Cloud Mining: Top 5 Cloud Mining Sites 2022

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Bitcoin mining has become more difficult and less profitable in recent times, and now many crypto enthusiasts are turning to cloud mining.

This of course makes a lot of sense, as cloud mining service providers rent their hardware and equipment on a set of contracts that are bought by interested parties, and this kind of cooperation results in a lot of benefits for both parties.

Cryptocurrency mining through the cloud provides much higher profitability, the hardware and equipment of service providers are reliable, in addition to the fact that cloud mining companies are expensive to maintain and this saves a lot of costs for new members.

Also, cloud mining techniques use smart algorithms in order to choose the best and most profitable strategies, which bring all parties a satisfactory passive profit.

Another big benefit of cloud mining lies in the environmental impacts and sustainability of this form of mining. Cloud mining has made the process of earning bitcoin more efficient using improved mining equipment, due to the exploitation of the climate and the natural environment, in addition to the use of renewable energy sources.

In general, cloud mining is the easiest way to invest in bitcoin without making a lot of effort in purchasing equipment, but despite this, choosing the right cloud mining platform is a bit difficult.

You have to take into account many factors in order to access the cloud mining platform that guarantees you the best possible profit, and guarantees you ease of use and facilities in dealing as well.

If you are looking for the best reliable cloud mining site, then you should take some time to check our handpicked list of the best cloud mining sites at the moment, from which you can make the best profits.

1. Hashlists

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The Hash Lists platform represents one of the best cloud mining solutions on the global scene, and it has started to secure a place among professionals in the recent period, and experts expect it in the coming period to further prosperity and global spread.

Hashlists was created and legally licensed in England (London) a few years ago, and it is available globally at the moment, and anyone can sign up to start cloud mining with it.

This platform raises the slogan of innovative solutions that are presented in a simple way to the user, so it is considered one of the easiest cloud mining sites on the scene, and you will not need any skills to start with it, not even you need to own a computer.

Just subscribe to one of the packages, and watch your investment grow in front of you in the world of digital currencies.

The most important features and characteristics of Hashlists:

When you sign up, you will get a gift of $8.

An easy and user friendly platform.

Average profit rate of 150%.

There are no maintenance or deposit fees.

The service is available 24 hours a day with 24/7 support.

The ability to pay daily and withdraw from your account immediately.

The platform offers a lot of packages, and here are its most important points:

Package contracts range from $8 to $6,500.

The fixed return is 100% of the contract value, in addition to additional profits according to each package.

The duration of contracts ranges from one day to 60 days.

The daily return ranges from 2 to 10 percent.

You can view more details of the available packages by visiting the plans and packages page of the Hashlists website .

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Ecos is one of the legal cloud mining platforms that shares its mining power with more than 85,500 cryptocurrency investors from all over the world.

And the Ecos team does everything they can to make Bitcoin development tools safe, simple, and reliable.

The Ecos mining platform is simple, accessible and suitable for both professionals and beginners, and it allows its users to access mining power 24 hours a day, 7 days a week without any additional expenses.

The most important feature of this platform is that it is easy to use for amateurs, its plans are very affordable and rational, and they provide fast daily withdrawals.

The terms of cloud mining contracts range from 12 months to 50 months, and prices for mining capabilities start at $149.

Any user can start earning bitcoins by signing up for mining power and creating a new cloud mining contract.

There are some popular options available:

Elon Musk Index: It is a one-week plan that allows you to get a growth of 1538%.

Top 10 Index: It is a 3-month plan that allows you to get a profit growth of 801%.

DeFi protocols Index: A 2-week plan that allows you to get 910% profit growth.

NFT Index: A one-month plan that allows you to get a profit growth of 3764%.

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3. CCG Mining

CCG Mining Cloud Mining Site

CCG Mining is a cloud mining service provider based in London, England, a project that was launched in 2016.

So far, the company has gained the trust of more than 50 thousand customers (whether individuals or companies), and it has 6 representative offices in five countries around the world (the United Kingdom, Russia, Poland, Austria, the Czech Republic and Latvia).

One of the most important advantages of the CCG cloud mining platform is its good pricing policies, as it offers many different contracts including many very popular options.

Mini Offer: It is like a trial contract that costs $0.00017 in maintenance fees for gigabytes per second per day, and its current cost is $10.99 for a capacity of 100 gigabytes of hashes per second.

Starter Offer: It is the most popular offer for beginners and small investors, and it costs $0.00017 to maintain one giga hash per day, and its current cost is 45.99 for a capacity of 400 gigabytes per second.

Pro Offer: It is the most productive offer, suitable for experienced investors, and produces higher returns.

All these types of cloud mining contracts are available with annual and unlimited options, and the biggest advantage of the unlimited option is its prices, lower electricity rates with 100% work, and full compensation in case of system failure.

Also, by purchasing this cloud mining contract you will become a business partner of the company, and there is an additional advantage as well which is the affiliate program which includes many benefits such as periodic additional withdrawals, direct instant payment to your bitcoin wallet or unlimited referral ability.

And you can subscribe to the CCG affiliate program without any problems by creating a referral link from your account on the site in a few minutes.

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4. CryptoUniverse

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Our next stop is CryptoUniverse which is one of the largest cloud mining service providers that provide stable passive income to their users day after day and month after month.

With this platform, you can rent mining capacity and make your own personal plan to earn bitcoins on a daily basis on CryptoUniverse.

There are a lot of options and lease terms of 180, 360 or 540 days, and investments start at just $48.5, and we believe this is one of the lowest amounts required to start investing among all the other cloud mining platforms.

The company offers many forms of cloud mining contracts for both experts and beginners with any investment ability, let's take a look at the most preferred options.

Promo Offer: This plan costs $35 for 0.5 TAHs for 360 days, pays about $0.17 per day with $0.05 per day electricity costs, and 4.9% management and maintenance costs.

Beginner Offer: This plan costs $1,323 for 30 TAHs for 180 days, and returns about $10.03 per day with electricity costs of $1.8 per day, and 4.9% management and maintenance costs.

Professional View: This plan costs $3,871 for 50 TBH for 360 days, returns about $16.71 per day on $9 per day of electricity, and 4.9% management and maintenance costs.

Exclusive Offer: This plan is priced at $9,702 for 100 TAHs for 540 days, and returns about $33.42 per day with electricity costs of $9 per day, and 4.9% management and maintenance costs.

Important note: Prices and details of packages and plans may vary or change from time to time and this applies to all sites mentioned in the article.

Another option that allows you to earn bitcoins on CryptoUniverse, for cloud mining is their affiliate program.

Every registered member can easily create an affiliate link and share it with his friends to work to earn extra income from the purchases of new users subscribed through this referral link.

So you will be able to get up to 10% depending on the amount paid by the person referred through you, and this feature we have found very useful.

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5. BeMine

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The fifth site on our list is which is a trusted mining cloud service provider headquartered in Moscow, Russia.

Founded in early 2018, this site is a company that provides highly stable global services for bitcoin cloud mining through several contracts of different levels.

Currently, the company assembles several mining hardware in its data centers in Russia, as well as individual equipment for people who want to join the global cryptocurrency community.

So quite simply, mining hardware owners are encouraged to rent their machines in shared data centers (and we found this idea a good new one).

In order to start the cloud mining process on BeMine, you will need to deposit into your cryptocurrency wallet (Bitcoin or Altcoin) through a digital financial payment system or using a Visa or MasterCard.

Note that the company does not take any commission from the process of adding funds to your account, and another advantage of cloud mining on the BeMine platform is the speed and ease of withdrawing funds.

When users accumulate 0.005 BTC, they can request to withdraw funds from the wallet section, and these mined funds will immediately be sent directly to you.

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Frequently asked questions about cloud mining

1. What is cloud mining?

Cloud mining is the technology that enables you to mine bitcoin and altcoin using leased computer capabilities. Unlike traditional digital currency mining equipment, this method of making bitcoin is done in the cloud, which means that you do not need to purchase or control this equipment and software required for mining.

2. Who are the cloud mining service providers or websites?

Cloud mining service providers are commercial companies that allow cryptocurrency investors to open accounts and perform cloud mining remotely anywhere in the world.

These entities are the ones who manage and operate their data headquarters and maintain these equipment themselves.

3. Is cloud mining safe?

When you deal with a trusted cloud mining site, this type of mining will be very safe and profitable.

4. Is there any technical knowledge or experience required for cloud mining?

You can start earning bitcoins from cloud mining rigs without any technical skills. Just by buying a contract and renting a mining rig and then all you need to do is keep track of your daily passive income.

5. Is cloud mining legal?

Cloud mining is 100% legal in many countries around the world, with some countries currently outlawing it, such as Egypt, China and Ecuador.

At the end of the article, we would like to draw attention to the fact that digital currencies at the present time have become dominant and supporters everywhere in the world, and many companies, institutions and stores are adopting them, and there is no easier and better way than to obtain digital currencies from cloud mining.

On the other hand, cloud mining represents a great investment opportunity for anyone who has a small amount of money, and wants to get passive income (income as a result of investing money without making any extra effort).

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