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XXL.REWARDS is a free money earning app that you can play on Android. Loyal players who play long enough earn more coins to redeem for real rewards like gift cards and more.

Get rewards and gift cards for any options you choose by using our app every day and playing free games and completing tasks on your phone wherever you are! Play games, choose your rewards and earn gift cards - it really is that easy.

xxl.rewards is free and available anytime, even while staying at home.

Do you like scratch cards, wheel of fortune and other similar games? Play free games and earn points when you start playing, the more you play the more you earn. Play popular games you already know and love!

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Enjoy the app while earning rewards, getting rewards has never been so fun, now with xxl.rewards you can earn rewards while you play, amazing right?

Choose from Paypal Gift Cards, Amazon Gift Cards, Pay Tm Cards and more! These are just some of the awesome rewards you can get by taking advantage of the xxl.rewards app.

Free games are a great way to spend time at home, so why not earn rewards and gift cards at the stores you love to shop at while you play? Rewards apps have never been so much fun! Take advantage of reward games and you can earn gift cards just for playing.

Earn free rewards and gift cards at 9+ retailers and choose your favorites! Amazon gift cards! iTunes gift card! and further!

Download xxl.rewards and earn today!



- You can redeem your rewards in a very easy way. In addition to being able to use the app, you will only need a Google account. The use of the application is therefore very simple and comfortable.

- Play games every hour to earn coins and earn rewards with those coins.


- Free gifts for playing the games you love!

- Free rewards for playing and enjoying games

- Get free rewards and gift cards by redeeming coins!


- In xxl.rewards - Earn Rewards & Gift Cards you have a referral system with which you can get coins every time a friend uses your referral code. In other words, just by inviting friends, you can get coins to earn rewards and free gift cards.

What are you waiting for? Download xxl.rewards NOW and get rewarded for playing your favorite games!

XXL.REWARDS is not endorsed, authorized or sponsored by Amazon, Google, Itunes or any other gift card provider.

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