Tips for every beginner Freelancer (will make a difference in your path to success)

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 This is the ninth and final lesson of the online freelance guide, in which we will cover some of the most important tips and recommendations for every beginner Freelancer.

These tips will help you greatly to avoid many of the problems that you may encounter in your work, and will also help you focus on what is most important on your way as a freelancer.

9 expensive tips for every beginner Freelancer

1. Set your working hours

Freelancing on the Internet allows you to work at your convenience, without being tied to specific working hours, as it gives you complete freedom to deal with time within the limits of completing tasks in the agreed time.

To take advantage of this feature well, you must be organized and able to manage your time productively and usefully, and for the benefit of your work and your social and recreational life.


To achieve the best results, you should set certain hours for work and devote all of your time, focus and effort in these hours around work only. This way you can achieve the highest level of achievement, and at the same time you can do whatever you want in the rest of your day.

Setting certain dates for work will also make you feel the same sense of commitment to the fixed job, and this will make you get used to working every day on the same dates regardless of any circumstances you are going through, and this will greatly help you achieve better productivity.

Also, one of the best skills that will keep you in the freelance race is developing a work plan for the project assigned to it, or the service required of you for the client.

You must develop a solid plan before starting any project, do not let anything to chance in your work, and do not be random because this will cost you a lot of effort and a lot of time.

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2. Don't say yes to every project

In fact, there are many people working in the field of freelance who raise the slogan “Yes, I can always implement”, and this may make them achieve some gains in the short term, but in the end they lose a lot.

Let's agree that Freelancer has a limited time, so it has to work on a limited number of projects. By always saying yes, you gather the grain and the straw together and put them in the sum of your experience.

The yields here are the projects that you can really innovate in, and they represent an opportunity and a challenge for you to produce something new and gain new experience.

As for straws, they represent routine projects that do not add anything to you. The straw also symbolizes projects with understanding and confident clients who give you the opportunity to be creative and innovative, while the straw symbolizes projects with hesitant, unsure or even distrustful clients.

Here you often have to refuse hay to provide a place for good yields. On the other hand, you should always say no to projects that are outside your field of specialization, and also say no to projects that you will not be able to accomplish well, whether because you do not have enough time, or because you do not have enough skills and knowledge.

3. Never stop learning

If there is one piece of advice that you must follow as a Capri Lancer throughout your career, it is to “always keep learning.” Learning is the path that will open many doors for you, and it is the path that will make you a weight in the free labor market. In the times when you are not working learn something new, and also every time you start a new project.

Spend some time researching the new project you will be working on. Read books in your specialty, watch videos and study courses, and never be satisfied with your knowledge or experience.

Continuing to learn is what distinguishes a contractor Freelancer from an innovative Freelancer. A freelancer contractor is someone who knows a few things and automates them on every project, and he stays in his comfort zone looking for projects that match his limited knowledge.


As for the innovative Freelancer, it always seeks to get out of its comfort zone, learn new things, move to advanced stages in its work, and always search for projects that have challenges and creativity, and this raises its value in the market very significantly.

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4. Never stop practicing

As a beginner Free Lancer, you will not find dozens of projects bombarding you overnight. This is a fact that you should put in front of you in the beginning, but never make it an obstacle in your way. Always train yourself and create new projects just for practice, and who knows, maybe the day will come and sell these projects to the right client.

Learning and knowing without practice means nothing, you should always practice and try what you are good at and what you learn on an ongoing basis, whether it is for a client or just for practice.

Volunteering is an excellent solution to get opportunities to do what you are good at… You can go to people or companies that you think need the services you provide, and offer them free work, or you can do free work for charitable organizations and non-profit companies.

Do not forget to make a portfolio and put the work models you did in it, and work to update it continuously with new work models.

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5. Integrate into your community

Building relationships is one of the most important tributaries of success in the world of freelancing. You have to enter the communities that belong to your field on social media, and try to be an active member, share your work and express your opinion about the work of others.

Also, follow the influencers and professionals in your field, and try to learn from them and benefit from their experiences and recommendations.

It is worth noting that there are many types of societies that you can join, and benefit from, whether in terms of experience or in terms of obtaining employment opportunities, Here is a list of these types of societies:

1. Specialized groups on social networking sites.

You will find groups on Facebook in your niche, which you can join, interact with its members and share experiences together, and this of course will bring you clients if you have a strong and influential presence on these groups.

Also, LinkedIn groups are an excellent opportunity to meet a lot of potential co-workers and clients. It is worth noting that LinkedIn in general is a treasure that you must deal with with all care and attention.

2. Forums

Although the forums have not become as powerful as the past, there are still active forums in many areas, which you can participate in, benefit from their members, and attract potential customers.

3. Interactive websites specialized in a specific field

There are many communities specialized in many fields, which you can participate in and benefit from, and among these communities, for example, Behance, which represents the largest community of graphic designers around the world.

6. Create a personal website

Most clients tend to browse personal files to learn more about the freelancer, but this does not prevent you from creating your own website, even if its design is simple, the site content is the most important here.

You should always focus on having your contact data as well as a gallery of your work, and you should write a brief about yourself, and if you have enough time, share your ideas within the site, and try to be a professional writing style.

If you are new to freelancing, do not have enough money to create your own site, and do not want the burden of hosting the site, there is a solution that is to create a free blog on WordPress.

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7. Create a marketing plan

Carefully choose the marketing plan for your services or projects that you provide, and keep abreast of your competitors in your field and what they offer.

Do not forget that after completing the assigned projects, you may be sitting idle and waiting to receive requests, so dedicate part of your time on a daily basis to marketing your services so that you can receive requests for your services permanently.

The time of marketing should include making permanent calls to your customers to check on the service provided by you, and whether they want more services, and asking them to request nominations from their friends and acquaintances, in order to open up a new job market.

You should always take care of your personal website, your pages on social media, update your LinkedIn account regularly, and constantly publish your professional achievements.

8. Always keep a backup copy of everything

Keeping a copy of your work on another device or on a flash memory is very important to you like the Lancer. Yes, catastrophic events such as the complete destruction of the computer, and the loss of all data on it is a rare occurrence, but it is worth the time to avoid.

In 10 minutes every day or two, back up the important projects you're working on and their important files. Also, always keep a copy of the projects you've already delivered to clients as you may need them later.

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9. Deal professionally with your clients

Dealing professionally with your customers is the most important advice that I can tell you, and dealing professionally here includes many aspects and points.

These are the most important ones:

1- Listen to the client well and undoubtedly understand his point of view, try to understand his goal behind the project or mission, and try to understand his concerns, ambition, view of the project and its importance to him.

2- Try to put everything about the project in written form, yes you can make a voice call with your clients to better understand their point of view.

But in the end there should be written texts explaining everything that was reached, preferably through e-mail and not through instant messages.

3- Make a clear and comprehensive financial agreement about the project. This includes determining the amount of the down payment, the total amount of the project, the method of payment, and the date of payment.


4- Commit to the deadlines for the delivery of your project as agreed upon.

5- Adhere to the details that were agreed upon, and when you change anything, refer to the customer first to take his approval.

6- It is preferable for the customer to see samples of your previous work so that he is not surprised by anything upon delivery.

7- When necessary, make an electronic contract such as a Word file, in which the conditions are written, and you can make a mediator between you and the customer to testify to this agreement.

8- In general, if there are offers available to you to deal with famous companies or websites, they will certainly be better than dealing with customers alone.

9- When submitting a project on freelance platforms, sellers are often categorized just like freelancers, and that is why you do not submit an offer except with a trusted client.

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