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Working on the Internet (31 ways to make money from your home 2022)

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Are you looking for the most popular and important ways to work on the Internet today? Do you want to know the most important advantages and disadvantages of each method? Do you want to know all the methods of making money online from every method?

If your answer is yes, then you are in the right place. There are several ways to work on the Internet, it has become the freedom that many people are looking for. Working on the Internet enables you to be the decision maker and manager yourself, and you can easily develop your business when you put it online.

Unlike many sources that deal with this topic only in theory, we will show you all the ways to work on the Internet in a practical way based on our previous experiences in this field.

You will find that the guide contains sections of work on the general Internet, and in each section you will find the different methods and methods for it, knowing that you will find all the information you want about each method in order to choose the most suitable for you.

That is why I advise you to bring a cup of your favorite drink and then start reading very carefully, compare the different methods, and try to choose the method that best suits your skills and the possibilities available to you, and at the end of the article you will find important tips that will help you, God willing, to reach your goal as soon as possible.

First: work on the Internet by providing content

Providing content is to display specific information that people are looking for in order to achieve a specific goal, and people consume information online either by reading - as you do now - or by watching - such as watching various videos and games - or by listening, such as listening to the radio.

The goal that people want could be just for entertainment, or to elicit some information or review different products and services, it could also be to learn a certain skill or follow the news in a field.

This type of work on the Internet depends on providing content that attracts the viewer, the better the content and the more people accept it, the more and easier the chances of profit from it. This content may be free or paid.

Ways to earn by submitting content

Before I show you the different ways to provide content, I will show you all the possible ways to earn money that fit this method first, so that you understand the whole picture whether you are providing free or even paid content.

1. Make money from ads

Did you not see ads on different YouTube channels? Did the ads you see now between these lines catch your eye? Didn't you hear audio ads while listening to radio shows? Not to mention the different ads you see on all other social media sites like Facebook and Instagram.

These ads appear because of the content, you provide content that attracts followers, and advertisers take advantage of this presence to display those ads that bring them customers, and in return you get money.

There are systems and companies that help content providers to organize these matters, such as the AdSense program offered by Google and other similar programs that act as an intermediary between the content owner and the advertiser.

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2. Make money through affiliate marketing

Profiting from affiliate marketing is the nomination of some products and services to your followers through your content, and when they buy through your links, you get a commission from the companies that own those products and services.

You can find out all the details about affiliate marketing through the link below:

Explanation of Affiliate Marketing (Comprehensive Guide)

3. Make money through marketing for various companies and brands

This method is different from the previous one, as all you do is mention or mention a specific service or product for a pre-agreed amount, not on the basis of the sales you make.

Have you not seen while watching videos on YouTube the content provider says “This video is sponsored by X Company” or an Instagram influencer mentioning a specific product that he recommends, and mentioning that he is collaborating with a certain company. This is the power of influencer marketing.

All of these are examples of making money from this method, the more attractive the content you provide and the more people follow it, the more companies and service providers will want to cooperate with you.

These companies will find their way to you if you have a suitable number of followers, or good visits to your site, and you can also search for them yourself.

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4. Make money by selling services

This method is very straightforward, for example, suppose you provide content on how videos work, you can sell a video design service to those who are interested in this, since you have become an expert in their eyes.

This is what happens with us on the Winners website, as there are many people who write to us for advice and services related to building websites , how to profit from them, marketing, and other things that we constantly publish content about.

There are many examples such as design, programming, writing, marketing or even legal services, as long as you provide appropriate content you can offer your services to those interested in exchange for money.

5. Make money by selling products or digital content

You can sell products to your audience directly, either digital products (such as books and courses), or you can sell products that you manufacture or supervise.

You will find many YouTube channel owners doing courses for their followers who are interested in learning professionally in the field they specialize in, and perhaps you yourself took one of these courses like me.

There are many platforms that enable you to publish your courses for free and sell them to people (as you will promote them within your content) such as the famous Udemy platform … a small search and you will reach what you want.

There are many Arab channels that show content on how handicrafts work, and they also sell some of these handicrafts to their audience in more than one way.

Later I will show you the different ways that you can sell your products online.

Read on, this topic is really very important for every youth, and it is well worth your time.

Ways to work on the Internet by providing content

I will now show you the most important forms of content submission, which you can earn money from through the previous means.

1. Create a website that offers content

This is one of the best ways to present content, but it requires a lot of effort, but in return it opens up several doors for you to earn money online.

The most important thing is to start a website in a field that you are passionate about or interested in, do not run after money, you should enjoy what you offer and be proud of it.

Don't worry about creating a website, we've covered it fully with a wide range of articles on Winners, and these are the most important ones, in which you will find links to many other articles with points of detail.

How to Create a Website (Comprehensive Guide)

And this is another topic that talks about the most important ways to profit from websites:

Ways to earn from websites

2. Own a YouTube channel

YouTube is a huge window to provide content, it has become the second largest search engine in the world that people rely on, so creating a YouTube channel may be your best way.

YouTube is one of the topics that we covered extensively, and this is a group of the most important topics for creating a successful YouTube channel.

Make money from youtube guide

How do I publish my YouTube channel (comprehensive guide)

3. Have an Instagram influencer account

Instagram has become a huge marketing force, and the number of its users has exceeded one billion. If you love images, provide visual content, and are good at communicating with people, Instagram is the best platform for you.

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4. Create an interactive Facebook group

This method is overlooked by many people, Facebook pages are no longer what they used to be, so gather followers and people interested in what you offer in a Facebook group, help them solve their problems and create an online community.

This method is very popular, especially for girls, and also in practical fields that need advice and constantly take people's opinion. I know many who rely mainly on profit from Facebook groups , and they earn very good amounts of money every month online.

5. Own a podcast

This method is relatively new in the Arab field, but the demand for it is increasing every day. All you need is a good microphone and be a radio presenter on the Internet.

The content may be tips, presenting what is new in a particular field, or even a simple chat with your followers, and you can also conduct interviews with influencers in this field.

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6. Sell e-books

This is one of the ways to provide content as well that many overlook. You definitely have experience in a field. You can write about this field in any style you want and in any language.

Then you can put these writings up on platforms like Amazon kindle , google books , etc. to sell them to people directly.

7. Sell audiobooks

This method is similar to the previous one, but this time you provide the audio version of the book as well, and this method has become popular among the providers of written content in the world due to the lack of time for the reader.

Everyone is busy these days, and audiobooks can be listened to on transportation, or while doing any other activity and this greatly saves time.

8. Sell courses and tutorials

There are several platforms such as Udemy and others, which enable you to publish courses and training courses without any fees to you as a publisher. If you are an expert and have knowledge in a particular field, this method may generate a very large income for you.

This method is unique because you put effort in the beginning to create the content, and then this content can generate income continuously for several years.

9. Own a website or forum that sells memberships

There are many famous forums in the Arab world, which many people visit every day. These forums represent a community for people to live in, but this community has its own unique character and characteristics.

You can create your own forum, it's easier than you think, and you can make a membership site so that you provide exclusive content to your site members.

In addition to the traditional ways to earn money from forums and membership sites, you can also offer paid memberships to visitors so that they get several advantages and powers.

10. Have a powerful mailing list

This method is valid in any field, whether in Arabic or English. As you rely on collecting emails interested in what you offer, you send them information and exclusive news on a regular basis.

You can collect these emails in more than one way, from different Facebook groups, or make simple videos on YouTube explaining your experience or the information you will provide in a simple way.

11. Own an online app

There are a lot of educational applications, or applications that help people to learn specific information such as applications for nutritional information for the diet, or applications for exercise.

This method requires that you be a programmer, or you can hire someone to design and program the application for you, and your task is to promote it more.

If you like this method, then I think you should read my previous article about profit from mobile applications .

12. Design apps for games

Games are one of the most important types of content that people consume on a large scale, so you can build simple gaming apps for phones, or even as a desktop app.

Although this method is similar to the previous one, it differs in results, as games have a specific programming style, and require additional effort in creating a story and user experience, as well as design and graphics skills.

13. Sell your websites or pages on social media

Content is a goal for many people, there are companies and marketers who are looking for ready-made sites or pages on social networking sites in order to use them to achieve their goals quickly.

There are a lot of people who make big money just from building websites in certain niches and providing them with good content, and then selling them after a few months to those interested.

Pay attention to me. So far, we have dealt with only one of the areas of profit from the Internet , in which we first dealt with a group of ways that enable you to make profits through it, and then we have addressed 13 different ways to work on the Internet through it (the addresses are in green).

Keep reading, there are still plenty of ways to work online that I'm going to offer you.

Second: Working on the Internet through freelance work

Freelancer is that you do a specific job (such as regular corporate employees), but through the Internet, where you contract with an employer to provide this service to him for an agreed amount.

This method is very popular all over the world, because anyone can start working in it easily, as long as you have the skill that the market wants, you will always find new opportunities

Here is an integrated course in the field of freelancing on the Internet:

Online Freelancing Guide (Comprehensive Guide)

How can you make money from freelancing?

It's very simple, you earn by getting money directly from the customer, and you can do that in three ways:

1. Sign up for freelancing sites

There are several sites that act as an intermediary between the customer and the service provider, so that both parties guarantee that they get their dues according to the agreed terms, and these sites make the process of searching for those jobs or opportunities very easy.

There are several freelancing sites, the most famous of which are:

Upwork site

Freelancer 's website

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2. Direct communication with employers

This is a method overlooked by many who want to work in the field of self-employment, often you will find many people around you who you can help with your skill, all you have to ask them.

If you are a designer, web developer, illustrator or editor, you can ask your friends and relatives to ask their acquaintances about anyone looking for your service, ask the shops and companies near your house.

The more you enter the labor market, ask and research, the more these help you to get even simple opportunities that increase your experience, and also help you build a unique Portfolio that helps you get any job or offer in the future.

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3. Sell your business ready made

This is also a method that many interested in the field of self-employment do not know. You can sell your final product more than once to more than one customer, or even put those products in specialized sites to sell them on your behalf.

For example, you can design a specific video template (such as the intro), and sell it more than once to more than one customer with changing the logo or only some words.

You can also put these templates on specialized sites, so that you get paid for every time that video is sold.

You can apply this example to programs, images, infographics , ready-made graphics templates, WordPress templates , pre-programmed applications and programs and many other things.

Here are, for example, a group of sites where you can sell your ready-made videos or photos:




The most important ways to work on the Internet through the free life

14. Become a graphic designer or expert

There are many companies, private entrepreneurs, and even influencers on YouTube and social media sites who are looking for skills in the field of design and the manufacture of visual effects of all kinds, whether in photos or videos.

15. Become a video maker or editor

Making and filming videos is a very important profession that many people request these days, as it requires great creative work, and editing and cutting videos, and putting some effects so that the video is distinctive and tells an interesting story is a difficult process.

This field in particular has a special place, and a great future in the field of self-employment, and the demand for it is increasing greatly.

16. Work as an e-marketing expert

E-marketing of all kinds in this era has become a cornerstone. Without marketing, you cannot succeed, regardless of the quality of what is presented. This is why many people and employers need experts in this field.

Whether this experience is in marketing through social media sites , or through paid advertising, they are all skills that the market desperately needs, and I personally have several friends who earn very large sums through this method.

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17. Work in the field of writing and translation

Written content has a special place in the labor market because it is the cornerstone on which it is built. For this book of all kinds (Content writer – Copywriter) they are in great demand in the labor market, as well as translation.

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The best sites to make money  from writing

18. Become a programmer (specializing in building websites and web applications)

This skill I personally rely on in working on the Internet, I am a web developer, because there are many people who do not know anything about programming, but who want to build websites, applications, systems and scripts to facilitate their lives or to achieve a specific business goal.

This skill is in great demand since the advent of the Internet, if you have this skill, do not waste time.

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19. Become a programmer (a specialist in building applications and games)

Programming and its applications is a very large sea that has almost no end, for this specialization is required, and for this I wanted to differentiate between this job and the previous one.

You can learn more than one skill and program various projects and ideas, but specialization is important in order to help yourself develop quickly, and the field of mobile applications and games is of special importance and a very wide market.

20. Work as a virtual assistant

Working as a Virtual Assistant is to help anyone perform certain tasks through the Internet, where you can respond to emails, organize appointments, follow anyone's social media accounts and other things.

This method only requires you to be an organized person and have the time, which is a highly demanded area, especially at this time, due to the large number of influencers and small business owners who want to hire someone to help them, but with a small budget.

21. Offer microservices

This method is the least profitable, there are many sites that provide simple functions such as entering data, converting texts to writing for a certain amount of money, reviewing applications and sites, or voiceover on videos.

If you do not have a lot of time, or you have many tasks in the day, this method may be an increase in your personal income, but I do not recommend that you continue with it for a long time, just collect some money to start something better.

Below is a link to one of these sites you can work with:

ref . site

Third: Work on the Internet through e-commerce

E-commerce is a very large and diverse field due to the development that we are currently experiencing, and the great demand for people to deal online, especially in almost all countries of the world.

This field requires only two skills, reading the market and knowing people's needs, marketing skill and knowing how to make people buy from you and not from others. If you love buying and selling, this field is for you.

This field, despite its hugeness and the size of the profits in it, is very simple, but there is a difference between simplicity and ease, for this I will explain to you the different types of e-commerce, as well as the obstacles that you have to overcome in order to succeed.

Types of e-commerce

There are three forms of e-commerce that you have to choose the most suitable for you:

1. Sell your DIY products online

If you have products that you already sell in the market that you manufacture or assemble, or if you are skilled in making handicrafts or accessories, this method is the most suitable for you.

All you are doing is that you are using the Internet to promote your products in various ways - which we will mention later - and also in ways to get money from your customers who buy from you with ease.

2. Sell others' products online (dropshipping)

The term drop shipping may be new, but it is a very old idea. You simply get certain products at a lower price than the market and then sell them to the consumer at the normal market price.

All you need is to know the sources from which you can get these products, and also to know the products that are in demand from people, and a way to display these products.

Want to learn more about dropshipping? Read the article in the link below:

Explanation of Drop Shipping and how to get started with it

3. Selling custom-designed products

Have you ever heard of Print on Demand, this idea has spread greatly in the last ten years all over the world, and there are many who rely on it to make money greatly.

This method is about printing pictures or graphics on textile products (T-shirts - upholstery of all kinds), as well as on mugs (Mugs) and even 3D printing.

All you have to do is contract with one of the companies that print (there are many companies in the world and in the Arab world), and give them the designs you want so that they print what you want on demand.

You do not pay for anything, but the customer who pays, and the company also delivers the product to him so that the company gets its percentage and you get the rest.

Methods of working on the Internet in the field of e-commerce

22. Own an online store on the WordPress platform with the addition of Woocommerce

If you already have a business on the ground and a customer base, and you want it to move to the Internet, you can build an online store on the WordPress platform and Woocommerce template  that makes everything easier for you.

What is unique about this platform, although it is free, is the process of complete control over everything in your store, from the design to the completion of the purchase process, so I recommend this method to owners of companies or relatively large projects.

23. Own an online store on the shopify platform

The Shopify platform enables you to build an online store in several minutes, and provides you with many tools that help you in your marketing campaigns, as well as linking several services in one place.

That is why this platform is more suitable for the dropshipping process that we mentioned earlier, and it also helps in the way of selling printed products because of the tools available.

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24. Own a seller account on the amazon platform 

 allows you to sell any product on it, you pay a small percentage of the sales when anyone buys it.

This method is more suitable if you manufacture your products yourself and on a fairly large scale, because you put your products in front of millions of visitors who depend on a market to get what they want.

You can find out all the steps and details through the amazon website itself, and you can also contact customer service to help you with any step.

This is the link to sell products on

25. Have a seller account on the Jumia platform

This method is similar to the previous one, as the popular Jumia website provides the same service in almost the same way.

Here is the link to sell products on Jumia

26. Sell your products through the Facebook marketplace

This method is very wonderful and fits almost all the previous methods and is free. You will find all the details about this method through the following article:

How to Make Money on Facebook: 11 Easy Ways

27. Have an Amazon seller account

This method is very profitable, and many Arabs work with it, however, it is the most difficult because you will depend on placing certain products on the giant Amazon website in European countries or America.

This requires a lot of knowledge and research on suppliers, then studying the competitors and the rules of Amazon itself. But it's very special because you send the products all at once to Amazon, and they then ship and process the money for you.

This method is known as Amazon FBA and you can find a lot of information about it on YouTube, as there are many Arab pioneers in this field.

You can get started with the link below:

28. Sell your art and designs on Etsy

The Etsy platform is a supermarket similar to Amazon, but it is dedicated to handmade products and unique prints, unlike regular stores.

I know many Arab professional painters who rely on this famous platform to make money permanently, all you do is that you publish your products after approval by the site management for a very small fee, so that you determine the price and the shipping mechanism as well.

You can get started with the link below:

29. Own a Teespring seller account

Teespring platform is one of the most famous printing companies in the world, you can create a free account on it, put some designs, determine the type of publications you want, and when any product is sold, you get a certain percentage.

You can get started with the link below:

E-commerce obstacles

As I mentioned, this method is very profitable, but there are certain things that you have to keep in mind in order not to be an obstacle on your way to success, which are:

Most of the time you have to have the capital to start e-commerce.

You must study the market and determine the quality of products and customers so as not to lose your time and money.

If you want to build a large online store, you may have to hire a professional web developer.

Oftentimes you are the one responsible for shipping, financial dealings and customer service, so you have to be prepared for this.

You must know how to market your products so that you get sales continuously, and your business grows.

Do not let these obstacles stand in your way, there are many successful people in this field, all I wanted was for the image to be clear in front of you, so try and try and do not despair as long as you take the reasons.

Fourth: Working on the Internet through Investment

The stock market or investing in companies and stocks is a big field, as there are those who win millions from this field, and there are those who also lose millions, it is a volatile and exciting field and every moment is new.

This method you make money from through speculation, you buy at a low price, and sell at a high price, and therefore the difference represents your profits, the more information you have about the state of the market and different companies, the easier it will be for you.

I do not recommend this field for beginners or those who have limited budgets, but if you have an adventurous spirit and some time to learn, this field is very suitable for you.

The most important ways to invest online

30. Invest in securities

You can invest your money in buying shares in various companies in the world, or in buying the same paper currencies (such as the dollar and the euro) so that you can earn money from changing the exchange rate, buying and selling.

31. Invest in cryptocurrency

You may have heard about Blockchain technology or have heard about digital currencies, including Bitcoin and the revolution that these currencies have brought about. You can buy and trade in these digital currencies because their prices are constantly changing.

If you want more ways to invest money through the Internet, I advise you to read my previous article on that, and you can also view the article on online project ideas .

Important tips for the success of your business on the Internet

In the end, I want to keep in mind several things that will definitely help you achieve success as long as you put the required effort, namely:

1. There are many ways and methods to work on the Internet and achieve financial income, and I think that all of them are profitable as long as they are dealt with in the appropriate way

2. You do not need to be a seasoned expert to start in any of the above mentioned ways, you can learn some skills, or improve yourself online very quickly, and gain experience with time and practice.

3. You can start working even if for free - especially in the field of self-employment - without making any income until you have a strong personal profile.

4. Try to look for a role model or an example to follow, especially in the beginning, because this will help you learn faster.

5. Do not rush, fail again and again, as long as you believe in your abilities, you will reach your goal no matter what. Many people fail because they do not complete the journey, and do not wait until they see the results of their efforts.

6. Do not think too much about choosing a particular way to work on the Internet, try to follow your passions and interests so that you can continue in whatever method you choose.

7. There is no shame in gaining experience on the ground first before starting to work online, especially if you need guidance constantly. Every person learns and acquires skills in different ways.

At the end of my article on ways to work on the Internet, I want to ask you several things, if you will allow me:

A : If you have any question about any method, please leave it in the comments, so that we can answer you and provide assistance.

Second: If you would like more information about a particular method… leave this topic to us in the comments, and we will, God willing, provide detailed content about it in the very near future.

Third: Please share this article with all your friends and acquaintances, perhaps with this simple action you will help someone change his life for the better.



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