Google Alerts?

Google Alerts is a free tool from Google that can act as a new member of your team who acts as an internet monitor 24 hours a day.

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Monday, September 19, 2022

What is Natural Language Processing (NLP) and its practical applications (simplified explanation)

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Language has been the basis of human communication for thousands of years, and any development that follows it is a milestone in the history of human societies. The discovery of writing more than five thousand years ago contributed to laying the seeds of the civilizations in which we live today.

That's why giving computers and machines the ability to understand and generate language as we humans do will undoubtedly be a watershed in our future, and I can't say we've done that, but we've come very close through the rapid development of Natural Language Processing.

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Sunday, September 18, 2022

Top Data Science Applications (Endless Incredible Uses)


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Data science is one of the most exciting fields of our modern age, and its applications and uses are almost endless, as we will see data science applications are abundantly around us in everything we do and deal with.

Because of the permeation of the Internet in all our life activities and the development of electronic devices, we produce huge amounts of data every day. This data describes our activities, our behavior, our purchasing habits, our lifestyle, our preferences, and what goes beyond this down to our psychological state, moods, fears and aspirations.

Through science or the field called Data Science, this data helps us to understand and analyze our behavior and activities to provide better services and improve our experience as users, which will benefit the provider of these services, whether it is a company, organization or government in the affirmative.

In this article, I will review the applications of data science, but because they are too many and exceed the limit, we will focus on the most important and prominent 6 applications of data science that directly affect our lives, but first we have to know what data science is.

What is Data Science?

 Data science is the most exciting science in the twenty-first century, and this is because it deals with the most valuable thing we own and produce now, which is data. In short, this science combines statistics with programming in order to collect and analyze data and extract results and facts from it.

We produce data in every action we do, whether we browse Facebook or even through our banking operations, and this data is collected and analyzed by these companies and institutions, in order to understand us and make their services more attractive and appropriate to our needs and preferences.

This data may be used for good purposes, as we mentioned to improve the services and make them attractive to us, but - the data - may also be used for bad purposes, such as: manipulation, fraud, fraud or control of the owner of this data, and therefore your data is very important and you should protect it as much as possible .

Data Science apps

There are a lot of data science applications that probably need dozens of volumes to mention, but in this article we will focus on the uses or applications of data science in only six areas, namely:

  • Health Care field.
  • Banking field.
  • field of finance.
  • Retail field.
  • Transportation field.
  • Government field.

First, data science applications in Health Care

Data science in healthcare

I admit that my medical background prompted me to talk about healthcare first, but that's because of the amazing amount of things that data science has given us, which has greatly improved the efficiency of our diagnosis of diseases, better understanding of these diseases as well as discovery and improvement of medicines, and increased patient quality of life.

The use of data science in medicine is the trend of scientific research this period due to the Covid-19 virus, but before the virus there was a strong demand for it as well, so that there are certain areas that were established to include the areas of data science use in medicine and biology, and we can summarize the contributions of data science in the field of Medical care in seven basic points, namely:

  •  Medical Image Analysis.
  •  Genetics and Genomics.
  •  Drug Discovery.
  •  Predictive Modeling for Diagnosis.
  •  Monitoring Patient Health.
  •  Tracking & Preventing Diseases.
  • Medical Virtual Assistance.

We will discuss it in detail in the following lines:

a) Medical Image Analysis

Medical radiology is an important part of the process of discovering and diagnosing some diseases, especially cancerous tumors and lung diseases, so any progress we make in early detection of these diseases through radiology will save the lives of hundreds of thousands and perhaps millions of patients annually, and here comes the role of data science.

By collecting different x-ray images: X-Ray, Ct-Scans, MRI, and others, and then processing them using Image Recognition algorithms and processing them, we were able to make the computer can read and diagnose them.

We also developed a method that made it able to detect patterns on its own, which eventually led to it outperforming humans in diagnosis. Computers and software used in diagnosing breast cancer radiology outperform a human expert by more than 10%, and can detect a tumor weeks before we are able to discover it.

As for brain tumors, the computer can diagnose these tumors weeks early, in addition to being superior to the human expert by more than 8%, which is very important in difficult tumors, such as: brain tumors.

This early detection saves tens of thousands of lives in advanced hospitals in the United States and Europe, in addition to saving millions of dollars annually due to the speed of detection and ease of treatment for the patient at this early stage.

b) Genetics and Genomics

Just as codes control the nature and how programs work, genes control us, whether through physical traits, diseases, and even the length or shortness of our lifespan.

Therefore, it is a valuable treasure. By analyzing the human genome, you can identify the diseases that he is likely to contract to try to prevent them, in addition to understanding the distinctive interaction between chemical compounds such as drugs and his body.

This is precisely the importance of data science in the field of genetics, that we can analyze this huge amount of genetic data in order to give us insights that we can make medical decisions through. By using this genetic analysis we will be able to save millions of lives and improve the quality of life for billions of people.

We will also be able to choose the most effective drugs for the patient's condition by analyzing his genes, which will increase the effectiveness of drugs, especially in patients with difficult diseases such as heart diseases, immune diseases and cancerous tumors, and this field is called Personalized medicine.

c) Drug Discovery

The drug discovery process is very cumbersome and very costly financially and in time. The average cost of developing a new drug ranges between 1.3 and 2.8 billion US dollars, and the process usually takes 10 to 15 years, so it was necessary to speed up this process and reduce its cost.

And this has already been done through data science that has helped reduce the time and cost by using simulation methods that filter out a number of chemicals that can be a medicine for the disease we are dealing with, and we are trying to find an effective treatment for it.

It may also give us an idea of ​​the response of the disease to this drug and the way the body deals with the chemical of the drug, and thus you can reduce the number of drugs that are tested on animals and humans, making this process faster, faster and much less expensive.

These technologies have contributed to a huge boom in the discovery and improvement of medicines, and have helped accelerate the discovery and development of vaccines for the Corona virus.

d) Predictive Modeling for Diagnosis

Using the abundant data available on the condition of patients, their ages and their fate in terms of the development of their condition for the better or worse, we can build computer models that are used to predict the patient's condition to see potential complications and try to anticipate them, especially in complex diseases such as heart, liver and tumor diseases.

These models help us to better treat the patient or at least improve his condition during his life if this disease is chronic, and to know effective prevention methods that will help prevent many people from contracting this disease.

e) Monitoring Patient Health

With data science and the Internet of Things, we can monitor patients' health more effectively, whether they are hospitalized or not, through devices that track a patient's condition in terms of blood pressure, heart rate, hours of sleep, calories, and more.

This tracking helps doctors better understand the patient's condition, it also makes it easier for us to monitor him and monitor his progress, and sometimes these devices help to save patients in emergency situations by calling an ambulance automatically.

f) Tracking & Preventing Diseases

This field has emerged and its importance has increased due to the Corona virus, as many countries have developed statistical models that help them contain the epidemic, by tracking the areas in which it appears, and through data and statistics, they assess the risk of this outbreak to help take the best measures.

With this, you can determine whether it is better to do a comprehensive quarantine and isolate the region or not, which saves thousands of lives, saves countries tens of millions of dollars, and avoids the many potential dangers of an outbreak.

j) Medical Virtual Assistance.

Imagine an app like Google Assistant, Amazon's Alexa, or Apple's Siri interacting with you, but in the role of a doctor, asking him questions about your condition and the medications you take, or even telling him your symptoms so he can diagnose your condition.

Well, this is not science fiction. Using Natural Language Processing we can program a chat bot or virtual assistant software that can help patients, and even track and evaluate their condition periodically even if their ailments are psychiatric rather than organic.

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Second, applications of data science in the field of banking

Data Science in Banking

The banking sector is one of the sectors that benefited the most from the development of data science, as human interaction with all the data of its customers is almost impossible, and the slightest mistake in its operations will cost it a lot of money, and most importantly, the trust and reputation of its customers.

Data science helps banks manage their resources effectively, provides them with the information needed to make decisions, contributes to fraud and manipulation detection, customer management, risk management, customer segmentation, CLV, recommendation systems, analytics, and let's address the most important of these applications in detail:

a) Fraud Detection

Any fraud or manipulation greatly damages the reputation of the bank and makes its customers lose confidence in it, which is what prompted banks to use data science and machine learning in detecting fraud, and this is done by identifying any manipulation or strange patterns in bank transfers.

Through the history of your transfers and banking transactions, the model or algorithms can determine if something unusual is happening, a transfer or abnormal activity, and therefore can deal with and prevent this fraud.

b) Risk Modeling

When dealing with billions and trillions of dollars, there must be strong models for forecasting and risk management, because any loss will be very costly and painful for the bank, and also because any profit will be a big step forward for this bank, especially if its investment in it is large.

Banks are now using smart computer models capable of evaluating risks, through which the decision is taken to make this investment or not, or whether the bank gives the owner of this project money or not, and this is according to the many data about the performance of the project and the performance of similar projects, and the economic factors to be taken into account account.

c) Customer segmentation and Customer Lifetime Value

Through the many data they collect from their customers, banks can divide them into segments according to behavior, personal characteristics, spending patterns, income rates, and other classifications in order to target them with the appropriate services for them and develop services periodically, which will help strengthen the relationship between them and the bank.

The use of data science through predictive models also helps determine the return from customers, specifically the value of the customer for life, or the duration of his dealings with the banking institution to achieve the largest possible profits from it.

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Third, data science applications in Finance

Data Science in Finance

Data science has done very great services to Finance in general, from facilitating the automation of the majority of its routine operations, to developing fraud detection tools and systems to manage and anticipate various financial risks.

Data science has also facilitated decision-making processes through the various analyzes it performs, such as: customer analytics, risk analytics, customer sentiment analysis and their comments on financial services, and many more, making decisions supported or Data Driven.

In this article, we will address the most important applications of data science in the financial sector, namely:

a) Risk Analytics

When it comes to billions and trillions of dollars, risk management becomes one of the most important elements of decision-making, which is why financial sectors spend a lot of money to develop the best risk management and analysis models.

Using massive data on remittances and customers, these models can determine whether or not to invest in this idea or project, and algorithms provide improvements that help increase profits or reduce losses.

b) Consumer Analytics

Using the vast amount of data available from the business sector, financial sector companies can easily perform analyzes on existing data, providing them with the ability to deal with and address current problems, or at least reduce losses as much as possible.

One of the most important analytics in the financial sectors is user analytics because, in addition to what we just said, it is able to provide a personalized experience to its users, which increases the connection between them and the company and which increases its profits.

Personalized services are one of the best ways to win over customers at this time, and they are very effective in increasing companies' profits, in addition to allowing the development and innovation of new services that suit customers.

c) Financial Fraud Detection

 Fraud has been one of the biggest problems in the financial sector since ancient times, so the financial sectors have developed ways to track frauds and manipulations using big data and analyze user data especially Credit Card frauds.

d) Algorithmic Trading

Algorithmic trading is one of the most popular applications in recent times, as it provides a great service to investors who are pumping large funds into several stocks or projects, and this service is to facilitate the decision-making process through very complex calculations to predict the state of the financial markets.

Fourth, data science applications in retail

Data Science in Retail

Retail is one of the most profitable fields in the whole world, and you can ask the richest man in the world Jeff Bezos about this, and data science has helped this field a lot in the last decade, until there is a lot of competition in it to have the best technologies for dealing with data.

Data science helps retail merchants discover their customers, analyze the services and products they want, discover how to get them to buy more, and analyze their sentiments. In addition, many applications help manage Supply Chain and determine the best pricing strategies.

Among the most important applications of data science in the field of retail:

a) Personalized Marketing

With the massive data that customers and buyers leave behind, large retailers like Amazon can get to the bottom of their customers' psyches and find out what drives them to buy, simply through their browsing history, past purchases, and product reviews.

All this helps these giants to do very personal marketing campaigns, and to provide marketing messages that are irresistible to their customers, providing more usable information in marketing, and so this cycle keeps repeating and repeating.

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b) Personalized Recommendation

The algorithms of these companies’ websites and applications can predict user preferences and behavior towards products, thus they can provide them with products they are likely to buy when they search for what they want, or even predict what they are likely to buy and market to them through advertisements without them knowing. even looking for it.

Filtering algorithms based on deep learning have been a major reason for the increase in sales of major Retail sites, and they also make the relationship between the user and the site or company so strong that the user feels that the site from which they are buying truly understands them and their desires.

c) Customer Sentiment Analysis

This branch of data science has become very popular, as it allows the analysis of users' experiences with different products through their product reviews or even through what they write on social media sites, which provides companies with a lot of valuable data for free.

This technology relies on NLP, in order to be able to understand the text comments written by customers, and then put them in their context, whether positive or negative.

d) Supply Chain

Data science can contribute to a very complex area of ​​retail, namely inventory and supply chain management, where algorithms can predict the type and number of products customers will purchase in a given period of time, helping to order and store products efficiently.

Fifthly, applications of data science in the field of transportation

Data science in transportation

Data science is widely used in the field of transportation, as it contributes daily to saving thousands of lives, providing a safer driving experience by analyzing road, driver and accident data, and trying to discover the factors that cause or reduce road accidents.

That's why governments in developed countries are trying to collect as much data about driving, even fuel consumption, because tracking, detecting and understanding patterns effectively contributes to making roads safer and more realistic driving laws.

Also, with the help of data science, we have seen a development in recent years in the field of self-driving cars, which in the future will eliminate accidents completely, and will make driving just a routine thing that artificial intelligence does.

Private companies working in the field of transportation and transportation use data science heavily as well, for example, Uber, which uses data science to predict the price of a trip through several factors, such as: road congestion, weather factors, availability of drivers, … etc.

Sixthly, Data Science Applications in Government

Data Science in Government . Fields

The governments of developed countries rely mainly on technologies such as data science and artificial intelligence, through which they can make decisions with data drivers, which have a much better impact than decisions based on theoretical evidence.

Governments are also expanding the use of data science in all walks of life, even revealing that Tax Evasion compares people's income with their financial statements and social media accounts to make sure that income matches their spending rates.

Data science is also used in responding to crises, whether natural or national security, and is used in several ways in addressing cybercrime and hacking attempts.


Data is the oil of the twenty-first century, and it is the real wealth that everyone seeks to possess today, because through it, miracles can be achieved by achieving huge profits, or even controlling individuals and directing them according to the desire of those who possess their information.

Data science is the tool that deals with this wealth, and it is the basis for all modern fields, such as: Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and many others.

In this article, we discussed the applications of data science in six important areas, but the applications and uses of data science are limitless, and they are almost present in everything around us.


Saturday, September 17, 2022

The most in-demand specialties in the remote job market 2022


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It is no secret to everyone that we are now living in an era that is witnessing very big changes, and among these changes is the increasing demand by companies and employees to the idea of ​​working remotely, and of course there are certain specializations that are required in the remote job market, and these specializations are in increasing demand every day.

In this article, we will address The most in-demand specialties in the remote job market, which have a good level of demand and are also growing.

We will divide these specialties into general areas, and under each area we will address its most important specializations.

First: In the field of digital marketing (DIGITAL MARKETING CAREERS)

In recent years, marketing has become a wonderful mixture of art, science and technology, which requires creativity, analytical skills, and a lot of technological intelligence. Therefore, the specializations of work in the field of digital marketing vary, including:

1. Digital Marketing Specialist

A digital marketing specialist designs and creates marketing campaigns that support the growth of a company's products and services, and is responsible for researching current digital marketing trends, and identifying the types of products or services that consumers demand.

It provides reports based on information gathered from research such as market trends, marketing, competitor information, new products, and prices.

2. Social Media Manager

The Social Media Manager creates marketing campaigns for the company's social media accounts, and this includes regularly updating the accounts with content and posts related to the company's news and products.

With the aim of developing brand awareness, in addition to attracting new customers or increasing sales, he is also responsible for following up on the activity of social media followers and interacting with them.

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3.Search Engine Optimization Specialist

Responsible for improving the search engine rankings of websites, selecting the appropriate keywords to target in search engine optimization efforts.

It edits and optimizes websites using a variety of SEO techniques. The website optimization process mainly consists of writing keyword-centric content, as well as optimizing page titles and alternative keywords.

Finally, it analyzes the effectiveness and results of the marketing campaign, and adjusts its strategy according to the analysis.

4. Email Marketing Manager

The Email Marketing Manager is responsible for marketing a product or service through email marketing campaigns.

It also manages the company's email contact list, as well as creating the marketing content that will be sent to the customer, and at the end of the marketing campaign, it evaluates its effectiveness and adjusts future campaigns accordingly.

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5. Web Content Writer

Web content writer is concerned with providing appropriate content for websites, with the aim of increasing the number of visitors to the site by targeting specific keywords related to the products or services offered by the company.

6. Digital Marketing Analyst

The digital marketing analyst is responsible for analyzing the company's marketing campaigns, studying and evaluating market trends and reporting the results to the marketing team.

It also collects information and examines purchasing trends to help create marketing plans for the company.

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Second: In the field of writing (WRITING CAREERS)

With the increasing spread of written content on the Internet day after day, the level of competition among writers for the title of the best content increases, in order to ensure that the content reaches the largest number of audiences and creates the strongest impact.

Therefore, writing jobs have taken a new level of specialization, as there are specialists in medical content and others specialized in legal content … etc. It is also considered one of the most important specializations required in the remote labor market because of the great importance that written content enjoys in any field of work.

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The ad writer creates the promotional text that appears on websites, as well as advertisements and all other promotional materials. His work aims to establish brand authority, provide clear customer orientation and increase sales.

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Content writers create blog posts, feature articles, e-books, and all other forms of promotional content, aimed at brand awareness to attract customers interested in the product.

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Freelance journalists write news and feature articles for print or online publication, and many freelance journalists also contribute opinion pieces on topics related to their specialty.


He is an individual who has built a special audience for him thanks to his knowledge of a field that he constantly talks about through his blog, and achieves a steady income by marketing products related to the field he addresses in his blog for a commission, or by displaying ads for his own products.

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The technical writer creates the instruction manual that accompanies any modern electronic or electrical device, and they are good at describing the complex tasks of the device and its parts clearly and concisely.

And not only that, the technical writer is the one who writes any article related to the technical issues of any website specialized in the technical field, or specializes in the sale of modern technological devices.


Sometimes referred to as a "content editor", he shapes the vision and mission of the content, and oversees the process of organizing, scheduling, and delivering it.

The content editor receives the article from the writer, reviews it and makes the necessary modifications to it, and finally publishes it on the site in an orderly manner to serve the general vision of the site.


He is an expert in grammar and grammar… who can quickly and effectively review any written content and make sure that it is free of clerical errors and corrects them, if any.


A person who has knowledge and experience in one or several languages ​​other than his mother tongue, and has the skill of translating texts professionally, not a literal translation into any of the languages ​​he masters, while preserving the meaning and style.

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Third: In the field of graphic design (GRAPHIC DESIGN CAREERS)

You need a freelance designer, but is a graphic designer in general what you're really looking for? Or do you need someone with a certain skill set or technical proficiency? The functions below will help you further understand the differences and determine what you really desire.

If you do not need a professional designer at the moment, there is no doubt that you will need it at some point if you are a business owner.

Any business needs its own designs to promote, so graphic designers are in high demand, and graphic design jobs rank high among the freelance fields.


Creates a distinctive design or shape for the brand that you use on all social media platforms or in emails used to address other business entities, as well as on the company's official papers.

Where that design represents the company and reflects its directions and goals, so it is not just a matter of mastering one of the image design programs, but also requires experience in color, and what each color may reflect or represent, and what may be consistent with that color, as well as the fonts.

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It edits images along with text and colors to convey a specific message effectively, in a way that aligns with the brand identity.

The graphic designer can design images for publication and marketing on social media, and also helps website owners to create visual designs that contribute to showing the content of the site in a more professional manner.


With the rise in popularity of the term, people often confuse it with a graphic designer, but graphic designers are those who specialize in bringing different visual elements of images, colors, and text together into a single design for commercial use.

While digital painters create original artwork from scratch, that is, they do the same as traditional painters do, but instead of paintings they use electronic tablets dedicated to this purpose.


A person who specializes in creating iconic logos that fit the direction of a particular company or group of people.

Logo design, although it seems a simple work, requires high creative and innovative skills, and it needs further study to produce a strong logo that expresses the company, and remains in the mind of the audience.


A person who specializes in design work that will eventually be presented in physical form. He is responsible for designing magazine pages, book covers, print ads and brochures.

Fourth: In the field of web design (WEB DESIGN CAREERS)

Web design is one of the most sought-after specialties in the remote work market. Have you ever entered a site and was impressed by how well it is organized, as well as its calm, eye-pleasing design?

Or did you come across a site where you couldn't stay for a few seconds because the homepage was overcrowded and eye-tiring?

This process of organizing the elements of websites and making them attractive to the visitor is known as “web design” or “website design.”

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The designer creates most of the visual elements that make up the overall look of a website, and this includes the badges, images, and colors on the site.

The user experience designer's role is closely related to marketing, because in one way or another he is responsible for the performance of the website and the extent to which users are satisfied with it and its performance.


User interface design is the process that designers use to build interfaces in computerized software or hardware, with an emphasis on appearance or style and style.

The designer aims to create interfaces that users find easy to use and enjoyable.

What is the difference between UX and UI?

Many people confuse the concept of user experience and user interface but they are different:

User Experience (UX): The interaction and experience that users have with a company's products and services.

For example, if you order food from a website, your access to the website and your interaction with it and its pages ... until the moment you place the order, and then leave the website and receive food from Mosul, and express your satisfaction or dissatisfaction with the food is known as the user experience.

User Interface (UI): The asset that users interact with, such as visual design elements such as colors, fonts, and type.

Going back to the example of ordering food online, the user interface will focus on the visual design of the screens the user interacts with, such as the color of the order confirmation button and where it is placed on the page.

Fifth: In the field of web development (WEB DEVELOPMENT CAREERS)

We talked a little while ago about web design and we knew that it generally means the appearance of sites, but what makes the site work dynamically, that is, once you click on a button, that button does something?

This process is called site development, and it means programming the site using one of the programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, C++, python and others.


The front-end developer translates the design produced by the web designer into code using tools and programming languages ​​dedicated to it such as HTML which is not a programming language, but a tool for building sites, CSS responsible for the aesthetic appearance of the site, and JavaScript the language responsible for breathing life into the elements of the site.


The term BACK END refers to the scenes that the visitor does not see and does not know anything about. If we look at the site as a watch for example, the BACK END part is the inner part of the watch and is responsible for making its hands move regularly and without it the capacity will not work at all.

Where the developer builds the internal parts of the site to be able to work on the Internet using programming languages ​​such as Ruby, PHP, Python and others.

The internal parts of the site are:

Database - which holds customer information.

Application – which stores and organizes customer information in a database.

Server - which houses the database and allows the client to interact with it.


It does both FRONT END DEVELOPER and BACK END DEVELOPER simultaneously. An integrated website developer can make a website on their own.

Mostly the integrated website developer makes websites for small projects, because large websites need more work, and then need professionals in every aspect, and this is difficult to implement for one person.

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He specializes in dealing with the WordPress system and is able to make modifications to WordPress templates, or create new templates from scratch.

It is also able to deal with WordPress plugins and make modifications to them, and develop new ones as well.

Sixth: In the field of application development (APP DEVELOPMENT CAREERS)

Web application development is one of The most in-demand specialties in the remote job market, due to the high percentage of phone users who visit the Web.

For this reason, the field receives great interest and a great demand for its learning. The specializations are divided into the following:


It creates applications specifically designed for Android or iOS mobile phones. It is worth noting that this specialty is one of the most important at the present time.

A smart phone application developer can make great profits whether he works with a specialized company with a salary, or he works alone in the field of making applications and profiting from them.


Creates mobile games only. In fact, games are basically applications, but they are a unique type of application whose purpose is to get the user to have fun and excitement.

Making smartphone applications is also a very profitable field, and there are a lot of game programming companies that require developers for smartphone games, and they pay more than great salaries.


It creates an intelligent chat box that interacts with the user and answers it with pre-programmed and prepared responses in the box system, as major companies need such technology in order to build fast interaction and better communication with customers instead of the human system that requires customers to wait.

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Seventh: In the field of data science (DATA SCIENCE CAREERS)

It is one of the specialties required in the remote labor market that has recently spread, and which many people hear about, but do not know anything about.

Thanks to technology and the Internet, we are able to share, share and retain all types of audio or visual content.

With the increase in the data we use in our daily lives, from photos and videos to great memories… to your project submission file for your work or the e-book you read in your spare time, interest in data science called “the oil of the twenty-first century” has increased due to the scarcity of people who understand and deal with it.

Data science is a broad field that focuses primarily on understanding the data a company owns, extracting information from it using algorithms to use to solve problems or answering questions, and providing advice to management to improve the business.


It collects, analyzes, and stores data to access the required form of data and presents it to people and companies in order to improve the decision-making process, and specializes in organizing databases and repairing malfunctions that may be exposed to them.


It builds the systems a data analyst needs to understand data, and needs a strong proficiency with languages ​​like Python or C++ to code these algorithms.

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It does not analyze data, but manages it within the company's databases, and works to store information in an organized manner, and makes it easy for all members of the company to access it.


He builds the databases used by the data management specialist, where he creates digital repositories that store valuable information for the organization.

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Eighth: In the field of distance education (FREELANCE E-LEARNING CAREERS)

With the expansion of the use of the Internet and its entry into the field of education, and the increase in the need of large companies to develop the skills of their employees, educational courses appeared available online so that each employee can have it at the time that suits him.

Thus, e-learning has gained great importance in the world of business, and is no longer limited to corporate education, but has expanded to include educational institutions at all stages, so the need for the presence of specialists has emerged.

There is no doubt that e-learning jobs spread quickly with the Corona crisis sweeping the whole world, which stopped the features of human life in it, including students going to schools and universities to receive knowledge.

It was necessary to find a quick alternative to ensure the continuity of the educational process, which gave e-learning jobs an importance that they did not enjoy before among the specialties required in the remote job market.


An e-learning consultant helps create better online courses and effectively market them to target clients. E-learning is one of the very booming fields at the moment.

There are a lot of e-learning platforms that require e-learning consultants, and you can get a great salary through them if you are a professional in a field.


He undertakes the task of designing the curricula and educational courses that the students will study by following a plan or a logically arranged map of the topics covered in the educational products he works on.

Ninth: In the field of photography (PHOTOGRAPHY CAREERS)

Unlike all freelance jobs that often don't involve face-to-face interaction with the client, a photographer needs to meet the client in order to get their shots either at the photographer's home, or outside somewhere suitable for great shots.

Therefore, some may think that it cannot be included under the required specializations in the remote labor market, when in fact the opposite is true.


He takes professional photos of the product to highlight its attractiveness, and make it tempting for the customer to buy it in order to increase sales.

He must understand the psychology and mentality of the viewer well, use the right lighting, attractive colors and the right angles to attract the customer's interest.


He designs the advertisement in which the product depicted by the product photographer will be displayed. His work is similar to the work of the product photographer, as he must understand the customer, and what attracts him to ensure a successful advertisement, but it requires creative skill to come up with new, non-repetitive advertising ideas.


It takes professional selfies of people for use at work, such as putting it on a resume before applying for work, or to put it on an employee ID card and other business purposes.


As a product photographer, a real estate photographer professionally shoots properties inside and out to attract customers' attention to make their purchase.


This job is considered the most famous in the field of photography jobs, due to its constant demand in the labor market.

The wedding night is a very special event that happens once in a lifetime, and it must be documented with pictures by a professional to ensure that the work comes out with high quality.

The wedding photographer takes pictures of the newlyweds and the attendees, pictures that reflect the manifestations of joy and happiness on this happy occasion, and he is also used for all other similar occasions such as engagements and birthdays.

Tenth: In the field of video design (VIDEOGRAPHY CAREERS)

No work can dispense with videos in order to market that work, and therefore video shooting jobs are in great demand, as are most jobs related to any type of visual or audio content from The most in-demand specialties in the remote job market.

Like other photography jobs, some video shooting jobs may require the freelancer to leave their home and work at times specified by the client.


He writes the script for various types of videos such as movies, TV series, plays, animation, and TV commercials.

Where he creates and invents characters, formulates the plot, and writes the dialogue, forming a framework that the director can follow to draw his creative vision to transform the writer's words into a live video.

Therefore, the writer needs to have creative skills, a fertile imagination, and be a lot of reading and acquaintance.


He arranges and coordinates the scenes and video clips within a thoughtful time sequence, and adds the appropriate sound and music effects to them so that it turns into a coherent, attractive, specific message, and he must be familiar with the principles of filmmaking.

Here, we have finished our article today about The most in-demand specialties in the remote job market, which we hope will be useful for young people, and open their eyes to learning new skills that can give them a better life.

My friend, please do not just read the article, but do something positive and send it to one person you think needs it, and most importantly, you start taking practical steps in translating this article for real benefit in your life.