Get €25 per hour from Amazon if you have a car

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Introduction to Amazon:

It is an international American multinational company focusing on electronic commerce with artificial intelligence. It is one of the five largest companies in the American information technology industry, namely Apple, Google, Microsoft, and Facebook. It is one of the largest economic forces in the whole world, and Amazon is the largest market on the Internet. In the world.

Earn extra income while working in a timely manner for you:

Amazon Flex Program:

Amazon strives to serve customers better, more flexibly, and create new opportunities for people around the world. That's why Amazon Flex was founded as a subsidiary of its parcel delivery system.. Amazon Flex is looking for you to become an independent delivery partner to deliver Amazon packages to customers in your spare time, so that you can work and earn more than €25 an hour: it's a job well worth doing. Amazon Flex is located in many countries of the world, with thousands of delivery partners providing Amazon packages on a daily basis. Amazon Flex entered Germany in 2019, and has grown exponentially since then with the launch of more of its stations across the country.

Join the Amazon Flex team now in just 4 steps to become your own boss

How to become a delivery partner in amazon?


Register here and download the app

Subscribe now to receive an email containing more instructions on how to download the application. The application will guide you step by step through the registration process.


Create an account

Through the application, you can create an account on Amazon and log in simply with ease.


Upload the required documents

As a delivery partner with Amazon Flex, you must upload a copy of your driver's license and ID.


start driving

All you have to do is select the block that you want to work in and that suits your location and the Amazon app will direct you to the delivery locations and in this way you will earn money by investing your time.

If you want to work with Amazon Flex, the company requires some basic conditions including:

owning a car:

It is one of the conditions that must be met, so there is no problem if it is a car for one of your friends or acquaintances, it is important that it has four doors.

 driving license:

It is one of the legal documents that you must show when applying to work on Amazon Flex, and it must be valid. Work day: You should know that your daily work day will be from two to eight hours.


It is one of the basic requirements for your business, you must have your mobile phone with you. Time Limitation: There are different shifts in the company and you can choose the schedule that works best for you and stick to it.

Age group: The most important thing is that the worker has reached the age of eighteen

How does Amazon Flix work?

Amazon is known for its flexibility in the way it deals with its customers, it works hard to find solutions in order to create jobs for people all over the world, so Amazon Flex, as a subsidiary, was responsible for delivering the packages and orders of your customers.

 Amazon Flex allows you to be that person,  an independent delivery partner, with options to work according to your free time or individual schedule, as well as make money with it.

First, reserve a block.

Once you've downloaded the app and set up your account, you can search for delivery opportunities that are right for you. Open the Amazon Flex app to find available delivery blocks in your area. With each offer, you will see your expected earnings and how long it will take to complete your block. You can also mark yourself as available in the app for instant deals.

Next, make your deliveries.

On the day of your lockdown, please go to your designated Amazon location to pick up your packages. Then, using the Amazon Flex app, navigate to each destination, deliver the package that matches that address, and deliver smiles wherever you go.

Get paid and enjoy life.

Once your deliveries are complete, you don't have to do anything except get paid. Amazon Flex pays via direct deposit twice a week and you can track your payments in the Earnings section of the Amazon Flex app.

How to work with Amazon Flex

You have to do the following: Download the Amazon Flex app on your mobile phone.

 Log in to the application and fill in the required fields with a new username. Complete the registration settings that include personal information and make sure it is entered correctly. It is necessary to enter the basic required data mentioned above which are identity and driving document. Choose your place of business or the region where you want to deliver products to customers. You can select the number of goods you want to deliver and start working.

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