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How to Write an Article for a Website (A Comprehensive Guide for Beginners)


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Do you have a passion for blogging and want to become a professional writing for websites, and you want to know how to write an article for a website in detail? Do you want to enter the field of freelance through the world of content industry? Are you good at writing articles but for local newspapers and magazines, and you want to professionalize blogging online to be an additional source of income for you?

 If you are one of those people, this article is for you!

There are many ways to write articles these days. Each writer relies on a special method that distinguishes him in narrating the article, but there is a general framework that all writers adhere to according to the method of presenting the article.

For example, there is a clear difference between how to write an article for a blog or an article for a newspaper or magazine, and not every good writer necessarily can be a good blogger, but every good blogger must be a good writer.

Let me explain the difference in brief. Usually, the writer of the article in the newspaper is satisfied with focusing on the good content and the unique idea that he presents in his article. As for the rest, such as editing and others, he is satisfied with leaving them to the officials of this section of the newspaper.


While the blogger focuses on several things at the same time, he cares about good content and narrates it in an attractive way, in addition to writing according to the rules of internal SEO so that he can show his article on the first search pages, in addition to that, he edits and proofs his article, and in the end he may also market his article Or blog it via social media such as Facebook and others!

Have you seen how the role of the blogger far exceeds the role of the writer in a newspaper or magazine?!

So, if you want to blog online, don't worry... It requires you to learn at first and then gradually apply everything you learn. You may now be wondering how to write a great article that attracts visitors to your blog… Here is the basic method, which I always follow as a basic structure in the interesting field of blogging.

How to write an article for a website

Below in the main points, we will discuss how to write an article for a website in detail and clearly, and you will find that I put for you a lot of sources and information that will actually enable you to write a great article for your website or blog, or for your business owner if you work for one of the sites or blogs owned by others.

Before we start, I want you to look at the four main elements of any article through the following infographic:

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4 key elements to writing any essay

These elements we will talk about in detail through the following practical steps for writing an article for a website.

1- How to find great ideas for your articles

In the beginning, do not make your thinking focused on making money only, but make your focus on how to find distinctive ideas to write good content that adds something new to your readers. If this happens, it will gradually increase the number of your followers and visitors to your blog, and it will certainly bring you a large amount of profits.

But how do you find those great ideas?

There are many ways that enable you to find great ideas for your articles, including:

1- The media

You can get many good ideas through the media such as television and watching movies, which may spark an idea to write about it, as well as radio, follow newspapers and magazines, browse social media platforms, in addition to browsing blogs.

In fact, blogs are the most important way to keep track of everything new in the areas you are interested in writing about, and you can also quote several ideas from them and combine them into one article in your own distinctive style.

Here we must differentiate between inspiring ideas and expanding horizons, and between copying the content as it is or part of it and attributing it to yourself, as this is a violation of property rights, which cannot be accepted.

 So my advice to you if you like an idea in an article and want to blog about it: it is better not to start writing unless you have something to add about the same idea so that you do not fall into the trap of repeating the content.


For example, if you want to write about coffee, do a short search on Google, and you will find that most articles revolve around the benefits of coffee. If you write from another angle, such as writing about the harms of coffee, then you will have hit two birds with one stone.

Template for an article idea for a website

One of them is that you will have written distinctive and not often repeated content in the search engine, and at the same time you will have obtained a piece of exclusive content, which raises the percentage of your article's rank on the first page of Google, and this means more visitors.

2- Learn the art of searching for keywords

This is a very important point in the way to write an article for a website. Type in the keyword you want to blog about, through one of the keyword mining tools, and you will have many other sub-keywords related to the word, through which you can get more article ideas.

Examples of those tools that he usually use to get keywords are:

Google Keyword planner


Google trends


Google suggest

To learn more about keywords and how to extract and use them, visit the guide with the link below:

All you need to know about keywords

Now review these steps while searching for the keyword:

1- Use different keywords while searching

Always make sure not to search with just one keyword, when I started writing this article I used several keywords to search related to my topic such as blogging, content writing, SEO, keywords, which enables me to see many sources that enabled me to write this article .

2- Put yourself in the position of the reader you are writing specifically for

Try to imagine those words or short sentences that they will use in Google to search for the topic you are writing about, also try to identify the most famous terms and keywords related to your field.

3- Select the main keywords and then use them in the Google search process

And do not forget to write down the sub-words that appear to you at the end of each page, as well as the words that appear automatically as you type in the search box.

4- Type your keywords into the keyword generation tools

Above we have mentioned some of these tools.

5- Do a keyword research in English

This is so that you can see lots and lots of great ideas about your topic, which enables you to write more powerful and detailed content.

6- After you have identified your keywords, distribute them in the article correctly and without exaggeration


This is done by placing those words in the main title, sub-headings, introduction, as well as the ALT or description of the images, which should be expressive of the image. As for any other description such as numbers, it does not help you in the search results.

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2- Write a catchy title as a professional copywriter

The title of the article is a vital element in the way to write the article, for sure, good content will bring you a lot of followers and shares on social media, but is the quality of the content alone enough to attract readers to your article in particular?!

What usually motivates the reader to click on the article link and read it in full is the extent to which he is attracted to the title of your article (it represents the first impression of the article).

The extent of your interest in the headline of the post is no less important than the quality of the content. Have you asked yourself why some videos get higher views on YouTube, unlike other videos that provide more benefit to the reader and do not reap a quarter of that viewership?!

Regardless of the strength of the content you provide, if you do not learn how to choose attractive titles for your articles, all your effort in blogging will not bear fruit, because it simply will not reach the category you want to reach. of content.

Have you ever thought about why copy writing has become one of the most popular fields in demand today?

Copywriters excel in attracting the largest number of visitors by writing advertisements that attract attention to generate high sales. But how do they do that?!

The matter is simple, the ad writer writes his ad in a very short form, using the most effective words with the segment of customers he targets, and focuses on addressing the needs and desires of that segment to push them to take a reaction and click on the link displayed in the ad. See how fun this is!

You too can think that way and write great headlines that catch the eye just like a copywriter.

It is also noticeable, especially when you do a Google search, you will find that the most titles - which bring large visits to blogs and top search engine results - are those that consist of 3 forms in the form of:

How to do something in a simple way such as: (How to develop your career through the Internet)

A number of ways to learn something like: (The 11 best English language learning apps)

Headlines with dates like: (Digital Marketing Trends (13 Trends You Should Know)

Want to learn more about writing article titles? If so, refer to the guide below:

14 strategies for writing article titles you can't ignore

3- An introduction to keep your readers' attention

 Try to imagine with me that scene “you are hungry and you go to a restaurant that serves delicious food and you order your hot meal, then the waiter comes with food to your table, he attracts you with his delicious view, and as soon as you start eating the meal you stop suddenly because you are not satisfied with the taste and decide not to complete your meal!… I imagined it ? But what does this have to do with our topic?!

 The delicious meal that pushes you to eat it is like the title of your article, but the taste is the introduction to the article that pushes you to read the article to the end... If you do not like the introduction, will you continue reading?!

The value of the introduction of the post is not limited to pushing your reader to read to the end, but it also plays an important role in increasing the number of shares that your article can have on social media. Readers will complete it to the end?!

I don't think so, as users of social media pages prefer short articles and are not specialized and in-depth in a specific field, but despite this, some statistics in the field of SEO have indicated that most articles that get high participation rates on social media have more than 2000 words!

You see that there is a trick in it, right?!

I want to tell you that it's not what you think... The introduction to the article is that secret!

Most of us are on social media. If he finds an article long and it takes him time, he reads the introduction, and if he likes it, he saves the article for reference later to read it or share it.


He believes that the longer the article is and the introduction is great... it certainly contains many detailed information in a field, so he shares it on his social pages to benefit other friends and followers.

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After choosing an attractive title, the writer or blogger always focuses on choosing a distinctive style in which he presents the introduction to his article. He wants to gain the reader’s confidence in order to continue reading the article, as if it were a promise from the writer to his reader that he would not regret his precious time.

In fact, there are many attractive ways to keep the reader's attention, and I will show you some of them that I usually use in my posts:

1- Ask a question

If the title of the article is not in the form of a question, then you can use this method in the introduction. The articles that attract me most usually start by asking questions that come to my mind and I try to search for an answer for them, which is what prompts me to read the article.

For example, if you are writing an article about copy writing, you can ask these questions to your reader, whose answer is yes or no, “If you’ve heard about copy writing recently, would you like to know more about it?” This will increase his motivation to finish reading Mtold you.

Another example: “What if I told you that you can learn copy writing in just 7 steps?... Will you read the article to the end?”

Isn't it a great method if you try to use it in blogging?

2- Tell a story

The story is one of the most used means in the field of persuasion, whether we use it in our direct dialogue or our blogs, as it is a very suitable way to persuade those in front of you, even if there is a pre-disagreement of opinion.

If you follow TED videos, you will find that the most viewed speakers on the site are those who start their speech with a story!

Kin Ropnson, for example, when he talks about “schools kill creativity” at first glance find it difficult to accept the idea if it is raised directly, even if there are statistics to support that information.

However, in his distinctive way of telling many stories that support his opinion, he managed to convince everyone who watched the video of his point of view.

See how impactful a story can have?

How to use story when writing articles for websites

But what secret do stories add to our lives? What motivates us to hear and read stories?!

I think that the passion that resides inside us and drives us to do so is the search for a leader or hero who has achieved success after many failures and pitfalls in order to draw inspiration from him in our daily lives.

Who wouldn't love listening to the story of Steve Jobs' struggles, or even favorite footballers like Mohamed Salah, to find out how they overcame obstacles and achieved dazzling success in their fields.

In short... the story is the emotional link between you and your readers. When you tell a story, whether it is a personal or someone else's experience, you have possessed this link that generates within them the inspiration as well as the passion to continue reading your article.


3- Start with a quote

When you read a quote, you derive some motivation, so they write it down on a paper and put it in a book to remember. Why not try publishing those beautiful quotes, which leave a wonderful impact on yourself, using them to create an introduction in a striking and attractive way, one sentence can shorten many experiences as It is a good way to motivate your readers.

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4- Heart the post

It is the most important step in the way of writing an article for a website, and it is known as that part in which you fulfill your promise to the reader, which you gave him with both the title and the introduction. Moreover.

But how do you plan well for your blog and write it well and organized?

Here's the way I always do:

1- Do a search for your unique idea

If you choose the idea or topic that you will write about, and it is in a field or specialty in which you have a lot of experience, this is good, but you may need to do a short search on Google to find out the latest developments in that field and to update your information before writing, and here the search period is very short. It lasts from one to two hours.

But if you have a simple background on the subject … here the research becomes necessary to gather as much information as possible to benefit your readers more; The duration of the search in this case may range from a day or more.

The search process also includes the ability to select reliable sources from which information can be derived. If you can, you already have the skill of searching online. You can do a search not only through the first results of the Google search engine, but preferably to reach the following pages Like the third and fourth pages so that you can form a strong background for your idea.

In addition, you can do a search through Facebook and YouTube, where you will extract the largest number of wonderful ideas that you can add to your article, but pay attention as you search through it to check the validity of the information in order to be honest with the readers.

One of the great tools that enables you to write completely exclusive content is Quora, which asks millions of questions in any field, just write the field you want and you will find many and repeated questions that need to be answered. You can put these questions as sub-headings in your article and try to find reliable answers to them through research and by looking at the answers written at the bottom of each question… bearing in mind that not all of the answers provided are reliable.

There is a great tool known as Answer the Public that shows you all the questions asked in the Google search engine related to your field, but it does not show answers to those questions. You can use this tool to generate many ideas and find out what concerns readers in your field to write powerful content that helps visitors solve any problems they encounter, or to teach them a skill with simple practical steps.

2- Without a short draft

The draft is nothing but a simplified mind map that helps you complete your article in the easiest way and in the least possible time, by arranging the sub-ideas that you will talk about with the identification of keywords and secondary related to the topic, which brings a large number of visitors.

3- Write about what you understand and are good at

My advice to you is always to start blogging about what you love to write about and have a passion for, in your own style that distinguishes you from other bloggers.

When you're blogging, be aware that you're writing for people and search engines as well. What I mean is that you should care about the quality of the content you provide to your readers as well as how well your article complies with the SEO rules in order for your article or blog to appear on the first pages of search engines, and thus get higher rates of visitors and shares.

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5- Editing

The editing stage is the most important stage for writing any article for a website

This is the last step in the way to write an article for a website, and it is the step of editing and proofreading what you wrote, and here you can reformulate the title if you see the need to do so.

Editing includes streamlined content As much as possible, by removing excess fillers from words to avoid boredom of the reader, in addition to trying to search for images and videos that fit your article to add more value to it, as one image expresses a thousand words.

You can get these images from many sites dedicated to publishing and downloading images under the “Creative Commons” section so that you can reuse them in your article, after referring to the name of the photographer.

You can also add more other media such as infographics and links related to your article, whether those links refer to articles inside or outside your blog for greater benefit to the visitor.

 The field of writing articles is one of the most important areas of self-employment, which has become in great demand at the present time. It requires you to have the skill of influencing readers in addition to your blogging skills, so acquiring these skills does not take place overnight.

You have to apply everything you learn firsthand. If you want to become a professional in this field, whether by working as an educational content writer or as a writer for promotional content, it is preferable to read more about content marketing so that you can market your content to reach the segment you are writing specifically for. .

At the end of the article, how to write an article, we would like to ask you a question: “Do you prefer writing and blogging for websites on a voluntary basis or for a fee? And what are the most important reasons that push you to learn writing skills in particular?!… We are happy to always share with you, without your opinion now and leave it to us in a comment.



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