Thursday, June 30, 2022

How do people use search engines?


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This is the third lesson of the SEO guide, in which we will address the most important aspects of user interaction with search engines.

In this lesson, you will learn a lot of information and points about user interaction with the search engine. Which will help you to make the appropriate modifications to your site, in order to be more compatible with the visitors and their nature of search engines.

How does a user perform a search on a search engine?

There is a set of steps or stages that the user goes through, until he reaches your site through his search on one of the search engines.

Understanding these stages or steps will help you a lot in improving search engines, as the slogan of search engines is always to satisfy the user, and your understanding of the user and how he searches will undoubtedly satisfy him, which in turn is in the interest of your site with search engines.

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SEO Glossary : List of the most important seo terms and their meanings

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 This is the first lesson of the SEO guide, in which I will address a group of the most important and popular terms used in SEO.

Each term will be addressed in English, translated in Arabic, and defined in a simple and easy to understand manner.

Understanding terminology is a very important element when learning anything new. Knowing the terms used in search engine optimization and understanding their meanings, will help you understand the components of SEO, and will make it easier for you to understand in the upcoming lessons.

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Wednesday, June 29, 2022

How do search engines work ?

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 This is the second lesson of search engine optimization lessons, in which we will explain how search engines work in an easy and simple way.

Understanding how search engines work is the first step, and the key that will enable you to properly and effectively optimize your site for search engines.

In order to begin to properly deal with anything, you have to understand that thing and how it works.

Note: Since Google is the number one search engine in the world, which controls almost the majority of the market.

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Tuesday, June 28, 2022

6 Steps For Creating A Content Marketing Plan


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Whether you're just starting your content marketing plan, or you've already had one you've been working on for a while, it's important as we head into the new year, that you rethink your plan to make sure it's strong and effective enough. The competition is always there and growing non-stop, (according to statistics, the most successful marketers spend more than 40% of their budget on content marketing alone).

Your first step in order to excel in this competition is to have a strong and distinct content marketing plan.

If you're having trouble preparing for your New Year's content marketing plan, or need some fresh and tidy ideas to embrace... read on!

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Monday, June 27, 2022

How to register on Upwork and withdraw your earnings ? Step-by-step guide with screenshots


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We talked in our previous article; What is Upwork? About the nature of the site's work, and we got to know the available work areas on the site and its most important features as one of the most important freelance sites.

Today, as we continue to talk about Upwork; We will explain the steps for registering on Upwork as a freelancer, and the details of creating your profile in a professional manner.

Also, how to get your first job on the site, and we will explain the steps to withdraw your money from the Upwork site, so this article is a continuation of the previous article, and the two together represent a comprehensive guide about this wonderful platform.

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Sunday, June 26, 2022

What is Upwork, how does it work, and what are its features and fields of work?

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 The world has changed a lot in the past few months... Perhaps you have been laid off from your job or your monthly salary has been reduced due to the economic crisis that the world is going through as a result of the Corona virus.

In general, many people are looking for another source of income or an additional source of income, and among the trends to raise income or to create new job opportunities is freelancing or remote work.

And it is a term that has spread widely in the last five years, as it does not require you to have a specific time or place to start, and there are many freelance sites that are a link between the freelancer and the client, including the Upwork site that we will talk about today.

In this article, you will learn about Upwork as one of the first freelance platforms that comes to mind when talking about freelancing sites.

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Friday, June 24, 2022

What is a brand and its most important concepts (comprehensive guide)

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 What comes to your mind when you hear the brand name Apple, Mercedes, BMW or Nike?

For example: Apple is more than an electronics company, Starbucks is more than a coffee shop, and RedBull is not just an ordinary energy drink, you know why?

All this is related to the brand idea that has been formed and strengthened over the years, until it reached in your mind its current state, and built inside you a perception that is greater than an ordinary product.

You may now be asking yourself what does a brand mean, and what are the most important terms and basic concepts associated with the idea of ​​a brand… This is what we will discuss in detail in this article, so that you come out of the article with an excellent idea of ​​this famous marketing concept.

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Thursday, June 23, 2022

What is CPA Marketing (your guide to understanding CPA in depth)

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 CPA is a very gigantic field, and it represents an important part of the larger field called affiliate marketing, and although there are no official statistics for its value, it can reach hundreds of millions of dollars annually.

At first you may think that this number is too big or exaggerated, but after you get to know what a good CPA is you will realize that it is a very reasonable number for such a large and dynamic field.

Note: This article is an episode of a series of articles in the Course of Making money from CPA , which on its homepage we talked about the field in general and how to get started with it, and in this article (which represents the first lesson) we will take you on a tour to learn about what is CPA from its various angles.

After reading this article you will be able to understand what CPA is from the point of view of publishers, advertisers, even CPA companies, and account managers.

You will also learn about the history and features of this field, and the most popular trends now, and we will attach to this article the most important terms that you will need throughout your journey to learn about the CPA field.


History of CPA Marketing

Affiliate marketing and CPA or CPA Marketing are very old, people have been using them since ages, and this is definitely because of their effectiveness in attracting profits for business owners and companies.

This effectiveness prompted some people to think about applying the principle electronically after the start of the Internet revolution, as there are many websites and stores that applied these concepts even as early as the nineties of the last century.

One of the most famous beginnings of this model is an online store for flowers and gifts called PC Flowers and Gifts, which was launched in 1989, and the affiliate program was introduced with the action being the purchase in exchange for a specific commission for the marketer or partner.

In just four years; That is, in 1993 the site was making millions of profits annually with a large network of marketers on the Internet, which exceeded 2500 marketers in the year 1995 and 2700 in the year 1998.

This unique experience has captured the admiration of many who began to imitate it and then develop it, and one of the biggest names that did this was the giant Amazon.

Amazon launched its own affiliate program in 1996, made it publicly available on the Internet for profit, and then circulated it in products other than books.

Thus, these two experiences have opened the door to a very large field of marketing, CPA, and the larger world of it, which is affiliate marketing.

There are many companies and business owners today who rely on it to attract profits and achieve marketing goals of all kinds.

In this article, we will review the terrible development of CPA, which responds quickly to any event or change, no matter how small, and this is what we have seen in the areas of mobile phones, and even the fields of new digital currencies.

CPA under the microscope

CPA Marketing contains many aspects and angles that can be seen and understood by studying it in depth, and in order to be a skilled marketer and succeed in this field, you have to understand them all.

The first angle: From the advertisers' point of view (business owners)

Advertisers want to achieve and even exceed their marketing goals, so instead of starting a cumbersome and costly marketing and promotion process, they prefer to hire professional CPA marketers.

If the business owner wants to consolidate his products or services in the minds of a particular category or segment, the CPA marketer will be able to achieve this with ease.

And if he wants customers to do a specific action, such as: download a PDF brochure, download an app, or make a phone call, the CPA marketer will get him the numbers he wants.

Even if his marketing goal is to collect the data of his potential customers or leads, the CPA marketer because of his experience in this niche will be able to convince customers to do this action.

Advertisers are all interested in you, as a marketer, achieving the desired results from you, and they may not care about anything other than this, because your results are what bring them profit.


But of course you should not destroy the reputation of this business with cheap or misleading marketing tactics just to achieve some short-term marketing results.

Perhaps the customer you bring or the result you achieve may have lost ten customers and lost confidence in the Brand because of misleading or cheap marketing tactics.

The second angle: From the point of view of the publishers (marketers)

We as CPA marketers usually work with two goals, the first is to profit of course, and the second is to apply marketing skills and use our experience to achieve results, yes that in itself is a lot of fun.

As for the point of profitability, CPA is one of the most profitable areas of e-marketing and affiliate marketing, as some professionals make fabulous sums of money from this field.

After entering the field and reading about the experiences and development of other marketers, you will find that some make tens of thousands of dollars per day, and regardless of this, many make at least $1,000 per day.

Therefore, CPA marketing is very tempting, and motivating to work and diligently, especially since the experience and development in it are similar to the assets, because it contributes to increasing the profits of the marketer.

The second goal is to enjoy the field that is achieved after a period of professionalism, as there is a drive that grows inside you to try to solve difficult problems and choose profitable complex offers just for fun.

Many of the CPA marketers I've read have this same hidden drive for tough offers and problems, and are constantly trying new techniques and approaches because the field has turned into a passion for them.

The third angle: From the point of view of CPA companies

The third and final party in this matter is the CPA companies themselves, as you know these companies act as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers in return for a portion of the commission that publishers receive.

And the CPA itself or the AM account manager really cares that the marketers or publishers achieve the results they want from them, because they depend on them for their profits, they take a part of your commission.

This is why an AM Account Manager is in place to help marketers achieve the best possible results by offering direct support and advice.

The most important terms you should know in CPA

There are many words and abbreviations in the field of CPA, which may confuse some, especially if they are at the beginning of their knowledge of the field, so we decided to collect the most important and most famous of these terms in what looks like a dictionary.

Understanding these terms will make it easier to read in-depth articles or talk to a professional, plus it will make you feel like you're making progress whenever you come across a term you know.

CPA: It expresses the field we are talking about, and it is an abbreviation of the term Cost Per Action or Cost Per Acquisition.

The abbreviation CPA means the process of marketing offers, the completion of which requires the performance of a certain action from the user, whatever this act and whatever the marketing objective behind it.

The action can be as simple as entering your username or email, or as complex as performing multiple steps or paying the money.

CPS: This term is short for Cost Per Sale, also known as CPO or Cost Per Order, a form used in CPA, where the agreement is for the advertiser to give a specified commission to the publisher for each sale or order.

CPC: Cost Per Click is another model used in CPA, in which a publisher takes a commission for persuading visitors or customers to click on links or ads.

EPC: Earnings per Click, the amount a publisher earns per click on their affiliate link.


CPL: This is an acronym for Cost Per Lead, which is a model based on attracting potential customers whether by signing up for a site, forum, newsletter, etc., getting their data or filling out a survey.

CPI: This is an acronym for Cost Per Install, which is a very popular model in mobile offerings, where the publisher takes a commission for every app download to a potential customer's phone.

Creative: It is the affiliate link of each publisher, which is provided to you by the CPA company, and it can be a link, banner or email, depending on the offer you are marketing.

For example, if the offer you are marketing is related to car insurance, and the marketing is through a banner, then this banner will have a unique code for you, which is called Creative.

CPA Network: A CPA company that acts as an intermediary between advertisers and publishers, and the source of its profits is its percentage of the publishers' commission.

Offer Payout: The commission for each offer individually, which is credited to your account when the user performs the required action as per the offer.

Offer page: The offer page of the advertiser, to which the marketer is requested to send visitors to the page through his affiliate link.

Publisher ID: The number for each publisher within the CPA company.

Conversion: It is the conversion process that takes place, so that the marketer gets his commission, and it can be calculated in two ways; Counts conversions as single numbers, or as a percentage of total clicks.

Example: If you ran a marketing campaign and achieved 100 successful offers to implement the offer, then we say that you achieved 100 conversions. For the same example, if there are a thousand clicks made on your offer link, here the conversion rate is 10% (100/1000).

Chargeback: It means the process of deduction from the marketer's commission in the event that the conversions were unsuccessful or the sales were not made.

ROI: Return On Investment, an advertiser's term, expressing the ratio between the money an advertiser paid in a CPA marketing process to his or her net profit from the process.

It is also a term that belongs to you as a publisher in case you depend on paid ads, for example, if you make a sponsored ad on Facebook to promote a CPA offer, and this ad cost you $1,000, and you achieved conversions estimated at $1,500, here the ROI of this offer campaign is 50%.

That is, you get 50 percent return on every dollar you spent on the ad campaign promoting this offer.

Payment Threshold: In many CPA offers there is a certain value of commissions that the marketer or publisher must achieve in order to be able to withdraw his profits, and this value is called Payment Threshold or the minimum withdrawal of profits.

4 CPA Marketing Traits You Should Know

Each field has properties or characteristics that distinguish it from others, in the case of CPA there are four characteristics that describe it well, and they are:

1. CPA is a constantly evolving field

The field is closely related to business and business, so with any new market or new field we see that CPA has adopted it, and the offers for this field began to increase and spread.

Several years ago, with the beginning of the spread of mobile phones as an alternative to computers, we found a great boom in offers related to mobile phones and their applications, so that today this field has become a large, vital and attractive part of CPA.

And now we see dozens and hundreds of offers in the areas of digital currencies and various crypto-assets.

2. CPA is a very competitive field

With all these potential profits and multiple areas, there are hundreds and thousands of marketers competing with each other to achieve the best results, so working in CPA requires you to develop your information periodically.


And not only that, but you should also keep an eye on other marketers, especially the successful ones, to know their new techniques and strategies.

3. CPA is a lot of cheating

Like any field of make money from the Internet; CPA involves a lot of tricks and deception, which all three parties (advertisers, publishers and companies) do to deceive each other.

Therefore, in this article, we will later review some of the methods of this fraud so that you know them and do not fall into them in the future when you start working in this field.

4. The CPA success factor is how well you can think outside the box

We can sum up the most influential factor in your success as a CPA marketer in thinking outside the box, and promoting your offering in new ways that your visitors and target customers are not accustomed to before.

Although traditional methods are successful and may provide you reasonable profits, huge profits can only come from new and innovative ideas.

Most Popular CPA Trends

CPA Marketing is a constantly changing field. Every period you see that there are areas and rising trends, and that there are others that disappear from the offers, so every marketer must be aware of all these changes with their differences.

Usually, it is preferable for the marketer to start with one niche of offers in order to get to know the world of CPA, how exactly things work and then finally master it.

But after a period of work in the field, the marketer begins to work on several offers with each other, and the niche of each of them may be different from the others.

Among the most famous trends or niches in CPA at these times, are:

Health care products (especially weight loss and muscle development products and natural products).

Skin and hair care products.


Courses and books for self-development and skills education.

Employment opportunities.


Offers of making money of all kinds and diversity. (Books, courses, investment opportunities, ……)


Lottery offers.


Download apps or games.

Video Games and Streaming.

Digital currencies and digital assets.

Of course, this is not the whole list of trends, but this is the most prominent of them in the recent period, which will certainly change in a matter of months.

Choosing the niche itself is a confusing process at first, because you must be very familiar with this niche in order to be able to convince the customer to perform the action you want.

Also considering that this niche is in great demand to provide you satisfactory profits, working in a niche that no one cares about will be very frustrating financially.

In the next lesson, we will talk in detail about how to choose a niche, about CPA offers and the difference between them, and we will answer all the questions that are on your mind right now.

How to Succeed in CPA: Traits of a Professional CPA Marketer

In CPA there are many variables that always arise, and with the increase in the number of marketers and the increase in competition, success and excellence in this field becomes more difficult and challenging.

So by looking at successful CPA marketers - both Arab and foreign - we find that they have common characteristics that we believe are the reason for their great success.

These features are:

1. They have a competitive advantage that other marketers do not have

Professional marketers always have an added advantage that sets them apart from all other marketers. This additional or unique advantage may be in their way of working, their understanding of business, or even their knowledge of what other marketers are doing.

And the easiest and most obvious way is usually that they can outperform other marketers at work by getting better results, and consistently getting the most commissions possible.

This comes from the marketer's ability to be creative and innovative in the advertising campaigns they launch in order to convince customers to actually take action.

Other ways are to have information about new innovative ways of advertising campaigns for other marketers and to develop and improve them to get better results, or to fully understand the market and business, which we will talk about in the next point.

2. Their understanding of the world of CPA Marketing and their ability to understand the business and marketing objectives behind the offers

A lot of novice or amateur marketers do just what is required of them without thinking about the purpose behind what they are doing, or effectively understanding the business they are working on.

Of course, these are the least successful and those with modest results and reasonable profits, but you will always find those with amazing results and profits who understand the field of CPA in depth.

As a marketer, you should follow their example in this matter, and try to link things together, in order to improve your campaigns as much as possible, and effectively achieve the marketing goals of the business.

It is easy to do this when you deal with the client's business and offers with the mentality that you are both the advertiser and the publisher, so that your campaigns will have practical and effective results.

3. Great ability to expand campaigns both horizontally and vertically

After the effective campaigns are found and implemented correctly... What is required now is the process of expanding these campaigns to attract the largest possible number of customers and actions, and thus increase profits.

Of course, the marketer can increase the budget of his campaigns in order to target more customers, but the results of this expansion are very limited compared to horizontal expansion.

Horizontal expansion is done by copying the campaign and launching it on a different traffic source, or by launching the campaigns in another country or a different geographic area than the one in which the campaign was recently launched.

4. Create mailing lists and collect customer data to retarget them later

In some offers, the marketing objective will be to collect the email of some people who are interested in the topic or niche of the offers, so instead of not using this valuable data you can keep it as a future investment.

For example, if you are marketing for programming courses, and the marketing goal is to collect email for people who are likely to participate in these courses.

By keeping them and creating mailing lists, you can target them with other course offers, and thus get profits easier.

These mailing lists may become a source of continuous income for you, especially if you work periodically In a niche, I collected a lot of email addresses for those interested in this niche.

5. Use the right tools

This is a very important point and that is why I deliberately closed this important part of our article on the most important characteristics of a professional CPA marketer.

In the digital world, tools mean a lot, and when we talk about marketing and profiting from CPA offers, tools are a vital and crucial component of your success as a marketer. It will save your time and effort, and above all it will make many vague matters clear to you.

Here is a list of the three basic tools you will need as a CPA Marketer:

 Good web hosting to run landing pages.

A good tool for designing professional landing pages.

A tool for analysis and tracking of advertising campaigns.

These three tools are indispensable, but they probably won't be the only ones you'll need. The need for other tools depends on the method of marketing and the source of visitors that you will rely on in marketing your CPA offers.

Note: As mentioned before; CPA marketing is a branch of affiliate marketing, so the same tools are used for both.

CPA Problems and Challenges (The Hidden Side of CPA)

I would be lying if I told you that the entire field of CPA is rosy, and that it does not have any problems at all, when like any other field or business it has some obstacles and challenges.

The most prominent problem and challenge that you probably know is the intense competition between marketers, the competitive environment for CPA is very harsh, and it puts great pressure on its employees.

That is why all CPA marketers should develop themselves periodically, and stay informed of the latest changes and innovations constantly.

The other notable problem is scams and scams, yes there is a lot of them in the field, which can come from all sides: advertisers, publishers, CPA companies or even account managers.

Let's start with publishers or marketers, it is possible for them to deceive CPA companies or advertisers by fetching fake actions or commissions.

Of course, this is totally unacceptable and unethical, as if you get caught you will be banned from the company and your name on the CPA blacklist.

It may also affect the publishers as a whole in the network, because the network will try to compensate for this amount by reducing the commissions of the rest of the moderators.

Because in this way the advertisers will pay money for nothing, these fake actions will not achieve any of their marketing goals, and therefore they waste their time and money.

Companies, too, may be scamming, by manipulating their tracking software, which calculates the verbs and leads each publisher generates.

Some fraudulent companies deliberately do not count some actions or leads in order to take their entire commission from the advertisers, thus inflating their profit.

Of course, publishers who are completely dependent on corporate tracking software will not notice this misappropriation of their commissions, which may even occur automatically.

Some companies use programs and codes to embezzle, for example, 10% of publishers' commissions, by not counting one out of every 10 actions or leads that are generated as profits in the marketer's account.

That's why we previously talked about CPA tracking and analysis, so you can compare your results with those of the company's tracking software, so you can be confident that you are not being deceived.

As for advertisers, they can deceive publishers and companies if the companies have a problem with the action detection pixel or the leads, so they get results that they don't pay for.

Cheating account managers is another matter, as although they can be of great help to you as a marketer, they can also do some fraud.

Few of them steal publishers' ideas and apply or even publish them, and share them to other people, which may harm you, of course, because the innovative method in which you got tired has become widely used on the Internet, and thus no longer gives the same results.

The reason for this is that some marketers may earn more than $100,000 per month through a network, while their account manager's salary is much lower, which may be tempting to copy your strategies.

So always keep your secrets and shared strategies and never share them with anyone.

Here are the links to all the CPA Profit Guide lessons:

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Monday, June 20, 2022

Tips for every beginner Freelancer (will make a difference in your path to success)

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 This is the ninth and final lesson of the online freelance guide, in which we will cover some of the most important tips and recommendations for every beginner Freelancer.

These tips will help you greatly to avoid many of the problems that you may encounter in your work, and will also help you focus on what is most important on your way as a freelancer.

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Sunday, June 19, 2022

The most common problems of freelance and how to deal with and overcome them


freelance,freelancer,freelancer problems,problems of freelance,problems of a freelancer,solving freelance problems,freelance problem solving,how to solve freelance problems,solving problems as a freelancer,how to solve freelance client problems,how to solve problems for freelance clients,how to fire a problem freelance client

This is the eighth lesson of the freelance guide, in which we will address the most important problems facing those who work in the freelance method, especially beginners, and how these problems can be dealt with and overcome.

There is no doubt that freelancing is one of the most enjoyable types of work, especially if you choose one of the fields of freelancing that is suitable for you and your capabilities, but in fact there is no work without problems, and of course there are problems facing a freelancer, especially at the beginning of his work.

In this article, we will review together the most important and most famous problems that you will face in the field of freelance, in order to be aware of the nature of work, and be expected and ready to face these problems.

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Saturday, June 18, 2022

What are Freelance Platforms and Top 7 Trusted Platforms 2022


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This is the seventh lesson of the freelancing guide, in which we will talk about freelancing platforms comprehensively. We will talk about what freelance platforms are, how they work, and their own important points, and we will discuss a list of the best.

If you did not see the previous freelance guide lessons, you can access them through the following links:

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Friday, June 17, 2022

What is a Portfolio and How to Have a Professional Portfolio

what is a portfolio,portfolio,how to make a portfolio,what is modeling portfolio,portfolio management,what is a programming portfolio,what is portfolio,what is career portfolio,what is an investment portfolio,what is portfolio and example,what is portfolio management,what is portfolio investment,what is portfolio ? urdu / hindi,portfolio in stock market,portfolios,what is portfolio in stock market?,make a portfolio,host a portfolio

This is the sixth lesson of the online freelance guide, in which we will discuss the definition of a portfolio and how to set up a professional portfolio.

After you have identified the fields of freelance and determined what is the most appropriate field for you and knew the most important skills that must be available in every Freelancer and got to know the tools for freelance, it remains for you to prepare your distinctive business models “portfolio” and know how to present them to attract customers and start your journey in freelance.
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Thursday, June 16, 2022

The most important and best freelance tools for every successful freelancer


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This is the fifth lesson of the online freelancing guide, in which we will talk about freelancing tools. Yes, tools are a very important element for every business, and success depends greatly on them, but in the world of freelance, tools are of special importance.

In fact, freelancing on the Internet is mainly based on tools, and it can only be accomplished by having the right tools. The intelligent Freelancer knows very well what tools he needs and knows how to use them.

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How to create a website (everything you need to know in one place)

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 Whether you want to create a website to make money from it, or you are a business owner on the ground and want to use the marketing power of the Internet, or you want to create your own project on the Internet, or even want to share your passion with the world; Creating a website is the window through which you have a presence on the Internet.

Let us also mention to those who do not know; Creating a website is the mainstay on which e-marketing in general depends, as it is the channel through which all marketing efforts flow and pass.

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Wednesday, June 15, 2022

The most important 9 e-marketing channels and an explanation of each of them 2022


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Whether you already have a private project, or you are about to start it, or even aspire to learn e-marketing and get an electronic job, you must know the e-marketing channels through which you can reach your audience, and then achieve the spread that will give you success and profits.

In this article, we will talk about the most famous and most important e-marketing channels, and we will explain each channel in detail, so that you have sufficient understanding and knowledge about each channel and how to use and exploit it to your advantage.

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Tuesday, June 14, 2022

E-marketing skills that every professional marketer must have

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E-marketing is one of the very important and required fields in the labor market, and it is one of the sensitive areas that need people of a special kind, who must possess a set of important skills that we call e-marketing skills.

These skills are directly related to the field of e-marketing, and they are very important to do the job of an e-marketer, and some of them are inevitably needed by an e-marketer in order to achieve the desired success.

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Sunday, June 12, 2022

Essential Skills Every Freelancer Needs (Very Essential to Your Success)


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This is the fourth lesson of the freelance guide, in which we will address the most important basic skills that every Freelancer must possess.

Although each field of freelancer needs some special skills, there are a set of basic skills that must be available in Freelancer, which mainly contribute to its success and help it achieve more profits.

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What is the marketing plan, its importance and components (comprehensive guide)

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In order to succeed in achieving the goals of your company or project, you must know how to formulate these goals in the right way, and in order to do so, you must know what the marketing plan is.

The marketing plan is what all successful companies in various fields depend on, so if you:

A marketer in a company and you want to achieve better results for yourself and your company.

A young entrepreneur who wants to start marketing your business.

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Saturday, June 11, 2022

How to make an e-marketing plan (comprehensive practical guide)

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 Ignoring making an e-marketing plan is equivalent to making a marketing plan without an audience! Yes, this is a fact that we have to believe in light of the accelerated digital era we live in today.

Each of us now spends many hours every day using electronic media on the Internet, whether we are looking for entertainment, socializing, researching new products or even learning.

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How to start freelancing (practical steps with detailed explanation)

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 This is the third lesson of the freelancer guide, in which we will address, in detailed steps, the answer to the question “How do I start a freelancer?”

In the first lesson, we discussed what freelancer is, its advantages and challenges, and in the second lesson, we discussed the most important, most sought-after and profitable areas of freelancer.

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Friday, June 10, 2022

Top Freelance Fields (and Resources to Learn Each)

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 This is the second lesson of the comprehensive freelancer guide, in which we will talk about the areas of freelancer. We mentioned in the previous lesson that freelancer extends to almost all fields.

But there are areas that are really in great demand compared to others, in addition to being related to the Internet and modern technology in a more relevant way.

So, although we always encourage you to choose the field according to your passion and interest, here we will review the most important areas of freelancer, and also through which you can make more money.

This lesson is for those who want to know the most important areas of freelancer, and have the ability to learn something new to improve their lives as a freelancer.

The most important and most popular freelance fields in demand

1. Programming fields

The world of programming is the world of magic, creativity and innovation, through which ideas can be transformed into innovative models and projects, and it is one of the most profitable freelance fields for its owner.


The demand for programmers has witnessed a significant growth in recent times, and in our Arab region there is an increasing demand for programmers, due to the growth and prosperity of the world of web and smart phone applications.

For those who have no idea what programming is from the ground up, programming in its simple definition is a science and technology through which platforms, programs, applications and interfaces can be manufactured in order to solve a problem, display data, or complete certain tasks.

The programming process is done by building files that contain smart codes to determine the shape and characteristics of the project. Programming has multiple languages, and each language is used in specific disciplines.

Programming is an enormous field and contains many sub-disciplines, and specialized programming languages, but since we are talking about freelancing here, we can limit programming specializations to 4 sub-fields, which are the most important and in demand in freelancing:

Website development (the programming through which the features, features and functions of websites can be built).

Smart phone application development (the programming through which a smart phone application can be built).

Development of smart phone games (games in their simple definition are applications, and they can be included under the field of mobile applications, but due to the prosperity of this field, there is a great demand for specialists in developing smart phone games, and then it can be classified as a standalone field).

Computer software development (programming through which computer programs can be built, including commercial software used to manage sales and inventory).

We can also classify programming disciplines according to the programming languages ​​used, and in fact in this case the classification will become more accurate and professional.

Here is a small list of the most important programming languages ​​in demand in the labor market:

HTML (It is the main programming language used in web pages for formatting the appearance of text and images. Some do not classify it as a programming language, because it is the basic structure, which must be found in any website.)

PHP (is an open source programming language for creating dynamic web pages that work with databases.)

Java (is a programming language with many general uses, and is the primary language used in Android applications.)

Swift (Apple's open source programming language is the primary language used in IOS and OS X applications.)

Python (An advanced programming language used for many special and advanced purposes, such as managing the content of scientific and technological institutions, is used by Google, YouTube and NASA.)

JavaScript (It is a special programming language where its operations are run inside the user's browser and on his computer, through preset commands from its developer, used to develop video games.)

C++ (Used to develop computer programs.)

SQL (It is a programming language for managing content in databases.)

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2. Web Design & App Design

The field of designing web interfaces, software and applications

This is one of the most important fields of freelancer, and it works hand in Make money from programming through YouTube (everything you need to know) with the previous one. When you look at any website or application, you will find that it has a distinctive interface of images, colors, fonts...etc. This interface, including everything that is visible to the user, is the responsibility of the designer.

In order not to feel a bit distracted, let me simply explain to you the difference between a web designer and a web programmer as an example:

Web designer: He does everything that is visible to the user, including colors, division of spaces, selection of used fonts, images and their sizes...etc.

Web programmer: does the programming that makes the site perform certain tasks and features when the user interacts with it in a certain way.

Example: When someone presses the like button on one of your photos on Facebook, here the programming is responsible for receiving a notification for you, and the shape of the notification icon and the red color that shows the notification is for the design.

3. The field of graphic design

“A picture is worth a thousand words.” This saying is 100 percent true, and that's where the importance of graphic designs stems from. In the digital world we live in today, the image has become a very important element, and with it the graphic designer has become one of the very important freelancers.

There are also many specializations in the field of graphic design, including logo design, three-dimensional designs, infographics...etc.

A graphic designer needs both artistic and creative skills to produce quality designs to satisfy the job. Graphic design is one of the areas of self-employment of a special nature, because it is subject to standards of beauty and taste, and the ability to show and clarify ideas in a way Creative to achieve the desired goal.

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4. The field of writing

The field of writing is one of the areas of freelancer that has witnessed a great boom in recent times, due to the boom and growth of websites and their great spread, on the other hand, the electronic press played a major role in the growth of the field of writing in a freelance manner.

Freelancer in the field of writing requires an educated and creative person who loves to read and is always in the know and always striving for knowledge.

Writing also includes many sub-disciplines, including:

Article writing

Writing ads

technical writing



Convert videos to text

It is also possible to classify the field of writing according to the field or specialization that is being written about. In the field of freelancer, there are specialists in medical writing, technology, health and beauty, politics or literature...etc.

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5. The field of translation

Translation is one of the oldest and most popular areas of freelancer, and translation is one of the areas that maintains a good level of demand in the whole world.

The translation specializations here depend on the language from which it is translated and the language into which it is translated. It also depends on the subject of the translation. There are translators in the medical field, and others in the technical field...etc.

Despite the emergence of many programs and services specialized in the completion of translation automatically, human translation has a special nature and cannot be dispensed with, because it depends on understanding the idea and taking into account the differences between cultures…etc.

It may seem that translation is an important task that requires only converting text from one language to another, but it requires a lot of effort, because a professional translator must be professionally acquainted with two languages ​​and the culture of each language as well.

6. Digital Marketing field

Digital marketing is one of the wonderful fields of freelancing that has witnessed great prosperity in the past few years, and it continues to thrive and grow, as it is one of the areas that is expected to continue to thrive and grow in the future, due to the increased awareness of commercial entities of the importance of marketing through the Internet.

In fact, there is no business that has weight on the ground now unless it has digital marketing channels, and this in turn has created a huge amount of opportunities for independent digital marketers.

Of course, there are many sub-disciplines of digital marketing and here is a list of the most important ones:

Social Media Marketing

Search Engine Optimization (SEO Marketing)

Market Research

Email Marketing

data analysis


Search Engine Marketing

Content Marketing

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7. Video Editing

It specializes in everything related to editing and creating videos. The field of videos is one of the very important areas of freelancer, especially after the large increase in video viewers on YouTube and Facebook.

There are thousands of videos posted daily on YouTube and Facebook, and behind these videos there is a need for freelance video editors.

Editing and creating videos is one of the areas of freelance work that requires more effort and focus until the work is completed with perfection and quality.

Of course, the field of editing and creating videos is divided into many sub-fields, just like the rest of the other fields, such as:

Script writing

video editing

video intro design

Voice commentary

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8. Data Entry field

Data entry is one of the old freelance fields, which still has a good demand, but the competition for it from freelancers is great, because it is one of the easy freelance fields, which anyone with some simple skills can do.

Simply the employer will send some scattered data, which you have to organize according to the plan that the employer sets.

Example: The business owner sends a set of invoice images, from which you have to extract data and put it in a program such as Excel, and then come up to the business owner with an organized set of data that he can use in a way that is beneficial to him.

Of course, this is a simple example, but this field of freelancer is like other, it contains details and specializations, and a special and flexible nature as well.

9. The field of photography

Photography is one of the ancient fields of freelancing, which has become very popular with the advent of the Internet. Photography also has many specialties. There are independent photographers who specialize in photographing buildings and facilities, and there are those who specialize in photographing nature, and those who specialize in photographing food...etc.

It is worth noting that photography is one of the areas that need creative skills, and it is one of the areas that pay well if you manage to become a professional and famous photographer.

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Important points and tips for freelancer

1. Here we recommend choosing the field of freelancer based on passion and interest in the first place, yes, there are areas that generate better profit, and there are areas that have been Those are more in demand than others.

But what is the point of specializing in one of the areas of freelancer that has a demand, but you cannot provide something of value in it and therefore you cannot succeed in it.

To be more realistic, we can say that you should have minimal interest in the field you want to specialize in.

2. There are many professions that develop over time until the idea of ​​self-employment becomes possible, and now it is possible to have a freelance journalist or freelance scriptwriter.

You will also be surprised if you know that in the developed world there are Free Lancers doctors (in some medical specialties).

Therefore, you have to broaden your horizons, and look beyond the areas of self-employment that were discussed in this article, as the opportunities and areas of freelancer are many and very numerous.

3. Each field of freelancer contains many, many sub-disciplines, in this regard you have to be careful in deciding the degree of specialization you want to work with.

Rare majors have the risk of not having enough customers, but they do have the chance that there aren't many competitors for you, and popular and easy majors have a huge demand, but there are a huge number of competitors too.

To solve this dilemma, you have to follow the labor market, and have more relationships that enable you to seize opportunities.

4. The fields of freelancer are constantly and constantly changing. There are areas of demand for them that decrease due to the development of the ability of modern programs and technology to accomplish their tasks, and there are new areas that constantly appear as a result of intellectual and technological change, and the entry of new systems for companies and projects.

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