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How to Make money from Affiliate and YouTube in 5 practical steps

 Visual content is one of the most widely consumed types of content, and when we talk about visual content, the first thing that may come to our mind is the YouTube platform; This is due to its great popularity and number of users, as the number of YouTubers has reached 2+ billion active users.

The more users of a particular platform, the more opportunity there is to earn money from that platform.

In a previous article, we talked about profiting from commission marketing in general and the strategy to start making money, but without going into details such as how to do this through the YouTube channel in particular.

But in this article, we delve deeply into how to profit from affiliates through YouTube in particular, as YouTube has a large share of the platforms used by affiliate marketers, according to the latest statistics .

If you are the owner of a personal YouTube channel and want to combine your channel with affiliate marketing to earn money, or you are planning to create a YouTube channel, and want another way to profit from YouTube without AdSense , then this article is definitely for you.

What is YouTube Affiliate Marketing?

YouTube Affiliate Marketing; It is the process in which videos are created to encourage customers to buy products from external sites. When users buy products through your unique links, you can earn commission (mostly as a percentage) depending on the category of the product you are selling.

The idea here is simply to create a YouTube channel about a specific field, start searching for affiliate programs related to this field, which may be for products or services, and then subscribe to these programs.

Then you will make videos in your channel related to these products or services, such as talking about them or rating them, or mentioning tips or recommendations about them or how to use them, and of course when a viewer makes a purchase through your links, you will get a commission from the affiliate program.

An important point that you should know well before starting; Profiting from affiliate marketing via YouTube is different from profiting from YouTube through Google ads, as affiliate marketing includes the use of special links in the description, or even in the video itself to increase sales from which you get a commission.

Now let's get to know the steps of the process of making money from Affiliate and YouTube.

Steps to Earning From Affiliate Via Youtube

Select the appropriate field.

Choose an appropriate name for your channel.

Create a YouTube channel.

Create compelling promotional content.

Promote your videos on your channel.

Now let's explain each of the previous points:

1. Select the Niche that is right for you

Certainly, you follow many people who own channels on YouTube, who provide different types of content and videos about a specific field or specialty, and this is what you must also define from the beginning, so you should carefully define the idea of ​​your YouTube channel .

It is not reasonable to move every week to a specific field or topic; Because the audience will be very distracted and confused about what to offer.

For example: You may have heard about the Al-Daheeh program, which was presented by the Egyptian YouTuber Ahmed Al-Ghandour. Ahmed took a specific field, which is science and simplifying it for the public... You did not find in one of the program’s episodes, for example, an episode about politics, because this was not his field from the beginning.

There are many different areas you can start in, experts say; It is best when choosing a field to choose a permanent or long-term field, not a trend or a trend that will end soon.

There are many areas in which you can customize your channel and profit through affiliate marketing… Let’s take a look at some of them:

1. Technology and techniques

The field of software and technology is a booming field on YouTube, and this field generally covers all things technical, if you have experience in programming, video making programs , graphic design, software or website design, or anything related to technology, this is the right place is yours.

New technologies are a complex subject for many, and people often need guidance in this area. If you can simplify these concepts in a smooth way, many people will be attracted to your content.

The Marques Brownlee channel is the best example to show you what I mean. This person has produced some type of content and shot a wide range of videos focusing on technology, and also provides reviews on everything related to technology and smartphones.

By marketing himself as a 'tech expert', he has gained a fan base of over 12 million subscribers to his channel. You can enter this field, if you have an interest or even a small knowledge of technology.

2. Fashion, beauty and fashion

You certainly know that this field exists due to the number of female YouTubers and girls who are involved in this field, providing this type of content related to beauty, fashion and clothing.

One of the reasons why this topic is so popular on YouTube is that girls and women all over the world are very concerned about their appearance, and every female wants to look their best.

Then channels are the way to go for such advice, and the field also includes reviews of the best skin and hair products and clothing styles, all of which are very feminist.

Note: This field is very competitive, so you should think of some creative ways to stand out.

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3. Games

If you have a passion for electronic games, this is a great way to earn some money from your hobby.

One great example of gaming channels is the Scott the Woz channel . The channel owner offers entertainment videos and game reviews. You can see from the channel that there are plenty of opportunities for affiliate marketing with game reviews.

4. Education

YouTube is a great educational platform from which we have learned a lot over the years and there is a huge audience of teachers, parents, school age kids and college students who turn to it to get a better understanding of complex topics and how-to videos.

Regardless of your educational field, you can start in this field, and you have a golden opportunity if the educational topic that you will discuss is not consumed; Like unpopular languages, or any topic that many people don't touch on.

 The most notable example you can learn from is Crash Course , a popular channel that covers educational topics in very engaging ways. The secret of this channel's distinction is the distinctive designs and visual effects, and the high-quality educational content that keeps pace with the latest studies.

Certainly there are more areas that you can start in, I have highlighted the most important areas that you can start in, and there are other areas such as health and fitness, the field of self-development and productivity, the field of books (this field is separate from education to some extent).

For a larger list, read our previous article on YouTube channel ideas .

2. Choose a suitable name for your YouTube channel

The appropriate name for the channel is your distinguishing feature, and the channel can be in your personal name or use a symbolic name.

For example if your channel is in the content industry, you can choose a code name like Content Knight, Content Cafe or any other name of your choice, after you have done your research and confirmed that it is not duplicate or similar in another channel.

3. Create a YouTube channel

If you do not have one, create it now easily by registering with Google (you must have a Gmail account , there are two types of channels: personal channel and brand channel and this type we will not need now.

The steps for creating a YouTube channel are not difficult, and you can do it yourself by following the steps, entering the required data, and then adjusting the necessary settings.

As a complementary measure to creating a YouTube channel, you should pay attention to the About section of the channel, put clear information about you, and the most important things that the channel will offer so that the audience is fully aware of it.

4. Create compelling promotional content 

The content that you will put on the channel will take a variety of forms. In the beginning, you will need to publish more informational or educational content without touching any products as a kind of building trust between you and the audience.

Then, you will have to deal with the promotional content, and there are types of promotional content that are suitable for affiliate marketing, for example, if the video is about the product, it is natural to put a link to the product itself.

There are some types of promotional content that will help you earn commission:

1. Reviews

If you're reviewing a product, it makes sense to include a link to the product, and that's where it's your turn to include the link for which you'll earn a commission.

If you want people to click on the link, make sure it's a quality product. Above all, it is better to be honest with your reviews, otherwise people will not trust your opinion.

2. Tutorials

Videos that include tutorials and How – to videos are also great for earning, as they focus on a product or service. You can brilliantly explain something educational, and then recommend a specific product (for example, an educational course), and encourage followers to buy that product.

Tip: Creating informative tutorials is not only good for affiliate marketing, but also for the overall success of your channel.

3. Unboxing content

for those who do not know; Unboxing stands for Unboxing and refers to videos about opening new products and first previewing them in front of an audience (kids are addicted to videos of this type in gaming products).

Quality of videos like unboxing is a great idea, in case you are promoting a physical product and not a service or software, this type of content is very useful and helpful in getting the audience to buy, let me tell you why.

Before making a purchase, people want to know what a product looks like and how it performs. This is especially true for products available for purchase online.

Another positive aspect is that if someone is looking into this type of content, and they see a content that puts a lot of effort into everything related to the product, then they can make the purchase decision without hesitation or fear of the quality of the product.

4. Best of content

This type of content is your great opportunity to include links to products that you love and want to earn commission from, in this type of clips you have the full opportunity to talk about the best products in a specific sector or aspect such as: 6 best time management apps .

You will be comfortable talking about all the products and will also put links for viewers to try 

5. Promote your videos on your channel

What's the point of creating high-content videos with links to products but no promotion ? This will lead to viewing the clip and limiting it to certain people.

But when you promote your channel on all of your blog or social media accounts; This practice maximizes your reach and views on YouTube .

You can promote through these ways:

1. Keyword Merge

Incorporating keywords into the title, description, and hashtags is a great helper in increasing traffic. Use a tool to see which keywords your audience is searching most to find.

2. Create playlists

 Organizing the videos on your channel into categorized and clear playlists is a simple way to get more traffic. Once a viewer watches a video, the next video in that playlist will be played automatically.

You can also suggest him a playlist on a specific topic in the description box.

3. Share your channel on your social media accounts

 If you have followers on other platforms, they will likely be interested in your YouTube channel, so be sure to let them know about your new videos.

This is really useful for your channel, since most of the people are browsing social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram…etc almost daily, so they will be aware of the latest clips uploaded on your channel.

To get more ideas and ways to help you promote your YouTube channel, read our previous article entitled “ How to publish my YouTube channel ”

Important points for making money from Affiliate and YouTube

In this part, I will give you a set of very important points on how to profit from the affiliate program through YouTube.

1. Choose a field that you are really interested in and have a passion for

A business that is based on real passion has a greater chance of success, so you should try as much as possible to reconcile your work as a YouTuber who earns from the affiliate program with your passion and interests.

Here are some points that will help you achieve this:

Remember well that the world of affiliates is a very rich world, and you will find products and services to profit from through affiliates in any field you choose.

Do not imitate others and choose a specialty because you found someone who is successful in it.

Get a good idea of ​​the competitors, there may be a great idea that works for you but you don't know it.

Research your interests and try to broaden them in order to find a point of balance between interests and choose a field that is profitable and has an audience.

2. How to include affiliate links in YouTube videos

This is one of the main questions that affiliate marketers ask on YouTube, is it better to put links in the description box, or put them at the beginning or middle of the video as a popup link?

You will immediately notice that many YouTubers, whether users or marketers, put any caption links in the main description box below the video. 

Another option is to put the link in the video itself, but many experts reject this, arguing that this is a distraction for the viewer from the content of the video, and instead put the link in the description box even if he has finished watching the link browse carefully.

3. Building trust between you and the audience takes time

 When we talk about someone watching your YouTube video, it's relatively easy. But when we are talking about someone making a purchase decision based on your opinion, recommendations and your affiliate link, it is not easy.

You have to keep in mind that you will need some time to start gaining the trust of followers, and then they buy through you, and start making profits.

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4. Building trust between you and the audience needs strong and unique content

Do not imitate the methods of successful YouTubers, but make your own style, and above all give your audience unique content, which they will find only with you.

Always try to research well before creating any video, and try to gather as much information and ideas as possible, from multiple sources, and always try to have your own thought and unique view of ideas.

Try to understand the thing you are talking about, and it is preferable of course that you try it yourself if possible, because this will give you a very great credibility with the audience.

In conclusion of the above:

If you are interested in creating a YouTube channel or if you already own one and are passionate about making and monetizing videos, affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize it.

 The most important things to remember are to select a suitable niche where you can earn comfortably, find your target audience, use keywords, and create useful content.

Choose products that you really enjoy, and focus on providing honest reviews to get the best results.

Keep monitoring your progress and you will be on your way to monetizing your channel successfully, now do you intend to start earning from affiliate and youtube or is there something holding you back?

If there's something holding you back, let us know in the comments, we might be able to help.

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