What are CPA offers, what are their types and how to choose the best and most profitable one

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 In the second lesson of the CPA marketing Course, we will discuss in detail CPA offers, which are an essential pillar of the marketing process in this field.

Choosing the best or suitable CPA offer is the first step on the right path in making a profit from CPA, and this is what we will discuss in this article.

During this article, we will mention the definition of CPA offers, their different types, and how to choose the best suitable offers among them using practical steps that are easy to implement, and in the end we will mention some important tips on choosing the best CPA offers.

After completing this article, you will be an expert in choosing and evaluating CPA offers, which will make it easier for you to get started in this field or improve your performance in it if you have already started.

What are CPA Offers?

CPA Offers or CPA Offers are offers in which advertisers and publishers agree to pay a certain commission to the publisher in exchange for the user or visitor to do a certain action.

Hence the origin of the word CPA, which is Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition, the cost of acquisition. It is required here that these actions be achieved in order to achieve the marketing goals of advertisers.

Here lies the challenge in targeting and persuading customers to take the required actions…whether these actions are simple or complex.

For example, the action may be as simple as registering the user's email, filling out a simple form containing his information, or even downloading a file or application.

While the act can be complicated, such as signing up for life or property insurance offers, entering MasterCard data, or other high-commission actions that are difficult for marketers to convince customers of.

Some of the most popular verbs you will encounter in CPA presentations are:

The customer enters his Email Submit, his Zip Code, his phone number, Pin Submit, or any other data related to him.

Download a program, game, tool, or add-on to the browser.

Write a review on an app or program you downloaded.

Post or invite friends to purchase or subscribe to a program or application.

Register in a site, forum or newsletter.

Fill out a questionnaire or answer questions of interest to the advertiser.

Make a call to the advertiser's business.

Types of CPA Offers

There are two ways to divide the types of CPA offers, one is to compare them in terms of different payment models which are the least used, and the other is to compare them in terms of their domains and niches which we will talk about at length.

First, the types of CPA offers in terms of Payout Models

In the field of CPA, there are many payment models that differ according to the offer, action and marketing objective of the advertiser, and we will talk about the most important 6 of them, and they are:

PPS or Pay Per Sale.

Pay Per Lead PPL or Pay Per Lead.

PPI or Pay Per Install.

Pay Per Call.

Revenue Share or RevShare.

PPC or Pay Per Click.

a) PPS or Pay Per Sale

In the pay-for-sale model, the marketer takes his commission for every sale made through him, and of course, as I thought now, this model is very used in e-commerce offers.

It is also popular for a number of other offers to promote specific courses, or even paid software or apps.

b) PPL or Pay Per Lead

This model is one of the most used models in CPA offers, where the marketer takes a commission for each potential customer that enters his data or information.

This data may be his name, e-mail, phone number, or something else, and this type of offer is the best for beginners in this field.

c) PPI or Pay Per Install

The payment-for-installation model is related to applications and software. The marketer takes a commission for each visitor who downloads and installs the program, application or game on his mobile phone or computer.

This model has become one of the most used models in mobile phone presentations, and it is almost dominant in this type of presentation.

d) Pay Per Call

The Pay Per Call model is less popular than the previous models, and this is because it is used in very limited areas.

Such as the field of insurance in which the marketer is paid in exchange for convincing the customer to make the call, and then the insurance company employee convinces the customer to participate in one of their programs.


Also, repair shop owners or other service providers sometimes promote themselves through this model.

e) Revenue Share or RevShare

This model is often one of the best payment models for the marketer, because in it the marketer gets a percentage of every transaction the customer makes, so it provides a long-term source of profits for marketers.

In this model, the advertiser agrees with the publisher to give him a fixed percentage of the profits of the clients he attracts.

This type is very famous in the world of services that are subscribed to on a monthly basis, and here when the user who subscribed through you renews his subscription, he takes a commission for the new subscription without any effort or additional marketing.

f) PPC or Pay Per Click

In this form of payment, the marketer takes his commission in exchange for persuading the visitor or customer to click on a specific link or advertisement, and the marketing objective of this model is usually to raise the customer's brand recognition.

Note: Sometimes payment models can be expressed in another way which is Cost or Cost Per Click, but it is the same thing, for example: PPS or Pay Per Sale is the same as CPS or Cost Per Sale.

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Secondly, areas of CPA offers or CPA Niches (classification of CPA offers according to areas)


Choosing the right offers is preceded by another choice that is also not easy. Before that, you must choose the field or niche of the offers.

You are right, as I certainly thought; The right niche or field will be the one that people are always interested in and looking for, for example it could be health, money, time, love or work.

But these are all very broad classifications or Verticals, so in order to choose the right niche you need to choose a more specialized classification or precise field and this is what is meant by the niche.

You must dig deeper into the vertical classification or the Verticals in order to reach your Niche on the basis of which you choose your offers.

Knowing that with the increase in the number of offers, the deepening of fields, and the presence of many new classifications, you may have to delve into the niche to reach a smaller niche, or what is called in English Micro Niche.

During the process of choosing a niche, you must distinguish between two very important terms: the audience niche and the product niche.

While the product niche is a variable and unstable thing that disappears with the demise of the product or trend, the audience niche is the constant and it is the niche that you must choose.

For example, a product that is a smoking cessation label may become very popular and its offers are very profitable, when after a few months this popularity ends and becomes a mainstream business.

But the idea of ​​quitting smoking, and people who want to quit smoking will always be there, and they will always need products or services to help them do so.

In general, the niche you choose will be in one way or another related to your interests and activities, whether you encounter it as a personal problem, or have been exposed to it in any way, or you have a curiosity and desire to know about it.

There are several things that will assure you that you have chosen the right niche, including:

1. Ease of finding people interested in it: The profitable niche has many interested people, whether through pages, YouTube channels, communities, or even celebrities and influencers.

2. An abundance of information and data about it: due to the presence of a large number of interested people, you will find very large content related to this topic, in addition to an ongoing search for it, and in general, any niche that has more than two thousand searches per month is acceptable as a profitable niche.

3. There is competition for it: You may wonder what I am going to say, but if you find that there are competitors in this niche, this will be a good sign that it is a profitable niche.

4. Renewed offers in this area: Research CPA companies, if you find offers for this niche and notice that there are offers posted regularly, this will be a good sign that you have chosen the right niche.

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The famous niche in CPA shows

There are many popular and profitable industries that have endless CPA offers, some of them are seasonal or just a temporary trend and some are permanent, or as it is called in the field Evergreen.

These areas are usually associated with three primary goals that the client is strenuously trying to achieve, namely profit, a better body (health, beauty and fitness) and finally love.

I will now showcase some of the popular and frequent areas of CPA offerings:

1. Health and Nutrition

People always want to be in their best health and best body, so there is an ongoing obsession with us humans to improve our health and look and stay young forever.

A field like nutrition, for example, will be worth about $300 billion by 2023, after just two years, which is a very big number.

But these fields are verticals, i.e. large vertical classifications, they have many niches within them, such as:

Weight loss.

home health.

Self care.

Exercise and fitness.

Reproductive and sexual health.

Phone addiction treatment apps.

Parasite medicines and treatments (a very strong niche in Southeast Asia).

2. Work, Trade and Investment

There is a very large market that focuses on the vertical areas of money, such as: work and employment, trade, and investment of all kinds.

People always and forever want to be better and make more and more money, so you will find niches, such as:

Real Estate Investment.

Investing in the stock market.

Forex market.

Import and Export.


E-books and courses on investing.

How to level up faster.

How do you work in the field of …….

3. Ways and areas of making money from the Internet

No need to tell you that there are a lot of people these days trying to earn or make huge money from the internet and that is why this vertical field is so profitable.

You will find a lot of niches in this field, such as:

Freelance work.


digital currencies.

digital assets.


Profit from Amazon.

Books and educational courses.

And dozens more.

4. Insurance

The insurance field is also one of the fields in the arena, which is one of the most profitable fields, especially since its commission may reach $1,000 or even more.

In this area you will find niche offers of life insurance, auto insurance and property insurance.

5. Games

In recent years, the gaming field, especially video games, has become very profitable, and there are dozens of CPA offers in it.

This is not surprising, especially since there are online communities that are specialized in games and gamers, and there are many products and services that are dedicated to them, as video games have become not just games but also a lifestyle.

In this area you will find a lot of offers about Nis, such as:

PC Games.

Cloud Gaming.

RGB players accessories.


Gaming Fur . Furniture


6. Dating

You may be surprised that the dating field exists and is even very profitable, and the numbers prove this, as the field is now worth more than 12 billion dollars.

In Western countries, many people are interested in this field. In the United States alone, there are 60 million people who use dating services, and about 40% of relationships are through various dating applications and sites.

7. There is another lengthy list of fields, such as

Lottery Sweepstakes.




In general, it is better for you when choosing the right niche for you to choose a niche that you have experience or expertise in, with a passion factor, because this will give you a competitive advantage and superiority over other marketers.

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How do I choose the best CPA offers?

Perhaps the most pressing question now is how to choose the best CPA offers out of thousands of offers on the Internet, and although there is no specific way to do this, you can follow the following four steps.

Of course, these steps are neither mandatory nor mandatory, and every CPA marketer has his own way of choosing the best CPA offers, but these steps will help you until you develop your own method.

First Step: Search for offers in your chosen niche

After choosing your niche, you will now have to search through the offers for this niche to find the best possible offers to choose from.

It is usually difficult to find profitable offers, but with perseverance and a little research you will find what you are looking for, and you can start looking at CPA companies directly, or at sites that collect offers.

There are sites on the internet called Offer Aggregators, which collect CPA offers from various CPA companies.

The most important of these sites are:





Or you can search for offers from the CPA companies themselves, and in the next lesson we will talk about these companies in detail and recommend the best companies to join them.

Second Step: Know the full details of the offer

In this step you will have many offers from the same niche to choose from, and to do this you will make a little exclusion while reading the details of the offers.

Of course, if you are a beginner, it would be better to choose the easiest offers that require collecting the customer's email, or having them sign up for a site or newsletter or even download an app, because they are the easiest to start and least challenging.

Then you have to evaluate the offers, according to:

1. Offer Viability

Is this show worth it to you?

Will there be a return for the time, effort and money you put into it?

Is the commission for this offer acceptable and includes a profit that is acceptable to you for each action?

Do you expect the returns to be satisfactory to you?

2. Country and language

What countries are advertising allowed in?

What languages ​​are required?

Can you target these segments?

What will the campaign cost in these countries?

Do you understand the mindset of your target audiences and will you be able to successfully persuade them to take action?

3. Seasonality

Is this offer seasonal or permanent?

If it is seasonal, is this the right season for it?

Is this the best time to promote this offer?

Are the returns from this offer worth the effort in marketing?

4. Legal and ethical problems

Is this offer consistent with my principles and values?

Am I comfortable promoting this offer?

Do the laws of the country in which I promote allow this?

Will I have any legal problems?

5. Payout

Is the commission of this offer compatible with the effort, time and money spent?

What is the Minimum Withdrawal amount?

When are the dividends distributed (monthly, weekly, etc.)?

Third Step: Think about the requirements to pass this offer and take into account its limitations

Most likely after the second step you will have much less offers left, maybe less than 10, and for further exclusion we will now think about the restrictions on offers.

Many offers have certain restrictions, such as:

Rely on a specific type of traffic.

Use a certain type of advertising.

The need to target a specific country or geographic area.

Target 3G or 4G networks only.

Targeting a specific gender or age group.

Other terms in the form of advertisements.

These restrictions are very important because they will help you achieve the required conversions, and thus get the largest number of commissions and profits.

So if one or more of these restrictions is not suitable for you or you will not be able to deal with it, then exclude this offer and focus on the rest of the offers.

Fourth Step: Test the offers

In this step, you will be left with at most two or three offers, and you will have to choose from them, and although it has not become any easier, there is only one thing left that you can do to reach your desired offer.

Testing Offers Yes, it is okay to test with a small or limited budget to see which offer will get you the most acceptable results, so you will be assured that you have chosen the right offer that is most profitable.

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Very important tips when choosing a CPA offer

1. Don't choose the offer just based on the commission value

Some novice CPA marketers choose offers based on commission value or payout only, when this can cause them to earn much less profit.

There are other factors such as the conversion rate or the conversion rate that must be taken into account when looking at the amount of the commission.

To simplify what I want to say to you, let's imagine two offers, the first has a commission of 10 dollars, while the second has a commission of 2 dollars. At first glance, it seems to you that the first is much better than the second, right?

But what if I told you that the conversion ratio of the first is about 1 in 1000, while the second has a conversion ratio of 1 in a hundred.

Therefore, if you can get 10,000 clicks for the two offers, you will find that the returns from the first offer will be only 10 commissions, i.e. $100, while the second will return you $200 because you get 100 commissions.

2. Never ignore measuring demand for offers before choosing them

Before choosing any offer, you must measure the demand and demand so as not to waste your time and effort on a useless offer.

You can easily do this by searching for the keywords used by KeyWords to get a sense of the amount and volume of their search, a large search volume will be a good indicator that your site will bring in many profits.

You can find out the amount and volume of keyword research through several tools, such as:

Google Keyword Planner

Google Trends

Lycos Top 50

Besides the amount and volume of keyword research you can also measure the competition between publishers, which is sometimes a good indicator of the profitability of the offer or domain of course if the competition is not fierce or impossible.

You can find this out easily by searching the search engines Google and Yahoo, and watching the ads that appear in the search results.

And the big chance lies in finding a keyword with a large search volume that does not include many ads,.

for example:

If you are shopping for a weight loss offer, and you type in the search engines a keyword related to weight loss, such as: “slimming through exercise,” and you do not find many ads in the search results, in this case you have a very big opportunity to market your offers.

3. Do not forget to calculate the money you will spend to get the traffic

It might seem logical or self-evident! But you should never forget to calculate the cost of the traffic that you will get from different e-marketing sources and channels.

You also have to calculate it and take it into account with the commission value of the offer and the expected conversion rate.

Some marketers, after working on offers, discover that the process of attracting and persuading customers costs more than the commission they get, and thus they lose money instead of making it.

4. Contact the account manager

Always contact your account manager and get as much information and advice from him as some of these tips may contribute to doubling your profits.

It also sometimes has information about traffic sources that achieve the best results for offers or certain strategies that may contribute to achieving amazing results.

5. Look for the same CPA offer in different companies

It may seem illogical, but sometimes the same offer is published on several companies with different commissions and conversion rates.

So it would be better to choose the best version of the offer that suits you as a marketer or as a publisher, and you can do this easily through the offer aggregators we mentioned above.

6. Always visit the CPA offer page before marketing it

You should always visit the offer pages before you start marketing them, for several reasons:

Ensure that the landing page performance standards for the offer you are marketing are implemented.

To make sure that the offer and the landing page link work, and that it is free of any errors.

To compare landing pages of similar offers for the same company.

Knowing whether there are pop-ups or not, as some companies selling visitors do not accept pop-up ads.

Sometimes you will find that this CPA offer page is not available for your country, so you will have to use a method to see it, there are 5 methods that I personally use and recommend to you, namely:

Using the Landing Page Preview option: Some companies put a button or service that enables the publisher to see the viewing page even in their country or geographic location.

Talk to the account manager: You can also ask the account manager to send you the offer page.

Use VPN sites to change country IP: such as newipnow: which allows you to choose a new IP for any country.

Using different proxy changing programs: You will find many of them on the Internet.

Searching for an offer through aggregator sites, which sometimes allow you to view the pages of any offer you want.

This is our lesson on CPA Offers I hope you liked it and we would like to assure you that you can ask us anything in the comments and we will get back to you quickly.

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