How to sell products online (from scratch to first sale)

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 İf you want to increase your income and start a new project, or you want to expand the scope of your business, selling products on the Internet is one of the most appropriate and fastest solutions to do this.

This is due to the advancement of technology and the increasing reliance of consumers on the Internet in order to shop and purchase their products, whether through social media platforms or electronic stores.

If you are a retailer or business owner, or you want to start a business to increase your income, being online now has become one of the most important things that you must do to increase your income and achieve some profitable sales.

This article is intended for ambitious people who are looking for how to sell products online, we will cover the steps and methods of selling products, the most important tips to help you increase sales, the most famous challenges that meet sellers and how to overcome them.

Why should you sell products online?

Selling products on the Internet has many names, such as: selling online or e-commerce, and it is also considered one of the most important methods of making money from the Internet.

It is characterized by many benefits that accrue to sellers, and help them achieve huge profits with minimal effort, such as:

1. Selling products on the Internet is a fast and guaranteed way to increase income and increase the return on investment, and great experience in selling or technical matters is not required.

2. Low risk, you will not initially need to have a large capital, but you may not need capital at all.

3. Reach customers in a wider geographic range, you are not restricted to the population of the city or country in which you live, but there are many places beyond the borders of your country that you can target its residents.

4. The ability to sell and communicate with customers on an ongoing basis, interact with them and receive their opinions and comments directly, which helps you to know their problems and try to address them and develop your business to get more profits.

5. Selling on the Internet is a suitable opportunity to start as soon as possible in a commercial project, as it saves the costs of establishing or renting a headquarters for sale on the ground and all costs related to utilities, such as: electricity, maintenance, construction procedures and others.

6. In online selling, various electronic marketing methods are used to promote products and reach customers, such as: paid ads on social media and search engine ads, e-mail marketing, which is much more effective than traditional marketing.

7. Selling through the Internet is easy to manage and requires no more effort. It is also easy to measure and track due to the presence of analysis tools that facilitate tracking of orders, inventory, returns and customer behavior towards your products.

8. The availability of many customer service tools that help in building a good relationship with customers and gaining their loyalty to your products and making them permanent customers.

9. The process of selling products on the Internet continues all the time. It is not restricted to certain working hours or days off or official holidays, as you receive requests from your customers at any hour of the day.

10. Due to the lower costs of selling products on the Internet and lower costs of e-marketing compared to regular selling, the percentage of return on investment and the expected profit margin from the sale increases.

11. Continuous access to the needs and requests of customers easily and work to provide them, through customer inquiries that they leave, whether on search engines or social media pages about products.

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Steps to sell products online

It is not easy to start selling products online without prior arrangement or planning and without clear steps.

 That's why I'm going to show you some steps to take as well as several important factors to take into consideration in order to start selling your products online.

1. Choose your sales field or specialty

In order to ensure the success of the efforts made in the sales process, you must have strong ideas for the products you are selling, and rely in your selection on a strong study of the commercial market and its needs of products.

 And studying the extent of the demand for these products from customers, it is certain that you want to profit from the sale process, so there must be a high demand from the public for these products.

You also need, at least in the beginning, to choose specialized products with little competition, that is, there are not a large number of competitors selling them.

It is not only that, you also have to determine the source of obtaining these products and rely on reliable sources.

There are a set of recommendations that you should follow when choosing a supplier of products, which are the following:

Choosing a number of suppliers, knowing the sales systems offered and choosing the most appropriate.

Ensure the quality of their products, and commitment to delivery.

It is preferable to check periodically the size of their stock of products.

2. Determine the target customers

The point is to identify the customers who are interested in acquiring your product because it suits their interests and needs, this is very important because it helps you identify the pain points, problems and needs that meet your potential customers to offer them the solution in the form of your product.

I will leave you an article entitled: How to Determine the Target Audience, showing you the practical steps of identifying the target customers and the importance of this step in achieving great sales and success in your business.

3. Learn how to sell products

There are many ways to sell products through the Internet that you can follow, and start doing your business, so we will show you some ways that you can rely on, and they are as follows:

Method 1: Create an online store and sell through it

An online store is one of the great ideas that help you sell your products online, as it is your official business headquarters on the Internet.

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This is convenient if you own the products that you will sell through it; Whether you have a physical store and want to expand your business, or you have a skill with which you can manufacture products and sell them through This store.

If you do not have any products and do not have enough capital, you can create an online store and work with the drop shipping system, which will save you the capital for the products and the storage place, but also shipping the products to the customer.

All you have to do is have an online store and subscribe to the dropshipping system provided by some e-commerce platforms, in which these products are displayed and the wholesaler or manufacturer sends these products to customers and you will get the difference between the selling price and the purchase price.

As you may have noticed at this point, it is all about how you go about creating your own online store.

It is now easier than ever, creating an online store is very easy, and you can learn more about this through many articles that you will find here on the Seo7u website.

For example, you can easily use some e-commerce platforms that allow you to create an integrated online store.

It provides you with all the solutions and tools that facilitate the process of trading and selling products over the Internet. Without the need for any programming experience and start displaying and selling products with ease.

All you need is to select a payment method on your store so that you can receive the money you sold and integrate with some companies that provide shipping services to offer your customers an integrated shopping experience.

One of the most famous of these platforms is the Shopify platform, which is easy to use and integrated with all the tools and features that guarantee you successful sales.


The second method: commission selling

Through this method, you will not need a large capital to own the products you sell, the concept of commission selling is that these products that you will sell are owned by online stores or other brands.

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And all your job here is to help them sell those products in return for a commission or a percentage of each sale.

It is considered a double benefit for both parties, as brands achieve a wider spread and get more sales for their products, and the seller gets a commission for his effort in the marketing process.

What is distinguished in this method is that the commission marketer will not risk his capital in obtaining products and establishing an actual store to sell them.

There are a number of steps you need to get started, namely:

Choose the product you will be marketing for.

Determine the characteristics of the audience buying this product.

Being where the audience is. If it is on search engines, your marketing efforts will tend to have a good source of traffic on search engines, as well as on social media.

Just all you do is use different marketing strategies, such as:

Email Marketing.

Articles and blogs.

Video Marketing.

Facebook Groups.

landing pages.

Through these strategies, the category interested in these products is targeted and relied on directing these customers to purchase from the brand owner's website or online store.

Now you may be wondering how I can count the number of products sold on the site by me and how the site knows that too. The advantage of commission selling is that you will get a link with your own code to track the number of products sold through this link.

Among the important things that guarantee the success of your commission sales, which you should be aware of, are:

Product features and characteristics and study the target audience so that you can write content that sells your product and attracts them to make the purchase.

Rely on funded campaigns on different platforms to get more traffic and sales.

The third method: e-commerce marketplaces

E-commerce marketplaces are major platforms specialized in selling products over the Internet that allow shoppers to purchase through them and allow sellers to display their products through them, and sales and purchases are managed through this platform.

For example, Amazon enables you to register an account as a seller by entering all your data from your name, bank account number, email, and national ID, and you list your products, page title, product description, price and all product details.

Amazon provides you with several shipping options that you can choose the most suitable for you, namely:

Fulfillment by Amazon: In this case, your products will be stored and transported to customers by Amazon.

Easy Shipping: In this case storage matters will be your responsibility while transportation to customers will be Amazon's responsibility.

Self Shipping: Here you are the one who will store and transport the products to customers.

Fourth method: Selling products on social media

People who have just started selling online usually use social media to start their business, and creating a business account on Facebook or Instagram is one of the most popular methods that are followed by the majority.

There are plenty of strategies on each platform that you can use to your advantage to generate massive sales.

for example:

1. Facebook:

There are many strategies that can be used to sell on Facebook, such as:

a) Facebook Marketplace: The Facebook Store for selling products is a free service launched by Facebook, through which merchants can display their products on it with a simple description and price, customers can review the product and contact you directly to inquire about the rest of the details.

b) Creating a page on Facebook: It is the common thing that the majority of business owners do, even service and non-profit, to start displaying images of their products through it and interact with the audience. You can also measure the performance of your marketing effort through the insights Facebook provides you.


C) Facebook Store: It is a modern strategy launched by Facebook that enables you to create a store and link it to your online store, so that the public begins browsing its exhibits and completes the process Purchase through the Facebook store.

D) Sponsored ads: It is a paid strategy that enables you to target a specific group of audience by age, education, geographic area, interests, or even place of residence through Facebook ads.

e) Facebook Groups: This strategy requires you to interact with customers on Facebook groups related to your business and who have common interests, and to provide them with advice and useful information about the products you offer.

But it is required to provide these tips unnaturally to appear as an expert in front of the audience, and then you can display your products and invite them to visit your store or page to browse your products.

2. Instagram

You can rely on Instagram to sell your products through it, not only that, but you can collect visits to your online store through it, increase the conversion rate, publish and promote the growth of your brand, and increase the interaction between you and customers.

There are some helpful strategies that you should know, such as:

A) The Instagram Store: It is a new feature that is now available, which is creating a store, displaying your products, and linking the store to the Facebook store or the web store.

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b) Rails: These are short videos that you can use to show the features of a particular product in 60 seconds.

c) Influencer Marketing: You can pay a celebrity who has followers on Instagram to market your products.

4. Marketing of products

The fourth step with us in the steps of selling products online is marketing the products. Product marketing is more than just a choice or step you make to sell your products, it is the way to grow your business, increase sales of your products, and enhance your presence in the market and in front of customers.

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It is not just about displaying products on the Internet, but it goes beyond that to measure and analyze your business results to find out the gaps, strengths and weaknesses that you have and work on developing and improving them.

There are marketing strategies that must be followed to achieve a high percentage of sales and enhance your brand in the market and among your competitors.

Among these strategies:

Email Marketing.

Content Marketing.

Search engine optimization.

Marketing through social media.

It is worth noting that your way to sell online is not without challenges, which you have to anticipate and deal with, and this is what we will discuss in the next point.

The challenges of selling products online

The challenges of selling products online

During the sales journey, you go through several steps and a lot of challenges, but you must learn what these challenges are, and how to overcome all the risks and challenges that will meet you.

Among these challenges are:

1. How to make a plan to sell products online

Some beginners in selling products on the Internet are not fully aware of planning the sale and setting goals, and because the process of selling is not a random process, it needs to develop a plan. You also need to have some tools that help in moving according to an approach that ensures the success of the sales process and the achievement of goals.


And the solution in this article that provides comprehensive information on how to make a sales plan (all the information and tools you need).

2. Intense competition

 Where there is fierce competition to target customers through the Internet, whether companies or owners of initial projects.

The solution is to do your utmost to have a competitive advantage for your brand, to provide high quality products and to focus in product marketing on the benefits and advantages that accrue to the customer when owning your product.

3. Difficulty gaining customer trust

Usually consumers do not make the decision to buy easily and do not trust a seller from the first time, but there is a very important point that you must take into account and manage it seriously to double your sales, which is the customer journey that he goes through, starting from realizing the existence of your product until he makes the decision to buy and trusts you and becomes a customer your permanent.

Top Tips to Double Your Profits Selling Products on the Internet

Top Tips to Double Your Profits Selling Products on the Internet

1. Be sure to provide a unique shopping experience for your customers by providing good services and products to customers, and providing an excellent shipping experience.

2. Offer special offers and discounts on products, and display your products at special prices.

3. One of the important factors that help you in attracting the customer is the description of the products in a professional and integrated manner that includes the characteristics of the product, its features and benefits that accrue to the customer when using it, and this requires you to study the products well.

4. Pictures are the main attraction to the customer's eye, so make sure to photograph the products in a professional and high quality manner in a way that highlights all corners of the product in a clear and attractive way so that the customer can see all the details of his product.

5. Include the price clearly before and after the discount and include all shipping information and delivery dates so that the customer is aware of all the financial aspects of the product.

6. The use of funded advertising campaigns on social media and search engines, because they are based on targeting a large segment of the audience who are looking for your products and are interested in using them.

7. Using influencers and celebrities who have followers and provide content related to your products to show your products to their followers.

8. Periodically survey customers’ opinions about the quality of services they receive through your online store, to ensure that customers are maintained and to ensure their loyalty to your store, and to avoid any mistakes that suppliers may make that reflect negatively on your store’s reputation.

Frequently Asked Questions About Selling Products Online

1. What are the benefits of selling products online?

Low risk, at first, you will not need to have a large capital, but you may not need any capital at all.

Reach customers in a wider geographic range, you are not restricted to the population of a particular city, but there are many places outside the borders of your country that you can target its residents.

2. How do I sell products online?

Choose a sales specialty (products to be sold).

Determine the target customers.

Define sales methods.

do my job Marketing it.

3. What are the ways to sell products online?

Create an online store.

Commission selling products.

E-commerce markets.

Selling through social media.

Selling by email.

4. What challenges do sellers face?

How to create a sales plan.

Intense competition between companies and entrepreneurs.

Difficulty gaining customer trust.


Selling products on the Internet is very profitable, anyone can use it to improve and develop his business or even start a new activity even if he does not have technical or commercial experience but only has the incentive to work and earn money through the Internet.

In this article, we have shared with you all the information you need to get started and professionally sell products on the Internet, we hope that you have benefited from it.

Tell us your opinion Have you tried one of the ways to sell products online or not and which one is more effective in generating profits?

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