10 Effective Ways To Get Free Visitors From Facebook


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Recently, getting Facebook visitors has become a bit difficult, especially with the successive updates of Facebook's algorithms and fierce competition between pages.

But in this article, we will mention to you many proven methods that will make you get a lot of free Facebook visitors, just prepare your cup of coffee, bring a paper and a pen, and read this article carefully and focus.

Facebook Visitors or Facebook Traffic is a term referring to Facebook users who see links to your site or blog and thus click on those links in order to visit the site.

The two main ways to get visitors from Facebook are: the free way through content, and the other is the paid way through Facebook ads.

In this article we will focus on free methods only, which are accessible to everyone, and you do not need to pay money.


But don't be misunderstood, these ads are very effective and will bring you a lot of visitors

How to get free Facebook visitors

There are many methods on the Internet that will help you to get free visitors from Facebook, but in this article we will mention the methods that we have tried and have achieved good results with us.

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1. Pay attention to the content

Content is king, and in social media platforms, content is the entire royal family. The easiest way to get visitors from Facebook is to provide your audience with the content they want.

And here I mean high-quality content that motivates them to interact with it, and share it with their friends and acquaintances on Facebook.

Although this idea is simple and largely self-evident, it is one of the most successful and effective of all the article ideas.

Most of the pages, especially here in the Arab world, don't put much effort into preparing their content, and they usually don't use the right CTA or CTA.

In fact, there are many pages that do not even have a content strategy to follow in dealing with their followers or to achieve their marketing goals.

So, following this method will make you sweep your competition, and will bring you a lot of free Facebook visitors.

A very important tip: set aside time in the month or week to prepare and schedule posts, this will give you an opportunity to think and prepare the appropriate content, rather than relying on random posts day by day under the pressure of urgency.

Also, scheduling future posts will prevent you from missing out on the opportunity to post every day due to emergency circumstances or events.

It is worth noting that Facebook is a social media site that gives you the opportunity to schedule posts, but if you want to go beyond that, you can use one of the post scheduling tools such as Buffer or Hootsuite.

These tools allow you to schedule posts for all your social media accounts, manage them completely from one place, and provide you with very useful analytical tools.

2. Post at the right time

It's hard to answer the question of the best time to post on Facebook in general for all Pages, but it can be answered quite easily when it comes to your Page.

A good time to post is when your followers are active, interacting and publishing your Page's posts extensively.

Knowing and using this time will be of great benefit to you, as it will increase the free Facebook visitors you get.


There are a lot of marketing experts who have tried to find the exact best time to post on Facebook, but they couldn't pinpoint it, but many say it is between 1 and 4 pm.

But I do not advise you to take this information as a certain fact, but rather try publishing on different dates and compare and analyze the results, and in this way you will have obtained reliable information about the best time to publish on your page.

Here are some quick points that may help you choose the right time to post:

 Remember well that winter is different from summer, in winter people usually sleep early, but in summer people tend to stay up late.

Make special publications for holidays and occasions, whether public or related to the country of your target audience, and publish them at the appropriate time, for example, a morning publication on the day of Eid would be an excellent option.

The night before the holiday is an excellent opportunity for Facebook users to see and interact with your post.

Understanding the nature of your audience and their lifestyle will help you to publish at the right time, for example, if you have a business directed to employees and workers, the morning post will be very appropriate, as most working Facebook users browse their accounts before or while going to work.

In general, I advise you to use your mind, thinking and data analysis, as this is your key to publishing at the right time.

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3. Use Facebook groups

Experiences have proven that using Facebook groups and reposting your posts on them is very useful to get visitors from Facebook for free, whether this is your group or a group of people interested in your niche.

Besides giving you more exposure for your posts and getting them to more people, it also gets them to your ideal audience who is interested in what you have to offer, and they will click on your links.

In this way, you will get a lot of visitors from Facebook, and even as the number of members of this group increases, you will get more visitors, and so on.

But you have to know that using this strategy requires a lot of perseverance and commitment from you, in order to get results, but in general the results are worth all your efforts for them.

Important tip: Do not post in Facebook groups in a rude promotional way, but you have to earn the trust of the members first, and this also requires you not to post links from your site every time you post.

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4. Maintain a good daily posting rate

The daily posting rate recommended by experts is one to three posts per day, this will help you maintain your followers while maintaining a high engagement rate.

But always publish only high-quality content, as this will help you attract Facebook visitors to your site or store.

It's also okay to test your own post rate and audience response, as these numbers are not static laws, and may vary from page to page.

Also, diversify the content that you post on your page, publish meaningful educational content and also try to post some humorous content to increase engagement.

5. Make partnerships with other pages specialized in the same field

A very successful strategy is to partner with a page that has the same niche, and to promote each other through posts or any other way.

This method contributes to increasing visitors from Facebook in an indirect way, as it attracts new followers to your page who are interested in what you offer, and with time they will follow the links that you publish.

But in order to implement this method, you have to make agreements with these pages, and provide them with an advantage or benefit as they do for you, the partnership is not an act of charity but a relationship of interest between the two parties Win-Win Situation.

Another important point in this regard is; You hire influencers in your field, and you can pay them to share your official website page with their followers.


6. Post contests to attract new followers

Contests are a very successful way to liven up your Facebook page, get followers to interact with what you post and attract new followers.

This method also contributes to increasing visitors from the Facebook page to your site, but it does this indirectly.

Set the rules of the competition, and let the page be published among friends on Facebook, put a prize that encourages followers to participate in it, and try as much as possible that the prize is related to your niche.

7. Use the hashtag

Hashtags are a very effective way to spread on social media, whether through Facebook, Twitter, or any other platform.

You can get more free Facebook visitors by smartly using hashtags in your posts.

It is possible to take this to another level if you take advantage of the trends on Facebook in your posts using the hashtag, thus reaching your posts to a very large number of people.

For those who do not know: The hashtag is a tool created by social media platforms to arrange content on it and make it easy for users to access, and here we have to differentiate between two types of hashtags and the effectiveness of each of them to get more free visitors from Facebook:

a. Trending hashtags (i.e. a popular event at a particular time): This type of hashtag is particularly effective on Twitter, but is also effective on Facebook. In it, a specific event is expressed through a few words, each separated by a _ sign and preceded by a net sign.

You can use this type of hashtag to get free visitors through Facebook by searching for hot events (Trends) related to your domain, and then using them in your social media posts.

Example: Your site is sports and there is a famous football tournament such as the World Cup, here you can publish posts related to this event with the hashtag #worldcup.

B. The hashtag related to a specific domain: It is a general hashtag that is used at any time and is not linked to a specific event, but is linked to a domain, and this type you can use in your posts permanently to attract Facebook users who are looking for it through the search feature.

Example: One of the areas we talk about a lot in Winners is digital marketing, so when we share a post about digital marketing we use the hashtag #digitalmarketing.

8. Always reply to your followers and encourage them to write more comments

You won't realize the power of this strategy until you try it and see the results, as something as simple as responding to your followers will greatly increase the free visitors you get from Facebook.

When they comment and you reply to them, this post appears to their friends and followers, and this may encourage them to follow the page and click on the link.

Thus, you get free visitors from Facebook, and the more you encourage followers to comment, the more visitors you find.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to use jokes and humor to respond to them in the comments.

9. Publish your links and posts as a Story

Something as simple as this can help you reach more followers, and free you from the complexity of Facebook's posting algorithms.

Astori is a relatively new tool made available by many social media sites, led by Facebook and Instagram, and it enables you to share an image that appears at the top of the Facebook application, and the wonderful thing about it is that you can put a link to one of your site’s pages.

If you want to know the effectiveness of the story, share a picture on your personal account on Facebook, and the next day share the same picture in the Story on your account and compare the interaction on it.


One of the great features about Facebook Facebook Stories is that it also provides you with statistics on the number of users who have seen it and how they have seen it. Also, with the click of a button, you can share one story on your Facebook and Instagram account at the same time.

10. Promote your Facebook page on your blog and other social media

Share your page on your blog or on social media Other ways will contribute to increasing the number of your active followers on Facebook.

They will then be able to see the latest links and posts that you publish on your page, so when they click on it, you will get more free Facebook visitors.

To get the best results, put the Facebook icon in a clear place on your blog with an encouraging phrase such as “Follow us on Facebook now,” and you can also put it at the end of the articles you publish in your blog.

Also, from time to time, you can share the link of your Facebook page on your pages on other social networking sites such as Instagram (in my Story) or Twitter.

And now let's move on to the last part of our article, in which we will put a set of important tips that will help you get more free visitors from Facebook.

Important tips about getting free visitors from Facebook

1. It has been proven that posts with links only get lower impressions compared to other types of posts. The reason is obvious that Facebook does not want its users to leave the application and go to another site, so you should always diversify your posts such as:

 Entertaining images related to the domain of your site or blog.

Short videos that contain useful information, even if they belong to another site or page.

Infographic to illustrate an idea.

Put up a topic for discussion.

Request to share opinions from your Page members about the things they want the most.

2. Avoid deceiving or exaggerating the titles of your posts to get traffic, this may help you once or twice but it will destroy your credibility completely.

People always tend to take revenge. If you deceive them with false information, or promise them something and don't keep it, they will retaliate. They will unfollow your posts or unsubscribe from your page and may report your page.

3. Always put before your eyes that you are dealing with people who love to laugh and have fun.

Be humorous with them, try to reach them and do not be rigid and deal with them like a programmed robot. Show your personality and treat them nicely, this will make them feel more friendly about your posts.

4. People always like their mentors, so don't wait for them to do something up to you unless you ask them to.

Ask them to share your posts with their friends. Ask them to put your page in the watch list first. Ask them to hit like if they like your posts.

5. It is not necessary every time, to put posts to market your product or service.

Be sure to give your Page members good information about your Page's niche. And you can share with them topics from sites other than your site, or news information in your field.

6. Try as much as possible to make your post titles more attractive. Make it arouse the curiosity of the members so that it catches their attention, but do not forget to start avoiding deception as we mentioned a while ago.

7. One of the good things that can guide you is to monitor competitors' pages in the same niche, as often the methods they used and succeeded will be successful for you and vice versa.

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In the end, if you tried one of the methods that we talked about in the article before, tell us about your experience in the comments, and of course if you have other useful methods or experiences that we did not mention in the article, you can also tell us about them in the comments.

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