Ways to make money from LinkedIn (6 opportunities waiting for you in 2022)

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 If you think that Linkedin is intended only for obtaining jobs or creating a communications network, then you are wrong, because Linkedin can be the job in itself.

Yes, make money from LinkedIn is very affordable if we realize some things and follow some steps, and this is what we are going to present in the next lines.

6 different ways to earn from LinkedIn

If we know that 1 million LinkedIn users are top influencers, and another 40 million users occupy decision-making positions, we might have got the idea that LinkedIn is not just a dream job site, it's a dreamland in itself.

What are the steps that will help me make money through the site?

1. Earn from LinkedIn by getting your dream job

Getting a job for the sake of work is relatively easy, especially for someone who is willing to make some compromises.

As for those who do not want to give up their dream job, and have the ambition to reach positions that befit their potential, here the matter contains some challenges, but not in the presence of the wonderful LinkedIn platform.

The LinkedIn platform provides the opportunity to appear in front of thousands of recruiters and owners of international companies. And here in particular, the first and most famous way to profit from LinkedIn emerges, which is to get a dream job.

Yes, it is not a way to make money directly from LinkedIn, but it is a way to make money from your dream job until you decide to retire, thanks to this wonderful platform that provides you with an unparalleled opportunity to hunt the job you have always dreamed of.

First start with your profile on the site. Make sure to point it in the field of work you want, make sure to enable the open to work tab across the site so that job owners can find you.

Show your skills and previous experience in detail in your profile. Share stories of your successes and other stories of the hardships you faced in your previous job.

Also write about your educational experiences and do not forget to contact a number of people in your field of work, the network of relationships that will increase your chances of getting a good job.

The salaries of those who obtained jobs on LinkedIn vary according to the diversity of the fields in which they work, and the diversity of the institutions they work for.

Signing up for LinkedIn Pro-finder will also boost your chances of getting a job fivefold, which is an advanced professional job market, and most employers are looking for experienced professionals.

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It is worth noting that there is an educational platform affiliated with LinkedIn that contains professional courses in many of the disciplines required in the remote labor market , which you can rely on to develop your skills, and work to better qualify yourself for your dream job.

2. Make money from LinkedIn by providing consulting services

If you have experience in a specific field, make sure the people you connect with on LinkedIn know that you provide consulting services.

In fact, many people earn a lot of extra money each month by offering their job experience in the form of consulting.

The market price for providing consulting services ranges from 50 to 150 dollars per hour, and the price varies according to the type of consulting services and the level of the consultant.

You can take advantage of your LinkedIn page to provide more profitable consulting advice.

The advisory service provided, if relevant, will make more people want to do business with you than other generic content creators.

The consulting service must be characterized as providing solutions. The experienced consultant can present the problems he encountered with previous clients with the proposed solutions to them, without revealing the clients’ secrets.

A good advisor should always be on the lookout for legal and policy changes, different client preferences and trends, new technological developments and guide them in times of crisis.

An important point for you: Continue to provide your audience with the information and resources they need to help them solve their problems, and from time to time announce that you are ready to provide professional and practical consulting services to anyone who wants, and you will find many people contacting you to request your consulting services.

3. Make money from LinkedIn through affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn from LinkedIn on our list. The method of profit from commission marketing is determined according to the situation you are in, so we can divide this method into two ways or two ways to achieve profits.

Here is an explanation of each:

A) make money from affiliate marketing if you are an influencer and have followers on LinkedIn

Simply this method works by gaining the loyalty and trust of followers, and then starting to nominate products and services to them, and make money through them through affiliate marketing.

Example: You work in video editing and you have a large following. You constantly share information, educational resources and important tips for everyone who works or wants to work in the field of video editing.

In this case, you can subscribe to affiliate programs for the tools you use in the montage, and then nominate these tools to your followers and profit from commission marketing.

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b) Find influencers to market your products for commissions

In this method, you will take on the role of the owner of a company that wants to market itself by sharing profits with influencers. So here you will use the LinkedIn platform to search for influencers in your field, start communicating with them and agree about marketing your products or services for a commission.

Applying the idea to the following example: Suppose you own a tool specialized in video montage, here you will communicate with those who work in montage and have a good follower base, and agree with them to nominate your video montage tool to their followers, and give them commissions on each successful sale.

Helping others promote your brand for a specific commission will increase your sales. You can benefit from promoting this within your groups.

4. Make money from LinkedIn by investing your money in paid ads (for business owners)

We have mentioned in more than one place that LinkedIn is a large arena for business owners and recruiters, so it is a great advertising arena, through which you can take your business to a new level.

LinkedIn Paid Ads is one of the marketing channels that have proven to be effective, especially for companies whose clients are other B2B businesses.

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You can easily go to the LinkedIn advertising platform, and start creating your first advertising campaign on the platform through the following link:

Linkedin ads link

Note: LinkedIn ads are characterized by their high price, but compared to their quality, they represent an excellent choice for many types of business, especially those targeting those looking for jobs or targeting companies.

5. Make money from LinkedIn by uploading videos directly to the site

There are different types of videos on LinkedIn, including; Embedded clips, which are mainly uploaded on other sites and added to LinkedIn.

There are clips uploaded directly to the site, and these have more access privileges to followers than the previous one. The last type is advertisement clips, and this guarantees access to many times more followers than the previous two.

Videos uploaded directly to LinkedIn earn 3 times more visibility and engagement than text posts, and recent studies have shown that uploading videos directly to the site increases the likelihood of conversations between followers of this activity more than 5 times.

Uploading videos to LinkedIn instead of adding links to these videos on other sites like Facebook or YouTube, would double the number of views. Linkedin's algorithms serve sections of the site more than intrusive links.

Using the word “video” in promoting your clip can greatly increase the number of clicks, and interacting with comments also increases interaction, with the ability to provide more advertising and information about the service or product you provide.

This was all about the effectiveness of LinkedIn videos. But how can you make a profit from it? In fact, there are many, many ways in which you can generate excellent revenue through LinkedIn videos, including:

Marketing your products or services.

Affiliate marketing for a product or service that your target audience is interested in on LinkedIn.

Marketing for companies and organizations by making promotional videos and publishing them to your followers for specific amounts of money.

The ideas here are endless... you just have to think outside the box a little.

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6. Make money from LinkedIn by selling digital courses

LinkedIn users are among the most users of digital products , especially courses and educational books. This is simply because the majority of LinkedIn users are young people looking for a job, or seeking to develop their skills and acquire new skills to cope with the labor market.

One of the clear evidence that educational courses are a very popular subject among LinkedIn users is that LinkedIn itself owns an educational platform that contains a lot of educational courses.

You, my friend, can also profit from LinkedIn by creating your own educational course, promoting it and selling it to your network on LinkedIn.

In fact, this method of profit from LinkedIn is a treasure if it is implemented successfully. Yes, it is not suitable for everyone, as we are not all teachers, but whoever fits it can make a fortune through it.

To make money from LinkedIn by selling your digital course, follow these steps:

a) Proficiency in a field

From my point of view, in order to teach a course, you need more than just information and knowledge, and you must be a professional in the field in which you want to publish a course.

The wonderful thing here is that the world of the Internet with all its courses is in your hands, and you can learn as you like to have what you need to do your course.

b) Build your LinkedIn fan base

Building a follower base is the basis that you will rely on to promote your course later, but here you do not have to build a base of followers from all sides, but rather you have to build a base of followers who really care about the material that you will talk about in your course.

c) Do the chorus

This step, our Lord, contains some challenges, but do not forget that the world of courses has courses in anything you want. So you will find courses on how to build your own course, and here is a link to one of these courses:

Udemy Masters: Learn Online Course Creation – Unofficial

d) Promote the course and start making profits

My advice to you here is not to make your course marketing dry (that is, you constantly invite your followers to buy the course). But you have to keep providing your followers with good and useful content, and periodically mention your course.

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Important tips and points to help you earn from LinkedIn

We leave you now with a set of tips that enhance your chances of earning money through the site.

1. Create an attractive profile

You must present yourself in the best image through your profile, as it answers the most important question on their minds about you, is it a better person to communicate with to benefit or not? You must choose a suitable image and a good short for your profile in order to build a successful brand.

Did you know that when people search for your name on Google, your LinkedIn profile will appear in the first five options and oftentimes the first? So neglecting your profile may miss out on good earning opportunities.

Also, be sure to constantly update your profile, as it is an important thing that will bring you professional contacts and a good network. In short, your profile is the most important preparatory step on the way to achieving profits.

2. Use the strategy of surprise and out of the ordinary

Twitter is famous for being the platform where everyone can drain their energies away from the eyes of family members or managers! What would happen if we moved Twitter's strategy to LinkedIn? and how's that?

Ask questions that are out of the ordinary in order to get a good number of contacts, for example “Name the most boring questions in job interviews?”, “Have you ever answered these questions in an unconventional way?” and “Why are most of the world’s top business leaders and mega-corporations only men?”

All these controversial questions that raise unconventional ideas, are useful in expanding your fan base and drawing the attention of business owners and customers to your brand. He expected a high number of visits with her, and this is another preparatory step no less important than the previous one.

3. Create your own groups

Participating in LinkedIn groups that have the same specialization as your brand is not enough to make a profit. The owners of these groups may impose some marketing restrictions on you, but you should be interested in creating your own groups that serve your profit goals.

Don't make your group just a store that sells products only! Even if making a profit is the primary goal of its establishment. Rather, it should make it a place to connect with the public.

Ask questions, hold contests, post your opinions and ideas about the job market, the cartoons are fun, the videos are good and the articles too. These tools will help you build a loyal audience.

4. Study the competitors

Studying competitors is very important if we aspire to profit from LinkedIn. Read their profiles, job responsibilities, previous jobs and the pages of the companies they work for. You will get great insights about each competitor and how you can benefit from their own experience.

Finally, we can only say that the ways to profit from LinkedIn are numerous and endless, and the world's most famous recruitment site opens the door wide for you.

So all you need to do is study and know exactly what your winning horse is, what method is best for you and your circumstances, and what your capabilities are.

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