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Top 10 Free Traffic Sources (Targeted and Engaged Traffic)


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Getting free, targeted and interactive traffic is the biggest obstacle that stands in the way of anyone who wants to market and profit from the Internet, whatever you do:

Working in the field of commission marketing for various products.

E-commerce and dropshipping.

Content industry to profit from advertisements, especially the Adsense program.

Freelancer and wants to get new clients.

You own a company, factory, or shop and want to get new customers or clients.

You always ask yourself “How do I get targeted visitors or traffic?”, or “Where do I promote my services and products without ads?” … Whatever questions you have in mind, you will find what you are looking for here in the comprehensive guide to the best free traffic sources.

The information you will find here is different from a lot of other sources, because we will not just talk about the top 10 sources of free traffic (free visitors), which are suitable for any field you work in.

But you will also find here:

Important information and statistics about each traffic source so you can choose the one that suits you best.

How to get free traffic from any source in the fastest and best way possible.

Any information or tools you will need we will put it for you in this guide.

Links to other articles in Seo7u on important topics related to e-marketing and getting traffic from the Internet.

That's why I want you to read every word of this guide, because between the lines you will find a lot of strategies and information that is very important to your success.


We agreed? Good, let's go!

The best free traffic sources

1- Medium . platform

Not much is known about Medium despite its power and influence, it is considered one of the best platforms in the world for blogging and publishing articles.

Any company owner, writer or any ordinary person can create an account on the site, and start publishing articles completely free of charge.

Then visitors interact with these articles… either by leaving a like or leaving a comment, or by following your account so that they receive all the new you publish.

What is unique about this platform is that it has strength in search engines, or as it is called, meaning that many of these articles are on top of the first results of search results.

Some Medium platform stats:

The average number of visits is 207 million visitors per month.

Almost 59% of these visits come from search engines.

The majority of traffic comes from English-speaking countries (America - Canada - Britain), and other countries such as India and Brazil.

In order to do this, you must perform the following steps:

1- Publish useful content in your field I advise you to search a little in the blog, according to the field in which you work, in order to get an idea of ​​the content that brings more interaction.

2- Try to publish some articles that answer famous questions in your field, and then put links to your site, your YouTube channel, your company, or your affiliate offers.

3- The Medium platform is one of the best sources to enlarge your mailing list... that is if you rely on email marketing.

4- You can use this platform to test the quality of the content that the audience interacts with, or study the market to determine your blog idea (choosing Niche to blog about it).

Earn money from Medium

You can earn money from this platform, as it offers paid memberships to readers ($ 5 / month), and you divide this money between them and the writers and bloggers on the platform participating in the profit program.

The more time a paid user spends on your articles, likes your content, and interacts with it… the more earnings you will get.

So if you are interested in making money from writing articles, you can try this method.

2- Facebook groups

I think you know that getting free traffic from Facebook pages has become very difficult, according to the latest statistics on Facebook, the average Reach for Facebook pages is only 4:5%.

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This is despite the fact that the average user spends at least 30 minutes on Facebook per day, but Facebook does not want users to leave the site until they see the most ads.

For this and in order to get traffic from Facebook pages, you will have to create a sponsored advertisement, and here the importance of relying on Facebook groups emerges.

Facebook groups feature:

More interaction.

The number of notifications received for each new content posted in the group is good.

The booth can be well organized.

If you want to get free traffic from different Facebook groups, you should:

1- Set your Facebook profile professionally (appropriate image - link to your site or service on the cover image - publish content in your own field).

Therefore, if you are afraid of interfering with your personal activities, I advise you to create another Facebook account for work.

2- Subscribe to the Facebook groups that are appropriate for your field and that have the most interaction.

3- Do not just put some links to your offers and pages, this is the worst thing you can do in Facebook groups.

4- Post useful educational content and never directly promote your content, let the members ask you and then put your links in the answer naturally.

5- Many members will also click on your profile, and then they will learn more about the content you publish and the links you put in the cover image.

6- Send friend requests to the most interactive members on different groups so that they are exposed to the content that you publish on your account.

As for the step of searching for Facebook groups, many beginners make the mistake of searching for direct groups. For example, if you are interested in clothes, you are looking for Clothes only.

The correct thing is to search for the groups in which your audience is located.


Popular cooking shows (where moms and girls are together)

fashion groups

Entertainment groups

This way you find as many of your target audience as possible. The more you implement the previous steps and make some effort, the more free traffic you will get.

Then, create your own Facebook group, and in order to make this group active and achieve good results in bringing free traffic and increasing profits, I advise you to read the guide “How to have an interactive Facebook group”.

In this guide, you will find practical steps to help you achieve your marketing goals, whatever your field or your goal of getting traffic.

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3- YouTube

YouTube is one of the 5 most visited sites in the world, and it is the second most used search engine, and many people rely on it, whether for information or entertainment.

I don't think you need any more YouTube statistics from me to convince you how powerful this source of free traffic is for your various goals.

Some think that you need thousands of subscribers to profit from YouTube or to use it to promote anything you want, let me tell you about a friend of mine who made 150 dollars through only one video on YouTube in which he was promoting an affiliate show.

And by the way, this was his first YouTube video... This is the real power that many people don't realize about this amazing free platform.

Read this topic if you want to know more about earning from YouTube and Affiliates:

How to earn 50 dollars a day from YouTube and Affiliate

There are others who think that you need sophisticated equipment, tools and experience to get started on YouTube, although the opposite is true, and here at Winners we have covered everything you might need.

Look at the following guides and resources, which you can consider as a complete academy for professional YouTubers for free... That's why I advise you to start now and not miss the opportunity:

Ways to increase YouTube views for free in 2022

How do I publish my YouTube channel (9 Effective Strategies 2022)

Terms of Make money from YouTube and how to achieve them easily in 2022

YouTube SEO: 7 steps to make your videos appear first 2022

4- Quora . platform

I think you have visited this mighty website before… especially if you are searching on the internet for answers to many of your questions.

Quora is the best platform in the world for questions and answers, where any user can put a question in any field and in any language.

Those answers are voted on, so that good and useful answers top the first results on the site, while keeping all the answers for those who want to know all points of view.

The great thing about this platform is that many of its pages top the search results in millions of keywords, because many people search on Google in the form of questions.

Look at these stats on Quora:

The site is visited by nearly 500 million people per month.

The site is ranked No. 2 among question-and-answer sites or forums around the world.

The average annual income of active site members exceeds $80,000, which means that users have good purchasing power, which is well suited for promoting various products and services.

The most important feature of this platform is that the free traffic that you will get from it is highly targeted and fully prepared traffic, because it is much easier to convince someone of a specific product or service while they are aware of the problem and look for it.

How to get free traffic on Quora:

Follow the following steps:

1- Create a good profile (suitable name - good photo - a small summary of your experiences and interests).

2- Specify your interests accurately, because Quora will email you with most new questions related to your interests periodically.

3- Search for FAQs in your industry (Quora offers great research tools – you can also use various SEO tools to search for keywords on this platform).

4- Provide satisfactory and useful answers in the light of your knowledge, research and experience to any question in your field.

5- During your answers you can put the links that you promote naturally because they will be part of the answer.

6- Always try to make your answers useful and contain a lot of information, and to speed up the answers to new questions so that you get more interaction and your answer becomes number one in the results.

The more questions you answer and the more you visit the site constantly… the more you can promote various products and services and achieve very good results, and there is another thing that is unique about this platform.

And it is that the answers you leave and put the various links in can bring you constant traffic, and this is in contrast to many social networking sites that you need to post on constantly.

Precisely for this reason, Quora is considered one of the best free traffic sources, which unfortunately many people overlook.

I highly recommend relying on this platform, especially if you:

 works in affiliate marketing.

works in the field of self-employment (you can find a lot of clients by helping them and answering their inquiries).

Depend on profit from Google Adsense.

5- LinkedIn platform

LinkedIn is the place where all professionals from everywhere in the world meet, you can think of it as the Facebook of entrepreneurs, employees and developers.

I think you have a profile on this giant platform. Have you thought about using this profile to promote your services and products and profit from the Internet?

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some Important stats about the LinkedIn platform that you should know:

The number of monthly visits to the site reaches 950 million visits per month.

The average income of the members of this platform is much more than $50,000 annually, which indicates a good purchasing power.

The Organic Reach of this platform is the highest among the various social networking sites.

Note: The Organic Reach is the rate at which new content reaches followers. You can learn more about this term and how it changes in different social media sites through the social media statistics article I mentioned earlier.

Do you remember a few years ago most of the followers of Facebook pages were getting new posts on their news feed, this is what is happening now on LinkedIn.

All you have to do is communicate with as many people as possible, and constantly publish good content in your field, which may spread and bring you more followers and friends and increase your chances of profits and your network of relationships.

That is why you should use this platform now, not tomorrow.

6- Google search engine

You may have found this guide on the best free traffic sources through your Google search, so here we are at Winners who got traffic from Google without paying any money.

That is why if you own a blog or website, whatever your field of work, you need to take advantage of Google. If you succeed in leading the first search results, you can get free traffic for years with minimal effort.

This is called SEO (Search Engine Optimization - SEO), this skill is one of the most important digital marketing skills that you must learn.

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The only drawback to relying on this source is that the results you will get may take some time, and despite that, Google is definitely the best source of free traffic.


That's why we at Seo7u have made a free comprehensive course on SEO… It explains step by step how to learn SEO skill and apply it to your site in addition to a lot of information, strategies and tools that you may need.

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I strongly advise you to rely on this source even if you will work on your site for two hours a day. After several months have passed, you will find that you are getting good traffic at a fixed rate, which distinguishes this source from the rest of the free traffic sources in this guide.

7- Instagram

Who among us does not have an account on Instagram, that site that has made many ordinary people achieve huge profits with minimal effort.

Instagram is one of the most important sources of free traffic at the present time, on which many brands and service providers in various countries of the world depend... The number of its users has exceeded the one billion user mark.

Even we are here at Seo7u and even though we get very good traffic from other sources... we decided to have an Instagram account in order to communicate with our followers and also to diversify our traffic sources.

That is why I advise you to follow us on it because you will find interesting and useful information!!

The biggest problem with a lot of people is that they don't know how to get real engaged followers in effective ways, and that's what we solved here at Seo7u.

In the guide “How to Increase Instagram Followers”, you will find all the information you need to grow your various accounts, including:

How to create appropriate content.

How to search and use hashtags.

How to increase followers through comments.

And other indispensable strategies for you to take advantage of Instagram to get traffic and increase your profits.

I highly recommend relying on Instagram, especially if you:

works in the field of e-commerce.

works in the field of self-employment, especially in the creative fields (photography - video industry - drawing).

works in affiliate marketing.

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8- Pinterest

Pinterest is the best image search site in the world, and before I tell you about the nature of its work, and how you can market through Pinterest to get free traffic, I want you to look at the following information.

Pinterest's most important statistics:

The number of visits per month has reached 900 million.

The number of users exceeded the barrier of 330 million users at the end of last year.

Approximately more than 75% of the site's users are women - and this is a very important matter that we will discuss later.

More than 60% of users rely on this site to research new products before making a purchase.

The most popular topics discussed on this platform are (health - decoration - beauty - fashion - accessories - technological tools and services).

You and I know very well that women are the major decision makers when it comes to buying a lot of products and services... especially in the field of health, decoration and various home appliances.

This is what Pinterest offers you on a silver platter. I think you have now realized that Pinterest is undoubtedly one of the best free traffic sources that you can use to promote your products.

How does the Pinterest platform work?

Have you ever used Google image search, if you do, when you click on any image, Google will show you its source, and if you click on it, you will go directly to the page that contains this image.

Pinterest website works A similar document, but with the difference that the user is the one who controls the images and not Pinterest itself. Each user has a profile on the site that he uses to save the images.

There are two ways to save photos

Method 1: If you add Pinterest Extension to your browser, you can Pin (Save) any image from any site and save it to your account.

And when you go to your account, you will see all the images that you have saved, and if you click on them, you will find the link to the article or page you found in it.

Imagine, for example, that you want to buy a new kitchen decor, and every day you search in various websites and stores, and every time you find a picture of a product that catches your attention, you save it to your Pinterest account.

Then you come at the time when you want to buy to review and compare these images, and when you choose the best you will click on the image to go to the site or store where you found it.

The second method: is that you design the images you want and put an accurate description of them, as well as the appropriate link - if any.

Each user on Pinterest can divide his profile into a group of Boards to make it easier for him to collect pictures that talk about one topic in the same place.

Also, any user can follow up on any other user or on any particular board, so that he gets a notification as soon as a new picture is published or sees the pictures in his feed related to the areas he is interested in.

Also, Pinterest provides a very powerful search engine, so anyone can search the site for different images (photos, recipes, home décor, electronic products, tips) and others.

I want you now to go to the Pinterest site, and try to search in your field for the appropriate content to see for yourself how the site works, and how it contains a huge library of information.

How to use Pinterest to get free traffic:

Own a business account (so you get the great analytics and data that Pinterest provides).

Set up your profile with professional photos.

Divide your content into appropriate Boards.

Of course you will rely on the second method of saving images.

You will make good pictures with the appropriate dimensions in your field and you should pay attention to infographics.

Search for the most important keywords in your field to put them in the description of your photos, as they are one of the most important factors that Pinterest depends on in ranking photos.

Pay attention to the video because recently Pinterest has allowed users to post short videos to the platform.

Pinterest is a search engine after all, and the more you can get the first results in the search for any keyword, the more traffic you will get.

I highly recommend Pinterest, especially if you:

 works in the field of e-commerce

works in the field of dropshipping.

works as a freelance designer or photographer.

works in affiliate marketing.

Rely on content (especially for learning and self-development) to promote or profit from ads.

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9- Reddit platform

I think you've heard of Reddit before, and how not, and it's the largest blog in the world, with more than a billion and a half visitors every month.

You can consider Reddit as one of the oldest and best social media platforms, as this platform has caused the success of companies and the failure of entire organizations.

Many owners of famous websites and YouTube channels have left this platform, as well as many creators and influencers in various fields.

As I mentioned earlier, the Reddit platform is the largest forum in the world, and that is why it has millions of sub-forums or as it is called (Subreddit) in various fields.

The most important information you need to take advantage of the Reddit platform to get free traffic:

1- The Reddit platform has a special character. You can consider the sub-forums as large, highly interactive Facebook groups, and they are interested in everything that is new and exciting in any field.

2- Reddit users are generally interested in all new and controversial topics, as well as the opinions of different people on different companies, products, and societal phenomena.

3- Humorous posts or what we call (MEMES) are one of the most popular types of content on the platform.

4- In order to be professional, you must adjust your profile and put your links in it.

5- Use the Subreddit tool provided by the site to search for different groups in your field to join them.

6- Share and interact with members naturally and honestly, and do not publish your links except when asked, because the Reddit platform does not like to rely on it only to promote yourself as well as the users themselves.

7- You should know that all the posts or comments you leave are saved in your profile, and any Reddit user can see them, and this proves how keen Reddit is on transparency and credibility.

I highly recommend relying on this platform, especially if you:

 works in the field of self-employment, especially in the creative disciplines (writing - design).

works in the field of Adsense Arbitrage and relies on (Viral Content).

Promote content for reviewing products and services to earn from affiliate marketing.

10- Google Maps

I think you often use (Local Search) to search for different service places on Google Maps such as restaurants, companies, maintenance service providers and others.

If you are one of those or own an online store, you should take advantage of this free source to get targeted traffic that many people in the Arab world ignore.

So, imagine that you own a fish restaurant in New York City and you are leading the way First in local search, how many new leads do you think you will get?

All this without much cost or effort from you at all, the same applies to you if you own a design company or a maintenance service or many other countless examples.

All you have to do is the following:

Create an account on Google My Business to put (activity - address - working hours - some pictures of your products and services - your website if you have one).

Publish the link to your site on maps everywhere on social media (and give the link to anyone who wants to know the exact location of your service).

To ask your customers to rate the service on the maps.

The more ratings you get, the higher your chances of getting the first search results in your city, and that's what is required.

Because of the importance of Google Maps in getting free traffic, we have made a comprehensive guide on Local SEO.

Some important tips to get free traffic

In order to succeed in obtaining a good amount of traffic from these different platforms, I advise you to:

1- Focus on a specific and somewhat small niche in the beginning, for example (promoting affiliate offers for clothes for pregnant women for the first time).

2- Focus on one or two platforms at the beginning so that you can use them and start making profits, no matter how small, and then move to another platform and so on.

3- Start with the platforms that fit your field, and have the audience you target more (such as LinkedIn if you rely on freelancing in the field of programming).

4- Take care of solving public problems and providing useful information, you will find yourself achieving good results.

In the end, I hope that you have found what you are looking for in one of the best free traffic sources that I have offered you, and if you have any question or inquiry, please feel free to leave it to us in the comments.

I wish you good luck and see you soon!



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