fields of making money from the Internet (the 8 most profitable fields in 2022)

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You want to work on the Internet and make money from it, you search a lot in various sites and endless YouTube videos, but you often do not find a satisfactory answer.

You may ask yourself what are the areas of profit from the Internet, and how do I choose the field that suits my skills or experience in order to make the most of the terrible world of technology.

And because the seo7u site specializes in making money from the Internet - here you will find a lot of information and strategies for that.
In this particular article, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview from the top about the main fields of making money from the Internet.

Now imagine yourself flying over the world of the Internet like a hawk, looking to see the whole picture so that you can choose the appropriate field among the various fields of making money from the Internet, and pounce on it with full force and enthusiasm as the falcon attacks its prey.

The fields of making money from the Internet are very diverse, some of which require a lot of effort and experience, and some of them require a lot of time, and some of them require some capital to get started.

Of course in every field there are many sub-fields, and there are a lot of details and information about actually getting started in each field.

In this article, we will outline for beginners to explain the idea of ​​each field, and we will also put links to specialized topics that deal with deeper details, and more detailed points.

Read the article completely first, and when you identify any field you want to know more about, open its articles, and start going in depth.

1. Video industry and editing field

It is no secret that the most consumed type of content on the Internet is video. YouTube, Facebook, Tik Tok, etc. videos take up the lion's share of internet users' time.

In fact, this has created many, many practical and profitable opportunities, in which tens of thousands work around the world, and so I think that the field of video editing and industry is the first on the list of areas of profit from the Internet.

It is worth noting that the field of video production and editing is one of the most sought-after fields in the labor market, just watch your personal consumption of videos on social media platforms and you will understand.

Here are some ideas and ways you can make money from video editing and making:

  • Owning a YouTube channel and profiting from it by making long videos that deal with topics of interest to a specific audience.
  • Profit from Facebook and Tik Tok by making light and short videos.
  • Work as a Freelancer Video Editor through Freelance Platforms.
  • Working as a Freelancer video editor by directly dealing with those who need video editing services.
  • Working as a partner video editor with one of the channel owners or with a monthly salary.
  • Using video to market your products or services, or even for commission marketing to others.

The ideas here have no limits to profit from the video, but we will content ourselves with the ideas that were put above.

Characteristics of the video industry and editing field

  • It requires study, learning and diligence to master the skill and present it professionally.
  • There are plenty of free educational resources that enable you to learn the field.
  • There are plenty of free video making and editing software as well, that you can count on.
  • You do not necessarily have to be a YouTuber in order to learn and profit from this field, as there are many, many ways to profit from it, as we mentioned.
  • The job market is very hungry for more video editors and makers, so your chance of getting a job is very easy.
  • If you master the skill of making and editing video professionally, you can enter into fields that bring you tens of thousands of dollars, such as the cinema industry or the advertising industry for giant companies.

2. The field of digital marketing

Digital Marketing is the main axis and the first element in all areas of profit from the Internet. In fact, there is no field of profit from the Internet that does not need marketing, and when we say marketing here, we mean marketing through the Internet, digital or electronic marketing.

Although online marketing is a common and essential element in all areas of profit from the Internet, it can be viewed as a separate field and profits can be generated through it in many ways and strategies.

In fact, every day you are marketing a certain thing without even knowing it. Remember trying to convince one of your friends that one product is better than another? Or you try to persuade your father to use a particular service, which may save him effort and money. This is, in short, the meaning of marketing in general, to convince a particular person that this product is useful for him.

Certainly, you see a lot of ads, whether you are walking in the street, and you may find someone distributing propaganda papers to you as well, and also on TV, these ads aim to buy a specific service or product.

It's just that you will do that too, but only through the Internet, promoting a specific product or service in exchange for money. This return you get directly from the owner of the product or service, or you get it from the difference between the sale and purchase price in the event that the product belongs to you?

Marketing is putting the product in front of the person who wants it at the right time. You can promote offers and products through websites, or through social media such as Facebook or YouTube, completely free of charge.

There are different types of e-marketing, such as affiliate marketing (in this type you get paid based on the results and sales you achieve), and direct marketing (in this type you only get paid for promotion regardless of the results).

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Characteristics of the field of digital marketing

  • It takes patience and persistence to make a profit.
  • You can get started for free without any capital.
  • Programs, companies and service owners that you can promote are abundant.
  • It's a fun field, especially if you're marketing something you personally love.
  • It contains a lot of branches, specializations, methods and strategies.

You can learn more details about profit from digital marketing through the following articles:

3. The field of making money from advertising through the content industry

Have you downloaded a program or movie from a site like myegy or Arablionz before? Did you not notice that when you click on a certain link, you are taken to a page with an advertisement, you wait for 5 seconds and then go to the download or viewing page?

This page that you are watching now, did you not see at the beginning of the pictures and this sign “AD” which means an advertisement, when you browse YouTube you will not find some ads that are displayed before or even while you are watching some videos, and you will also find ads in the search results as well.

In this field, you mainly provide the place where the ads are displayed, and of course this place must be attractive to visitors (that is, it has something they want), in order for the ads to get views or clicks.

You can create a website or a YouTube channel, and earn from ads through various advertising programs such as AdSense.

Advantages of earning through ads

  • It takes creating and delivering valuable content to bring traffic or views to your content.
  • It takes patience because you won't make a profit overnight.
  • The advantage of this method is that every piece of content you create can generate revenue for several years.
  • When you own a site or a YouTube channel, you can combine profit from ads, and you can also rely on affiliate marketing for others.
  • This field needs to be tried and tested until you find the best way for you to create good content.

You can learn more details about the field of profit from advertising through the following articles

4. The field of freelancer

Freelancer is being your own manager and business owner, this field is very common in the labor market on the ground as well as on the Internet. You offer your services and skills to those who need them for money.

You can be a designer, writer, programmer, montage expert, fitness trainer, and many other skills, these skills are needed by many people, especially on the Internet, and they will pay you money for helping them.

This field requires skill and experience, but who of us does not have a skill or experience, you can take advantage of your field of study, or your life experiences, or even learn a new skill that you are passionate about, such as graphic design. Even if you spend your day following social media sites, you can earn from freelancing.

Characteristics of the freelancer field

  • You must highlight your skill and experience to potential clients, and this requires a lot of effort and focus.
  • You can get started in this field for free without any capital.
  • Freelance can help you achieve a large income without taking on large responsibilities, and this is what distinguishes it from others.
  • You can find clients to collaborate with very easily through social networking sites, as well as freelance platforms .
  • This field requires negotiation skill, knowing how to offer your services to clients, and getting the best possible return for your time in order to avoid any problems.

You can learn more details about the field of profit from freelance through the following articles:

5. Microservice field

This field is also part of the field of self-employment, but it differs from it in several important points, so I have dedicated a special part to it in order to explain it to you.

This field is about sharing your time in doing simple things for companies or entrepreneurs, for example, you can test some applications and express your opinion on them, or some programs or electronic services.

There are companies that want to test their products and services before they are released to users, and they will pay you for that, and you can also work as a virtual assistant, so you can respond to emails or comments on social media pages.

You can also provide simple services such as converting some videos into written text, or entering some data in excel spreadsheets, for example.

What makes this field different from self-employment is that you do not need any specific skill or experience, all you have to do is donate your time.

Microservices field features

  • This field does not require experience as I mentioned, but the financial return from it is much less.
  • This field is more suitable for those who already have jobs or another source of income and would like an additional source.
  • Many of the sites providing these services require a good knowledge of the English language.

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6. The field of e-commerce

This field is very suitable if you love making things with your own hands or love trading in general, you can sell anything these days anywhere in the world, perhaps you are skilled in handicrafts and distinctive decorations, or know the sources of buying any wholesale product.

You can sell your product by building an online store, or you can sell on different selling platforms such as amazon, Facebook and etsy, it has become very easy.

Characteristics of the field of e-commerce

  • You must have capital to start in this field.
  • You must have some basic skills in marketing in order to promote your product properly.
  • You must provide after sales service and build a good relationship with your customers to ensure that they buy from you constantly.
  • This field has excellent profits and you can invest part of your profits in your project so that your business grows more and more.
  • This area will enable you to build very good relationships, which will benefit you greatly in your life in general.
  • This field needs to be creative and different from others, so that people buy from you and not from others.

You can learn more details about the field of profit from e-commerce through the following articles:

7. The field of trading in the stock market

Perhaps you have prior knowledge of the stock market and the field of stock trading (Stock Market) This field is also a trade, but in a different way, you buy shares of companies at a certain price, and then sell them later at a higher price.

This field is considered the best in terms of profit, so you will find that most of the world's wealthy have collected a large part of their wealth from this field, and today, due to the terrible development in the world of information technology, you can trade in stock exchange shares in any market in the world from your home very easily.

This money is divided into two types:

  • Trading in company shares (which is the most common way)
  • Currency trading or as it is called Forex

The second type is also trade, and in order to trade in different currencies such as the dollar, the euro and the pound, as you know, there is a difference between the buying and selling price of each currency, and the prices of these customers are constantly changing due to supply and demand.

This is quite similar to trading in the shares of companies, whose prices also change due to changes in the market, supply and demand, but the currency trading market is separate.

Characteristics of the field of trading in the stock market

  • Working in this field requires experience reading the market and analyzing the news so you know when to buy and when to sell.
  • This requires that you learn how to use the trading platforms correctly, and that takes time.
  • You must have a good amount of capital in order to start and make profits in this field.
  • Profiting money is not fixed in this field, you may profit after a day or after several years, so you should invest in more than one stock or currency.
  • This field is fickle and full of adventures, there are those who became rich in a few days, and there are those who lost all their money in moments.

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8. Cryptocurrency Industry

Have you ever heard of block -chain technology or have you heard of digital currencies like Bitcoin? If you haven't heard of this before, let me explain it to you simply.

Do you know what the paper currencies we trade every day - such as the pound, dinar and riyal - are financial bonds for gold, which people used to use in the past in trading as buying and selling.

When the need arose to keep these funds in designated places (such as banks), people began to use financial bonds (papers from banks proving their ownership of gold) in buying and selling, and from here paper currencies appeared.

In this modern era, information is gold, and because the information is very sensitive and important, and it must be secured on the Internet, this is why technology such as Blockchain has emerged, which helps in the process of trading information and data completely securely and very complex.

As a result of this, digital currencies appeared as a result of the process of exchanging information through this technology, and then the process of trading information using these currencies, as happened in the past with financial bonds.

Thus, these digital currencies have become very valuable, and it suffices to know that currently at the time of writing this article 1 BTC (which is the abbreviation of bitcoin) is equal to 5300 USD. The value of this coin reached more than $20,000 in the middle of last year.

And because the process of transferring information on the Internet is done using computers and requires certain capabilities, you can profit from these currencies by mining using your computer at home, or you can trade in these same currencies, buy them while they are cheap and sell them when their price increases, such as trading in The stocks that we explained earlier.

Characteristics of the cryptocurrency field

  • It is very similar to trading in currencies and shares of companies, it needs experience, knowledge and perhaps capital as well
  • Make money by mining is easy, but it requires a fairly long time and knowledge in choosing safe platforms
  • This method is very profitable, and currently there are a lot of companies, services and even banks that deal in these currencies, and there are many predicting that digital currencies will replace regular currencies in the near future.

You can learn more details about the field of make money from digital currencies through the following articles:

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Profiting from the Internet requires effort and work. Do not listen to anyone who claims that you will make hundreds or thousands of dollars in a few days. If that was the case, why did this person not become a billionaire then in several months?!

To read, learn and listen to the experiences of others is one thing, and to try with your own hands something else, for this you have to choose a specific field, learn about it a little and then try, and if you discover that one of the areas of profit from the Internet is not suitable for you after a while, change it.

There is no shame in failing and then trying again, as is the case for making money from any project on the ground, as well as in the various areas of profit from the Internet.

There are many success stories of people who have achieved many of their goals because of working on the Internet, and my humble person is one of them. All you have to do is get started.

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