What is the best programming language for beginners to learn in 2022


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There are a lot of questions ? Which comes to the minds of beginners in the world of programming, especially with the many sources and YouTube videos that talk about this topic.

But it is interesting to note that most of these questions revolve around the same thing:

What is the best programming language for beginners?

What is the easiest programming language?

How do I choose the right first programming language for me?

How do I start learning programming easily?

What is more remarkable is the large number of opinions spread on the Internet, there are those who say:

You must learn the Java language… There is no programmer in your country who is not proficient in this language.

C is the language you have to start with to become a real programmer.

The easiest programming language is Python.

The best programming language for beginners is Javascript, because you can get a job easily.

And many other opinions and statements made by many people, regardless of their level of experience or knowledge of programming.

I was you once and I know what's on your mind now... so I don't want you to worry or feel hesitant? You have come to the right place.

I will answer all the above-mentioned questions and more... But the most important thing for me is to change your point of view and the way you think so that you start learning programming correctly.

In fact; Asking about the best programming language for beginners is not what you should do… there are other better and more important questions that you should ask.

In the few minutes that you will spend with me here, you will get to know for yourself the most important of these questions, and how to answer them easily.

This article is just a small part of an ongoing series of comprehensive guides and resources that we continually publish on the Seo7u platform to help young people learn to code with the best possible methods and strategies.

That is why I want you to pay attention and read this article in full, you will find me putting you many links for everything you will need to learn correctly (courses - books - sites - YouTube channels - tips) and others.

Now let's start asking a set of important questions that will help you reach your goal, which is to learn programming in the best and fastest way!

What is programming and its most important functions?

Before we talk about the best or easiest programming language for beginners, we must first talk about the programming itself. what is it? And how is it used? What are the most important tasks and jobs that the labor market needs?

We have prepared very simple and comprehensive guides that answer those questions and more such as:

What Are Computer Science Fields: A comprehensive guide that will have you soaring above computer science until you look at the whole picture.

What is programming: a very simple and comprehensive guide that will make you understand what programming is.

Programming Paradigms: Through it you will understand a lot about types of programming.

I advise you to look at the previous evidence so that you understand well what you are going through, and if you want a quick summary, you should know the following:

Programming is the process of building and designing computer programs that any computer can understand in order to perform specific tasks - such as arithmetic, drawing, or storing and storing information.

Programming is a method by which we communicate with the computer to tell it the tasks required of it and how to perform them, as it is just a machine that needs instructions.

Programming Jobs: Most programming jobs revolve around the following areas:

1. Web Development: Building websites and applications that are used on the Internet.

2. Development of operating systems and computer applications: Windows or Linux, and the various tools that you use on your computer are programs that are developed by a specialized group of programmers.

3. Mobile Application Development: How many applications do you use on your phone daily? All these applications are designed and built by professional programmers.

4. Databases: How does your bank store your personal information and your bank balance? All institutions, companies and services rely on databases to keep and modify data constantly. There are programmers who specialize in building these systems.

5. Artificial Intelligence: It is true that a computer is just a stupid machine that needs precise instructions to do a certain task, but we can make it learn and think like humans!

Your mobile phone currently recognizes images and completes words for you when you write a message. All of these countless applications and tools depend on professional programmers specializing in artificial intelligence and machine learning until we have come to build smart programs and applications that can play chess, defeat the world champion or drive a car by themselves without the need for a driver.

6. Game Development: Every movement, jump or shot that comes out of your weapon in any video game has been programmed by professional developers.

Programming is a complex field full of jobs, tasks and specializations, and for this reason specifically, I mentioned to you a brief overview of these specializations first in preparation for the next question?

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Why do you want to learn programming?

This is the most important question you should ask yourself, which unfortunately many beginners overlook. Believe me, your answer to this question will save you a lot of trouble and shorten the way for you.

For this, let me think out loud with you and discuss together through the following points:

Want to build a specific app or tool?

Let me tell you the story of an acquaintance; This person wanted to build a simple website, searched and found that the free blogger platform was a good option… He learned how to use this platform and started publishing several articles.

With time, he wanted to modify his site, and when he searched, he found that he needed to know the languages ​​(HTML - CSS) in order to do what he wanted.

Then, with time, he wanted more features such as those found in large sites, so he moved to the WordPress platform… With time, he found that in order to deal with this platform professionally, he needs to learn PHP.

With time and his desire to build unique websites with different and unconventional features, he learned Javascript… Now he is a professional web developer with an excellent job, and he also has several profitable side projects.

He learned programming because he had a certain idea... so he searched for the best ways to implement it and with time he developed himself and his skills until he discovered his true passion.

Are you like him? Do you have an idea for a website or mobile app that you want to implement? Do you want to make a simple game for you and your friends?

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Do you have a problem and want to solve it using programming?

Maybe you love mathematics, physics, or any of the applied sciences, and you want to use programming to solve problems that you face during research and study... By the way, this is the reason why I learned programming while studying at university?.

As I read about the stories of people who learned to code themselves, I found a great account of an accountant's story; A simple person working in a company that does accounting and business services for many clients and businesses.

In one of the meetings; In the company, they were looking for a quick and easy way to quickly show customers the data they needed, rather than sending Excel files and replying to emails constantly.

This person researched how to better capture and display data, so that customers can look at it and find what they're looking for in one place instead of searching through several files at once.

I keep asking in the forums until someone advised him about one of the Python language libraries, and how he can use it in dealing with databases... so he decided to try it himself.

Note: What is meant by the Python language library is a set of ready-made code, which has specific functions written by programmers to save time for anyone who uses the language, so that he does not have to write it himself every time he uses it… Almost all programming languages ​​have many libraries.

There is also the term (Framework), which is similar to the idea of ​​the library, but the difference here is that the framework is a set of ready-made code and files that represent the infrastructure of any application so that it can be modified afterwards, which also aims to save developers time.

Our accountant friend learned the Python language in a way that enables him to use that library... and built his idea, which achieved overwhelming success among clients... so he decided to learn more in order to develop from his own application to be used either on the desktop or on the Internet.

This is how he started his journey in the world of programming, he faced a problem and he wanted to solve it... Do you have the same motives? Is there a problem or obstacle in your way that you want to overcome with programming?

Do you want to get a job?

Do you want to learn programming because you want to improve your income? I learned that programming provides excellent job opportunities, and that it is currently one of the most sought-after fields in the labor market.

That is why you want to reserve a place for yourself in the future, so you may think about changing your current career path or you are still at university and think about the future and the opportunities available.

Are you just curious about programming and want to try?

You may have heard about programming from a friend or through social networking sites and want to try… You want to know what a programmer does and how it communicates with the computer.

Programming, artificial intelligence and information technology have become a trend that many people have been talking about in the past couple of years… Are you one of those who just want to explore and experiment?

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The conclusion you want to get out of here is the following

1. Passion and pursuit of a specific goal is the most important thing you need to learn programming, there are many who have tried and were unable to learn and continue just because they did not have a specific goal and passion.

2. If you want to build an application or a website, or have an idea, look for the best programming languages ​​and tools to implement them, and then start learning them… Don't worry, we'll talk about programming languages ​​later in some detail.

3. If you are facing a specific problem, just find the easiest programming language that can help you solve this problem, and then start learning it.

4. If you want to change your career path, look at your experiences, look at the tools that can help people in your field using programming, and start looking for how to develop it. Perhaps you are an accountant, an engineer, a lawyer, or a writer.

Whatever your job or experience, you will find tools and technology that people in your field rely on, or perhaps there is a common problem that can be solved by programming.

The more you rely on your experiences or skills and make them motivate you to learn programming and solve the problems you face, the faster you will learn ... and don't worry if you don't have a specific passion right now, I will help you to know it later.

Let's continue our conversation with the next important point, which will help you completely change your idea of ​​programming languages ​​in general.

The truth you should know about programming languages?

Programming languages ​​are just tools that are used to perform specific tasks… Imagine programming languages ​​are like hammers.

There is a big and heavy hammer, another light, and another with a pointed tooth... Each hammer has a specific task, they may all have the same use to remove obstacles, but they differ in the characteristics and method of use.

That's why a skilled technician or carpenter knows how to use which hammer and when to use it... The same goes for programming, programming languages ​​are just tools.

And the programming language that you will learn now will not be the last language… you will learn another one over time, which is why it is more important than choosing a specific programming language to learn the basics of programming itself.

How the programmer thinks, the way data and variables are handled… This is what you must learn to be a good programmer, it doesn’t matter if you learn it in Java, Python or C… The important thing is to learn it.

This is what you should think about, it is not so important to choose the best programming language for beginners as it is to learn the programming itself… So start now and do not waste time.

Let's continue our conversation so that the picture becomes clearer to you. In the next item we will talk about the programming languages ​​themselves and some of their uses, so that I can help you choose the one that suits you at the beginning of your journey towards learning programming.

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Best programming languages ​​for beginners

There are many programming languages ​​as I mentioned earlier, and each language has advantages and disadvantages, this is the nature of technology in general, each tool is developed to avoid the defects of the previous tools.

We have published a separate guide entitled “The Most Popular Programming Languages ​​and Their Most Important Uses,” in which I present to you the 12 most widely used programming languages ​​and the most important companies and services that depend on them.

You will also find in this guide an explanation of many important terms such as:

 (Low Level Languages)

 (High Level Languages)

 (Compiled Programming Languages)

 (Interpreted Programming Languages)

I advise you to look at it, and if you want a quick summary, let me talk to you about the 5 most popular languages ​​that are recommended to learn programming, with a mention of the most important advantages and disadvantages of each of them.

1. Python language

Python is an interpreted and versatile programming language, meaning that you can use it for almost all tasks in the programming world that we talked about earlier.

Main features of Python language:

The scripting of this language is simple and easy, and it is very similar to English unlike many other programming languages.

There is a large community of developers for this language, which means many resources that you rely on for learning, training, and problem solving.

There are many great libraries and frameworks that are used in different scientific fields, which enable you to use the language in any field or project.

Main disadvantages of Python language:

Program execution may be somewhat slow in some cases compared to other programming languages, but every day there is a development and update in the language with the presence of many libraries that make it the fastest programming language to perform complex operations in many situations.

The language is not widely used in mobile application development.

2. C language

The C language is one of the oldest and most ancient programming languages. It is the basis that was used to develop the other programming languages ​​that we talked about previously. Java, Python, C#, SQL, and others were written and developed using the C language.

Main features of C language:

C is very fast at doing things because it is a compiled programming language.

The level of the language is close to machine language - if you look at the manual for what programming is, you will know what I mean - and this makes it a good choice in dealing with operating systems and large and complex programs, because it makes you control all the stages of implementing any program accurately.

Sometimes C offers you features that modern programming languages ​​cannot.

The main disadvantages of C language:

Its script coding can be difficult for a lot of beginners.

The language cannot often deal with modern problems in the world of programming, especially in the field of artificial intelligence and information gathering, such as modern programming languages.

Most of the time the programmer needs more time to write and run some programs compared to modern programming languages.

3. Javascript language

JavaScript is one of the most famous and widely used programming languages ​​in the world, and most websites and web pages depend on it because it is responsible for displaying any variable content such as:

Content that appears on the site after a specified time (such as notification boxes - registration application forms).

Interactive maps (eg Google Maps).


Media players (eg soundcloud player).

Any content that changes based on visitor behavior or time, is often based on JavaScript.

Main features of JavaScript language:

There is a large community of developers for this language, which means many resources that you rely on for learning, training, and problem solving.

There are many libraries and frameworks that you can build any application, so you can develop desktop applications in this language.

You can use it in the back-end of websites, which is for dealing with servers and databases, which relies on Node.Js.

Main disadvantages of JavaScript:

The large number of tools and frameworks may make you feel nervous and confused, because each tool has advantages and disadvantages, and for this you should research well and choose what suits you according to the project you are working on.

Safety in dealing with this language requires additional effort.

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4. Java

Java is a versatile programming language that is relied upon for many tasks, especially in the development of mobile applications, games, and high-level computing programs.

Main features of the Java language:

It is widely used in giant companies and institutions, because it has the ability to build parallel systems that depend on a large number of servers at the same time.

It has high security features.

There are enormous libraries and tools that make this language used for many tasks.

This language is widely used in the development of the Android system.

Main disadvantages of the Java language:

Its script encoding can be confusing at times.

The cost of building applications can often be high, because the language depends on consuming a large amount of memory, which has led many companies to search for better alternatives in newer programming languages.

5. C#

C# is a multi-use programming language that has its place, although it was launched in the late 2000s by a specialized team at Microsoft.

The main reason behind the popularity and use of this language; It is the development of desktop applications on the Windows system and used extensively in the field of game development for its ability to various simulations.

This language is very similar to C and C++ except that it is more secure, although its uses may be somewhat limited.

There are many comparisons and characteristics that I did not want to talk about such as (the types of electronic programming that each language depends on - how to interpret and translate programs into machine language - dynamic memory allocation) and other points so as not to overburden you with a lot of information.

I just wanted you to know what you need right now about the different programming languages, and with time you'll get to know the details for yourself.

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Now let's move on to the point where we discuss practically how to choose the best programming language for you.

How to choose the right programming language for you

I think I answered you about this question previously in an indirect way... But let me put the points above the letters for you:

Learn the programming language most commonly used to implement any idea you have: for example you want to build an app on your phone, use Java or the flutter framework based on Dart

You can search the various job sites for the skills and programming languages ​​required to hire anyone in the field you want to start learning.

Want more advice:

If you want to start in the field of web development, start with the trio HTML - CSS - Javascript

You want to develop games to learn C# and the free Unity engine

Want to enter the field of data science and artificial intelligence learn Python

But let me repeat... The first programming language you learn does not matter, the important thing is that you learn the programming itself, the important thing is that you start...

The language of the video may be a bit blunt but it's the truth... I hope you get the idea.

Quick questions and answers to help you choose a programming language to start with

Maybe you're still thinking... Maybe you have some questions you want me to answer... Well here's a quick set of questions and answers to sum up all of the above.

What programming language do you recommend for me?

As long as you ask this question after everything I have told you, it means that you are still hesitating, have no clear goal, or maybe you are just curious about programming.

In this case, I recommend that you learn Python, it is a very easy and simple language, and you will be able to implement practical projects from day one.

Why do so many people fail when learning programming?

The short answer is that most beginners do not have a goal they want to reach, they do not think about building their own projects and applications to learn… they only watch the courses and YouTube videos.

That is why you must learn and apply it with your own hands, not just watching and then imitating what you see, you should try to build your own projects and look at the projects that are applied in the labor market and try them yourself… If you do that, you will never fail.

Is learning programming difficult?

Yes, learning programming is difficult, but it is very simple… You need some time, focus, continuity, and work on a daily basis in order to achieve good results. You know all you have to do and how to do it.

How much time do I need to learn my first programming language?

There are those who learned a programming language very well, trained on its various libraries and tools, and got a good job in just 6 months.

There are also those who learned the basics of a programming language within 16 months... The degree of difficulty and time varies from person to person, as each of us learns in a different way.

Everyone has their own circumstances, you may learn programming while you study or after you come back from work every day, or maybe you are free... All of this affects the speed with which you learn.

You have to know that speed doesn't matter... the important thing is that you move forward every day.

Don't delay learning programming any longer… Start now, not tomorrow, start and don't waste any more time, as you have no argument after what I have provided you with from the sources.

If you have any question or inquiry, feel free to leave it to us in the comments... I wish you success and success, and see you soon!

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