Make money from Booking website (How to earn hundreds of dollars per month)

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 There are no limits to ways to profit from the Internet. You can earn money through freelancing, e-marketing, starting your online store, writing content, or other ways that we talked about in dozens of previous articles.

But today we will talk about a new and distinctive way to profit from the Internet, which is the profit from the Booking site. What is And how can you profit from it? And can you make hundreds of dollars a month with it? All these questions and more will be answered in this article.

What is is one of the most famous sites on the Internet, and it is the most famous site ever in the field of tourism and travel, through which nearly one and a half million reservations are made daily in 226 countries around the world.

The site includes more than 28 million accommodation places around the world, including more than 6.2 million homes and apartments, and this makes it the largest booking site in the world at all to serve millions of tourists and travelers around the world.

This huge entity needs tremendous marketing, so it launched an affiliate program to partner with digital marketers and content writers around the world, to market it and encourage and pay people to make reservations through it in exchange for a percentage of profits from those reservations.

In this article, I will show all the details about the affiliate program from; Starting from registering in the program to all the details regarding the receipt of funds, the percentage of commission on each reservation, and the advantages and disadvantages of the program.

At the end of the article, I will provide you, dear reader, with a number of important tips that will help you achieve great profits from the affiliate program with

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How to make money from booking

First, the profit from Booking is made by taking a percentage of each reservation made through you on the site, and thus the method of increasing the profit is by increasing the number of reservations as much as possible.

The best results that come from this system are through blogs, websites or YouTube channels that specialize in tourism and travel. By writing your own unique content and putting tools for the affiliate system - which we will talk about later - you will encourage visitors to your site or blog to make reservations.

The interesting thing is that there are about tens of thousands of affiliate marketers participating in this system and many of them are making hundreds or thousands of dollars a month, you can also be one of them, it will not take you much time, and you can make it a side task that you do in only an hour or two Daily.

What is the percentage of making money from each booking? What are the steps to receive money?

The percentage of profit from Booking ranges from 25% to 40% of the profit on each reservation, but this percentage is not based on the apparent reservation value, but rather on the site’s profit from the reservation, which usually amounts to 15% to 20% of the value of the original reservation.

Your profit percentage from each booking is determined by the number of successful bookings made by you per month, and this table will show you the percentages approved by the Booking website’s affiliate system:

For example, if a room was booked through your site, and its value was $ 100, and assuming that the site will take 15% of the value of this reservation, or about $ 15, and your percentage in this month of bookings was 30%, you will get $ 4.5.

As for receiving money; sends you money after your earnings exceed 100 euros, the site's base currency is euros, but you can also get your earnings in US dollars or in British pounds.

Profits are received either through direct transfer to your bank account or through PayPal, and be aware that if you use PayPal and your bank account is connected to it in the local currency, PayPal will take a commission for transferring funds to your currency.

Receipt of the profits is usually two months after the customer completes the reservation, which is a long time after the thing, and sometimes the payments may be delayed by an additional two weeks.

The affiliate program with only charges you for successful reservations. If the customer makes a reservation through you and then cancels the reservation, you will not get any money from it.

Can I earn $1000 from per month?

The answer to this question is a bit difficult. In theory, yes, you can earn a thousand dollars from the site per month and even tens of thousands of dollars, but in practice you need to make some effort and learn several skills.

If we assume that you get an average of two dollars from each reservation made through you, then you need about 500 reservations per month in order to get this amount, and this number of reservations requires a huge number of visitors to your blog per month.

If the percentage of those who make reservations through your site and complete the process is 0.25%, which is an acceptable percentage in the Arab world, then you need more than 200 thousand visitors per month.

To get this number of visitors, you need to master skills, such as SEO and content writing. Fortunately for you, we are very interested in these skills on Seo7u and you will find many useful articles and explanations about them.

Advantages and disadvantages of the affiliate system from Booking

In the next lines, I will talk in detail about the disadvantages and advantages of this system that will help you in deciding whether to start in this matter or not.

Advantages of the affiliate system from the Booking site

1. Booking is very popular and has great credibility offers more than 2,563,380 accommodations, and about 29,475,748 rooms, with more than 1,550,000 nights booked daily, serving a large base of tens or hundreds of millions of users.

Therefore, as a marketer, you will not need to convince your visitors to the Booking site, they trust it from the beginning, which will ease the big task on your shoulders, all you will need is to motivate them to visit new places to book hotels or accommodation through you.

2. Diversity of choices, accommodations, cities and even countries has accommodations in about 226 countries, so you can write articles about just about anywhere in the world, and because of the wide variety of options and a number of funky accommodations, you can always write about something new and exciting.

3. Easy to register and start making profits

As we will see later in the article, registering on the Booking site does not require much time or effort, and in record time you can start using it and making profits through it.

4. The many tools that the program provides to marketers

This is one of the most powerful features of the Booking affiliate system, as it provides many powerful tools that will benefit you in motivating and attracting your visitors to make reservations immediately, and the most important of these tools are:

a) Search Box

Booking search box

The search box is one of the most famous features of, through it you can specify your destination, arrival and departure times, and use several filters to get suggestions for accommodations.

By adding this tool on your site, especially on your home page or your powerful articles or those that focus on visiting cities in particular, you will be able to push the reader to make the booking through you to get your profits.

b) Inspiring Search Box

Inspirational search box

The inspiration search box is one of the best tools when it comes to results, and it shows the reader or visitor the best destinations in the tourist areas, making them feel excited to take the trip and book the accommodation.

The Inspiring Search Box is a lot like a regular search box, but it's the images that give it the edge and make it even more powerful.

c) Map Widget

Booking map application

Adding a map is one of the best strategies, especially if you are talking about a specific area. If you are writing an article about downtown Cairo and the number of restaurants and tourist areas there, the presence of a map application that contains places to stay there will be encouraging for visitors.

Another feature of the map is that it is interactive; That is, the visitor can move it and search for accommodations in other places, which will certainly increase the likelihood of him making a reservation through you, and you can also use it when recommending specific accommodations, which makes it very useful.

d) Banners

Booking Banners

Banners are the simplest advertising tool ever, but don't get misunderstood, you can get big profits with them, especially since they are available in 6 different sizes and in more than 43 languages ​​and dialects.

e) Deals Finder

Booking Finder Offers

Who does not like offers and discounts? has already recognized this and created a tool dedicated solely to searching for tempting offers and discounts.

Using this tool on your site will make visitors more encouraged to book through you and seize the opportunities that are presented to him, which will reflect on your profits.

f) WordPress plugins

WordPress Booking Plugins

The sixth and final tool that we will talk about in our articles is WordPress plugins. provides you with the ability to use many plugins if your site is a WordPress site.

These plugins can have great results especially with the ability to create deep links and menus through them, and redesign them to your liking.

Disadvantages of the affiliate system from Booking

1. It may take some time to get the first profits

It is not easy, especially in the beginning, you will need to master the skills we talked about, and then you will continue to write articles periodically, until you have a sufficient base of visitors and customers for a stable and growing income.

The process of getting the first 100 euros from the site can take several months, but once you get through this you will be able to achieve more faster.

2. The period of receiving money is relatively large

Some marketers don't like the idea of ​​receiving the money two months after the customer completes the reservation, so if this is a bit too long for you, then you will have to think a bit before joining this affiliate program.

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How to start earning from Booking

Just three steps, all it takes to start earning from a booking site, it may seem a little difficult especially if you have no prior experience, but it is very possible and realistic, and it will return you a lot of profit within months.

The first step: choose the domain and set up the site

To achieve the best possible result from Booking website, you have to have a website, if you do not have experience with this then do not worry, you do not need to be a website designer or even hire one of them, and you can not pay anything in the process.

You can create a free blogger blog at no cost, start using it and register with it in the Booking affiliate system,

A very important note: You can replace the idea of ​​creating a blog with the idea of ​​creating a YouTube channel in which you talk about tourism and travel, and you can even travel on your own to specific places and make actual reviews of many tourist places and hotels. Lots of YouTubers do this and make thousands of dollars a month.

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The second step: enrich your site with content

This is perhaps the most important step, which is to start creating content that will attract visitors interested in travel and tourism, both inside and outside your country.

In the beginning, you will have to define a plan for the content that you will provide, and in this case it will be easy, because you will talk about places of tourism, how to obtain a visa, the best restaurants in cities, how to travel at the lowest cost, … and others.

In the beginning, you can write about the places you visited in your country, to help you write high-quality content. If you are an Egyptian, you can write about visiting Cairo, Alexandria, Luxor, Sharm El Sheikh, or any of the places you visited before.

Then you will have to write appropriate articles with your visitors, you have to tell them about the beauty of these places, the positive feelings that you will bring to them, and the restaurants and hotels there that they should try, and this is to motivate them to book through you after subscribing to the affiliate program.

It is best to write 10-20 articles per month, and try to use the SEO rules we talked about, in order to get as much traffic as possible.

Third Step: Subscribe to the affiliate system from Booking

Now it's time to sign up for Booking's affiliate system, you'll have to go to the program's page, and then sign up for it.

Subscribe to Affiliate Booking

After filling in the details and being accepted as a partner, you will be able to use the tools and start earning.

Tips for making money from Booking

There are many ideas and ways that will make you increase your profits from the affiliate program on, but you can always let your imagination run wild and come up with your own ideas and methods:

1. Provide real benefit to your visitors

When writing articles for your blog, do not focus on getting the largest amount of bookings and neglect the content, as this will be counterproductive and can sometimes be devastating.

Instead, provide useful content for the reader, tell him about the best areas to visit, and how to enjoy his trips, make every effort to provide all the information he will need, and then your reservation numbers will increase.

Also, you should consider each of the advantages and disadvantages impartially, because this is the only way that will make the reader trust you and initiate the reservation through you.

You should also pay attention to the tourist seasons and provide appropriate content with them, and constantly check the Booking website and every update on it.

2. Use the Inspiring Search Box tool

According to a file posted in the help section of the Booking Affiliate Program, the inspirational search box tool is the best performing tool that translates to more bookings.

Therefore, it is recommended to use it on your site, but in the right way by placing it on pages that contain similar or meaningful content, and try to place it in the middle or beginning of the page so that it is noticed by readers.

But there is a drawback in this tool, which is that it is not very suitable for mobile phones, unlike the normal search tool that is suitable for mobile phones.

3. Find the least competitive keywords

Make sure you know that keywords usually have a lot of competition, for example try searching or finding out CPCs for keywords like visiting Paris or the pyramids or any other known tourist destination, and you will get my idea.

In order to win this competition, you have to rely on your intelligence, and intelligence here is to search for suitable keywords, but the competition for them is less.

For example, most of the content about traveling to France will be about Paris and therefore will be highly competitive, but you can use less competitive keywords, such as: the Eiffel Tower, the Champs Elysees, the Arc de Triomphe, Place de la Concorde, which are all tourist destinations within Paris.

Leading search engines using keywords like this will ensure that you get a large amount of traffic with minimal competition, which will then translate into bookings and profits.

But make sure when choosing the least competitive keywords that people are using them, or that you have enough Search Volume.

4. Make sure to prepare targeted content

The visitors who read your articles are not the same, and I mean here that they do not have the same intention to travel that you want and motivate in your articles, so the majority of them are the ones who do not intend to travel or think of traveling, but they do not make any real steps.

Do not be upset, and instead write some articles for these groups that encourage them to travel and answer all their questions and concerns about this step, and later when they intend to travel they will read your other articles that prompt them to book through you.

5. Write strong headlines for your articles

The title is the most important part of the whole article, because it is the one that will attract visitors, so be sure to create titles that suit and encourage your audience to read and book, and there are a number of titles that have proven successful in this niche, such as:

Best places to stay in………

The best tourist destinations in ……

Your comprehensive guide to visit…….

10 things you have to do when you visit.......

Complete itinerary for……..

If you have not visited these places in ……., then you have not gone there.

9 tourist destinations that you should not miss when visiting.......

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At the end of the article, I hope that I answered all your questions, and I remind you that we will answer all your questions and inquiries that you write in the comments.

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