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The best SEO tools (it will make a big difference to the success of your site)

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 This is the eighth and final lesson of the comprehensive guide to SEO. In this lesson, we will discuss a group of the most important, most famous, most effective and necessary SEO tools.

There is no doubt that tools are one of the most important components of success, in almost every human endeavor. In the world of digital marketing, tools have another dimension of importance and necessity.

Optimizing search engines is one of the most important channels of digital marketing, which depends very heavily on tools for its success.

Note: There are some SEO tools, already covered under some of the previous tutorials. It will be covered here as well, because I aim to make this tutorial a comprehensive resource for the most important SEO tools.

List of the most important SEO tools

SEO Tools: They are specialized tools that enable you to access important information, accurate statistics, and special reports about your site and perhaps about others' sites.

It also enables you to access information and statistics about your site's performance in search engines, and it also provides you with information about the keywords that you should target in your topics.

The purpose of all this information, data and reports resulting from SEO tools is to: help you discover errors and problems in your site and provide solutions to them, and help you make the right decisions to develop your site, for search engine optimization.

From this definition, it is clear that every tool that helps you achieve this purpose is an SEO tool.

Here is a list of the most important and best SEO tools:

Google Search Console

Google search dashboard. This tool is completely free provided by Google search engine for website owners. This tool serves as a link between webmasters and the Google search engine.

This tool gives you a set of important data, including: data about how your site appears in search results, data about your site visits from Google, and data about indexing and crawling.

Also, this tool will send you a notification if there is a problem with your site, whether a problem related to the appearance of your site in Google results, or a security problem related to your site

Through your Google account, you can use this tool after adding and activating your site and adjusting its settings.

Tool link:

Bing Webmaster

Bing is a search engine tool for linking website owners with Bing.

This free tool is very similar to the Google tool mentioned above, but it is a comprehensive tool that contains many features and features. Including a tool for search words, through which you can find out the search rate for any word on the date you specify.

Also, through it, you can get many important reports for your site, such as the compatibility of your site with mobile visitors, and a report on the security of site files. In short, it is a great all-in-one tool for every SEO aspirant.

Tool link:

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Google Analytics

Google's free visitor analysis tool. This tool enables you to access all the data and statistics you need about your site visitors.

Through it, you can obtain accurate data about your site visitors according to geographical or demographic distribution, or according to the source of visitors, devices used, interests ... etc.

Of course, you can get all the mentioned data according to any date you specify. You can also get the number of visitors on your site now, and according to many classifications as well.

Tool link:


Free link shortener tool. It helps you to show your website links in a short and professional way to your followers on social media.

It is also an analysis tool, through which you can see the number of clicks on your shortened links.

It provides you with a lot of analytical data about these clicks, such as: the country from which the clicks were made, and the source of the clicks. It is an indispensable tool for better performance of your social media site.

Tool link:

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Google Keyword planner

A free tool from Google, which enables you to obtain information and data about the search words, used by users of the Google search engine, and then you can use these search words as keywords that you target on your site.

All you have to do is go to the page of this tool and type a word or phrase related to your site, a lot of data will appear in front of you about this word, such as the monthly search rate, and the price of click. It will also appear with this word a large group of other related words.

Tool link:

Keyword Shitter

A great free tool for generating long tail keywords, all you have to do is go to the tool's link and type in a keyword. This tool will start generating hundreds of keywords related to your word.

This tool depends on the Google Autocomplete feature to generate keywords.

Tool link:


Free tool to get short lists of keywords from multiple sources: Google, YouTube, Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Wikipedia.

Type any keyword in this tool, and you will get the ten most searched keywords, in all the search sources mentioned above.

Tool link:


One of the great paid tools that offer a lot of SEO features. Once you subscribe

In this tool, you will be able to get various reports and statistics for your site. Including: obtaining keywords, monitoring inbound links to your site or others' sites, reports on the indexing of your site from search engines, reports on your site's ranking in search results, and a lot of other statistics, information and reports.

tool link

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A paid SEO tool that has a lot of great features and features like the one before it. This tool is an all-in-one solution for anyone who wants to optimize their site for SEO.

Through it, you can extract a lot of reports about keywords, about the performance of your site, inbound links to your site, and reports on the performance of competing sites. Through it, you can track the ranking of your site in search results, and track the performance of your site in social networking sites.

Tool link:


One of the tools that can be used for SEO, is the Google search engine itself. By using the Google search engine as a regular user, you can understand and learn a lot in order to improve search engines. Here are some of the features that you can get from Google:

1- Access to a lot of long search phrases

You can do this through the Google Autocomplete feature (that is, the automatic word for the search sentence), when you type a specific word in the search rectangle, a list of suggestions will drop down in front of you to complete the search sentence.

2- Studying competitors

Through the use of Google, you can reach the top sites in the search results for any search word, and then you can study these sites and learn from them to develop your site.

3- Use advanced search commands

To explain this point, you should refer to the topic of Google search secrets. On this topic, you will find a set of advanced search commands, which enable you to access a lot of important information to improve your site in search engines.

Tool link:


This paid tool contains a huge database of links, which you rely on to produce very important reports about your site.

These reports enable you to understand the history of your site's archiving, and to understand everything related to your site's links, whether internal or inside it. And a lot of other data about keywords, too.

Tool link:

Google Page Speed ​​Insights

A free tool from Google to measure the speed of your site, and give you a report on the most important points that you need to work on to increase the speed of your site.

Tool link:

Here are two other tools for measuring your site speed:


A paid tool, to check your site and give you a report containing: broken links on your site, duplicate content, percentage of pages with unique content, average page size, average number of words per page, and many other important data about your site.

Tool link:

Answer The Public

The SEO tool has a free version and another paid version that contains more features. This tool helps you discover topics for creating content on your site, based on the keyword that you type.

A great tool for content in English.

Tool link:


This tool is paid, but it allows some free features. This tool lets you know a lot about any website in terms of its configuration.

Through it, you can find out what analytics tool a website uses, what content management system it uses like WordPress, it enables you to know what plugins WordPress sites use, and a lot of other important information.

Tool link:


A paid SEO tool that gives you a comprehensive report on everything related to your site, in terms of the number of visitors and everything you want to know about your site visitors, and the global and local ranking of your site. It gives you an analysis of the keywords you use, and a lot of other data that is important for search engine optimization.

Tool link:

screaming frog

It is a paid program that you download to your computer. This program crawls your site just like search engines do, and provides you with a comprehensive report on everything related to the structure of your site and its links.

Tool link:

screaming frog

broken link check

A free tool to get a report of the corrupt links on your site.

Tool link:

Yoast WordPress Plugin

WordPress plugin is a great SEO tool for anyone looking to improve search engines, this plugin gives you a lot of great features.

Tool link:

Yoast WordPress Plugin

There are a lot of other SEO tools, but here I tried to be brief and put only the most important and useful, taking into account the diversity in the tasks of the tools.

I hope this lesson will be a comprehensive resource for the most important SEO tools.

With this lesson, I have finished the search engine optimization guide, which I hope will be an important resource for every website owner, and anyone looking to learn search engine optimization.

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