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Making money guide from shortening links in 5 guaranteed practical steps

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Make money from shortening links is a tempting sentence, sometimes questionable, and sometimes ambiguous to some. In fact, there are many youth who still do not know its dimensions and its correct concept.

Perhaps you are a young man looking for a quick and easy way to make money from the Internet, and you think that making money from shortening links is the way, and perhaps the idea came to you from a friend, or from any other source, and you want to understand it from a reliable source such as the seo7u site.

Whether you are this or that, or even have another purpose entirely, you will find in this article everything you need to know, and you will find ways, ideas and information that will enable you to make money from shortening links, and you will find what is beyond that as well.

Before we get started, let me tell you something very important:

In this article, you will not find ideas and methods that will earn you thousands of dollars from shortening links, and you will also not find immoral or deceptive ways for users. What we will present to you here is the fact of making money from shortening links, and do not worry, because if you deal with this fact intelligently, you will achieve a profitable profit.

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What is the making money from shortening links?

The first thing you need to understand about profit from shortening links is the profitability system on which it is based, and how the profit is achieved in the first place and is shared with you, and to understand this well, you must understand the elements or actors on which the profitability system is based, and where is your role in this system.

The main elements in the profit system from shortening links:

1. Link Shortening Company

The link shortening company represents the most important and basic element on which the profitable link shortening system is based, and it is simply a company that offers a smart program, this program replaces the link you enter with another short link.

When visiting this short link from a user, ads appear in front of him, these ads are often on a page before the original link page, and there is a feature to bypass this page (Skip Ads), these ads are often also for a third party, which is the advertiser, which is the party Second in the profitability system.

It is worth noting here that not all link shortening companies are profitable companies, there are companies that provide link shortening service for marketing and analytical purposes, and these companies do not show ads to users, but rather direct the user to the original link directly.

2. Advertiser

The advertiser can be a company or a person, and it is often completely independent from the link shortening company, but between them there is a contract that provides for the display of the advertiser’s ads in exchange for the link shortening company to obtain specific financial returns.

3. Publishers (subscribers)

These are mostly a group of young people like you who want to profit from shortening links. Link shortening companies allow everyone to subscribe to them, start shortening links through them, and publish them (and thus advertisers' ads). Link shortening companies share with these publishers a portion of the profits they get from advertisers.

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4. Users (visitors to shortened links)

They represent Internet users who are exposed to the shortened links, click on them in order to access a web page, and view the advertiser's advertisement.

Of course, Making money from shortening links will not be achieved without users, and the more users visit the shortened links, the greater the profit for everyone, especially you as a publisher.

Some points for making money from shortening links

1. Of course, you can subscribe and profit from more than one company.

2. Your earnings are determined as a publisher per thousand visits (CPM) for the short link, and this varies according to the geographical factor of your visitors, for example, visitors from America are not visitors from Egypt, but in general, the average earnings range from half a dollar to approximately 10 dollars per thousand visits.

3. You cannot make the visits, because firstly it is illegal and secondly very stressful, even if you use a program, this will expose the advertiser to a loss because the visits are not real, and then it will expose the company to problems with the advertiser, and in the end will lead to the closure of your account.

4. You can shorten any link on the Internet, you are not limited to shortening links that belong to you only as links to your site. You can also shorten a link to a video, an application, a website, or a page within this site….etc.

5. You must provide something worth the user

's time. Although value and quality are our motto in everything in the winners, and this is what we always encourage friends of the site, but the topic has another dimension here.

The other dimension of this is that the visitor of the short link is a person who wants to reach something, and he will feel bored when he enters a page with ads before entering what he wants.

As a person looking to profit from shortening links, you should deal with this visitor professionally, at least give him something worth suffering!

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Steps to earn from shortening links

1. Choose a shortening company or group of companies to work with

The first step to making profit from shortening links is to select a good company to work with, and you can also work with more than one company at the same time.

Given the importance of this point, we have prepared a special article for it, and you can access it through the link below.

Best link shortening sites to earn money

2. Define your target audience

Some may see this step as somewhat ideal, but if you really want to profit from shortening links, and want to achieve good results, this step is an essential step for you. Defining the audience will make you work according to a method, in a thoughtful and organized way, and will give you an opportunity to continue, and of course will enable you to build trust between you and your target audience.

Here are some points you need to specify about your target audience:

What are their nationalities? The level of your profits mostly depends on the gender of the visitors, but you also have to be good at dealing with these nationalities.

What are their interests? Specializing in a particular field will give you experience in dealing with your audience, and will always help you find the right connections.

What is their language? Language may overlap with nationality, but it's really something different. Of course, you have to be fluent in the language in which you will address your audience.

Let's assume here that you have defined your audience as follows: Egyptians, who speak Arabic, love to read and download books online. Of course, this will give you a lot of facilities and clarity on your way to make money from shortening links.

3. Determining the way or ways for you to get visitors to the shortened links

This is also a very important point and it is essential in the way of your profit from shortening links, so it must be selected carefully, in order to maintain focus and avoid confusion and distraction.

Given the importance of this point, we will devote a special part to it shortly, and we will discuss the most important ways to get visitors to the short links to profit from them.

4. Decide how you will receive your money

You have initially identified the company or companies that you want to work with, you have precisely defined your target audience, your method of getting visitors, and the next step is to determine a way to receive your money.

5. Getting started

Now you have all the settings you need to start earning from shortening links, and all you need is to actually start sending visitors to your shortened links.

Ways to get visitors to profit from shortening links

1. Have a blog, website or forum

You can shorten all the links of your blog or site, in order to make your visitors pass first on the link shortening company to profit from them before they enter the blog.

At this point, there is a tool owned by many link shortening companies that converts all your site links to make them short, through a code that you can put on your site.

Here is a link that you may need to implement this method:

How to create a free  website step by step

2. Participate in forums

In fact, the power of marketing forums is no longer the same as before, but there are still many opportunities and possibilities that you can achieve from visitors to the forums to profit from shortening links.

Create the largest number of accounts on the most important and famous forums in your field, participate in them with short links, and also help members reach what they need through you.

3. Participate in blogging

Make comments on the most popular topics in your industry blogs, share a link people want to get more people to see your comment, and visit the short link.

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4. Social networking sites

The genius idea of ​​link shortening companies, which makes everyone can profit from it: they not only allow you to shorten your own links, but these companies allow you to shorten any link.

So just get the attractive and good content, which is abundantly available online for free, and share it on social media.

Here are some points that will help you get the most out of social networking sites:

1. Create a Facebook page that matches the interests of your audience, such as a humorous, social, sports, or even news page. Think of what people want more!

Share this page and make it grow, and from time to time share with your audience some short links to topics of interest to them.

Here we say every now and then, not constantly, Facebook is known to not give a good visibility to posts that contain links.

Note: I know that sharing shortened links for some companies is prohibited by some social media sites, and I will discuss this and provide solutions for it in the last part of my article.

So keep reading there is still a very important part of the article.

2. You can create a free blog with YouTube videos, or attractive topics for people, and publish it on your pages on social networking sites.

Advanced points about make money from shortening links

Affiliate system or invite a friend to earn extra money

Most profitable link shortening companies will give you a percentage of the profits of each person who subscribes through you. Inside your account, you will find a special link, share it with your friends to participate through you, and you will get a percentage of their profits.

Some companies will give you up to 25 percent of the profit of each person who subscribes through you, and this is an excellent profit and will greatly improve your income.

Own your own link shortening company.

Many of the well-known profitable link shortening companies use one script, and you can verify this for yourself in the link shortening sites article that I mentioned to you above, which contains a list of companies.

The good news here is that I will put a link to this script for you, through which you can create a professional URL shortening site, and achieve the highest rate of profits through it.

This is the script link:

AdLinkFly – Monetized URL Shortener

It is worth noting that this option requires time, effort and relationships, but the results will put you elsewhere on the profit ladder from shortening links.

Dealing with social media ban

In fact, there are a lot of social media sites for a reason - they block the shortened links of some link shorteners, and in fact this happens constantly, so we can't take every company and put them (whether banned or not) for every social networking site.

But first we can acknowledge this problem, and expect it to happen even with sites that aren't currently blocked (maybe they will be blocked tomorrow). And secondly, we can think of solutions to deal with this ban problem.

Here are a set of ideas and suggestions with which you can overcome the ban problem:

1. Keep this in mind when choosing a link shortener site

Yes, we said bans might happen overnight, but you can at least pick the best URL shorteners that have the best position right now (and test that out for yourself).

2. Publish only on sites that support your links and have no problem

There are a lot of social media sites and not all of them follow one approach, so you can work according to the rules of each site separately.

3. Transfer your visitors from one social networking site to another

This strategy I saw one of the pages follow, they are most of their followers on Facebook, but they have an account on Twitter, and they profit from shortening the link through a site that is banned from Facebook, but it is not banned on Twitter.

They put the post on their Facebook page with a link to the post on Twitter, which, by extension, contains the short link.

4. Create a free blog to make it a link between link shortening sites and social networking sites.

In the end, I hope this article will be useful to everyone who wants to wind short links.



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