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How to create a site to evaluate products and how to make money from it

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 Creating a product review site is one of the best ways in which you can share your passion and information about the products you are interested in with people who are interested in those same products.

Also, any reviews site (any site for reviews) provides an excellent opportunity to build a large audience, and the presence of a large audience means huge profit opportunities that may reach thousands of dollars per month, whether through advertisements or through affiliate marketing.

In this article, we will provide you with everything you need to build a successful product evaluation site, through which you can make huge profits, and at the same time serve the target audience by providing the information they need about the products they want to buy.

Steps to create a product evaluation site

The role of the product evaluation site is to specialize in reviewing a particular category of products in a detailed and accurate manner, providing its users with information about the quality of these products, and their suitability to achieve the offer from them.

The idea in general may seem big or difficult to implement to some, but once you think about it carefully and divide it into stages, you will find that implementing it at the present time has become as easy as possible.

We can simply break down the process of creating a product evaluation site into the following steps:

Buy hosting, domain name, and WordPress tuning.

Choose a WordPress site template.

Choose the appropriate plugins for this type of website.

Post product reviews.

Bring followers interested in the products you're evaluating to your site.

Check potential profit opportunities (advertisements - affiliate marketing program).

Develop the content of your product evaluation site (in terms of content and presentation).

Here is an explanation of each of these steps:

1. Buy Hosting, Domain Name, and WordPress Configuration

Although creating a website is something that can be done by programming your site from scratch, or using a platform such as Blogger or WordPress, completely free of charge.

However, choosing the WordPress system and setting it on your paid hosting is the easiest, fastest and best option … not only in terms of the ease of the creation process, but also because of the presence of a large number of plugins and templates that the developers of this platform create, which you will undoubtedly rely on in coordination your location.

In order to build your site through WordPress as a free content management system, you first need the following:

a) Good web hosting:

There are a lot of great hosts in the market, but you have to choose one that supports WordPress and has its settings in advance.

b) A good domain name:

A domain name in short is your primary website link, which is unique and not duplicated. Many of the web hosting companies in the article above will give you a free domain name for a year.

In the event that you choose a hosting company that does not provide this, the cost of a domain name is on average about $10, paid annually to reserve this name as your unique site name.

c) Set the WordPress system to the hosting:

Most of the hosting companies in the above-mentioned article come with an automatic setting for the WordPress system, and they even provide customized packages for those who want to make their site through WordPress, so this step is easy and simple.

2. Choose a template for the site

A WordPress theme in short is a package of ready-made files for the look and design of your WordPress site. You can buy a WordPress template or get a free template, and through the control panel, you can upload and activate it.

Choosing a template specifically designed for product review sites is better than choosing a regular template, and trying to reformat it to match your review method.

You can use any prepared product review template such as the paid Gauge or the free a Review.

3. Choose the right plugins for your site

Most of the templates for product evaluation sites already contain WordPress plugins that are suitable for this field, but there are plugins that offer more features and characteristics for you; Whether it is to help you better display your product review data, or even to enable your followers to give their opinion of the product itself in turn as the WP Review tool.

4. Post product reviews

Content is king; A very popular expression in the world of digital content, and it is in fact a true and correct expression. Therefore, you have to understand that extending your site on product evaluation with good content is the element that you have to make every effort and investment possible in it.

In the section below on tips for the success of your product evaluation site and making good profits through it, we will provide many important tips for you regarding the content.

But now, here are some important points about your site content for product evaluation:

 Always remember that providing good content is the only way to gain an audience and then make good profits.

Learn from competitors in your field and put your hand on their strengths and weaknesses, but copy their content.

Try as much as possible to gather as much information as possible about the products that you would like to provide reviews and opinions about, and if possible, try it yourself.

The visual content of images and infographics is very important in this type of site, so you should give it enough attention.

Expand your site with new content constantly, and try to update old content according to the latest updates about products and their new releases.

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5. Bring followers interested in the products you are evaluating to your site

This can be achieved through a large number of ways, for example, you can rely on social media marketing, and this is common in the field of product evaluation sites.

You can rely on social media platforms to market your site for free; Like posting content You are in groups that contain followers interested in the field of your products, and create pages for your site and publish on them to attract targeted visitors.

Of course, you can rely on paid methods in marketing your site on social media. Where you can run an advertising campaign on Facebook, for example, to attract people interested in the products you provide reviews on.

An important sub-point and step that you must take after bringing visitors to your site is to maintain them and study their behavior.

Use Google Analytics to find out the behavior of your visitors and the rate at which they stay on its pages, and discover any reasons that might prompt them to get out of it quickly.

Also, these statistics are important to reach your most successful reviews, and to work on repeating their method or use in marketing your site, since they are distinguished content and admired by a large number of visitors to your site.

6. Check Out Possible Earning Chances

Having a financial return from doing a job you love is very encouraging. You can initially profit from Google Adsense by subscribing to the company and adding ad codes.

You can also subscribe to commission marketing programs for the products that you evaluate, where some followers will rely on your opinion and purchase a product that you have reviewed, and if you put a link to purchase the product at the end of the review, you will save him the trouble of searching, and get a commission in exchange for buying the product through you.

7. Develop Your Reviews Site Content

Developing the content of your site or even the way you view your product reviews will help you gain new followers and maintain existing followers, but it should always stem from logical reasons and not be development for the sake of development.

You can access development suggestions from the views of your followers directly through the communication channels you created with them, or through the statistics of their access and interaction with your site.

For example, if there is an increase in the number of followers of a product, then to increase the ratings that are interested in this product. You should also follow the market for the products you are evaluating, in order to seize opportunities to evaluate new products as soon as they are released.

Also, you should ask why your evaluation of the product (X) did not receive the expected reaction? Is it the product or the evaluation criteria? And so on…

It is also useful to follow the following example: Unless it is broken, do not fix it, that is, in the event that your site does not suffer from a shortage of visitors, and grows at a constant rate, do not make any huge steps because it sometimes has counterproductive results.

Now, come together, let us learn about a set of important tips for the success of your site on product evaluation, and maximizing profit from it:

Important tips and ideas for the success of your site about evaluating products and maximizing its profits

1. Choose the field of products you know and love

The fame of a field or the rise of product review sites quickly should not push you to review the same products, especially if you do not know them well or are not passionate about them, not because you will not succeed in them, for example, but you may succeed, but the brilliance in the field of product review comes from excellence.

In order to be unique you must have your own vision, and this will be more present in the field of products that you know and love.

2. Evaluation factors and tools

Any product evaluation process must be based on basic factors, you can select these factors based on your personal vision of what your target user wants.

But there are general factors that it is preferable to take into account when evaluating, such as manufacturing quality, price, the efficiency of the product in performing the tasks required of it, these factors can be generalized to any product in addition to factors related to the nature of the product field itself.

for example; If you are evaluating a computer case, you should evaluate its ability to ventilate the computer components.

The tools used for evaluation are always related to the nature of the product itself, each product category will require certain tools for evaluation tests to be carried out. Select these tools based on your knowledge of the same product domain.

Do not be shy to ask your followers about the tools they would like you to use in the tests and the conditions of the tests, you may get a new way to test the product that makes you stand out from the rest of your competitors.

3. Start by reviewing the cheapest and most in-demand products

Study the market and ask yourself which of the products you are evaluating are most popular with followers? And which of these products is cheap or will not cause you a financial burden if you decide to buy and review it?

Note that at first you will need to add several reviews to your site. That is, you will need to buy many products, and this will be a burden on you, and the products are expensive or full of features and characteristics that may take a long time to review.

You may end up reviewing just one expensive product instead of buying several cheap, small products and making a large number of reviews.

Note: Of course, the process of purchasing products to evaluate them is not a mandatory or inevitable process, but it will give you almost everything you need to evaluate the product on a correct basis according to personal experience in its use.

4. Make comparisons

After a period of reviewing the products, you will find that you have reviewed several products belonging to the same category, this situation is ideal for making comparisons between these products in terms of price and quality.

Comparing products is very required by followers, and it forms an essential part of their journey in searching and buying products, so having these comparisons on your site will benefit them a lot.

On the other hand, making comparisons is the easiest way in which you can add new content to your site, because the comparison data is already there, and all you will do is add it in a new post and display it in a comparison style.

5. Use photos, videos, and graphs

Product evaluation channels on YouTube are the first choice for most followers to get to know the products they want to buy, and the reason is simple.

Besides, watching a video is much easier than reading a 1,000-word review for a product.

This puts you as the owner of a product evaluation site in direct competition with these channels. Of course, the written evaluation is often more detailed and accurate, but to compete with a video, it must contain explanatory means such as product images or a video from its official website, or even a small video that you made about the product.

It is also useful to add graphs that can be used to show the scores this product has received in tests compared to similar products from other companies.

6. Do not target a single country audience

Of course, when you create the Reviews site, you will communicate with your followers in your language, and it may target your site without knowing the local followers only, because you write in the language of your country and mention the prices of the products in your currency, and also when you mention places to buy or put links to online stores, they are all specific to your country only.

At first, this may be the easiest way, but the Internet does not know geographical boundaries, and since your review will be mostly in Arabic, of course, your site will reach followers from all countries that speak Arabic.

Therefore, it is important to write in Standard Arabic, and to mention the prices of the products in a currency that is easy to convert to the work of the user’s country (most review site owners mention the price of the product in dollars).

You may be able to expand in the future and add a second language to your site, but in the beginning you can be satisfied with one language that targets a wide segment of your followers, while adding product information in a way that makes it easier for them to find it in their local stores or the websites of online stores that ship to their countries.

7. Impartial assessment

The biggest mistake you may make as a reviewer or owner of reviews is siding with a particular company or even a specific product category. This bias may be unconscious, unintended, or even stemming from real confidence in these products, but in general it is harmful to your site's reputation.

Would you feel comfortable if you entered a product review site and found all the products it reviews belong to one company? I bet that you will think that this site is affiliated with this company in some way or that it is part of their marketing campaigns, for example.

Based upon; To escape from the bias trap, you should always choose products manufactured by different companies, and apply your evaluation system in a clear and explicit way to all products.

8. Add a summary of the evaluation process

There are products that need to be fully evaluated in a huge number of words, as a site owner do not expect the user to read everything you wrote about the product, they may only be interested in knowing your final opinion.

So be sure to write a simple summary that shows your final evaluation of the product at the end of each review, in this way, the review is suitable for the user who wants to read everything you wrote about it, and suitable for the user who is looking for your final opinion only.

Note that your final opinion written in the summary may prompt him to go back and read everything you wrote about the product, but the opposite is unlikely to happen.

9. Add a special section explaining the defects and features of the product at the end of each review

In continuation to the previous point, and in order to summarize your opinion in an accurate and organized manner, you can use the method of mentioning the advantages and disadvantages of the product.

This is an easy and effective method of redemption, and I as a user always look for it in all product reviews I want to buy, because it is the quickest way I can infer when this product is suitable for me.

If the product is beyond my financial limits, or does not contain the basic features that I need in this product, I will completely abandon it.

You may think that the presence of the summary or the section on defects and advantages may harm the rate of reading reviews, but this is not true, it is only a useful summary for the user who, even if he does not read the entire article, he will not forget that you saved him time and effort in searching for product defects, and it will depend on The site is looking for reviews of other products because it has benefited from you.

10. List alternative products

This is a point I highlight in the reviews personally; There are products about which you read a news or two from a website or Facebook page that you think are suitable for you, and they have all the features you were looking for.

But when you read its evaluation, you find that it has flaws that cannot be overlooked, and you now begin the journey of searching for an alternative. But what if as a reviewer you make recommendations to the user? Wouldn't that be great for the user?

These recommendations may be based on the price or recommendations for another product that has the same features as the product in the review, but without fatal flaws, the product may be more expensive, but it provides additional advantages and disadvantages that can be accepted, and so on.

11. Follow the trial-and-error approach

Perhaps this advice should be followed in all aspects of life, but for managing and creating a product evaluation site, you must adopt this method in every step you take, from the beginning of the site’s creation through the launch stage to its completion.

Always wondering about the usefulness of every step you take, evaluate it and check its results. Was it successful? Did you push your site in the right direction or is it regressing? The move was successful, what can we do now? Do you need modifications or keep them in this way to achieve what is required of them.

Note that you are dealing with humans, meaning that their opinions change and satisfying them may be difficult sometimes, so do not worry if you take an unsuccessful step, do not despair and retract it if possible, or never modify it until you reach the situation that suits you and suits your followers.

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12. Follow the world's top product evaluators

Any field of product evaluation started with one individual, whether on a specialized website or a YouTube channel, and his success encouraged many people to enter this field, and being the first to start making it a reference for them to imitate and learn from.

Now the situation is a little different, there is no longer a product category that is not reviewed or evaluated, that is, there are a large number of people who started in this field before you, who have become free educational resources in this field.

Note that being in the field for a while gives them the best Things like experience in evaluating products, getting products before they reach the average consumer, getting rare copies, and frankly, all of this was the result of their effort and superiority, which gives you another reason to follow them to see new and exclusive products.

Note: Avoid copying, emulating or reformulating other people's content, but have your own style that is the result of deep research in many sources wrapped in your own experience and vision.

13. Add diverse content and not just product reviews

Other than reviewing and rating products, you can add other content related to the same product category such as:

 User guide.

 Videos explaining how to use and install.

 Articles displaying the latest news in this field.

 General tips for choosing products in a specific price category.

Information about the products expected to be released and an analysis of their expected capabilities.

The ideas and trends you can take to add additional content to your site are endless, as you can add any content as long as it relates to the category of products you are evaluating.

14. Advise the user but don't push him to buy

The decision to buy may be a difficult decision for some, and getting your followers to buy a particular product is something you should never do, no matter how not professionally acceptable, it may not be the right decision for everyone.

Therefore, the purchase decision should stem from the follower himself only, and your role is to evaluate the product, and to provide advice in this way will not lose your credibility with your followers.

Note: According to many expert opinions, and according to the new European Internet Laws (GDPR), you must indicate that you are marketing these products on commission, and that buying through you will get you commission.


Creating a product review site is fun, and it doesn't always have to be the main purpose of making money, because it can turn into a chore over time which can affect its quality.

Think of it as practicing a hobby that you really love, you love this category of products, you love to talk about it, and you would like to address a number of those accused of it and benefit them with what you know, and with time and repetition you will refine your experience in evaluating and reviewing products, meaning that on a psychological level you are Enjoy and benefit others.

In your opinion, what is the category of oppressed products in the field of product evaluation in the Arab world? Do you prefer written or visual reviews? We are glad to know your opinion in the comments.

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