Best Profitable Traffic Sources for Marketing CPA Offers

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 In this article, we will talk in detail about the different traffic sources used in marketing CPA offers, and how to choose the most appropriate source for the offer you are marketing for.

The source of traffic is primarily responsible for your earnings from CPA offers. If you choose well and get the required visitors, you will achieve amazing profits.

Some professional CPA marketers assert that the experience factor in this field is a large part of it in choosing the appropriate traffic sources and exploiting them optimally.

After reading this article, you will gain enough experience that will allow you to make your way in this ever-changing competitive field, and you will also be able to make a lot of profits.

Note: This article is an episode in a series of articles that represent an integrated course in earning from CPA.

What are the traffic sources?

Traffic sources are the sources through which you bring visitors to your site or landing page, or make these visitors only see your product or content.

In the early days of the Internet, this term was known as “traffic”, which in Arabic translates to “traffic” or “traffic”, because it is similar to the road through which visitors are transferred to the site or the publisher’s advertisement.

Traffic sources can be divided into two large types: Free Traffic Sources and Paid Traffic Sources.

Free traffic sources from its name in which the publisher does not invest any money, but it takes a lot of time and effort to bear fruit, you need to understand the target customers well and create high-quality content, and notable examples of them are:

Search Engine Optimization

Free social media marketing.

Articles and forums.

Email Marketing E-Mail Marketing.

The advantage of free sources is that they are very profitable and effective in the long run… they can become an asset for your company or your business, but unfortunately they are not effective or used much in the field of CPA.

This is because CPA marketers like us need instant and fast results, and they need to be able to continuously expand their advertising campaigns, which is not available in these traffic sources.

As for the paid traffic sources, they are the most used in the field of affiliates in general and the field of CPA in particular. If you choose the right traffic source in which you will invest your money, you will be able to make very large profits.

Examples of these traffic sources are:

SEM or Search Engine Marketing.

Paid social media marketing.

Implicit Ads Native Ads.

PPV or Pay Per View ads.

Push Ads or Push Ads.

Pop-up ads or pop-ups.

In this article, we will talk about these traffic sources in detail and how to use them while marketing for CPA offers.

Best Traffic Sources Used in Marketing CPA Offers

Before we start talking about the traffic sources used in the CPA industry, I should note that a skilled marketer can use innovative methods and strategies to attract visitors to their site or offer.

It is difficult to be able to limit the traffic sources and strategies for attracting visitors all in one article or even one book, so in this article we will mention the most used and common sources among marketers.

1. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Search engine marketing is one of the most popular traffic sources ever in the Affiliate and CPA fields, and this is because of the amazing advantages that this source has.

Advertising through search engines such as Google or Bing ensures that you get high-quality traffic, and often has higher conversion rates than any other source.

It is also easy to learn how to advertise through search engines, the whole secret lies in choosing the search words that you choose to appear to the target customer by your offer.

These ads also have an amazing amount of targeting ability, you can target the customer segments you want with ease and accuracy, which is reflected in the results of your advertising campaigns and your profits, in addition to this, it is very compatible with mobile.

Another important factor that makes marketers, especially CPA marketers, choose this source is that it is easily scalable, that is, when your advertising campaign achieves great results, you can easily expand it and get more and more profits.

Unfortunately, nothing is one hundred percent complete. Advertising through search engines includes two main problems, which are the relatively high cost compared to other traffic sources, in addition to the presence of many regulations and laws that may restrict some types of offers.

The latter problem is easy to deal with by using various methods and techniques, the most famous of which is cloaking.

As for the cost problem, it is the side problem of the quality of the traffic, as this source has a relatively higher cost than the rest of the other traffic sources.

But despite these two problems, advertising through search engines is used and will continue to be used extensively among marketers, especially since there are areas and types of offers that achieve amazing profits through advertising through search engines.

2. Search Engine Optimization

SEO is a very powerful traffic source that can bring in tons of high-quality traffic that has great conversion rates, but for CPA this source is not the most effective and is not used very often.

Publishing your site to one of the search engines such as Google or Bing in the search terms related to your offers or your business will ensure that you get a large amount of high-quality traffic and thus profits, but things do not work this way.

SEO is a complex technical skill that requires a lot of time and effort in order to learn and apply it correctly, and its results appear after long periods of up to several months.

There are also a lot of changes that occur in the algorithms of Google's search engines, which may affect the ranking of your site in the search results, and thus affect the visitors you get and your earnings.

So you need to put a lot of effort into following these updates and constantly improving your site and content to match them.

Although some marketers resort to different methods such as black hat SEO techniques, Google has become a target for them and usually imposes devastating penalties on them.

But don't let these negatives make you absolutely rule out SEO, despite all that I said above you can achieve a lot of success with SEO depending on the offer you are marketing and your skills.

SEO is completely free and you do not need to pay even a single cent to implement it, and it is also one of the best ways to use user intent in a way that benefits the offers you are marketing, and thus you may get high-quality visitors.

3. Free social media marketing

Social media marketing is a very effective traffic source if used correctly, and many marketers today are using it extensively and making thousands of dollars in profits through it.

In this article, we will talk about the two different methods of social media marketing, free and paid.

Free social media marketing may be a bit effective, but like SEO, it takes a lot of effort and time to see its results.

You need to write high-quality content in addition to the need to be able to understand your target customer, understand his activity on social media, and how to persuade him to interact with you in the way you want.

Also, knowing the intent of the customer and targeting it correctly is a bit difficult on social media as well as on search engines, so you may need some time to master this.

But on the other hand, you can achieve fantastic results if you use Viral Marketing, which guarantees you to bring tens of thousands of targeted customers.

Also, some marketers can make a fortune from free marketing through social media if they create communities interested in the niche they are marketing for.

For example, if you are a marketer who works in the niche of slimming drugs, and you make a group with 50 thousand people, and you periodically create distinctive content and attach the products that you promote in it, you will get very large profits.

But let's be a little realistic, free marketing as a source of traffic is a huge challenge - usually - for a CPA marketer, and this is because you need fast results, and free marketing takes a lot of time, so most CPA marketers do not use it, or at least do not rely on it significantly Basic.

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4. Paid Social Media Marketing

Paid marketing on social media platforms is a very different thing from free marketing, there are some areas and offers in the field of CPA that make a lot of profits, it is a very effective traffic source.

Through the huge number of social media users and their activities on them, the marketer can easily target his ideal customers.

Advertising on Facebook, for example, allows the marketer to target their customers in a very precise way, which often results in high-quality traffic and an impressive conversion rate if the tools are used correctly.

And the idea of ​​people being able to share your content will provide you with a lot of high-quality traffic as well through the interaction of those interested with your content after sharing it.

But paid social media marketing also has its own issues and challenges that you as a CPA marketer must consider before you start relying on it.

It requires a great deal of skill in understanding the customers you are targeting, plus you will need to master cloaking techniques when marketing some offers.

You also have to accept the idea that your advertising account may be closed, and therefore you may have to buy an account on the black market, or you may enter into long conversations with Facebook in order to open it, or open another advertising account yourself.

In addition to this, the cost of marketing through social media is somewhat high, and the results are not guaranteed like SEM, for example, one day you may achieve amazing results and the other day you do not achieve anything.

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5. Native Ads

Native ads have gained a lot of momentum in the past few years and have become one of the most used traffic sources.

According to the popular Wordstream: 90% of publishers use implicit ads in their campaigns or at least intend to do so soon.

But what are Native Ads?

Implicit or embedded ads are a type of ads that look like original content and look like suggestions or articles from the site you're browsing.

And the fact that visitors usually do not notice that it is an advertisement, they become more confident in clicking on it and browsing it, and here lies the secret of its wonderful results and the demand of marketers on it.

So, in short, we can say that implicit ads are fully paid content that matches the style and appearance of the natural or organic content of the site on which it is displayed.

There are several types of implicit ads, the most famous of which are:

a) Nutrition Ads or In-feed Ads

It is the most famous and widely used image that appears on the Internet, and most likely it has already been exposed to it many times before.

which is often labeled as advertisement or AD ad, sponsored content, or Suggested suggested content.

The secret of the great use of this type of ads is that they appear on sites of global importance, such as: magazines, newspapers and world famous news networks, to name a few: The Guardian, Business Insider, CNN, The Washington Post, and many others.

b) Recommended content

This type of advertising is also very popular and it usually appears below the content as “recommended for you” visitors suggestions or “you also might like”.

c) other types

There are also many other types that you as a CPA marketer can use, such as Paid search, Promoted / Search listings, Sponsored, Branded Content, etc.

As for implicit ads as a traffic source in the field of CPA, although it is a bit new and modern, it has become very popular among publishers, and many are flocking to it because it achieves great results and profits.

These ads have an extremely high CTR conversion rate of 49% more than traditional ads, which are frequently used for brand awareness and sales.

One of the advantages of implicit ads is that the visitor does not differentiate between them and private content, so they are not bothered and click on them, and they are also immune to ad blocking programs.

The competition for it is much less than other traffic sources, but it also contains many challenges. You need to write good and professional content that matches the style of the sites where you will display your ads.

And its cost is somewhat high compared to the rest of the marketing methods and channels, and therefore it is not suitable for offers with low returns, especially if it is less than 5 dollars.

Targeting is a big challenge when using implicit ads, your content's alignment with the intent of the visitor is hard to ascertain and work to improve, and finally, it's hard to expand that ads into a larger scale.

Among the most popular implicit advertising companies are:

Taboola company

Outbrain Company

6. PPV or Pay Per View Ads

Pay-per-view or PPV ads are a form of traffic sources that, despite their power, are not widely used, especially in the Arab world.

They are ads with their own billing model, you pay per view of your site, so they are sometimes called CPV or Cost Per View ads.

The most popular types of PPV advertising are:

Pop-up ads or Pop-ups, whether it's Pop-Up, POP-Under or Mobile Full-Page Interstitial.

Domain Redirect ads.

A lot of CPA marketers like to use this traffic source, it is very cheap compared to other traffic sources, so they use it a lot.

It is also a fast source of traffic; You do not need to do a lot or wait for long periods to get its results, and you also do not need techniques such as coverage or others, PPV companies do not have many conditions and rules.

Many beginners use it because it does not require great skills, but despite its ease of use, the process of mastering it is very difficult, and there are few marketers who have fully mastered it and can make great profits through it.

The problem with PPV ads is that they are annoying ads or as it is said, Interruption ad hinder the activity of the visitor, so their conversion rates are somewhat weak.

Which makes its results not guaranteed especially with the lack of powerful targeting tools or options such as PPC ads or others.

Some of the most popular PPV advertising companies are:

The RTX® Platform Company.

Propel Media Company.

PropellerAds Company.

ExoClick Corporation.

7. Push Ads

Push Ads is an important source of traffic that is frequently used in CPA offers, especially those targeting mobile phones.

Of course, these ads do not need to be defined, you are exposed to them many times a day, and they appear on your phone screen as a notification.

This source of traffic is still widely used in the CPA industry, and there are a lot of people making money with it.

This does not mean that only professionals use it, but also that it is easy to use or User Friendly, which means that even beginners can deal with it and make profits through it.

Notification ads are characterized by their high conversion rates, they are a source of high quality traffic and notifications are highly visible to users and they will definitely notice them.

There are many areas of CPA that rely heavily on it, such as: dating, sweepstakes, news, financial fields, and others.

8. Display Ads

Impression networks are another important source of traffic that we had to mention in our article, and although it is a very traditional source, it is still used today.

Impression networks are not the best choice for a CPA marketer despite their many advantages, and this is because they require great skill and for the marketer to be familiar with all the details of the offer and the products he is marketing for.

It is also a high cost compared to other traffic sources, and it is somewhat difficult to expand campaigns after their success, in addition to the need to change the ad designs every period so that visitors do not get used to it.

But don't let that put you off completely, impression networks also have great advantages such as being one of the best sources of traffic in retargeting potential customers.

The marketer can also make it in a way that takes into account the different intent of the visitors who see the ads.

Among the most popular display networks are:

Google Display Network Corporation.

AdBlade Inc.

Centro Corporation.

BuySellAds Inc.

At the end of talking about the traffic sources, I must warn you that they are unlimited, and that there are dozens of other ways and methods not mentioned in which you can bring visitors, and one of these methods may be the one that will bring you abundant profits.

So always try to think outside the box and always try new methods and strategies, who knows what the results of this will be.

I should also note that while marketing your CPA offer, you can use more than one traffic source to attract visitors and generate profits.

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How to choose the right traffic source for you

Choosing the right traffic source is undoubtedly a difficult process that requires a lot of thought and may require some experimentation.

But I'll try to help you out a bit and show you what I think about when choosing a traffic source for the show I'm marketing for.

The appropriate traffic source is the source that requires the least effort to give the largest possible profits. Perhaps this is a bit imaginary and dreamy, but we can approach it - as a goal - a little by choosing a traffic source:

Its cost is low, and its conversion rates are high, which helps you make the largest possible profit.

It has many targeting options to reach your ideal customers. (Language, country, device type, network type,……)

It has great credibility among marketers, especially your niche marketers.

Its regulations and rules match your needs and desires.

The amount paid in advance or its j Deposit is proportional to your financial means.

And do not forget that these are just guidelines that I used, and not a law. After you have mastered the field of CPA, you will have your own method for choosing traffic sources.

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