make money ways from programming (explanation of the 15 most famous ways to make money from programming)

make money ways from programming (explanation of the 15 most famous ways to make money from programming)

As long as you are looking for how to make money from programming, it means that you want to start working seriously in this giant field that is in great demand in the labor market every day.

It does not matter if you are a beginner in the field of programming or have some experience, because in this guide you will definitely find information and resources that will be useful to you.

In each of the ways to make money from programming, we will talk about the following:

Important information about how this method works.

The most important sites and platforms you need to exploit this method.

Putting resources to explain the most important sites, platforms, and tools you need, with pictures and videos.

Clarify the most important programming languages ​​you need.

Practical tips and advice to help you get started and increase your profits.

You will find all this presented in a very easy and simplified way with a lot of practical examples, and that's not all! There are some methods that need a detailed explanation, for that we have prepared separate explanations for them. I will also put links for you.

before we start 

If you are a beginner in the world of programming, and you have not yet begun your journey to learn it or are looking for the best sources to develop yourself and your skill, then I do not want you to worry at all… you are here to win.

We have a comprehensive, renewable library in which we publish everything you need to learn programming, starting from getting to know “the fields of computer science ” and “ the definition of programming ” all the way to the “ best courses to learn programming .”

And many other guides and explanations that you will find some links between the lines of this guide.

Now you are fully prepared and have everything you need to choose the right field for you and get started right away.

15 best ways to make money from programming

1. Make money from programming by developing simple web applications

One of the games I play the most frequently is World Of Tanks, a casual online fighting game, but the difference is that you're using a tank and not someone shooting.

I think you know that this type of games depends heavily on competition, every player seeks to improve his performance and the level of his numbers in the game ... and this is the idea of ​​this simple site Wotlabs .

If you go to the site, you will see that it displays some simple statistics about the game and the best players. You can also view the statistics of any player by searching by his name within the game.

And I think you have also seen the ads on the site yourself… This is the main way to earn from this simple application.

If you are familiar with the basics of web development, you will know that this site is only a simple application to use the game API, and it depends on the PHP language and the webpack tool.

There are hundreds of additional examples that I can give you of web applications that you can easily profit from:

Simple search tools (There are hundreds of web apps that are similar to Google Trends search - or search on e-commerce sites).

Simple archives (archive of books in a specific field - archive of the most important sites in a particular field).

Computational tool applications (I think you've used various calculator-like web applications in specific areas such as engineering or mathematics).

Statistics sites for various games, sports, cultural and scientific activities.

I think you have used one or more of these tools yourself, and I think you also know that developing such applications or websites does not require much effort.

Make money from simple web applications depends on several methods, including:

Make money from ads (such as the Google Adsense ads you saw in the previous example).

Make money from affiliate marketing (we will talk about this method in detail later).

Make money through user donations (if you look at the previous example, you will find that the owners of the site also rely on donations through the famous Patreon platform.

All you need to make money from this method is:

Simple web app idea.

Use a good server for the files and database that you will rely on (there are many free servers that you can use at first).

Adjust your site in terms of SEO so that you get free traffic from Google.

Initially promoting your site on social networking sites, and among those interested in what the application offers, so that you start getting visits as soon as the site is launched.

This method is very easy and simple, you can earn between 50 to 200 dollars steadily per month - depending on the language and field of the site, and if you find a profitable idea why not repeat it in different areas and thus increase your profit rate.

The advantage in this method is that you will not work on the site continuously, all you need is to monitor the performance of the site after developing it periodically and add some features in the future if you want.

2. Make money from programming through blogging

Earn from programming by blogging

Blogging is one of the best ways to make money from programming, especially if you love reading and writing in general, and this is what you will do to make money from this method.

You will write a bunch of articles about anything you love about programming. For example, you can write about:

The best platforms and tools to rely on for your specialization.

Review some libraries or frameworks and express your personal opinion about them.

Helpful tips and information in your field.

Explanations of how to create some different projects or applications in your field.

Share your personal experience in learning programming and its various tools and applications.

If you want to dig deeper into this method, and learn how to get started step by step , I advise you to check out the following guides:

How to make money from blogging online in practical steps

How to Write an Article for a Website (A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners)

11 traits your blog must have in order to be successful

In the previous sources, you will find everything you need, but my advice is to start publishing your articles on the Medium platform, or on any large site or blog that has an audience in order to make money as soon as possible.

In the future, if you find this method feasible, create your own blog.

3. Make money from programming by owning a YouTube channel

I think you are well aware of the importance of YouTube in the educational field, as many people consider it the best free course platform in the world.

Because of the importance of this method to make money from programming, which I advise anyone, whatever their level, I made a separate guide that explains everything you need step by step entitled “ make money from programming through YouTube ”.

In this guide you will find the following information:

Why do I recommend this method for making money, especially for beginners in the field of programming.

What kind of content can you provide about programming in order to make a good income from YouTube.

7 ways to profit from YouTube by programming directly and indirectly.

How to have a professional YouTube channel.

Practical tips to help you make money from programming through YouTube as quickly as possible.

I strongly advise you to check it out, even if you are not interested in making videos in general... you may change your mind.

4. Make money from programming by freelancing

Freelancing is one of the most popular ways among programmers to make money, and this is for several reasons:

You can get started very easily, you don't need anything but your time and skill.

Freelancing is a diverse field and there are hundreds of different tasks you can take on.

There is a huge demand for people with software skills in various disciplines in the market.

Self-employment is suitable for beginners and experienced people, although experienced people have a better chance of making more profits.

There are many freelancing platforms that make it easy for you to search, connect with clients, and get paid.

Freelance has become a feature of this era, especially after the recent experience of the epidemic that swept the world and imposed the method of remote work on many companies and institutions.

How can you get started in the field of freelancing:

Go to a freelancing site - you'll find the best of these sites in our recently published “ Best Freelancing Platforms ” guide - and search for yourself the jobs that are in demand in your field.

Ask yourself (Can you do any of the tasks presented on this site?) If the answer is yes... then you are ready to start right away.

Register an account in two or three websites at most to start getting jobs.

Freelancing is a very large field and full of details that if you talk about it here, this guide will turn into a book, but do not worry, we have in Winners a comprehensive library on freelancing.

Just use the Seo7u search feature, and search for the word “freelance work,” and you will find dozens of articles dealing with everything that comes to your mind about freelancing.

And that's not all, we are currently working on a comprehensive guide on making money from programming by freelancing, in which I will put a lot of examples and practical instructions for you.

Let me give you some hints and tips from that guide:

1. Make money from freelancing in general takes time and effort in the beginning.

2. The most important thing is to have a good Portfolio that demonstrates your skill, and my advice is to rely on the video in its creation.

3. First you go to the clients, search among the owners of the sites, Facebook groups and any online gathering of people who are likely to need your services.

For example, if you are a web developer, you can search between websites in any field, which have some defects, and offer their owners to help them improve and develop their sites.

4. Focus on the two sites ( Upwork and Fiverr ) because the way jobs are presented differ between them, and this makes it easier for you to get clients.

5. Focus on logistics services in the field of programming, for example, there is a great demand for services (building and managing databases - structuring cloud servers for companies of all kinds).

6. Try to focus on a specific industry at the beginning so that it is more distinguished and makes your work easier over time. For example, if you provide a website development service, why not focus only on developing restaurant websites or law firms websites.

Follow us constantly so you don't miss this guide... Now let's continue our conversation about the rest of the ways to profit from programming!

5. Make money from programming by selling courses

This method is thought by some only for those with great experience in the field of programming, but this is not the case at all, especially at the present time.

There are many people who want to learn every detail in the field of programming with its various specialties and applications, not all people are looking for how to learn a particular programming language only.

Here are some interesting course titles:

How to create a complete online store using only JavaScript.

How to do web scraping using Python language for various websites.

15 Simple PHP Applications.

And other titles, and if you look at the content of these courses, you will find it very simple - some of these courses last no more than 5 hours - and despite that, you find them with a good turnout and interaction.

All I want you to know is that this method is not only for the experienced or skilled in the world of programming … As long as you like to explain the information and have a good experience in the field of programming, you can profit from this method.

In order to start earning from selling courses, you must follow these steps:

Choose a topic or application for a project that you have experience with.

Submit your course on the most famous platforms such as “Udemy – Skillshare” or on your own site if you have any size of followers on social media.

Make the course free at first so you can get some feedback from the students.

Promote the course on social media and among interested circles online.

After that, make the course paid - and my advice is to make the cost of the course not exceed $20, especially if the subject of the course is simple.

This way, you will make good profits quickly if the students find the benefit of what you offer.

6. Make money from programming by developing mobile applications and publishing them on famous stores

There are millions of applications on giant stores such as (Google Play - App Store), whose owners earn very good sums.

If you are a developer in the field of mobile applications, whether Android or IOS, why not develop a useful application in any field such as:


advanced calculator

Archive on any topic (such as religious applications - applications of books and summaries).

 Time management and note taking software.

And many other countless ideas that you can make money from by one of the following methods:

Make money from advertising (by relying on various advertising platforms such as Google 's AdMob ).

You can make your own paid app.

Make money by placing some additional paid features.

Make money from making the application a source of traffic or direct traffic however you want.

Make money from paid user subscriptions.

Make money from selling the app itself.

We talked about this way to make money from programming in the article “ How to make money from mobile applications ” in more detail, so I advise you to look at it.

This method requires a rather large effort, not only in developing the application itself, but in promoting it based on various e-marketing strategies .

That is why I advise you to rely on this method only if you have a passion or a certain idea about a useful game or application.

7. Make money from programming through e-commerce

E-commerce is the most profitable field these days, all companies, institutions and even individuals today depend on selling products and services online.

All this needs professional programmers who develop the buying and selling platforms according to the characteristics and needs specified by the seller to provide a good user experience.

Here comes your role in exploiting this need to earn money using methods, including:

Focus on freelancing on the development of electronic stores.

Providing technical advice to e-store owners.

Develop templates and plugins for popular e-commerce platforms such as Shopify .

We are currently working on a comprehensive guide on this way to profit from programming, because it has a lot of details about the best platforms, tools and programming languages ​​that you need to know.

We will also have a stand with the best products and services that you can provide with practical examples, so follow us constantly so as not to miss it.

8. Make money from programming through affiliate marketing

You are now a programmer, right? I wonder if I asked you how many paid services you mainly rely on in your work, would you know the answer? You might say four or five services.

Good, why didn't you think of making money from affiliate marketing by promoting these services to other programmers, especially beginners, as there are hundreds of products and services scattered in the market that confuse many.

For example:

There are dozens of companies that provide hosting services and cloud servers.

There are debugging tools that every programmer needs.

There are thousands of courses that you can promote as well.

There are dozens of services specialized in training in personal interviews, which programmers need every day.

If you search for these services, you will find most of them rely on commission marketing as one of the most important marketing channels to promote their services… Try for yourself and search in Google for the name of the service you are using and put the word “Affiliate Program” next to it.

The question here is how to take advantage of this method… If you are a beginner and do not know much about this field, I advise you to look at the “ Affiliate Marketing ” guide , which explains everything to you step by step.

After you understand the idea, you will have to promote these services through:

Facebook groups

Discord servers

Instagram account

Blogging (Yes, you can promote some services in your articles, and thus profit in more than one way at the same time).

Your YouTube channel (and thus you may not need to profit from YouTube ads themselves).

Your personal site.

Through free courses.

Profiting from programming through affiliate marketing is the simplest and easiest way to get started, which I recommend to beginners.

For this reason, we will soon publish a comprehensive guide on the best affiliate marketing programs in the field of programming, so that it is easier for you more, and I will put in front of you a lot of products to choose from which suits you.

9. Make money from programming by testing different software applications and discovering their vulnerabilities

The field of Cyber ​​Security is one of the most important areas of computer science in general and programming in particular... At every moment there is a hacker looking to exploit gaps in any application or program to obtain information.

And here comes the role of professional programmers in securing various applications and programs ... and this is what you will exploit to make money from programming if you are interested in the basics of this field.

Every novice developer or programmer learns the basics of information security and how he can protect different data ... Despite that, you will find many applications and websites scattered online that have many loopholes.

That is why you find a lot of companies and website and application owners who are looking for someone to test these applications in what is known as Penetration Testing or Ethical hacking.

This field requires knowledge of several tools (such as Burp suite and others) as well as knowledge of more than one programming language in order to become a professional.

If you want to learn this field professionally, I recommend this course “ Learn Ethical Hacking From Scratch ”, the course owner has great experience in this field and he also has a great YouTube channel.

Make money from this method depends on several methods, including:

Work as a Freelancer who specializes in testing apps and websites.

Make money from getting prizes when vulnerabilities are discovered in different services and sites (you will find many of these prizes on hackerone - bugcrowd - intigriti sites ).

Make money from getting a job as a Pentester if you are a professional in this field.

Make money from selling digital products (which we will talk about later) in this field.

10. Make money from programming by developing and selling digital products related to programming

There are many digital products that are needed by many in the field of programming such as:

Plugins for various Content Management Systems platforms of all kinds.

Ready-made templates (Themes - Templates).

Simple scripts to perform some tasks.

The various bots such as (Twitter Bots - Slack Bots - Discord Bots), which are needed by many to automate some of the important tasks on these services.

The advantage of this method is that you only develop these products once and then profit from them continuously.

I advise you to research the most popular platforms where these products are sold to see for yourself what the market needs, and what you can offer, such as:

The famous Envato Market place, especially the codecanyon section for this type of digital product 

Codester platform

Codegrape platform platform

Creative Market platform 

Gumroad platform

This method is very profitable, but it requires effort and experience and may not be suitable for beginners … but if you are a beginner and love design or want to specialize in order to benefit from digital products more … then you should follow the following method.

11. Profit from programming by programming plugins and templates for the WordPress platform

WordPress is the most popular content management system CMS in the world, almost 37% of all websites on the Internet rely on this giant platform.

That's why there are a lot of developers and specialists working in this field to help individuals and companies to:

Building websites .

Professional template development

Develop specialized plugins to perform some tasks

You will find dozens of platforms where one of these digital products is sold every day, such as the ones I mentioned earlier or (such as mojo marketplace - templatemonster - flippa ).

Go yourself and see the amount, variety, and sales volume of digital products on them to know that this method of making money from programming is very profitable for anyone interested in PHP and the WordPress platform in general.

If you are a web developer, I advise you to take a look at this method of earning from programming.

12. Make money from programming by selling e-books in the field of programming

E-books are one of the best types of digital products that you can profit from in the field of programming, especially since you do not need a lot of effort to prepare them.

There are simple books that talk about:

Steps to create a specific application or program.

A checklist in any field of programming, which many beginners and professionals rely on.

Summaries of the most important terms or topics that any programmer needs to know.

Presentation of a group of codes or programming ideas in a specific discipline.

If you love the detailed explanation of information or love writing, why not rely on this method, there are many methods that you can profit from directly or indirectly:

You can make money from selling e-books directly (especially if you have any followers on social media sites or have a blog or YouTube channel.

You can put up free e-books and use them to profit from indirect affiliate marketing.

You can use e-books to promote your courses.

If you love to write, I advise you to rely on this method to profit from programming.

13. Make money from programming by developing games

Video game development is the most profitable industry in the world in general, due to the demand for it by people of all ages and languages, and this is why this field is one of the most profitable programming disciplines.

You might think that game development is only for big companies or studios... You would be wrong if you did, there is a large class of game developers called Indie Game Developers.

This category of developers is working on developing games independently, and many of them make good profits from developing simple games and publishing them on popular stores.

I also advise you to follow this wonderful channel , the owner of which shares his journey in developing games, and how he earns from it… explaining all the obstacles that stand in his way and how to overcome them.

You can also follow the channel of this developer , who has a lot of experience in this field, and offers a lot of useful practical information for any newbie in this field.

If you are passionate about the game development field, I advise you to start immediately in this field, as you will not only earn money but also develop your skills as a game designer.

14. Make money from programming by developing software as a service (SaaS)

SaaS stands for Software As A Service, which is software that is provided to users as a service over the Internet.

There are hundreds of examples of these programs that you use yourself daily, such as:

Google's G Suite services (GMail - Drive - Sheets) All of these applications are just (SaaS) Google services that they provide either free for simple personal use or paid for companies and professionals.

The popular Canva tool is one of the best online image design tools.

Buffer is a popular social media account management tool.

All these tools and others generate millions of dollars annually in profits, and similar to these services, there are thousands of applications that are sold and used daily and bring their owners a good income.

There are simple applications that restaurant owners use online to calculate and review bills, and other applications that are used in the field of marketing and customer search.

Let me give you another practical example:

There is a Pakistani person I know personally from the Internet who developed a script that is used to quickly search for shops on Google Maps.

For example, you enter the city, and the type of service you are looking for (dental clinic - fish restaurant). The script collects all the names of the stores, their addresses, phone numbers and other information available in moments, and puts them in a neat file that you can download easily.

If you look closely at this tool, you will find that it is very useful for many marketers, and for anyone who wants to sell or promote their services to a specific category of business owners, this tool saves them time and effort.

That is why our Pakistani friend designed this application in the form of SaaS, and promoted it among the Facebook groups in which marketers meet, and made good profits from it until he sold it to a marketing company for a very good amount of money.

This is what you must do to profit from this method… Research the market in different industries for the problems and challenges that exist in it, which can be overcome using a software tool.

This method is not for beginners at all, because it needs a lot of experience in development and selection of the best available software technologies to get the best performance at the lowest costs, and that is why more than one programmer often collaborates on a single project.

15. Make money from programming by getting a job

Of course, this is the intuitive way that comes to the mind of anyone who thinks of profiting from programming, there are thousands of companies everywhere in the world that are looking for good programmers in various disciplines.

You can easily get a job in programming if you:

Proficient in one of the most popular programming disciplines required in the labor market.

Know how to write a professional CV that shows your expertise.

Portfolio has a good portfolio of businesses and software projects in your field.

You have good communication skills and you can beat the interview stage.

We will soon publish many guides about the most important programming jobs required in the labor market with an explanation of the most important skills and tools required in each job.

And also about how to search for jobs in the field of programming, and the most important tips and guidelines that help you bypass the interview stage, so do not stop following us so as not to miss it.


At the end of talking about the best ways to make money from programming, I hope that you have found what you are looking for, as I have put in front of you a lot of practical information and advice.

All that's left now is to get started... just choose a method and try to succeed, don't think about the tools you have or your level of programming experience.

As long as you have knowledge of the basics and have a passion and love for this field, you can definitely make a good income from many of the aforementioned methods.

I wish you success, and see you soon!

Mohamed sakr
By : Mohamed sakr
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