SEO (Your Guide to Getting the First Result)

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 When I started seo7u about two years ago, my whole idea of ​​SEO was just and very simple: create content that delivers value to visitors. (Of course this is true, but I have found that it is not enough.) In fact, I got confused a lot because of my narrow and limited concept of SEO, and I made many mistakes that hurt my site in the past.

But fortunately for me I am always striving to learn and improve, so I started reading and learning about SEO.

I started reading the recommendations of the Google search engine, to get a better ranking in the search results. And I tried to implement every recommendation that Google recommends.

My site is already starting to rank better. My concept of SEO has changed a lot since then, even my concept of content that provides value to visitors has also evolved.

But I have not stopped reading and learning about this interesting and interesting topic since then. Over the past two years, I've read a lot of books and articles, and watched a lot of videos about the science and art of SEO. This is in addition to the practical experience I gained through managing my site.


One of the great books I read recently is The Art of SEO, which was written by some of the best SEO minds in the world. Which is considered the most important and best book on search engine optimization ever. Moreover, recently, just before writing this guide, I read a large group of SEO Guides from the most famous leading sites in this field.

In fact, today, thanks to what I have learned, seo7u has become one of the most important sites in its field, and it has become a leader in search results in many important keywords.

The good thing is that every time I was learning something new about SEO, I would write a post about it in seo7u.

Today, as part of my comprehensive plan to restructure the content of the seo7u, to be more quality, useful and organized for visitors to the site.

All topics of SEO seo7u will be compiled and developed in an integrated directory. This guide is a series of lessons on SEO, in which I will put my knowledge and practical experience together.

What is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

The term in English is Search Engine Optimization and is abbreviated with the letters SEO.

SEO: It means every change you make on your site or outside your site, firstly to improve the satisfaction of your site visitors, and secondly to improve the experience of search engines in the process of crawling and indexing your site and understand it well. In order to get better ranking in search results.

This includes designing your site, programming it, and carefully choosing everything that is text on this site. Attention and dedication to satisfy the potential visitor. And continuous improvement in all the elements of your site, and solving the problems in it, if any, in order to be compatible with the way search engines work (which is primarily focused on user satisfaction).

In other words and more simply, SEO means that you make every possible improvement and change in your site, so that it is friendly to search engines, and at the same time satisfying and useful to your potential visitors.

It is worth noting that optimization in search engines is a science and an art as well. It is a science based on the basics, facts and statistics about the way engines work, and how to satisfy visitors. It is an art based on creative thinking and innovation, and often trying to find solutions outside the box.

Why should you optimize your site for search engines?

The next visitor to your site through search engines, is the most valuable visitor ever. It is known that visitors to search engines are the most targeted and profit-generating visitors in the world of marketing through the Internet.

In fact, there is no way to get good free visitors from search engines, except through search engine optimization. And in which your site is compatible with the requirements of the search engines, on the basis of which the search results are ranked in each search.

One of the great advantages for visitors to search engines is that it is free. Once your site tops the search results for one of the good keywords, you open a new door to the flow of visitors to your site, at no additional cost. Yes, you have to make an effort to reach that, but trust the results are worth any effort you will make.

Why should you learn search engine optimization (SEO)?

Based on my experience, I believe that knowledge and experience in search engine optimization is an essential component for every online marketer. At least understanding the basics is extremely important for anyone interested in the field of digital marketing.

The great thing is that this SEO guide will give you a good understanding of the basics of SEO. But beyond that, this guide will give you enough knowledge and understanding to reach the first page, and even the first result in the search results.

Who should learn search engine optimization? Who is this guide for?

Every website owner

Learn SEO to get the best results from your site's content. Search engine optimization is the best way to get visitors to your site's content. If you prefer to hire someone or a company, to improve your site for search engines, then you must also at least understand the basics. This is if you want to get a better service from the SEO service providers, or you want to do small tasks yourself to avoid more costs.

All web designers and developers

The process of search engine optimization starts from where the website design and programming process begins. A professional website designer is the designer who is able to design a website that takes into account the requirements of search engines, and at the same time takes into account the visitor's experience. Any designer familiar with the basics of SEO.

Also, a professional website developer, is the developer who is able to program websites with clean codes, and is able to understand the necessary settings in the hosting and in the website files to make it ready for search engines, and without problems for the user.

Everyone who works in the field of writing and translation for websites intent

Writing, blogging and translation are required fields in the self-employment market. To raise your value as a writer or translator in the labor market, you must learn SEO. In fact, there is a huge difference between a good content writer, and a good content writer who is also good at writing in accordance with the standards of search engines.

Everyone who works as a social media specialist

How many times have you been using the Google search engine, and you see a Facebook post as a result of the search results on the first page? If you have SEO knowledge, you, as a social media specialist, can also write posts that top the search results.

Anyone interested in digital marketing

Digital marketing is a field with many branches and specializations, and one of the most important of these is SEO, that is, the specialization in search engine optimization. It is worth noting here that understanding SEO (at least the basics) is extremely important for those working in any of the other disciplines.

Everyone strives to learn and understand something new

As usual, in seo7u, we take into account the ease and simplicity of the topics, so we start from the basics and progress together until we make even the novice and non-specialist have a deep understanding of the subject we are dealing with.

Note: In seo7u we only support legitimate ways of marketing, so this guide is about SEO with legitimate and legal ways. As long as you can access your site to the front page and the first result in the legitimate ways as we did, so you do not need more than that.

Note: Since Google is the most used search engine. So we will talk in many aspects about search engine optimization for Google in particular.

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