Profit rate from Google Adsense (How much can you earn from Adsense)

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 In the previous article, we talked about Google Adsense, advertising forms, and the secrets of profit from Google Adsense, and then we felt the need to dedicate an entire article about the profit rate from Google Adsense, how to calculate it and how to increase it, and the secrets and tips that we learned and want to convey to you, so bring a new paper and a pen and do not forget Prepare a cup of coffee before you start.

Why did we care to write an article about the profit rate from Google Adsense?

The first reason that made us think of writing this article is to provide you, dear reader, with the full information after our first article about Google Adsense: Everything you need to know about Google AdSense, Which I advise you to read before starting this article.

The second reason is that we did not find in content any clear and comprehensive evidence that talks about the rate of profit from Google Adsense, and all we found are small pieces of content that repeat the same words or sell the dreams of readers with promises of thousands of dollars from the beginning, so we decided to fill this void with a detailed article About the profit rate from Google Adsense.

The third and final reason is that we want to encourage you, dear reader, to start your own blog, and to open a new source of income that in the future may exceed all your fantasies and dreams, so we will not be able to do this without providing you with a clear and transparent picture of one of the common profit methods such as Google AdSense, and about the profit rate from Google Adsense.

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Important terms you should know about the profit rate from Google Adsense

There are many terms that you should be familiar with before we start our article on Google Adsense Profit Maker, and these terms are:


 Impressions and in particular the appearance of advertisements, for example; If only one visitor to your blog reads one article or one page and that page has 4 ads, then you have got 4 impressions or 4 Impression.


RPM or Revenue Per Thousand Impressions; It means the amount you get for every thousand impressions or impressions of your ads, for example, if 500 visitors read your previous article and watched its four ads, you will get 2000 impressions or impressions, and if you get them for example 4 dollars, then the return will be ( Your RPM is $2.

It should be noted that this number is an estimate depending on several factors, including the country from which visitors to your site or blog. It is similar to the CPC that we are going to talk about in that it varies by country and language, the RPM is also a discretionary way to evaluate your earnings, and see if there is something wrong that you have to fix to get more profits.


Cost Per Click or Cost Per Click, which is a very important term because it is perhaps the most important factor in the process of attracting profits to you, and it varies according to keywords and according to your specialization or niche, and there are very large differences in the cost of one click, as according to the famous report published by Semrush blog in 2019 :

The average cost per click in a field like insurance in the US can be as high as $17.55.

While in the field of travel the average cost per click is 1.74, and in the fields of beauty and hair care, the average cost per click is 1.86, and in the fields of health and fitness 1.81.

Although these prices vary greatly from country to country, their position among other disciplines is almost constant, for example in the field of insurance, the average CPC is the highest in the United States of America, the United Kingdom, Canada and Australia.

But its cost varies in these countries, in the United States it reaches 17.55, while in the United Kingdom it is 6.86, in Canada it is 3.57, and finally in Australia it is 8.39.


Click-Through Rate, which is another very important concept that deals with the number of clicks in relation to the number of impressions, and it is important when it comes to the profit rate from Google Adsense.

As your profit from Google Adsense increases as this number increases, for example, if your page containing 4 ads was visited by 1000 people - that is, the number of impressions = 4000 - and the ads were clicked 250 times, your click or impression rate is equal to 6.25%.

This term indicates that the ads on your site or blog are useful to visitors and that they find it relevant to them, so the higher this percentage, the more positive it is for your earnings and all is well.

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What is the profit rate from Google Adsense?

The profit rate from Google Adsense is something that is determined based on the terms we mentioned a while ago. Google Adsense profits can be calculated through the following equation:

Profit = number of clicks x cost per click

Where the number of clicks is related to what we know about CTR or click-through rate plus the number of impressions, it is equal to their product, and the cost per click is the same as the CPC that we talked about.

This is what made me first explain these terms to you, because they will assure you that the rate of profit from Google Adsense is not fixed at all, but is determined by several values, and these values ​​are also determined by a number of factors.

So, if you calculate your earnings from Google Adsense and after knowing the values ​​of Impressions, CPC, CTR, and even RPM, you will be able to improve your profit rate from Google Adsense.

For example, a low CTR value indicates that your visitors do not find the ads useful or attractive, and therefore do not click on them enough, which affects the profit rate from Google Adsense negatively.

In order to remedy this, you simply have to customize the ads you use to suit your visitors, so they will click more on the ads and increase your earnings.

With the same methodology, a low CPC and consequent revenue may be negligible even if a good CTR is an indication that you need to use high value keywords, which will then affect the value of the click and increase your profits.

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The 11 most important factors affecting the profit rate from Google Adsense

There are many factors that greatly affect your earnings from Google Adsense, either directly on the RPM or on the CPC, or indirectly as they affect the number of impressions of your ads and traffic on your site.

We will discuss the most important of these factors and some tips about them in some detail:

1. Geographical factor

The country from which your site visitors come is a very important factor in determining your profits, and may contribute to doubling your profits.

2. The specialty or niche of the blog

We have talked about this factor before, but it is not possible to mention the factors that determine the profit rate from Google Adsense without mentioning the niche of the blog, it is a very important factor in order to increase the profit rate from your Google Adsense and the search words you use in your articles.

My advice to you here is to try to use the highly specialized niche or the so-called Micro Niche, because despite the small number of visits and number of impressions compared to the regular niche, the cost of one click for them is much greater, and you can do this through a smart thing, which is to divide the private niche Your to another smaller niche and choose one of them, and focus on it.

For example, if you are thinking of making your blog about books, you can only specialize in  novels niche, but this is not enough, as the profits of the micro-niche will be much higher. Instead of being interested in English, Chinese, German and other novels, try to focus on English novels only, so Although you will lose many appearances, your gain from each appearance in a search for Arabic novels will compensate you and more.

Note: This type of Micro Niche is effective not only in increasing the profit rate from Google Adsense, but also in any other financing method. By focusing on English novels, you can seek funding from English novel publishing houses or libraries that specialize in English novels, This will be a great gain for them and for you, because your visitor will have a great interest focused on English novels.

3. Quality content

The quality of the content is not one of the factors that directly affect the profit rate from Google Adsense, but it greatly affects the traffic of your site or blog, and therefore it will increase your profit rate from Google Adsense, just think about the sites you frequent, such as Seo7u and you will know How important is the quality of the content.

To clarify in another way; Duplicate and saved content will not be received by visitors, or at least will not find the echo and return of useful new content that actually changes or motivates the reader and introduces him to new things he did not know in an understandable and clear manner.

4. Enrich the content of your website or blog

Have you ever asked yourself why most sites and blogs - like seo7u - use the phrase read also in their articles, so that they refer you to another article or even use an indirect method that makes you want to browse other articles in order to find out more, now you know why.

Increasing the visitor stay on your site and moving between your articles and pages will increase the number of impressions and the number of clicks, which will very fruitfully affect the profit rate from Google Adsense for your site.

Therefore, you must have a good content plan and write extensively to make your site or blog rich in content in addition to developing methods and methods that encourage visitors to stay more on your site.

5. The type of device used for browsing

Although the majority of devices used in browsing today are mobile phones, not computers, the profit rate from Google Adsense for computers is significantly higher, and experts have attributed this phenomenon to the fact that mobile phones with smaller screens and slow phone networks sometimes affect the conversion rate or Conversion/Clicks Rate compared to computers.

6. Ease of browsing and visitor experience (specifically the number of ads)

These two factors are very important; According to the statistics, they greatly affect the profit rate from Google Adsense, even indirectly. Ease of browsing, for example, prolongs the visitor's stay on your site, and thus the number of impressions and clicks increases, and your profits increase.

The visitor experience is also very important, and although it can be divided into many smaller points, the most important point is the number of ads, since in theory the larger number of ads will increase profits, but in reality, increasing the number of ads will make the visitor alienate from your site And make him not continue browsing and not see more pages or articles.

My advice to you here is to pay attention to fewer ads, but work on making them more visible and more attractive, so your profit rate from Google Adsense will increase without filling your site with different ads and spoiling the visitor experience.

7. Cookie data

Cookie data or browsing data has become a greater source of reassurance for advertisers and funders, as it is a clear indication that the visitor trusts you and your site, which will make him click the ads more, and this data will affect the targeting of the visitor with ads, which will lead to the same result, but in another way .

For example, if your site specializes in books and the visitor accepts cookies, this will enable Google to know if he is a tech lover or not, which will make it decide to show him a traditional bookstore or show him an advertisement for a Kindle device for reading books.

8. The nature of the visitor or his purchase intent

Many website owners have only recently become aware of this factor, which is that the visitor's purchasing intention or the product's relationship with him will greatly affect the value of the click, so much that it is possible to double or triple it.

for example; If your site is specialized in making reviews on technical devices such as computers and phones, the value of the click will be very high compared to what it would be if your site was specialized in technical news only. .

9. The timing of the visit

This factor does not apply to all types and specializations of sites, but its impact is very large when it is present, and to accommodate it imagine that you have a blog about the study and study methods, and the quality of ads that appear to your visitors related to stationery and school bags, now will the value of the click vary according to time or season ?

Of course, the click value will be highest during the study period and particularly at the beginning, as students are more likely to buy these tools and bags and the value of the click will be very low in the non-school seasons.

The number of impressions will also differ a lot in the school season and in the holiday seasons, so if your site is in a situation like this you have to keep that in mind, and try to make this weakness a strength.

10. Site speed

There are many reports and articles from specialists that the faster the site, the more this leads to an increase in the rate of profit from Google Adsense, and judging by the experience, I think that this is also due to encouraging the visitor to stay longer on the site or blog, in addition to being a strong factor to raise Rank your site in search engines.

11. Ad space and ad position

I think that by reading the previous article, you will have greatly understood how important this factor is, as many experts recommend specific ad spaces and specific placements for them, which, according to what they say, attracts the visitor’s attention and pushes him to click on the ads more, which will greatly affect the Your Google Adsense Profit Rate.

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Is the profit rate from Google Adsense worth counting on?

In the recent period, there have been many opinions saying that it has become difficult to rely on Google Adsense, and that its profits have diminished with the intense increase in competition, and despite the escalation of these voices, I have another opinion that is completely opposite to it.

Although this is partially true, good content wins. Content is always the king, and as long as you provide a real benefit and value to the visitor, this will reflect on your traffic and your profits, and the problem, in my opinion, in Arabic content is repetition and superficiality, and if you could overcome those problems You will make a lot of profit sooner or later.

Profit from Google Adsense also may not be your only source, you can make profits in more than one way.

9 Tips to Increase Profit Rate from Google Adsense

At the end of the article, my idea would not have been completed without giving you the usual magic dose of solutions for Seo7u, and this dose will be a set of tips and steps that we recommend to you in the Seo7u in order to increase the profit rate from Google Adsense:

1. Think of ads from the perspective of the visitor, not from the perspective of the site owner

Treat the ads as a visitor and do not do what might annoy you as a visitor, and this will help you very much to create a good visitor experience on the one hand, and on the other hand it will enable you to place ads in the way that attracts your attention as a visitor, and in both cases this will reflect positively on the profit rate from your Google Adsense your.

2. Constantly monitor your site statistics

You have to follow your site statistics on a weekly basis at least to make sure that everything is fine, and in order to be able to evaluate what you offer and detect errors easily and quickly before any damage to your visitors and profits, and the skill of reading numbers and statistics correctly will contribute to learning how to increase traffic and profits of your site.

3. Use effective keywords

Find effective, profitable keywords in your niche and use them, because they will greatly increase your traffic and cost-per-click (CPC) for your ads, which is definitely what any website owner wants, and I highly recommend you an article about everything you want to know about keywords , which is the fourth lesson of the SEO course Seo7u's website .

4. Post periodically to increase traffic

Do not lose your enthusiasm and do not despair, especially if you are at the beginning. Success is not made overnight, especially in the world of the Internet. You may get tired for months for nothing in return, but then you will reap the fruits of your patience and this fatigue, and perhaps the biggest mistake that website owners or content makers make. Beginners is boredom and interruption.

5. Do not use copyrighted material

This is a very common mistake, which is to use images or other copyrighted materials, which will negatively affect your site and your profits, so my advice to you is to use images and materials without copyright (and you can search for them easily through Google image search), or better than This is to create your own images and materials for your website.

6. Always try and learn from your experiences

This advice is related to monitoring statistics, by making some changes and following their results through statistics, you will learn new and creative ways to increase traffic and profits, and you will also make many mistakes and benefit by avoiding repeating them in the future.

7. Adhere to the rules of AdSense

Make sure that you fully understand the rules and laws of Adsense and work not to violate them because this will have severe damage to your profits, and one of the most mistakes that beginners make is the mistake of fake clicks or motivating visitors to click on ads, which will be discovered by Google's algorithms and will lead to penalties for you.

8. Make sure that your site is free of technical problems and that it is suitable for mobile phones

Your site is free of technical problems and its suitability for different devices such as mobile phones will attract you a lot of traffic, and will help you to grow your site significantly, in addition to it will strengthen the visitor’s experience on your site and extend the browsing session of visitors.

9. Make content your absolute priority

I liked to end my talk by emphasizing the importance of content and that it should be the only thing you look at. The most important advice in the world of AdSense is; The sites that exist for Adsense fail, and the sites that exist in order to provide good content to their visitors are the ones that make huge profits.

Note: If you have any question or inquiry, you can leave it to us in the comments and we will be happy to answer it as soon as possible.

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