How to Make Money on TikTok in 2022 (6 Ideas)

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 Profiting from Tik Tok is one of the most effective and easy ways to profit in the world of social media, although the application is one of the most popular applications, especially among teenagers in the world, and has a bad reputation in some societies. However, it has some of the best content creators ever.

The content creators of this app often make millions of dollars a month due to their innovative content, and it is also a good arena for showcasing talents of all kinds.

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Now let's start talking about the 6 most important ways to make money from Tik Tok:

1. Make money from Tik Tok by growing and selling accounts

The most important thing that distinguishes relatively modern applications such as Tik Tok, is that the opportunity to grow followers on it is greater than other old applications, such as Facebook, Twitter and others.

Facebook, for example, imposes restrictions on accounts that do not pay for promotion, unlike Tik Tok, achieving a large number of followers on Tik Tok is not that difficult, and it may be done overnight.

One of the most popular ways to earn money is by Tik Tok app. It is creating an account that offers entertainment content that people are looking for, for example, videos that provide recipes.

With the increase in views on your videos and the number of followers, the account becomes salable for large amounts of money. Especially by restaurant brands or food accounts in general.

Platforms you can safely sell your account on

The conditions for profit from Tik Tok with the help of this method require that you secure the process of selling the account so as not to be exposed to a scam.

This is done with the help of: TikTok Creator Marketplace , which is one of the features of the Tik Tok application.

This service will give you easy access to trusted brands, who will seriously want to buy your account. All under the auspices of the app.

Another means by which you can sell your account safely is Fameswap , which is one of the sites specialized in buying and selling accounts on Tik Tok, and channels on YouTube.

You can take a look at the average prices displayed for accounts via the site in the following image:

Prices for Tik Tok accounts on Fameswap

Knowing the exact number that the sold account is expected to earn is almost impossible digitally, but according to account selling sites, including Fameswap, these are the approximate average prices you are expected to earn for selling your account on Tik Tok, according to the number of followers the account has:

 1,000 to 10,000 followers: $100.

10 to 50 thousand followers: $100 to $500.

50 to 100 thousand followers: $500 to $1,000.

100 to 500 thousand followers: 1000 to 5000 dollars.

500 thousand to 1 million followers: 5000 to 30 thousand dollars.

Now, why not create an account on Tik Tok and specialize in providing certain content, and after you get fame and followers, you sell the account, and start the process over? This is one of the easy and useful ways to earn from Tik Tok as well.

2. Make money from Tik Tok by working as an influencer

It is no secret to everyone that influencers are making huge profits from their accounts on various social media sites. If you have the tools that make you a successful influencer, why not?

Choose your target audience and choose the type of clips you want to release, are they educational clips, or entertainment clips. Do you have a talent for singing or drawing? Define the type of your brand in order to target the right audience for it.

You can target a variety of clip types from serious to fun, artistic and educational. But making sure you specialize can help you target a specific segment of the audience.

It is also good that your clips are unique and unique because the competition is fierce for this particular application, there are millions of content creators in the field of singing, for example, what distinguishes you from them?

Are you going to wear clothes from every era to the song you're singing, for example, or display highlights and highlights in the background? You should always look for something new.

TikTok influencers earn millions of dollars annually and their earnings are also expected to increase in the future. For example, Addison Rae Easterling earned just $5 million in 2019.

Of course this is not the average price among all TikTok influencers, but some of the smaller influencers make good money as well.

There are no exact estimates of the numbers you can expect to get when you become an influencer. But experts point out that it is the accounts with more than 10,000 followers that start making profits.

A TikTok user becomes an influencer when he or she can create a successful brand. This term comes up a lot, so what is a brand? A brand is not just a product or service. You yourself can be a unique brand.

The type of content you provide and the way you present it is branded, the way you talk, the way you discuss topics is your brand.

And if you come up with a good way to connect with your followers, you will become a successful influencer. The examples are endless of successful influencers who only have huge followings for their own person.

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Two steps to start earning from Tik Tok as an influencer

a) Gather followers

It is worth noting that this year, the Tik Tok platform allocated more than 200 million dollars to influencers on the application, and this number is expected to rise to billions of dollars in the coming years.

So why not grab the opportunity and get your share?

You can pay Tik Tok for your content to be spread more widely, choose clips that contain good value and you think are worth spreading and pay for it to get followers.

Don't worry, a few dollars will bring you a huge number of followers. Thus, this money will come back to you in the future if you follow the tips to create great content.

b) Cooperating with companies to advertise their products or services in what is known as influencer marketing

Where companies use influencers to increase their sales. Some of the famous influencers on Tik Tok are earning millions from influencer marketing.

It's good to know that advertisers are not only trying to promote their products among the celebrities or the most popular on the app, but also among the audiences who are most interested in that product, and that may apply to you!

So make sure to establish good and honest relationships with your followers. If they trust you and try your recommendations for products and services, you will have more chances of making money as an influencer than another influencer who has millions of followers who don't care about his recommendations.

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3. Make money from Tik Tok by mediating between influencers and advertisers

One of the innovative ways to profit in Tik Tok, in the application there are a large number of influencers of different fields, specializations, and the content they provide.

There are also a very large number of companies that are looking for these influencers, at prices that suit them, in order to advertise their products.

Some companies were exposed to severe financial crises, especially in 2020, due to the epidemic, which prompted them to close a large number of their branches.

But the best solution that caused the increase in sales. It is dealing with influencers, an example of this is the English clothing company Levis.

The company resorted to collaborating with a large number of celebrities and influencers to face its losses. Which led to a significant increase in the percentage of sales again.

So one of the most innovative ways to earn on Tik Tok, is to create an agency to mediate between influencers and companies. Even if it was on a small scale at first.

Acting as a coordinator between the two parties will secure you a good amount of money. It will be within your powers to communicate with the parties, conclude agreements, and reach a deal that satisfies everyone, and others.

It is essential that you have a good database of influencers and companies that you want to collaborate with. The marketplace feature will help you collect the required data.

If you want to work as a coordinator for Tik Tok, which already has its own programs to coordinate influencers and companies. You will need to give the platform a percentage on every deal that you succeed in closing.

In order to make good profits through this work through the application, you must be well versed in the basics of marketing . Take training courses, educate yourself well in this field and get started.

We recommend some training courses to help you develop your skills in app marketing, which opens the way for you to work in this field.

4. Make money from Tik Tok through live broadcast gifts

This is another innovative method of profit from Tik Tok that you will not find in other popular applications. It is profit by direct broadcasting.

When creating an account via Tik Tok, the user can buy virtual coins with money, and the price of these coins reaches approximately $ and a half per 100 coins, for example.

You can gift these coins to your favorite influencers or creators. It's a way to get them to make more fun clips, or a practical way to thank them for that content.

If we assume that you have created a successful account and its fan base has expanded significantly and quickly, we also assume that you are about to take advantage of this feature, here you are the one who will get these gifts from followers.

These gifts are redeemed by converting them from coins to diamonds, then into money, then transferring them to your PayPal account and withdrawing them.

Important information that you need to know to benefit from this method:

1. You must have a good number of followers, you will not be able to receive gifts if less than 1000 people follow this broadcast.

2. Your followers can only buy these gifts if they are over 18 years old. This means that in order to receive these gifts, you need to provide content that is suitable for seniors so that you can benefit from this method.

3. Coins purchased by followers cannot be redeemed. Also, the exchange rate greatly affects the money you get.

You will find the number of currencies varies with the exchange rate day by day. It is a good idea to wait for the dollar price rise in the markets to withdraw your money.

In the end, we advise you to make the live broadcast that you launch a new one so that you can collect gifts worthily and profit from this method. You should look for a good topic to discuss with your followers and make sure to follow attractive presentations.

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5. Make money from TikTok by using TikTok for Business

One of the effective ways to make money from TikTok is to use TikTok for Business marketing tool. It is one of the marketing tools that gives you important data about the market, and provides you with all means to study it before starting the sales process.

And after a partnership was established between the shopify application and the Tik Tok application. It has become easier for more than a million merchants with this platform to display their products on Tik Tok.

Shopify is a huge online store, with more than a million merchants ranging from beginners to professionals. Once you add some products to your store, you can instantly promote it on TikTok and other platforms.

This platform has templates and pages already ready to showcase your products. This feature allows you to sell all kinds of products such as clothes, perfumes, accessories, cosmetics, and more.

What is more, the Tik Tok platform has announced the possibility of lending some merchants, sums of up to 300 dollars in order to encourage them to subscribe to this feature.

6. Make money from Tik Tok by working with a consultation

This method is suitable for people who have a long history of working on or using the Tik Tok application. and interested persons and those in the field of marketing in general.

Consultants are people who are distinguished by extensive experience and knowledge and present them in a distinctive way. Many companies pay experts to help them spread and gain followers, market better, and solve problems facing their accounts on the application.

If you have experience in marketing on Tik Tok, you can immediately start creating an account and showcasing your skills and experience.

Before we end this article, we need to answer two very important questions.

Important questions about profit from Tik Tok

1. How much profit from Tik Tok ?

There is no specific number that we can answer this question, the matter is not specific, because the methods of profit are diverse and most of them depend entirely on the number of followers you have.

Also, most influencers are secretive about the numbers they get from the app. But it is possible to deduce the price range if we collect some information from experts.

Economist Tom Hartman estimated that a content creator who has about 100,000 followers earns between $500 and $2,000 for his ads, and based on this theory, the most popular content creators on the app are expected to earn between $50,000 and $150,000. In the year.

Here are a set of important points on which the amount of profit from Tik Tok is determined:

 The area in which your account is specialized: Commercial fields will have a better return on them than entertainment fields.

Geographical range of your followers: Of course, the American and European follower will make a better profit than the Arab follower.

Number of Followers: The more followers you have, the better chance you have of earning.

Determining your method of profit from Tik Tok: Each method is different from the other, and here you will make the best profit when you choose the most appropriate method that suits you, your audience, and your account area.

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2. Can I make money from Tik Tok in record time?

The answer is yes, because the most important thing that distinguishes the Tik Tok application from the rest of the social networking applications is the ease of use. Hence the lower costs that you will need in order to create your content.

It is also a relatively new application, as we have mentioned, and it allows the spread of all kinds of content. So the good content easily shines in this app.

At first, you will not need someone to help you with editing, marketing, or other matters, as you can create the entire clip yourself.

Just as Tik Tok is basically an arena for talents, if you have a talent and you have unique ways to display it. You are on your way to making very good profits with the app.

All you need now is a clear plan to get started, and creative ways to implement it.

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