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Top Freelance Fields (and Resources to Learn Each)

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 This is the second lesson of the comprehensive freelancer guide, in which we will talk about the areas of freelancer. We mentioned in the previous lesson that freelancer extends to almost all fields.

But there are areas that are really in great demand compared to others, in addition to being related to the Internet and modern technology in a more relevant way.

So, although we always encourage you to choose the field according to your passion and interest, here we will review the most important areas of freelancer, and also through which you can make more money.

This lesson is for those who want to know the most important areas of freelancer, and have the ability to learn something new to improve their lives as a freelancer.

The most important and most popular freelance fields in demand

1. Programming fields

The world of programming is the world of magic, creativity and innovation, through which ideas can be transformed into innovative models and projects, and it is one of the most profitable freelance fields for its owner.


The demand for programmers has witnessed a significant growth in recent times, and in our Arab region there is an increasing demand for programmers, due to the growth and prosperity of the world of web and smart phone applications.

For those who have no idea what programming is from the ground up, programming in its simple definition is a science and technology through which platforms, programs, applications and interfaces can be manufactured in order to solve a problem, display data, or complete certain tasks.

The programming process is done by building files that contain smart codes to determine the shape and characteristics of the project. Programming has multiple languages, and each language is used in specific disciplines.

Programming is an enormous field and contains many sub-disciplines, and specialized programming languages, but since we are talking about freelancing here, we can limit programming specializations to 4 sub-fields, which are the most important and in demand in freelancing:

Website development (the programming through which the features, features and functions of websites can be built).

Smart phone application development (the programming through which a smart phone application can be built).

Development of smart phone games (games in their simple definition are applications, and they can be included under the field of mobile applications, but due to the prosperity of this field, there is a great demand for specialists in developing smart phone games, and then it can be classified as a standalone field).

Computer software development (programming through which computer programs can be built, including commercial software used to manage sales and inventory).

We can also classify programming disciplines according to the programming languages ​​used, and in fact in this case the classification will become more accurate and professional.

Here is a small list of the most important programming languages ​​in demand in the labor market:

HTML (It is the main programming language used in web pages for formatting the appearance of text and images. Some do not classify it as a programming language, because it is the basic structure, which must be found in any website.)

PHP (is an open source programming language for creating dynamic web pages that work with databases.)

Java (is a programming language with many general uses, and is the primary language used in Android applications.)

Swift (Apple's open source programming language is the primary language used in IOS and OS X applications.)

Python (An advanced programming language used for many special and advanced purposes, such as managing the content of scientific and technological institutions, is used by Google, YouTube and NASA.)

JavaScript (It is a special programming language where its operations are run inside the user's browser and on his computer, through preset commands from its developer, used to develop video games.)

C++ (Used to develop computer programs.)

SQL (It is a programming language for managing content in databases.)

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2. Web Design & App Design

The field of designing web interfaces, software and applications

This is one of the most important fields of freelancer, and it works hand in Make money from programming through YouTube (everything you need to know) with the previous one. When you look at any website or application, you will find that it has a distinctive interface of images, colors, fonts...etc. This interface, including everything that is visible to the user, is the responsibility of the designer.

In order not to feel a bit distracted, let me simply explain to you the difference between a web designer and a web programmer as an example:

Web designer: He does everything that is visible to the user, including colors, division of spaces, selection of used fonts, images and their sizes...etc.

Web programmer: does the programming that makes the site perform certain tasks and features when the user interacts with it in a certain way.

Example: When someone presses the like button on one of your photos on Facebook, here the programming is responsible for receiving a notification for you, and the shape of the notification icon and the red color that shows the notification is for the design.

3. The field of graphic design

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This saying is 100 percent true, and that's where the importance of graphic designs stems from. In the digital world we live in today, the image has become a very important element, and with it the graphic designer has become one of the very important freelancers.

There are also many specializations in the field of graphic design, including logo design, three-dimensional designs, infographics...etc.

A graphic designer needs both artistic and creative skills to produce quality designs to satisfy the job. Graphic design is one of the areas of self-employment of a special nature, because it is subject to standards of beauty and taste, and the ability to show and clarify ideas in a way Creative to achieve the desired goal.

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4. The field of writing

The field of writing is one of the areas of freelancer that has witnessed a great boom in recent times, due to the boom and growth of websites and their great spread, on the other hand, the electronic press played a major role in the growth of the field of writing in a freelance manner.

Freelancer in the field of writing requires an educated and creative person who loves to read and is always in the know and always striving for knowledge.

Writing also includes many sub-disciplines, including:

Article writing

Writing ads

technical writing



Convert videos to text

It is also possible to classify the field of writing according to the field or specialization that is being written about. In the field of freelancer, there are specialists in medical writing, technology, health and beauty, politics or literature...etc.

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5. The field of translation

Translation is one of the oldest and most popular areas of freelancer, and translation is one of the areas that maintains a good level of demand in the whole world.

The translation specializations here depend on the language from which it is translated and the language into which it is translated. It also depends on the subject of the translation. There are translators in the medical field, and others in the technical field...etc.

Despite the emergence of many programs and services specialized in the completion of translation automatically, human translation has a special nature and cannot be dispensed with, because it depends on understanding the idea and taking into account the differences between cultures…etc.

It may seem that translation is an important task that requires only converting text from one language to another, but it requires a lot of effort, because a professional translator must be professionally acquainted with two languages ​​and the culture of each language as well.

6. Digital Marketing field

Digital marketing is one of the wonderful fields of freelancing that has witnessed great prosperity in the past few years, and it continues to thrive and grow, as it is one of the areas that is expected to continue to thrive and grow in the future, due to the increased awareness of commercial entities of the importance of marketing through the Internet.

In fact, there is no business that has weight on the ground now unless it has digital marketing channels, and this in turn has created a huge amount of opportunities for independent digital marketers.

Of course, there are many sub-disciplines of digital marketing and here is a list of the most important ones:

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing)

Market Research

Email Marketing

data analysis


Search Engine Marketing

Content Marketing

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7. Video Editing

It specializes in everything related to editing and creating videos. The field of videos is one of the very important areas of freelancer, especially after the large increase in video viewers on YouTube and Facebook.

There are thousands of videos posted daily on YouTube and Facebook, and behind these videos there is a need for freelance video editors.

Editing and creating videos is one of the areas of freelance work that requires more effort and focus until the work is completed with perfection and quality.

Of course, the field of editing and creating videos is divided into many sub-fields, just like the rest of the other fields, such as:

Script writing

video editing

video intro design

Voice commentary

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8. Data Entry field

Data entry is one of the old freelance fields, which still has a good demand, but the competition for it from freelancers is great, because it is one of the easy freelance fields, which anyone with some simple skills can do.

Simply the employer will send some scattered data, which you have to organize according to the plan that the employer sets.

Example: The business owner sends a set of invoice images, from which you have to extract data and put it in a program such as Excel, and then come up to the business owner with an organized set of data that he can use in a way that is beneficial to him.

Of course, this is a simple example, but this field of freelancer is like other, it contains details and specializations, and a special and flexible nature as well.

9. The field of photography

Photography is one of the ancient fields of freelancing, which has become very popular with the advent of the Internet. Photography also has many specialties. There are independent photographers who specialize in photographing buildings and facilities, and there are those who specialize in photographing nature, and those who specialize in photographing food...etc.

It is worth noting that photography is one of the areas that need creative skills, and it is one of the areas that pay well if you manage to become a professional and famous photographer.

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Important points and tips for freelancer

1. Here we recommend choosing the field of freelancer based on passion and interest in the first place, yes, there are areas that generate better profit, and there are areas that have been Those are more in demand than others.

But what is the point of specializing in one of the areas of freelancer that has a demand, but you cannot provide something of value in it and therefore you cannot succeed in it.

To be more realistic, we can say that you should have minimal interest in the field you want to specialize in.

2. There are many professions that develop over time until the idea of ​​self-employment becomes possible, and now it is possible to have a freelance journalist or freelance scriptwriter.

You will also be surprised if you know that in the developed world there are Free Lancers doctors (in some medical specialties).

Therefore, you have to broaden your horizons, and look beyond the areas of self-employment that were discussed in this article, as the opportunities and areas of freelancer are many and very numerous.

3. Each field of freelancer contains many, many sub-disciplines, in this regard you have to be careful in deciding the degree of specialization you want to work with.

Rare majors have the risk of not having enough customers, but they do have the chance that there aren't many competitors for you, and popular and easy majors have a huge demand, but there are a huge number of competitors too.

To solve this dilemma, you have to follow the labor market, and have more relationships that enable you to seize opportunities.

4. The fields of freelancer are constantly and constantly changing. There are areas of demand for them that decrease due to the development of the ability of modern programs and technology to accomplish their tasks, and there are new areas that constantly appear as a result of intellectual and technological change, and the entry of new systems for companies and projects.

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