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How to create a successful YouTube video

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 Everyone now knows the power of video marketing.

Internet marketing has turned to the world's first video search engine, "YouTube". The thing that created fierce competition.

It has never been easier to create a successful YouTube video and reach the target customers, and beat the millions of competitors who provide videos that may be more professional.

In order to be visible on YouTube to as many as possible, you must first make a successful video that respects the conditions for creating search engines  .
This is in addition to the quality of the video and the success in its marketing.

So in this article, we will learn step by step how to make a successful YouTube video that tops the search engine results.

Why YouTube specifically?

At first, you may wonder why we spend time and effort on making a YouTube video specifically?
The answer is simply because it is where your potential customers are.

There are 1 billion active users of YouTube and it is constantly growing.
YouTube is the second search engine in the world after its owner, Google.

Thus, it is ahead of Yahoo and Bing, in addition to the possibility of being considered a social network, and thus it is the third largest network after Facebook and Twitter.

This is enough to make YouTube a suitable place to promote your products or your brand.
But your presence on this site does not mean that the video will reach its goals, as you have to beat the videos owned by competitors.

The most important factors that determine the success of a YouTube video since its creation

The importance of video quality to get more views

The problem with YouTube is that you have to make a high-quality video, otherwise you will find the latter stable on the last pages of search results.
YouTube cares a lot about how long the visitor stays on your video.

And let's be clear with ourselves, no one is going to force themselves to watch a video with poor quality, or a distorted picture, or a blurry sound.

Let's take, for example, a video that ranks high in search results.
Video link:
Now see an image from YouTube Analytics that shows how long visitors have been watching the video.

This graph shows that the visitor watches 1:20 minutes of the video, that is, more than half of its duration.

So you must take into account that nothing will make the visitor watch the video except the quality.

And when we talk about quality, we mean the quality of the design, sound, and information included in the video.
Considering that we got a high quality video.
Let's now explain step by step the most important operations that we have to do to configure it for search engines.

The importance of keywords for YouTube video marketing

First of all, we have to know what are the keywords most searched by visitors interested in your video field.

We can do this using any SEO Keyword tool like Google's keyword planner.

Going back to the previous example video, we will notice on Google's keyword planner image that 1,600 monthly searches are conducted by those interested in this field with the keyword “explainer video”.

In spite of that, it is not recommended to use this keyword because, of course, it contains intense competition.
Therefore, you should use what is known as long tail keywords.
It should contain your main keyword, such as: the best explainer videos.

Long keywords bring you visitors in a faster way because there are fewer competitors.
This increases the likelihood that your video will appear in keyword search results. 

The importance of your YouTube video title

It is always recommended to use a video title of less than 70 characters, so that the full title appears in the search results.
It is also recommended to add a question to the title because questions are the most frequently used research words.

Previously, we had the keyword
the best explainer videos

And we formulate it in the form of a question so that it becomes like this:
what is the best explainer videos?

Then we add the topic of the video and we get a title like this
What is the best explainer video style for your business?

On the other hand, you should avoid using misleading titles, as this will make the visitor leave the video quickly, which will negatively affect its ranking.

The importance of thumbnails or thumbnails for every YouTube video

Thumbnails are one of the most important factors that make a visitor click on your video in search results or in suggested clips.
So you should choose your thumbnails carefully.

As with the video title, don't cheat on the thumbnail. People hate misleading thumbnails.

On the other hand, you have to use an image with a resolution of (640 x 360) pixels as a minimum.
And make sure the thumbnail looks good at both sizes.

In order to be suitable for small and large screens and on various devices iPad TV and desktop computers.
And if an image isn't attractive enough, people simply won't click on it.

The importance of description in creating a successful video on YouTube

The description gives a written impression of what is in that video.

Try to make it as brief as possible in 2 or 3 sentences that are very sufficient, with an emphasis on the use of main keywords and long keywords.
You can also put a link to your site and links to your pages on social networks.

The importance  of Call To Action for every YouTube video

This strategy yields tangible results so that video viewers can be converted to visit your site, subscribe to your channel, or suggest related videos.


Important points for a successful video on YouTube

Use YouTube ads

You can invest some money to buy ads on YouTube.
This will give your video more confidence on the part of the search engines, in addition to that it will get a good boost of visitors that will help it rise in the search results.

Building backlinks

Backlinks or backlinks are among the most important factors for a video's rise in search results.
Among the most important ways to obtain these links, we suggest the following:

  • Embed the video on your blog or website.
  • Embed the video in press release sites, and you can get it by searching in Google with the following keyword: free press release submission sites

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