How to make money from the Internet (all the ideas and information you need)


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How to make money from the Internet? A question that many Arab youth are asking at the present time, some of them want to learn about the huge and varied profit opportunities that the Internet offers, and some of them are still skeptical about the idea of ​​profit from the Internet and believe that it is just an illusion.

In any case, whether you are a skeptic or a confident person who is looking for a new opportunity through the Internet, in this guide you will find what you need and more.

This article serves as a guide for every Arab young man who wants to develop his working life through the opportunities and profitability possibilities offered by the Internet, but he does not know where he can start. It is also a guide for anyone who wants an answer and a deep understanding of the question “How to profit from the Internet?”.

What you will learn in this guide:

You will learn the correct keys to answer the question of how to profit from the Internet.

You will understand in depth the nature of the profitable system of the Internet and on what basis it is based.

You will learn about the four main paths to making a profit from the Internet.

You will learn the secrets of profit from the Internet.

You will learn about the opportunities for profit from the Internet available to you as an Arab.

You will learn a set of tips and recommendations that will enable you to make real profit from the Internet.

In addition to all this, I will put for you a set of links to other topics related and complementary to this topic, through which you will have all the knowledge, resources and ideas you need to start as soon as possible to make your first dollar from your work on the Internet.

So I highly recommend reading the guide to the end, and reading every other article I will refer to during the explanation, as this will save you a lot of time and effort in the future, and will enable you to reach results in the fastest time.

First: The correct keys to answer the question “How to profit from the Internet”

In order to profit from the Internet, you must first identify the correct concept of the idea of ​​​​earning from the Internet, here I will include a group of misconceptions for you, and then a group of correct concepts.

Misconceptions about the idea of ​​how to profit from the Internet

There is a secret that once you know it will rain down on you thousands of dollars.

You will win online as runners and bettors win in contests and win lottery tickets.

In order to profit from the Internet, you must deceive and deceive others.

In order to profit from the Internet, you must be a person with exceptional talents, capabilities and skills.

In order to profit from the Internet, you must do unethical or illegal things.

 You can earn thousands of dollars by investing 2 hours a day.

Profiting from the Internet is not a real business, but it is just commands that you have to do on the computer, such as clicking on ads or watching content.

All of the above concepts are concepts despite their popularity, but they are all completely wrong, and through them you cannot get any real answer to the question of how to profit from the Internet.

Correct concepts about the idea of ​​how to profit from the Internet

1- Profiting from the Internet is like profiting from any activity on the ground, as it is a work in its natural form that does not contradict morals or the law.

2- You will not profit from the Internet except by offering something in return (investing money, investing time, investing ideas, investing effort).

3- The idea of ​​making profits from the Internet is based mainly on the effectiveness of the Internet as a means of communicating and sharing information around the world.

4- Due to the expansion of the Internet user base around the world, marketing through the Internet has become one of the most important marketing channels at all, so Internet marketing is an essential tributary in every process of making profits from the Internet.

5- An Internet user can easily shop through the Internet, so many stores have appeared on the Internet, which represent projects like the ones on the ground.

There is also a large market based on services and products that originally appeared with the advent of the Internet (such as e-books, mobile applications, games, etc.).

This is in addition to the millions of websites that talk about everything you might think of. All of this system has provided millions of job opportunities and jobs (websites need a website designer and developer, and companies need online marketers..etc.)

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Second: The nature of the profitability system of the Internet and what does it do?

Let us first agree that the Internet is based primarily on commercial and marketing benefits, and here I do not completely deny the existence of some non-profit websites and platforms, but this is as little as the reality.

In fact, the vast majority of website owners, providers of services or content of great interest, do it for profit. But there is nothing wrong with that, as this is what makes everyone strive to offer their best to Internet users to attract them to their sites without others.

We can say that without the purpose of profit, no one on the Internet would be able to continue giving to visitors. Did you know that Facebook, which does not charge you a direct fee for providing a service to communicate with your friends and with your virtual world, is a first-class profit organization, and it benefits financially from you.

Yes, from you personally, and he may profit through you every day, through his advertising system, and you, in turn, can take advantage of Facebook to make profits, whether directly or indirectly, as there are more than 10 ways to profit from Facebook .

Also, the Google search engine that answers all your questions, that always guides you to sites that solve all your problems, that always works for your benefit: it is a first-class profit organization.

Every search you make generates profit for Google directly, or at least indirectly, through its advertising system.

Also, the free apps you use on your smartphone, the games you play, and the news sites you browse are all making money through you.

The good news here is that you, too, can be an active element in this system, and make a profit by choosing one of the areas of profit from the Internet and start working in it.

Third: The four basic paths to making a profit from the Internet

In order to make money from the Internet, you must follow one of the four basic paths, these paths are branched and branched, and there are thousands of ways through which you can profit from the Internet, and these four paths are:

The first path: to have your own profitable project on the Internet

In this case, the profits are made directly through your profit project, in which you may sell a product or service, or even provide something for free and profit through ads.

Of course, there are a lot of online project ideas , through which you can profit, some of them are available to everyone, and some need specialists, and these are some ideas for online projects that you can create in order to profit from the Internet:

1- YouTube channel

Almost anyone can create a YouTube channel , publish good content on it, and then link it to Google Adsense, and start earning from YouTube.

2- Online store

If you have a specific type of distinctive products or services that you want to sell online, you can create an online store , start selling what you own, and then making money from the Internet.

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3- A smart phone app

Profiting from mobile applications is one of the ideas that suits application development professionals more, but anyone can pay a specialist to create an application for him.

There are many options to earn from the Internet by creating an application for smartphones, including making the application paid, or making it free with advertisements in it to make a profit through it.

4- Website

Creating a website is not as difficult as many think, there are quick and easy ways to do this, including creating a website through WordPress .

If you have a website idea , and you have knowledge and experience in the field of this idea, you can make a website and start publishing content on it, and then attract visitors to your site and make a profit through it. Of course, there are many ways to profit from websites that you can choose from, and one of the most famous of these methods is to make money from Google Adsense .

5- Facebook page

In addition to the fact that creating a Facebook page is an essential step for marketing anything on the Internet, there are many ways to profit from Facebook in which the page is an essential element.

Of course there are tons of ways and sub-ideas that you can generate from the five project ideas we covered above, and it's worth noting here that these ideas can overlap with each other, or with the other two paths.

The second path: to market for the benefit of others in return for a commission

In the event that you do not have your own project that you can profit from, then you can cooperate with other project owners, by marketing their products and services, and in return you will get a commission.

This is called the affiliate marketing system or profit sharing, for example, you can contract with a store to market their products for a specific commission.

In fact, there are thousands of sites that allow you to share in profits in exchange for providing marketing services to them, and they do not require you to be good-looking (they will not see you), or to be a graduate of a particular college, or to be distinguished by anything.

They only care about the marketing services you offer them and they will pay you well.

These marketing services that you provide to third parties may be: Completing a complete sale through you of a product, making a user through you register on a site, enter his personal data, or download a game or application.

It is worth noting here that there are many Arab sites that offer the idea of ​​commission marketing, including the Jumia site, through which you can profit in more than one way .

The third path: Employing your own capabilities to help others complete tasks.

You can profit from the Internet in the same way that you profit in real life, as we mentioned above, the Internet has created millions of opportunities for young people.

Many large websites, online stores, and smart phone applications need employees who work permanently in many jobs such as: marketing, design, social media management , content writing , programming…etc.

On the other hand, you can profit from the Internet by submitting tasks freely and working as a freelancer (there are a lot of freelance sites on the Internet that you can subscribe and profit through).

To get more information about freelancing on the Internet, we have made in the past an integrated guide, you can access it through the link below:

Guide to freelancing on the Internet

Fourth path: investing money through the Internet

The Internet is also like real life, it is full of various investment opportunities, which you can take advantage of and make excellent profits even if you do not have the technical expertise.

We can define investing in general as putting money today in something, with the purpose of keeping that money while getting an additional return through it, applying this to the world of the Internet, every opportunity that you can access on the Internet in order to use your money to generate more returns is an opportunity To make a profit from the Internet.

One of the ways to invest money through the Internet is the participation of talented people to work on profitable projects on the Internet, for example, if there is a group of young people who have a great idea for a YouTube channel , and they have all the skills necessary to start it, but they lack money, then why not give them money as an investment opportunity for you.

It is worth noting here that the investment path may overlap a lot with the acquisition path, but the difference here is that the investment path can be entered into with the least level of experience and knowledge in a field, and it is mainly related to pumping money into existing projects or projects in the process of starting.

At Winners we highly recommend to have an idea and a deep understanding about things before actually getting started.

Fourth: Are there secrets that I must know in order to profit from the Internet?

A question asked by thousands of people looking to profit from the Internet, and hundreds of books and thousands of articles are written every year, but in fact there are no secrets to profit from the Internet!

In this part, I will show you three basic tips that you must follow in order to profit from the Internet, and of course you are free to call them the secrets of profit from the Internet , and I also to give you the excitement that you expect I will call them the three secrets to profit from the Internet, which are:

1- Focus and specialize in one area

What makes many people try to profit from the Internet and come out with nothing, and even fail to earn one dollar through the Internet, is the dispersal between the sides of this rich world. Dispersion is the number one enemy of everyone trying to get success, in order to profit from the Internet, you have to determine which methods suit you the most.

I think that “this secret” is the most important for achieving success. You may find it difficult to determine the appropriate field in a world full of opportunities, possibilities and creativity such as the Internet, but some reading, reading and deep thinking can determine the appropriate field for you.

2- Experience is what achieves results, not immersion in learning and thinking

Break the barrier of laziness and take effective steps towards your own ideas for profit from the Internet today. Apply a method of profit through the Internet that you have read and liked.

Contact that friend you see fit to start your joint project with him as soon as possible, book a domain name , and host sites today and start implementing your site idea.

My advice to you here also is not to stop trying when your first, second, or even 100th experiment fails, for perhaps the experiments you made and failed are what make the essential ingredients for the success of your next experiment.

When you try something and you don't get the results you were expecting, change a few factors, or even change the field completely, it may not be the right field for you, but never stop…

3- Excellence, flexibility and the work of the mind is the basis of success

Do not do what others dictate to you without the work of your mind, this is my motto in all aspects of life. Take what suits you from the methods and strategies of marketing on the Internet, and combine them with other previous ideas you have, and wrap them with your own flavor and touch to come out in the end with a unique and unique idea of ​​your own.

When you choose a particular field to start in the online world, offer something unconventional, or add a feature that you only have. There are millions of young people around the world who are trying to do like you, and most of them do what others tell them to do, and by doing what others tell you to do, you will be one of the millions like.

Imagine with me if the social networking site Twitter was a copy of Facebook, it would never have succeeded like this, and if Instagram was like them, it would not have become one of the most important social networking sites at the present time.

In fact, the good news is that the opportunities to profit from the Internet for you as an Arab are more than wonderful, and this is for the following reasons:

1- According to statistics , the number of Internet users in the Arab world in mid-2017 reached about 180 million out of the total number of 421 million.

2- The Arab Internet market is a new market and is constantly growing and developing, which allows it to absorb many new website ideas in all disciplines.

3- The chances of success in profiting from the Internet in the Arabic language are greater compared to the English language, due to the weak competition in the Arab Internet.

4- All the countries that preceded us in terms of Internet and communications technology have the Internet market number one, and this is sure to happen by extension in the Arab countries, whether this happens in the near or far future.

5- There are many stores and global service sites that have begun to direct their attention to the Arab market, due to their realization of the importance of this huge market, and some of them represent them here in the Arab region. This of course will open new horizons and more opportunities for many.

6- If you are one of the creative people who can come up with creative and new ideas, this is very good, but if you are not one of them, do not worry, because there are thousands of successful ideas and models in developed countries in the field of e-marketing and e- commerce , which you can apply here in Arabic.

7- At the present time, you will find help from those who speak the same language as you, in order to help you in all your problems or difficulties. Winners is one of the leading sites that provide great explanations, ideas and ways about marketing, working and profiting from the Internet.

Sixth: Facts and tips that will help you to profit from the Internet

1- You can turn your personal interest into a source of profit from the Internet

One of the great points about making money from the Internet is that you can turn even your personal interests into a source of work and profit from the Internet. For example, by creating a website or a YouTube channel, you can share your personal interests with the world, attract visitors to your site or channel, and thus make a profit by doing the things you love to do.

Also, the field of self-employment through the Internet expands to include everyone, and even the simplest skills that you are good at, you can work with them and make a return by presenting them to others.

The world of the Internet is a more complex and diverse manifestation than the real world in which we live, so the opportunities and possibilities through it vary in a way that exceeds your imagination, and so I can say as long as you use the Internet and have access to this article, and you are reading it now through the Internet ... This means that you can profit from the Internet.

2- You can learn anything through the Internet

The thing that I find wonderful about the idea of ​​working and earning through the Internet, is that through this Internet you can learn what you need to work through the Internet.

In the real world, you must qualify for a job in order to work in it, but in the online world you can start while you are still in the learning stage, and you can apply what you learn firsthand, and you can search and find solutions immediately for any problem you face in your work.

3- To make money from the Internet is a special nature

Making money from the Internet is similar to a vehicle whose speed starts from zero and whose speed increases very slowly in the beginning, but at a certain stage its speed constantly doubles, so you have to have a high level of patience and determination, especially in the early stages where the vehicle is slow.

The world of the Internet is very crowded, and this is a double-edged sword. On the positive side, it is also crowded with opportunities and possibilities, but on the negative side it is also crowded with competitors. For example, if you want to start profiting from writing articles , you should know that the market is very crowded with those who call themselves article writers.

So when you start trying to enter this world, you may feel frustrated because of this crowding, and this by the way makes many young people withdraw even before the start of the match, so always remember that winning in this particular game is for those with a long soul.

4- Marketing is an essential and inevitable element in every way to profit from the Internet

Great projects will not achieve real success without a good marketing plan , and even your personal skills will not find suitable employment for them without some marketing efforts. Making money from the Internet is like profiting on the ground. You will not be able to achieve good sales for your project on the ground, except by marketing what you have.

Also on the Internet, in order to make a profit from the Internet, you have to give e-marketing sufficient importance, and the matter here is very logical, no one will access and search for you unless you are visible from the ground up.

Let's take an example: If you want to work as a freelancer in the field of logo design , and your goal is to reach online business owners to offer your service for money, then you have to market yourself, and perhaps these are some of the things you should do:

Create an account on LinkedIn , search for business owners and include them in your network.

Portfolio work and presentation of work models.

Create pages on social media to represent you as a professional photo designer.

This was just an example of freelance, and the previous three points were just simple examples of marketing methods, but marketing is a vast sea, so I strongly advise you to look at the marketing department in Winners , and start learning this field, because it is the joker paper to answer the question of how to profit from the Internet.

5- All are intertwined and linked together

In the field of the Internet, everything is intertwined and interconnected together, and due to the huge growth in the volume of Internet users around the world, there are sites, stores and applications that cover all human interests. This created a huge amount of opportunities in many disciplines, and on the other hand this created a lot of business types that are based primarily on serving business owners online.

For example, there are services and products to serve site owners, sites that provide content to YouTube channel owners, and applications for managing social media pages…etc.

So don't limit your thinking in one direction, why put all your thinking around getting your own site when you can learn programming and make sites for others. Of course, I don't mean here that website programming is better or worse than having a website, but I do mean to get your attention to think in different directions.

6- Don't do everything yourself

One of the mistakes that cost me a lot in my journey with the winners is my previous belief that I can do everything, I will manage the site, I will write articles, I will manage the site’s pages on social media…etc.

So please do not make the same mistake that I did, but search for cadres to help you carry out the required tasks, and this will really save a lot of your time and effort, and perhaps make the tasks be carried out in a more quality manner.

One of the wonderful and guaranteed solutions to get cadres in almost all fields is freelance sites, and when we talk about freelance sites, we have to talk about Fiverr as a giant and pioneer in the field of freelancing, and with it you will find professionals in all fields that come to mind or do not occur .

It is worth noting here that we have previously done a whole series about the Fiverr website, which you can access by searching in the winners with the word “Fiver”.

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7- Seeing and reading constantly is an essential element in order to profit from the Internet

The world of technology in general is a constantly changing and evolving world, and what works today may be useless in the future, so you should always work to develop your knowledge by reading, listening to videos, and participating in courses and training courses.

In order to profit from the Internet continuously and steadily, you must always develop yourself, and you must rely on self-learning as a means to always raise your efficiency.

Follow the development that is taking place in your field, subscribe to groups that are related to your work, create a community and friends in your field, follow blogs that you find useful to you…etc.

8- You will be your own master, and you will have no watchdog but yourself.

Whenever I get to know someone new and tell them about my work, the first thing they remember is that they really like the flexibility of their work schedule and location, and in fact this is one of the biggest problems I've had with this job so far.

Of course, I do not deny the bright side of work wherever you want and whenever you want, but here I want to warn you about the dark side, which is that this flexibility causes many problems and waste of time, and it sometimes leads some to neglect and lack of commitment and then failure.

So remember to use this freedom to your advantage, you must have a great deal of commitment and organization at work, and you must learn ways to manage time .

In the end, I hope that this article will be useful to many Arab youth, and help in developing their lives on a financial and practical level.

I am very happy to receive your comment on the topic through the comments below, and we also appreciate every personal effort from the winners' visitors to help spread his useful articles.

Just posting the article on your personal account on a social networking site helps us to continue, and on the other hand, the most important thing, is that it may help develop someone's life for the better.

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