10 Tips for Accepting Adsense (Don't let it be an obstacle to you)


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Was your site rejected in the Adsense program to make money from ads? Or are you in the process of creating a new site and intend to exploit it to make money from the Internet and found that one of these ways is to make money from Adsense? 

If your answer is yes to one of these two questions, then you are in the right place. In this article, I will give you 10 tips for accepting Adsense in a completely safe way so that you start profiting from your site as soon as possible. 

I would also like to praise you because you chose this method to profit from the Internet. Many marketers (including myself) advise anyone who wants to start the journey of profit from the Internet to start with ads, because it is a guaranteed and very easy way, especially if you are cooperating with the largest company in the world. The world in the field of electronic advertising is Google.

All you have to do is have a place on the Internet (a website, a YouTube channel , or even an electronic application) to take advantage of the giant advertising networks provided by Google, such as Adsense for websites, YouTube channels, and Admob for mobile applications.

For this reason, many website owners, blogs, and YouTube channels seek to profit from the AdSense program, and because of the large number of these requests, Google has become complicating conditions over time until it chooses the best sites and channels to deal with.

This is not all, many site owners are trying to deceive Google by getting visits in illegal ways, in order to increase the number of clicks on ads and thus increase profits, so Google has updated the control mechanisms and the selection of sites to protect their rights and the rights of advertisers who spend money on these ads.

This is why many new website owners - and you may be one of them - are surprised that their sites are rejected by Adsense, and they complain that Google has become more intransigent, despite their sites violating the conditions required to apply for the AdSense program from the beginning.

You will find in the 10 AdSense acceptance tips that I will show you everything you need, in order to bypass all the review processes and conditions for Google to accept new publishers in a proper manner without any manipulation.

Also, the information I will show you is fully compatible with Google’s new updates to the terms of admission in AdSense, as well as updates for managing websites in general, which Google releases periodically to improve search results and provide a distinguished service to users.

Before You Begin Adsense Admission Tips

There are two important things that you need to know first before you browse through the information and tips that I will give you in this article.

1- How to register in Adsense

You have to know that we will not talk about what is Google Adsense and how you can apply for it in this article, it is assumed that you are familiar with all these steps and information.

But if this is your first time, or you are still in the research stage, I advise you to read the comprehensive guide on Adsense, which will explain everything you need, and how to register step by step with pictures through the following link:

How to make money from Google Adsense (Your Comprehensive Guide 2022)

2- Admission requirements for Adsense

It is true that most of the 10 tips for accepting AdSense that you will see in this article are aimed at overcoming the barriers, terms and policies of Google in order for your site to be accepted, but I advise you to read these terms yourself.

You have to read the basic terms of admission ( Adsense Eligibility Requirement ) and on that page you will find the terms and conditions of the Adsense program, which I advise you to read as well, because it will make you learn a lot of useful information.

There are also some general policies of the AdSense program , which I advise you to see as well, because violating these policies may expose your AdSense account to ban or suspension completely and prevent you from receiving profits. 

Let us now start with the 10 tips for accepting AdSense, which I collected for you from the statements of Google officials, and the opinions of experts in this field, as well as the personal experience of the Al-Rabeen team.

1- Do not use free sites to apply for Adsense

This is the most important advice in this article, which represents a hindrance to many beginners, although Google does not directly state this, but it does not prefer free sites, even the free Blogger platform owned by Google itself often prefers other sites on it.

The point that many do not pay attention to is that most of the platforms that provide free website service (whether web hosting companies or CMS content management systems) are part of their terms of use that they are the owners of the content, and that they have the right to disable your site at any time you want.

This may expose advertisers to a lot of problems, so Google avoids free sites, and for that, consider the following points:

Do not use free hosting .

Do not use any free blog creation and hosting system (Worpress.com - Weebly - Wix - Blogger).

If you have to use free systems because you do not have enough budget, at the very least buy your own domain and rely on the Blogger platform.

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2- Provide exclusive and informative content

The most common reason why many websites and blogs do not accept Adsense is the content, which is something that many beginners may not realize.

Some marketers resort to incorrect and sometimes illegal ways to publish content on their new sites, and the most famous of these methods that you should categorically avoid:

Stealing content from other websites.

Using Article Spin Tools, which automatically rewrite articles so that they look like new, most of these tools do not work by the way and expose their owners to many problems in the short and long term.

Writing small content (from 300 to 1000 words) to put as many articles as possible on the new site.

Writing general content that does not provide any benefit or information to visitors in a specific field.

You have to know that Google is the most important thing that it puts in mind is the user, and you, as a site owner, have to think the same way, before thinking about ads or profit, you should think about the content that you provide.

In order to provide good and useful content for visitors, either you can write articles (whether in Arabic or English at the expense of your site) or you will rely on a writer you know, or on any writer with experience from freelance platforms , and on top of these platforms, in which you will find professional writers in All domains are Fiverr platform .

In all cases, the content must be original and not copied or stolen from any other site, and the content must be rich in information and appropriate size (preferably not less than 1800 words).

You can use famous sites to inspire some ideas and learn the correct way to formulate articles in your field. I also advise you to read the following articles, which will help you in searching for ideas and writing articles and their titles professionally.

How to Write an Article for a Website (A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners)

How to make money from blogging online in 11 practical steps

3- Make your site provide a good user experience

As I mentioned earlier, the most important thing for Google is the user, so when evaluating any new site in the AdSense program, the user experience of the site itself is considered.

The user experience we can break down as follows:

Site design : The site must be consistent and easy to use so that the locations of the pages and information are clear and the shape of the site itself is appropriate.

Site division : Whatever the size of the site and the number of articles it contains, it must be divided in an appropriate manner.

Using the site on the phone : The sites look different on the phone, and because at the present time, more than 60% of the traffic that visits Google is via phones, so Google had to take care of this matter. That is why your website design must be Responsive Design, providing them with information and the ability to browse the site without any problems.

Extensions : Often site owners resort to adding some features on their sites, such as Pop Ups (windows that appear suddenly), or various banners to obtain customer data. This is not a problem, but it should not exceed a certain limit so that the user experience is smooth, and I advise you not to use any of these extensions except after accepting your site in Adsense in order to avoid any problems.

This way you ensure that your site provides a good user experience and thus the AdSense approval process becomes easier. 

4- Your site must contain four important pages

There is basic information that must be available on each site in order for Google Adsense to approve it. This information is best placed on four separate pages on your site as follows:

About Us page : A page that explains everything about the site and its purpose, and the team working on it can also be mentioned.

Privacy Policy page: A page in which it is mentioned how visitors' data is treated to the site, whether the process of tracking them or when obtaining any information from them (such as emails - phone numbers, etc.), and it must be mentioned that the site uses AdSense ads, and that AdSense collects information about site visitors to display relevant ads to them.

Terms and Conditions page: A page that explains the laws of the site itself in displaying the content, dealing with visitors to preserve the intellectual property rights of the site itself, and the sources on which it depends in obtaining the content

Contact US page: This page is for setting up mechanisms for communicating with the owner of any website. It is preferable to put an e-mail and some social media, and not to put any personal information such as a phone number (this is in the event that the site is owned by an individual and not a company)

You will find that most of these pages have online forms, whether in Arabic or English, and it is preferable that you look at them so that it is easy for you to make these pages so that they fit your site and the content you provide.

5- Make your website fast

One of the most important factors in evaluating any website that Google relies on is how fast it displays information, the faster the site, the better for the visitor.

Site speed is one of the problems that stand in the way for some new website owners to get free traffic from Google, because speed is one of the factors that are taken into account when ranking results in search results pages.

That's why when applying for Adsense, you must be sure that your site speed is good (no less than 3 seconds to load any page of your site on the phone), so that Google ensures that the advertisers who will place ads on your site will not face problems.

6- Take advantage of these 3 free tools

There are three free tools that you should use to make sure that your site does not have any problems related to search engines and SEO, all of these tools will help you in managing your site and also in facilitating the approval process in AdSense.

Google Search Console Tool : This tool provided by Google must be used by the owner of any site, as it helps Google to continuously archive (indexing) sites, and also clarify any site-related problems with search engines. This tool also displays a lot of reports on how Google and its bots see your site and how they interact with it, and the process of archiving your site pages is very important in order to get traffic from search engines.

Google Analytics Tool : This tool provided by Google is indispensable to any site manager, as it is the most important tool for displaying data and analysis of the site (such as the number of visitors to all pages - the keywords in which the site tops the search results - traffic sources) and other important information . Lots of amazing possibilities about how visitors see your site and how they interact with it.

Yoast SEO Plugin : This is one of the best free WordPress plugins that makes it easy to adjust website page settings so search engines understand it faster. This tool also makes a sitemap for your site , which helps search engines do their job and archive your site quite easily.

7- Do not apply immediately

Many new website owners apply to Google Adsense immediately after building the new site, and this is completely wrong, you must wait until your site meets several conditions.

Achieving these conditions will greatly guarantee you acceptance in AdSense immediately after applying, especially if you apply the previous tips. These conditions are as follows:

Do not submit until you have at least 30 distinguished articles (in the way I mentioned to you earlier) in the field that your site is talking about.

Wait until you get at least 10,000 visits to your various pages (page views), you can find out this information easily through the Google Analytics tool I mentioned earlier.

Do not apply for an AdSense account until at least three months after building your site, even if you fulfill the previous conditions, so that Google can verify the quality of your site through the data recorded with it.

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8- Use social media to your advantage

Various social media sites (Youtube - Facebook - Instagram) are very important for the owner of any site, because you can use them to get good traffic for your site completely free of charge.

This traffic will help you achieve the conditions we talked about in the previous advice, and there is another benefit that these giant sites will provide you with.

When you create accounts on social networking sites with the same name as your site and constantly publish your content and articles on them, this gives (Social Signals) to Google and also helps in archiving your site, since Google robots are constantly checking these sites.

These signals were previously Google relied upon heavily in ranking sites in search results, and so far they are still important in SEO according to many experts, although Google did not declare this.

9- Be sure to follow the correct SEO rules

SEO is an abbreviation of Search Engine Optimization, which is, as you know, adjusting the content of your site correctly so that it leads in search results for the keywords you target, and thus you get more visits to your site for free from search engines.

And because there are a lot of things that you need to learn, we have made a comprehensive free course on SEO here on the Winners website to explain to you everything you need step by step, you can start this course through the following link:

Search Engine Optimization SEO (Comprehensive SEO Guide)

10- Do not submit to Google and there are any kind of ads on your site

The last tip which is a good conclusion to the top 10 AdSense acceptance tips is: Do not rely on any other ad network while applying for an AdSense account.

There are many ad networks similar to Adsense (of course they are not as powerful), which some website owners rely on. These networks may be a good option for you in the future, especially if your site is in English.

If you intend to rely on these networks, I advise you not to use them until your site is accepted in Adsense first.

In the end, I hope you will follow the AdSense acceptance tips that I gave you and abide by them. As I told you, it is a summary of personal experiences, and a collection of the most important opinions of experts in the field of digital advertising.

I would also like to stress the need to pay attention to the quality of the content you provide, as it is the most important factor that Google depends on in evaluating sites, and you have to be patient and not rush, everything takes some time to mature.

Do not forget to share this information on your accounts on the social networking sites, so that you may benefit anyone, and you have to follow the Seo7u constantly because we publish a lot of important and useful information, which will help you increase your profits on the Internet.

There is also a very important topic that will be published soon on the site, God willing, which is about how to adjust the settings of the AdSense account in order to achieve the best possible return from it.

That's why follow us constantly so that you do not miss this information, and if you have any question or inquiry, you can leave it to us in the comments.

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