How to make money from Mobile Applications (6 Professional Methods 2022)


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You are wrong, this time you may not be in the right place, perhaps this article that talks about profit from mobile applications and the information it contains is not yours… I am serious about my talk to you.

If you are looking to make money from mobile applications through a set of applications that you download on your phone - as many different sources claim - so that you can get dollars with ease, as I told you earlier ... you are not in the right place.

You can leave the article now and come back to complete your research... Why do you continue reading?! Curious to know the real ways to make money from mobile apps?

Or are you while you are searching, you were not intending to find out about some of the infernal applications that earn hundreds of dollars per month, but rather you were looking for the different ways in which the owners of the applications that you may use on a daily basis earn.

Or perhaps you are thinking of building an application and profiting from it, and you ask about the feasibility of this method of making money ... If this is the case, you can read the following lines, in which you will find what you cannot find in others.

In this article, you will not only learn about the ways to profit from different mobile applications, but you will also learn about the best ways in which you can get those applications, even without being a programmer or understanding anything in mobile application programming.

But before I start talking to you, there is a lump in my throat that I want to get out first, especially if you are one of the curious who insisted on reading the article.

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Why profit from mobile applications a distinctive way?

Ways to earn from mobile applications

1. Profit from ads

2. Paid apps

3. Add paid features

4. Get Traffic

5. Subscriptions

6. Sell the app itself

How to get an application to earn from it

a) Purchase a ready-made application

2) Cooperate with a professional programmer

3) Building an application without programming

4) Build an application using different programming systems

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You may have heard or watched those videos on the internet that talk about making money from mobile apps, and perhaps that is why you are reading these lines now.

These applications are not real, these applications, dear reader, are mostly fraud and theft applications… Yes, theft, I did not make a mistake in choosing that word.

Those applications whose promoters claim that you will earn by trying some features, conducting surveys or watching ads.

All of this is not true, as most of these applications do not make you earn any money, and even if you do, you will earn only cents and not dollars, and you may need years to collect a reasonable amount, if we assume that these applications will actually send you any money.

And all of these applications are all aimed at stealing your data and knowing all the information about you and your interests, and how you interact with everything around you, in order to sell them to companies developing artificial intelligence programs.

This is in order to develop various machine learning programs by providing them with all possible data about consumers in order to simulate them and predict their actions.

That is why you should not fall into this trap… That lump has come out of my throat, then let me begin to list the information that will truly benefit you and make you profit from mobile applications in the right way.

Why making money from mobile applications is distinctive way?

If you are asking this question in order to be sure that profiting from mobile applications is a proven method, and can generate a good income for you if you make the required effort, I think that the answer will surprise you.

According to the statistics of the global company Statista, the revenues of mobile applications in 2015 were 69.7 billion dollars around the world, and this number is expected to reach 188.9 billion dollars by 2022.

And for the second time, we are talking about billions of dollars, and also this terrible rate and development in the application industry and economic growth is extraordinary by all standards of economics.

But from the point of view of technology pioneers, this is normal, as phones have become nearly 70% of the traffic on the Internet around the world, and therefore mobile applications are rapidly increasing in demand.

That's not all, but there are other reasons why making money from mobile apps is a more than great way.

Perhaps the most important of them are the following:

The apps are easier to handle than regular websites, and can be customized and used differently for each user.

Applications are faster in browsing information.

Applications provide the ability to communicate faster, you can send a message, or even make a phone call with the press of a button, while you are in any application.

Applications have a lot of images and uses (purchasing - searching for information - game applications - images - video - communication - performing arithmetic operations) and many other endless uses.

You can pay for anything completely securely through trusted and well-known services such as Google play or Apple Pay.

Mobile applications are the future, it is expected that many websites will disappear and turn into applications, due to the increase in people's dependence on their phones, and also due to the increase in the speed of the Internet. The world is already starting to rely on the ultra-fast 5G technology.

 All these reasons and more make profit from mobile applications an excellent way, and a skill that can bring you an income that exceeds all your expectations.

Ways to earn from mobile applications

Making money from mobile applications often depends on placing your application in the most famous global platforms (such as Google Play and Itunes), and then promoting it a bit so that you get as many downloads as possible.

As you know that there are two platforms or two types of mobile applications, applications for the Android system To run Android, which is behind Google, and the iOS operating system, which is supported by Apple.

As I mentioned, there are many ways to profit from and develop mobile applications, and of course each method has advantages and disadvantages, but the thing that you have to make sure of is what I told you about earlier.

You do not need to be a developer or programmer to benefit from this method and make money, of course learning this skill will be better, but it is not necessary at all.

Some of the following methods you may be familiar with, why not we use phones on a daily basis, so it will be easy for you to understand how each method works.

1. Make money from ads

This is the most common way that many people know to profit from mobile applications, do not mention the ad breaks and the images that come out to you while you are playing any game on the phone, this is one of the images of the ads.

Ads are a very safe and good way to make money from any app or game, you don't do anything but allow the ad network to place their ads on your app.

Perhaps the biggest drawback of this method is that you need a good number of downloads for your app in order to earn a reasonable amount of ads from it.

The most important reliable advertising networks that you can contract with is (AdMob - which is similar to the AdSense platform for sites), which is also owned by Google.

Apple used to have a similar platform (iAds), but it stopped working, but you can use the Google Admob platform to profit from IOS applications through ads, this is of course unlike Android applications.

In the same way that profit from Google Adsense works, the more you improve the settings in order to choose the best ad formats, places and times to increase profits.

When you sign up for the Admob network, you will find a lot of information and instructions to do it in the best possible way, and of course you have to then test and try for yourself according to your type of application.

2. Paid apps

Surely you have often encountered paid applications while in your mobile application store, or perhaps you already have a paid application on your phone.

This is the second way to profit from mobile app development, so any user who gets your app has to pay.


This method is very profitable, but it requires that your application be unique and different from the available applications, so that users will accept it.

3. Add paid features

This is the most effective way to profit in the world of mobile applications. You put some features (different colors - additional features - remove ads) for a sum of money.

This method is well suited for applications related to design, photography, task management, or even gaming applications, especially if the application is good and provides a real benefit.

This is the way experts in this field recommend, because it is easy to promote these additional features, especially after users try the application in its free form.

4. Get Traffic

This method is more suitable for website owners of all kinds and fields, companies and service providers, who do not want to get traffic.

There are many ways to profit from websites (affiliate marketing - advertising - providing services - selling products), all of which depend on getting traffic, and here comes the role of mobile applications that facilitate this matter.

That is why you find most of the large sites have applications for their sites, through which it is easy to browse the content of sites directly from the phone and at a faster speed than using a regular browser.

This makes the process of communicating with users of the application very easy, and alerts can be sent about the latest articles or offers for users to browse, thus increasing profits.

That is why if you have a website, try to take advantage of this method, and for the same reason, the Winners website, God willing, will soon launch the Winners app… Wait for us soon.

5. Subscriptions

With the same logic as the previous method, you can make some of the content on the application can only be obtained after a paid subscription, and this is what university applications, some newspapers, and popular content sites depend on.

If you have a base of users or followers who are interested in what you offer, then this method will be a perfect fit for you.

6. Sell the app itself

You can profit from selling your applications, there are many who are looking to buy ready-made applications that perform certain tasks for their audience, or you can sell your application after making profits from it.

It is a trade, you sell a good and profitable project, and use the money you collect to build another project, as if you sell your car to buy a better car.

There are a lot of developers or people who work in this field, and they make very good profits from trading in mobile applications.

You can sell your app through many platforms, the most famous of which is the giant Flippa platform.

How to get an application to earn from it

Obtaining an application in order to earn money from it has become very easy, as technology and programming languages ​​are being developed to facilitate the process of building various applications.

This technology is also being developed to build systems that help anyone design and build any application he wants, without the need to know any programming language, all he needs is an idea for an application and then design it.

Even the ideas themselves are widely available, which makes profiting from mobile applications easier than ever. You can put some simple images and graphics in a specific order, and you have an application using some of the tools that I will mention to you.

Yes, it's that easy these days...but in order for the picture to be clear to you, let's review all the ways in which you can get a mobile app in order to profit from it.


a) Purchase a ready-made application

You can buy ready-made applications and games that are really profitable In order for you to benefit from it, there are many platforms that enable you to do so, such as the Flippa platform that I mentioned to you earlier.

This method may not be the best way to get applications, especially for beginners, because you will need capital and some experience to choose the best opportunities.

2) Cooperate with a professional programmer

This is how I would advise anyone with a small amount of capital and a specific idea, which is to look for a professional mobile application developer on any platform of freelancing.

Then you tell him the idea that you have, and he will take care of everything for you, and you can ask him what you want from specific features and designs for the application or game you want.

There are a lot of freelance platforms, and perhaps the most famous of them is the giant Upwork platform, on which you will find various professionals from all over the world.

You can also search for yourself among your friends and acquaintances or even local companies, the process of developing mobile applications is not as difficult as you think.

3) Building an application without programming

There are many platforms that enable you to build many applications and games for the phone, and even browser applications and computer operating systems without having to write a single line of code.

These platforms provide you with ready-made templates for you to modify, or you can start from scratch, and choose the designs you want, and the characteristics and tasks that suit your goal of the application.

It also provides you with all the information you need, explains everything step by step, and also provides you with a complete support service to follow you and answer any question you want.

Also, most of these platforms are very cheap, and the most famous and best of these platforms are:

Platform: Andromo

Platform: Appypie

Platform: Goodbarber

Browse these platforms yourself, most of them have a free trial period, which makes it easy for you to choose according to your goals.

It is worth noting that there are some platforms that enable you to build an application or game for free, but they are very primitive applications that are not suitable for making money.

4) Build an application using different programming systems

This is the last method, which is to build the application with all its features, and of course this requires you to have prior knowledge of the programming languages ​​that suit the platform you prefer (Android - IOS - Web applications).

The most popular programming languages ​​used in mobile applications are Java, Kotlin, and Objective C. You can start learning one of these languages, and I recommend Kotlin if you do not know anything beforehand about programming.

It is a fairly modern language, easy to use and also terribly supported by Google and provides a lot of information and free courses to teach it.

Being a software developer will not only make you profit from the phone applications that you develop, but you can take advantage of your skill in the field of self-employment, or get a job in a reputable company and specialize in this field.

If this method is suitable for you and you want to start learning, I advise you to read the following article, which contains the best online course sites, from which you can learn anything you want.

Profiting from mobile applications is very simple, especially because of the availability of all the tools and information required in the information age we live in today.

That is why I advise you to start as soon as possible, as the wave of mobile applications continues to rise and no one will stop it, so try to use it to your advantage.

If you have any question, feel free to leave it to us in the comments below, and be sure to follow Seo7u constantly so you don't miss any new we publish.

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