What are the best ways to increase traffic on your blog?


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Well, let's start by distinguishing between two main elements regarding the number of visits:

 the first is the number of people who visit the site in a given period, and the number of pages visited in that same period.

 The time period that you have to take into account here varies according to what you want to know, but let's talk about the number of daily visits as it is the easiest to follow.

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(The rest of the talk is about blogs, not online stores or platforms – they all have different qualities and different ways of engaging with and promoting content.)

You can determine the element that you have to pay attention to by specifying your desired goal of the content.

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For example, if your goal is to get the maximum possible value from visits, the number of visitors is much more important, since the probability of converting a person through advertising is much less than the probability of converting 100 different people.

 (In the case of the same number of visits; that is, in the case of a person who visits 100 pages from one site compared to 100 people who each visit one page.) The reason for this is that networks such as Adsense have a certain Fill Rate for each person in a specific period of time, and that the person who ignored the ad The first time he sees him, he won't change his mind very soon.

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Another example in which the number of visits is more important is the blogs that depend on the brand or personal identity - a person reading a hundred articles on a personal site means his interest in the person or brand he is reading to, in this case the goal of the visits is not direct gain from the person through advertisements or direct transfers Rather, it earns the reader's trust and turns him into a permanent reader.

 This does not mean that a large number of visitors to a personal blog is a bad thing, but it does mean that the ratio between visitors and visits is important, the number of pages or articles that each visitor reads in his visit determines his interest in the content and the content publisher.

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There is a line of balance between the two that you can try to walk - which is the placement of a lot of blogs today that try to combine earning and personal identity.

So back to the question, how do you increase each of these two elements?

 Let's start with the most famous methods:

Social media:


 Too bad for any kind of converting followers on the network into visitors to the blog. And it gets worse day by day. Advertising costs are high and conversions are often not guaranteed.

But it is a good option for building a personal identity for the blog, and you can gain loyal readers through it if you publish content that is appropriate for your site's content. This will not be reflected on your site directly through many conversions but will gain you loyal readers over time.

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Still good for conversions, but the way Twitter works makes things a little complicated. Starting from scratch on the platform is difficult for sites that only care about conversions, platform users have a huge problem with this type of account.

At the same time, building a personal identity on the platform allows you to get many conversions for the blog, but this process includes a lot of serious work and some help - paid or free - from well-known people in the same field.


 My experience with this platform is limited to being a very low-cost way to build a personal identity, but because of the way the platform works it is difficult to get conversions to the blog or website, there are a lot of ways you can follow to bypass this either through the "link in bio" Or through the "link in a message" or whatever method you prefer.

Anything other than these three is fine depending on the target audience, but it puts you in danger of abandoning the platform at any time - this does not mean that the platforms above are completely safe, but they are more stable than others (except for Facebook, which is suffering these days and may undergo a lot of changes).

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 Some may consider it social media, but it is fundamentally different from it in my opinion - the interaction is mostly between content creators and users, not between the users themselves here. In any case, YouTube is not a good place to get conversions - unless you have audio or video content. Written content is not common on this platform and the probability of a person going from watching a video to reading an article is very low.

Google search:

 whether by using ads or by getting organic search traffic. Personally, I do not think that the use of ads in Google search is effective for blogs at all, and it is also expensive compared to the return from it. So it is better to work on getting natural visits from search results, this includes a lot of work on the configuration of search engines and perhaps creating low-quality content sometimes, but it is the best way to get permanent visits.


 Building a newsletter is not easy at all, especially in the current time of social media, but it is a good way to get a niche audience interested in the personal identity of the content owner or the content provided by the blog. The Thamud Bulletin is one of the most good examples of a hitchhiker, I don't think I've received it once without checking the articles mentioned in it.

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What about the lesser known methods?

One of the most effective ways to build a personal identity is to use platforms related to your field - Quora is one of them and a vivid example of this is what I am doing now. 

You have an IO account, some Q&A sites, and maybe some Facebook groups that you can post to, and the rest of the forums era, except for rare cases in which you can post and gain permanent readers.

 there are Reddit, Slashdot, Ars Techna, and plenty of very dedicated forums where you can reach a good niche readership.

Telegram channels and Messenger bots (Facebook Messenger) are a good choice for some types of content. 

Some friends get the bulk of his visits through his telegram channel. It's an excellent way to balance building identity and increasing traffic (because it ensures both, interest in content and lots of conversions).

Hosted blogging, a good option to build a personal identity or even support your site and raise its ranking in search results - it can be voluntary, or someone pays you for it, or you pay someone to allow you to write on their site… It varies with different occasions.

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