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Top 5 ways to make money from forums in 2022

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Forums are a very important component of the vast world of the Internet, as many people resort to and join them for various purposes, from learning, entertainment, communication, and even making money.

In this article, I will present to you the ways to make money from different forums on the Internet, whether you are the owner of this forum or a subscriber to it.

I will present many strategies and ways to make money from the forums, and all you have to do is choose the most appropriate strategy and start implementing it.

What is the profit from forums?

Make money from forums is a means of make money from the Internet , which enables you to make money through a strategy or method that you follow for a certain period of time in a forum.

These strategies and methods differ according to the different nature of the forum, its niche, and the people involved in it and interested in what it offers.

In general, you should know - if you did not know beforehand - that forums are gathering places for many people who have common interests to discuss and about their various topics, and this is precisely where the possibility of making profits stems from.

As long as you have a product, service or even content related to the domain of the forum and you can present it to members in a proper and legal way, here you can make profit from the forum, so the opportunities are limitless.

Forums have been popular since the beginning of the spread of the Internet, as they constituted an important and great opportunity for people interested in a particular field or specialists in it to get to know and benefit each other, in addition to discussing the field of this forum, of course.

In the next part of our article, we will try to collect the most famous and most important ways to profit from forums, whether for the two beneficiaries: the owner of the forum or the member participating in it.

And then, at the end of the article, we will mention the most important tips that are available at all in order to start profiting from the forums.

Starting from here on the warning that the topic we are discussing is completely different from the profit forums from the Internet, which we will discuss in another article that will be published here soon on the winners.

In general, dear reader, you can, if you like, suggest us any topic you want us to write about by communicating with the site, or writing the topic or topics you want us to focus on in the comments below.

How to earn money from forums

Of course, there are hundreds of ways to make money from forums, but here we have focused on the most successful and effective ways, to provide you with the greatest benefit.

1. Make money from forums by marketing yourself or what you offer

Whether you are marketing yourself as an expert in your field, marketing your website or blog, or even marketing your products, a forum is a very convenient way to market.

The forum is specialized in a specific niche that all members are interested in, whose number may reach tens of thousands or even much more.

This way you are ensuring that your content reaches the real people who are interested in it, as if you are targeting your ideal clients very professionally.

This marketing will not only include members of the forum, but may also attract others who are browsing the forum or looking for a solution to their problems or answers to their queries.

Imagine, for example, in an e-marketing forum that you are marketing for a course that you offer to those who want to learn this field, imagine how many members can join it or even people who will find it constantly and subscribe to it.

This method of making money can be followed by each of the forum owner or any member participating in the forum, but in the case of the latter he has to make some effort.

As a member, you cannot easily promote yourself, your site or the products you offer, otherwise you will likely be banned.

Instead, you have to be an active member and provide a real benefit first, to make members and moderators trust you, know that you are really benefiting them, and then share with them what you offer and shop for what you want.

We will talk about this point in detail in the tips section of our article, so if you want to know more about it, you should read the article to the end.

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2. Make money from forums through affiliate marketing

Affiliate or affiliate marketing is another way to make money from forums, through which you can make hundreds of dollars from forums.

In the event that you are the owner of the forum, it will be much easier to promote your affiliate link in your forum in the position you want.

But you have to make the forum attractive and encourage people to trust you, buy through you, in short you have to earn credibility.

You can earn this credibility by creating specialized content in a niche - your affiliate niche - and then trying to provide outstanding content and encouraging members to interact and write their own experiences and expertise.

Your forum will not be successful if you are only interested in marketing yourself without giving members and browsers another reason to follow the forum.

If you are a forum member, the task will be much more difficult, as you will need to make the forum owner and moderators trust you, and then make other members or target customers trust you.

A lot of forums may not like affiliate links, but if you are important to this forum or provide a lot of interest they will undoubtedly be a bit lenient, and fortunately this is also the way to get other members to trust you.

Start by providing very useful content in the forum and make sure to communicate with the moderators and the owner of the forum, and with time you will gain the ability to profit from the forums through affiliate marketing.

One of the ways that you can also benefit from it; Use your signature to make it your affiliate link.

3. Make money from forums through advertising spaces

Advertising spaces such as banners and others can be a very powerful way to profit from forums, whether for the forum owner or the advertiser.

Perhaps it is easy to see how the owner of the forum can profit from these advertising spaces, as he has free space that he will rent for a fee to advertisers for a limited period.

Of course, this fee is determined by many factors, such as: the popularity of the forum, the number of visitors, the size of the space, its position on the page, and so on.

Many forum owners prefer this method, as it is easy and smooth and can be very profitable for them.

On the part of advertisers, the profit may be much greater. Imagine with me that you have a site, course, product, or anything related to a certain niche.

Wouldn't the best place for marketing for you be a place where those interested in this niche are located? This is exactly what is happening in our case.

The advertiser chooses the forums for the niche he offers, and then buys the available or appropriate advertising space, displays his advertisement through them, and waits to count the many profits that he will earn.

4. Make money from forums using Google Adsense

Google AdSense is a very successful method and strategy for making money from forums, but we are definitely talking about forum owners only this time.

You can make a lot of money by subscribing to Google Adsense, all you will have to do is choose some settings and prepare your preferences, and then wait.

But to make a good money from Google Adsense, the number of visitors to your forum must be relatively acceptable, so that it reaches a satisfactory profitability for you.

After subscribing to Google Adsense, you will have to increase the traffic of your forum, and you will also use various methods to make the forum attractive to visitors.

Note that you can diversify between the sources of profit from the forums, it is possible to use Google Adsense with the affiliate or with the marketing of your products, and in these ways you will make a lot of money.

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5. Make money from forums with Content Locker

Content Locker is a type of CPA Marketing, and if you don't know what it is I strongly advise you to check out the full course on this highly profitable field in the link below:

CPA Profit Guide (Zero to First $1000)

Through Content Locker, you can easily earn tens or even hundreds of dollars on a daily basis, and perhaps much more, depending on the content, attractiveness and demand of your forum.

The strategy of making money from   Content Locker is based on locking the content to visitors, unlocking it in exchange for the visitor to take a specific action based on what is shown to them.

This verb could be something like:

Answer some questions in a questionnaire.

Share his email or phone number.

Register for a newsletter, website, or other forum.

Download a program, application, or tool.

Or other things, but these verbs are the most famous.

Through the user's strong desire to see the content of the blog's pages, he will do this act, and thus take a commission for the act he does.

What is distinguished in closed content offers is that they have a relatively high commission, with an average of 3 dollars, for example, and sometimes it may reach tens of dollars.

But to succeed in profiting from forums in this way, you have to prepare strong and attractive content, which forces the visitor to do the act.

After completing these methods, you should know that these are just a few of the ways to profit from the forums, and that you can at any time invent a new way to profit from the forums.

Certainly, if you have an idea other than what is mentioned here in the article, I invite you to share it in the comments on this article, so that this benefit will spread.

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The most important tips for making money from the forums

According to our experience in the Seo7u, there are some things that you should consider in your strategies to make money from the forums, which will increase your profits and increase the trust and credibility around you.

1. Take advantage of the paid membership to make more profits

This advice we offer to both forum owners and members as well, and here is an explanation for each category separately.

As a forum owner: You can make thousands of dollars from your forum by creating paid memberships that offer high-quality content, secrets and exclusive aspects to paid members.

Imagine that you have 10,000 members and only 5% of them signed up for the premium and paid membership, and the paid membership was only $20 per month, so here you will have an additional revenue of $10,000… Isn’t that great.

Yes, it's great, but remember that you have to really provide exclusive content that's worth paying members for every month.

As a member of the forum: As a member of the forum, I laugh a lot by subscribing to the paid memberships. The paid membership community is a distinguished community, and it has the money and the ability to buy your products and services, and it is more serious, and the proof is that it pays a sum of money every month for information and development in the field.

Your subscription to the paid membership will help you a lot to achieve more success if you have a product or service that you want to sell, or even if you are working in affiliate marketing.

2. Offer real benefit

You must provide a real benefit, do not in any way expect to just share your affiliate link or advertise your products, and expect customers to flock to you.

Things don't work that way, you have to first create some kind of relationship with them, make them trust you and trust what you give them first.

The best way to do this in forums is to help members, constantly answer their questions, and share useful and interesting content with them.

In short, imagine that you are branding yourself in this forum, and everything will go smoothly after this.

It is worth noting that this advice also concerns forum owners, who must always work to clean the forum of trivial and duplicate content, and set decisive restrictions and conditions to protect members and ensure that they receive high-quality content.

Inviting influencers in the field and giving them premium memberships for free may also be one of the smart points to raise the forum’s status.

3. Quality before quantity

This tip is closely related to the previous tip, although it's a good idea to be around and post a lot on the forum.

But if you're not giving them real help or great content there's absolutely no value to what you're doing, and what you're providing will still be worthless forum stuffing.

So always provide great help even if your participation is limited, this will make you a very good reputation on the forum that will help you in your goals after this.

And of course if you could combine being both qualitative and quantitative, that would be very ideal.

4. Never under any circumstances deceive anyone

Show them the truth, never deceive members, don't make the world rosy for them as marketing or make false or exaggerated promises.

In the end, they will find out, and you will get into a very big problem, and they will not trust you again and will not buy your products or services from you anymore.

Worst of all, you will lose your reputation, and you will always be labeled as a fraud, cheat or con, ruining everything you were trying to do.


There are no limits to the ways in which you can profit from the Internet, it is a treasure or a printing press for money if you have the required skills and determination.

In this article, we discussed how to make money from forums, whether you are the owner of the forum or a member of it, and this is through a number of strategies that we discussed in detail:

Marketing for yourself, your products or your courses.

Affiliate Marketing.

advertising space.

Google Adsense.

Content Locker.

However, this is not even all the possible ways to make money from the forums, so if you know another way that we did not mention in the article, share it with us in the comments



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