How much do you earn from YouTube and how much do you earn from a million views 2022


The average profit rate from YouTube ranges between 30 cents and 3 US dollars per thousand views, but this depends on many factors including: the geographical location of the viewers, the content of the video, the time that viewers spend watching the video and how much they interact with the video, and much more. There are other factors, which I will discuss in detail below.

If you want to get a quick and shallow answer to the question of how much profit from YouTube? Or how much do you earn from YouTube? You can just stick with a few lines above, but that's not what I'd recommend anyway.

This is because the answer to this question contains a lot of details and aspects, which with your knowledge, I promise that you will discover that this is not the question that you should really care about... So read on to understand in depth how much YouTubers earn from YouTube.

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In fact, many youth have recently become very interested in the idea of ​​profit from YouTube , and then began to wonder with great curiosity about the rate of earnings that can be achieved from YouTube.

Some of these young people are interested in knowing the rate of YouTube profits because they want to start creating a YouTube channel and profit from it. They claimed exaggerated numbers.

In any case, whether you want to understand because you want to become a YouTuber and want to know the profit rate that you can earn from YouTube, or you want to know out of curiosity… In this article I will answer the question for you in detail and in all respects, and the result is that I promise you that you will not need To ask this question again.

But I won't promise you that there won't be more questions on the horizon that you'll really want to know the answers to, anyway. That's the purpose of the article and it's inviting you to ask the right questions that will lead you to what you really have to do to make the most of YouTube.

These are the main points I will cover in this article:

How much money does youtube earn per thousand video views?

The factors that determine the level of profit from YouTube.

1 million views on youtube, how much do you earn?

What do you need to start earning from YouTube?

How can you increase your earnings on YouTube.

What is the secret behind youtube millionaires.

How much money does youtube earn per thousand views?

How much profit from YouTube per thousand views - CPM

Let's agree on a set of points before we answer this question:

1. YouTube does not give channel owners money for views, but the profit is achieved through the ads that appear on the video.

2. There are conditions that must be met in order for YouTube to agree to place ads on your videos, and then give you a profit for watching these ads (we will discuss these conditions later).

3. No one, not even YouTube itself, can tell you a fixed number that you can earn from your YouTube channel, but everyone is talking about an approximate average.

4. There are other ways in which you can make money from YouTube other than advertising, and these methods are mostly the secret of YouTube millionaires (we will discuss them shortly).

In any case, we can say that the average profit from YouTube per thousand views is between 30 cents and up to 3 dollars, but of course there are YouTube channels that achieve a profit of less than 30 cents per thousand views, and there are also YouTube channels that achieve a profit higher than 3 dollars per thousand views. , which can reach up to $10 per thousand views.

There is a very important term that must be clarified here, which is CPM, which is an abbreviation of the term Cost Per Impression, and it means the cost per thousand views, that is, how much you earn as a YouTube channel owner from every thousand views, but here it is not intended for video views, but for ad views.

It is possible for one viewer of the video to get two or three views of the ads.

Here is a practical example from one of the YouTube channels, and how to calculate the profit in it based on the CPM that we referred to.

An example of how to calculate YouTube earnings

But what are the factors that make one video earn 30 cents per thousand views, and another video earn 3 dollars per thousand views? This is what we will learn about in the next point.

The factors that determine the level of profit from YouTube

The factors below greatly contribute to determining the profit rate from YouTube:

1. The country where the views come from

Of course, the video, the majority of whose views come from America, is completely different from the video whose views come from Egypt, and the matter here is linked to a very logical idea:

America is more advanced than other countries in the world of economy and technology, so the American citizen has a better purchasing power, and he is also better in dealing with technology and therefore has a better culture of buying from the Internet.

2. Video content field

In general, in the world of advertising: the more

3. Time spent watching the video

The video that the viewer watches in its entirety gets a better chance of showing ads, and thus gets a better profit compared to a video that is watched only half of it.

4. Quality video content

The more quality videos your channel contains in terms of video quality and content quality, the higher your chance of getting a better profit.

Of course, there are many other factors that enter into the equation, including factors specific to YouTube itself and its algorithms in distributing ads to videos and determining profits.

1 million views on youtube, how much do you earn?

One of the questions that many Arab youth ask is: What is the profit per million views on YouTube?

I will answer this question with a hypothetical example to give you an answer with the numbers you want:

Let's say your YouTube channel has a profit rate of $1 per thousand views:

So you can divide a million by a thousand and the result is multiplied by one to be like this (1000000/1000) * 1 = 1000 dollars.

But what if the profit rate from your channel is half a dollar per thousand views, then the profit rate for one million views is 500 dollars.

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What do you need to start earning from YouTube?

In order to profit from YouTube, of course, you need a set of things, and then you must meet a set of YouTube conditions in order to actually start making a profit.

First things you must have to make money from YouTube

1- Choose an idea to specialize in and revolve around your YouTube channel.

There are a lot of YouTube channel ideas that you can choose from, but here I advise you to choose an idea that you have passion and interest in.

2- Start feeding your channel with high quality videos

You have to constantly expand your channel with new YouTube video ideas , and this is your only way to build an audience and attract more views.

3- Start promoting your YouTube channel

Promoting your YouTube channel is a very important era to get more views, and in fact, no matter how high-quality content you provide, you still need marketing to succeed.

4- Apply all possible strategies and methods to increase views

There are a lot of ways and ideas to increase YouTube views that you should implement to achieve the highest possible level of views.

Now you have a good YouTube channel and you are already getting YouTube views, and you want to start earning, so let's move on to the terms.

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Second, conditions that must be met in order to make money from YouTube

1- Your channel must contain content suitable for YouTube advertisers

There are some criteria and guidelines that you must follow in choosing video content in order for YouTube to agree to show ads in them, and below is a link to the instructions page on YouTube:

Guidelines for Appropriate Content on YouTube

2- Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers.

3- Your channel should get a total of 4000 views in the last 12 months.

4- You must create a Google Adsense account and link it to your channel.

Tips to increase your earnings on YouTube

Choose the idea of ​​a YouTube channel as one of the high-value areas to attract expensive ads.

Direct your videos to countries with advertisers that pay the most.

Make high quality videos to get more views.

Encourage viewers of your videos to watch the video to the end.

Double your marketing efforts to get the largest number of viewers and subscribers.

Make videos regularly to get new opportunities for more views.

What is the secret behind youtube millionaires?

Now you may be wondering why some YouTubers appear to be so rich? As long as Google ads don't make all that money, then what's the secret behind these YouTubers?

The secret is simply that they do not rely primarily on ads to make profits, but they have other ways to make profits from YouTube without Adsense .

In fact, there are many other ways in which you can make great profits from YouTube, these methods may exceed the profit from ads by tens of times, including:

1- Marketing a special product.

If you have your own product, you can market it through your YouTube channel and make thousands of additional sales.

2- Affiliate marketing 

Affiliate marketing is one of the great topics that can be worked on through YouTube, through which you can easily make 50 dollars a day .

3- Shepherds

If you can find a strong sponsor for your YouTube videos, you can make excellent profits through it.

Yes, the methods are above, and there are others as well through which it is possible to achieve much more profits than can be achieved through advertisements.

In the end, I hope in this article I have answered the question “How much profit from YouTube” to your satisfaction.

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