The most important and best freelance tools for every successful freelancer


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This is the fifth lesson of the online freelancing guide, in which we will talk about freelancing tools. Yes, tools are a very important element for every business, and success depends greatly on them, but in the world of freelance, tools are of special importance.

In fact, freelancing on the Internet is mainly based on tools, and it can only be accomplished by having the right tools. The intelligent Freelancer knows very well what tools he needs and knows how to use them.

In this article, we will discuss a list of the most important and best freelancing tools, through which you will be able to accomplish your tasks better, faster and more quality, and it will shorten you a lot of time and effort, and make it easier for you in many aspects of work.

Here we will not talk about the tools specific to each field of freelance, but we will talk about a set of general tools that each freelancer needs regardless of the field in which he will specialize, and these tools role is to communicate, receive financial dues, organize and arrange work and raise productivity To achieve the best possible returns.

Of course, your specialization in the world of freelancing will determine other tools that you will need, which will be directly related to your work, such as video-making and editing programs for Freelancers who specialize in designing and editing videos.

14 essential freelancing tools you can't do without

1. Skype

Skype is a very excellent program for communicating with your customers via both local and international voice and video calls. You can use it for free when both parties are connected to Wi-Fi or 4G, but you can also buy credit to use to call international phone numbers.


Despite the multiplicity of communication programs and instant messages, Skype is still on the throne of communication programs in the field of business, as it is the official program through which communication is carried out in most international companies.

Being a freelancer, you must have a Skype account, and in every email you send to an employer, you can paste your account on Skype.

Skype link

2. PayPal Tool

For those who are self-employed with clients from other countries, bank transfer payment can take a lot of fees and money may take a long time to arrive, so not many clients allow bank account payment.

PayPal is the perfect system for a freelancer to get paid, because it is a universal payment method preferred by many around the world. PayPal Available in more than 200 countries, 25 currencies supported, PayPal is a very secure money transfer system.

The PayPal system is also very flexible and many online merchants accept it as a payment method, so you can buy any products or tools you need to help you in your business as a Freelancer.

for those who do not know; Paypal is an electronic bank, this bank enables you to link your bank account, or link your credit card to the platform, and then you can make your payments online from one place, or receive money from business owners. It is worth noting that most freelance platforms allow payment through PayPal for freelancers, so it is necessary for you.

Note: PayPal work laws vary according to the country in which you live, for example, there are countries where PayPal is prohibited from the ground up, and there are other countries where you can deal with PayPal only with a credit card, and there are countries where payment is available through PayPal, but receiving money is not available .

You can learn about all this by visiting the official website in the link below.

PayPal link

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3. Dropbox Tool

It is a cloud storage software with which you can share files with your clients. Storage here is limited but Dropbox allows you to complete certain tasks to increase your monthly storage, such as inviting more users and installing Dropbox on multiple devices, and you can also choose to buy additional storage according to your needs.

Besides working on the Dropbox website, you can install Dropbox on your computer, and doing so automatically syncs your files from your computer.

This program is very important in the case of dealing with files with a high storage space, such as videos, so if you work as a video editor, this program will have a vital role in your work.

Dropbox link

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4. Hunter . Tool

Hunter helps you find specific email addresses when you want to showcase your work and would rather go directly to the decision maker of a company or organization.

Simply just search for the company website or company name and you will find available email addresses, to get the best results in your search and to help identify the actual decision maker in the company you want to work with, activate the file sharing with LinkedIn.

In short, this tool will help you a lot if you want to take the initiative and communicate with companies that you think need the services you provide. It will enable you to access the e-mail addresses of these companies and their decision makers in order to communicate with them and offer them your services.

Hunter . link

5. Calendly Tool

Calendly lets you schedule one-on-one or group meetings, with integration with Google Calendar, Outlook, Office 365, and iCloud, as well as apps like Salesforce, Zapier, Slack, and MailChimp.

Calendly also handles time zone detection automatically so you can schedule meetings with clients from other countries with minimal confusion and time difference error.

Simply it is a tool that helps you as a Cover Lancer in scheduling all your appointments with the employers that you perform services for, This will be very helpful while you have more work with more clients around the world.

Callendly link

6. Zoom Tool

Zoom allows you to hold conferences, seminars, or online meetings of more than 100 people, with the ability to record a video that you are viewing, and you can also record a conference, seminar or meeting.

You can use it for free for up to 40 minutes with limited participants, but the paid plans are for those who need more than that.

Zoom offers training if you are new to speaking live with your audience or clients, and Zoom provides training in meeting management.

It is an excellent tool for making an interview or a video business call, and it is very useful if you have to explain to the business owner the way to work before starting to implement it. to her.

Zoom link

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7. Rescue Time Tool

In the midst of the proliferation of social media, RescueTime monitors your computer screen activity, allows you to track and measure the time you spend on the sites you browse, then generates detailed reports that you can use to analyze your usage patterns and correct any errors, so you can focus and work on being more productivity.

This tool, in short, like its name, is to save wasted time in your work. Once you adjust it, you will, through the features that it provide, give you a complete control panel to manage everything related to your time and work.

Through it, you can schedule the tasks that you want to complete, whether on a daily or weekly basis, and at the end of each day or week it will give you very important reports about your performance at work, and what are the platforms and things that hinder you from being more productive.

It's an excellent tool for anyone looking to be more productive.

Rescue Time link

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8. HootSuite

Hootsuite is a social media campaign tracking tool

If you are managing Social Media pages to showcase your business, projects and marketing for yourself, Hootsuite is one of the best social media management tools.

At Hootsuite, you can connect and manage all your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest from one place.

All you have to do is write the post or the content you want to publish, and choose the pages on which you want the post to be published, and the content you want will be published on all pages at the same time and in the same way.

One of the most important features that Hootsuite provides is the scheduling feature. This feature enables you to schedule your posts for different dates, and Hootsuite publishes them automatically at the time you specified before without any interference from you.

HootSuite Link

9. Prospero Tool

Prospero helps you create proposals and job offers for your project, and also helps you rate every project you've completed, which is why it's perfect for a beginner Freelancer.

When you create your proposal or job offer, it asks you questions like: your rate, how long it will take to complete the project, and the type of work you do.

It covers web design, smartphone software design as well as print and branding suggestions, and will then help you create an ideal pricing proposal for your project based on your answers.

Prospero link

10. Pocket Tool

While working or browsing the web, you are likely to come across articles, videos, and links that you want to come back to later. Instead of Bookmarking these things in your browser, why not save them to Pocket?

Pocket makes it easy to save useful resources for later reference, and allows you to access all of this information across your other devices.

It is an excellent tool for keeping everything related to your internet browsing, and through it you can have an organized archive of everything you want to access in the future easily, from any device or anywhere you want.

Pocket  Link

11. 1Password Tool

With so many websites and accounts that you need to track and access, 1Password allows you to store all your login information in this list.

And when a particular site asks for your Username and Password, 1Password will automatically show you the password as long as you're already logged in, and 1Password can be used by extensions on the Google Chrome browser.

It is an excellent tool that every Freelancer needs, because sooner or later you will have a lot of accounts on many sites (tools, freelance platforms, social media platforms…etc), and it will be easy to manage all these credentials through this excellent tool.

1Password link

12. Trello Tool

A project management tool, best suited for those who are interested in images, graphs and stats, in Trello you can create boards and add cards for tasks that you need to do or that have been created for you.

Trello is very flexible and can be used for anything from managing personal tasks, to tasks related to your business and projects, Trello uses a good number of major companies worldwide to assign tasks to your team and employees.

In other words, this tool will enable you to make a complete outline of your work and divide it into sections and projects, and divide each section into columns that include sub-tasks in each project, and you can share all of this with others, whether project owners or your team.

Trello link

13. Google Keep

This great tool enables you to make text or voice notes, enables you to create schedules and reminds you of those appointments when the time is right.

This tool is owned by Google, so in addition to being able to use it as an app on your mobile phone, you can also use it from a web browser through your Google account.

This tool also enables you to share notes with others, whether from your business team or from your clients.

Google Keep link

14. Blogger Tool

Another free Google tool, through which you can create a free blog to express yourself as a Freelancer, through which you can share your business and attract more customers.

Dealing with Blogger is very easy and there are a lot of videos and text articles that explain creating a free blog on Blogger.

Blogger link

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